The Completely Random and Useless Tag

Okie-dokie, so Kiri Liz (of Lianne Taimenlore) 's sister, Jessa Bri, has created a tag, whose title you may read above (and below…).  ;D

You all know I love such delights, so here goes:)

Rules (copied from Kiri Liz's blog):
1.  Copy this tag and answer all of the questions.
2.  Mention me, Jessa Bri, and link back to my blog.
3.  Comment on this post and leave a link to your post with the tag.
4.  Feel free to tag people…or don't tag anyone at all!

Favorite color?
Quite honestly, I don't have one.  I do, however, tend to prefer blues, greens, and purples, typically in that order.

What book are you currently reading?
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.  Which is pretty fantastic.  And rather overwhelmingly long…

Popcorn or pickles?
Well, as I can't currently have popcorn (dratted braces and all…), I'd have to say pickles.

What is your favorite way to eat raisins?
Raisins aren't my favorite, but they can be nice, if coupled with something else, such as almonds, M&Ms, etc.

Do you like to wear socks to bed?
Not often.  Sometimes, in winter, I'll start out with them, but after a couple of minutes in bed I usually take them off.

Pick the main character from the last book you read -- he/she is now your best friend.  Who is it, which book is he/she from, and what is one similar thing - something odd or unusual - about the both of you that makes you best friends?
Well, the last book I finished was The Old Man and the Sea, but PLEASE don't tell me I have to be best friends with Santiago!!!  I don't typically pick deranged idiots as my best friends.  Sorry, sorry, that was harsh.  I just greatly dislike that man.

Spring, summer, autumn, or winter?
Spring or autumn.

Favorite musical (any production or movie counts)?
This is a question I debate with myself regularly.  In the dark of the night disaster will find her I toss and turn over it.  (Ew!  Did I just quote Rasputin's super disturbing song??)  I'd say that currently it's probably Les Miserables (2012).  "But there are dreams that cannot be!  And there are storms we cannot weather!" ~ "The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers!" ~ "You have brought the gift of life, and love, so long denied me…" ~ "For the wretched of the earth, there is a flame that never dies; even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise!"  Ahem.  Just a bit of a fangirl here.

Lefty or righty?

Sausage or bacon?
Not a HUGE fan of either, but probably sausage.

Would you rather spend the afternoon on Pinterest or reading a good book?
I don't have Pinterest, so…but yes, I do love a good book:)

White socks or "fun" socks?
Fun socks all the way, when I bother to wear them!:)

Coffee or tea?
But I don't like either…

Are you shy or outgoing?
Hmm…I'd say somewhere in between.  I used to be really shy, but I sort of grew out of it (my co-op helped a lot with that, I think:D <3).  However, I don't think I could quite say I'm outgoing either.

What is the goofiest thing you do with your friends/cousins/siblings (whichever it may be)?
Oh, dear;)  Um…I do quite a few goofy things with my friends, and sometimes my siblings.  Namely, having entirely too much fun fangirling over/quoting movies, singing songs loudly and raucously (I suppose that's rather redundant…), etc….

True, true…this is very true;)

Would you rather read a good book; bake up a storm (a good storm) in the kitchen; ride your horse across the fields; spend hours updating your wardrobe; watch your favorite movie/show all day; or simply sit in a tree daydreaming?
Probably either the movie, the book, or the daydreaming;)

What do you like to eat for breakfast?
Hmm…I'm open to a variety of breakfast foods (though I generally do not like breakfast casseroles).  I enjoy cereal or bagels, typically, though eggs are dear to me as well:D

Would you rather be behind or in front of the camera?
That would depend on the situation.  As a general rule, I think pictures of me are a flop (but really, that's okay), but sometimes it's fun to have my picture taken;)  (Don't even get me started on selfies…I try and I fail.)  On the other hand, I do love taking pictures as well, though I'm not an expert at all!

Foot size?
I'm not entirely sure, and honestly I'm too lazy to go figure it out, but I think I'm a 7 or a 7 1/2.

Truthfully, did you enjoy this tag?
Probably far too much, as a matter of fact;)

My thanks to Kiri Liz and her sister, Jessa Bri!!!:D


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