Friday, April 3, 2015

Disney Classics Screencap game answers

Here are the answers!:)

#1:  The Little Mermaid 

#2:  Robin Hood

#3:  The Emperor's New Groove

#4:  Oliver and Co.

#5:  Hercules

#6:  Tarzan

#7:  The Hunchback of Notre Dame

#8:  The Rescuers Down Under

#9:  Pocahontas

#10:  Sleeping Beauty

Players' Scores:
Chloe:  80/100
DKoren:  30/100
Lois:  80/100
Paperdollmom:  90/100
Amanda:  20/100
Bailey:  10/100
Rose:  90/100
Hamlette:  40/100

Thank you all sooo much for playing, girlies!:D


  1. That was so fun! You should do another one!

    1. Good! Thanks, I think I'm going to do a couples one next:D

  2. That was fun! I see that the ones I couldn't guess are all ones I haven't seen again. :-D

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!:) Aw, well, you should maybe look into some of them! (But, then again, I am a bit of a Disney freak, so…=D )

    2. Hee. Most of these came out after I graduated high school, and so they weren't in my viewing radar at the time. I'm mostly familiar with all the Disney animated films, from Robin Hood backwards in time, as those are the ones I grew up with. I have been getting to see the newer ones lately since I have a young nephew who's been watching them. That's why I know the Hercules one! He loves Emperor's New Groove, too, but I've only seen bits and pieces of that one.

    3. Oh, gotcha. Daww, it's adorable that you watch Disney movies with your nephew!!!! Now I want to do that someday;)

  3. That was so much fun! I love Disney games

  4. That Little Mermaid one was tricky!
    I can't wait for your next game! :)

    1. *sheepish* Yes...I try to do some more difficult, and some a little less tricky, hehe;)
      Aw, thanks!

  5. I wondered if #8 was from The Rescuers Down Under. I have only seen a little bit of that film but my little siblings have seen it and LOVE it!!!!!!


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