The 5 Things Tag

When Eva recently did this tag, I knew I wanted to join in!  I've seen it floating around before, I think, but I've never answered it for myself.  So here we are! ;)

5 Things You'll Find in My Purse

  • My wallet
  • My phone

peeta mellark

  • My CPR mask, because now, having taken a class, I never feel like I can be without it
  • Tissues.  I get nervous when I don't have Kleenex readily handy!
  • Ibuprofen

5 Things You'll Find in My Bedroom

  • A lamp
  • A little framed still from one of the Winnie the Pooh movies that I found at a thrift store and that makes me happy ♥
  • Perfume

Moon jellyfish babies

  • A saucer chair
  • Books :)

5 Things I've Always Wanted to Do

  • Go to Disney World
  • Star in a musical
  • See Prince Edward Island

Anne of Green Gables... I love Dianna's outfit :)

  • Be on a talk show (don't ask)
  • Learn how to cook more stuff

5 Things That Make Me Feel Happy

  • Watching movies
  • Finishing a book and updating my Goodreads status

  • Beach-combing
  • American Sign Language

5 Things I'm Currently Into

  • Woman Walks Ahead, a really good, thought-provoking Western/period drama about 19th century race relations with the Native Americans. (Warning: Definitely some content.)
  • Several of the songs on Ben Platt's Sing to Me Instead album. I don't mean to make sweeping generalizations or anything, but his voice on this album is one of the most powerful things I've heard in a long time. (I mean, there are some lyrics I disagree with, bUT STILL.)
  • Writing.  I'm really enjoying working on my Susan Pevensie story!

It's gon' be tough in parts, y'all.

  • Watching videos/reading stories about Christians' experiences with the Church's bad handling of topics like sex, modesty, etc. It's something I've been thinking a lot about lately. 
  • The Books of Pellinor series by Alison Croggon.  Review hopefully to come at some point because er mah werd. 

5 Things on My To-Do List

  • Show my parents The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, and possibly I Capture the Castle, as well.  (I just discovered that both of these are on Amazon Prime, and I really enjoyed watching both of them!  More thoughts on that later.)
  • Finish the school semester well
  • Clean/organize my room
  • Read all the books ♥
  • Continue to practice the piano more often

And with that, I leave you.  Mwah!


  1. Ben Platt is a precious cinnamon roll. <333

  2. This tag looks so fun! I'm definitely going to steal it for myself soon. :)

    That's so exciting that you're working on your Susan Pevensie story! I love your inspiration board for it on Pinterest and think it's such an awesome story idea. :)

    Finish the semester well is also on my to-do list! Next week is finals week for me already and I'm just so ready for summer break haha.

    1. I'll look forward to your answers! :)

      Thank you!! It's been really neat. Aww, thanks!

      Haha! Yeah, I have two finals tomorrow and then one on Monday. Godspeed!

  3. I'll have to check out some of the music and books you mentioned.

    I'm definitely loving putting my books in Goodreads lately, I've been on a roll.

    I think my family's church handled a lot of things . . . not well. And I don't profess to be a Christian. But for some reason, all this (imho, reactionary) commentary or whatever about stuff the church hasn't handled well (thinking of the Josh Harris stuff, mental health), for some reason gets my back up. Possibly because I'm fundamentally contrarian, but not only that.

    1. I hope you like them!

      Isn't it fun??

      Interesting! I think it can depend on how the reaction is handled, for me, but I do find it fascinating and educational to hear others' experiences and then think about how that relates to my own.

  4. Ooh, fun tag! (I might just steal it myself. xD) Being in a musical would be so lovely! Ahh, and writing. Yay for writing! I'm glad your story's coming along nicely! ^_^

    Hope you're having a wonderful day, Olivia! <3

    1. Do it!! ;) Wouldn't it? *sigh* Thank you!! :)

      Aww, thanks; you too! <3

  5. Waaiittt, hold everything! American Sign Language—I smiled so big when I saw that. I'm a third year ASL student, pursuing state interpreter certification. It's so lovely to connect with someone else who loves the language of hands!

    - A frequent reader, occasional commenter :D

    1. Aaaaahhh, yay! I definitely do love it. It combines several things I love. <3 And you remind me of interpreter certification! I've thought about that occasionally, but I really should consider it more seriously. Best of luck with your studies! And thanks for commenting. :)

  6. Awwww, ASL makes me happy, too!!! I'm learning it as a hobby, and I love it so much.

  7. Ohh, so many cool things on here. :D (And yes, I realize I'm like, 2 months late, but hey, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.)

    I really should invest in a CPR mask also. I did a one day course in First Aid/CPR early this year and that was something we used... and something I was concerned doing CPR without. :P

    But... but... be on a talk show...?? :D I'm so intrigued! The only one I'd be interested in would be something like Paul Wontorek haha. xD (And that only because it would symbolize I'd 'made it' on Broadway, haha.)
    Also it's definitely always my ambition to 'cook more stuff'. ;)

    BEN PLATTTTT. Yes!! And his Sing To Me Instead album!!! <3 (But we've talked about this... ;))

    Also I agree about the church's take on sex, modesty etc... yesterday, being sick with a cold, I found the time to watch the documentary on Joshua Harris's "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" book. (A book I have never read but with a lot of whose values I have grown up with.) It certainly was thought-provoking and challenging (which to me is a good thing!).

    Good stuff. Good talk. :D

    1. Whoa, look at me over here leaving comments to wither away unanswered. XD

      Haha, yes, the idea of CPR without a mask is a little daunting. :-P

      It's convoluted and random and we shan't speak of it. XD (Yes! I've actually cooked a lot more recently so it's neat to come back here and read that that was something I'd wanted. <3)

      YAAASSS. Still such a stunning album. I love it so much.

      OOH GIRL. Yes. I watched that documentary, too! I find it all so fascinating and important and all those good things. As you say, good talk. ;)


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