Lark Rise to Candleford, Seasons 1-4 {review}

Well, darlin's, here 't'is!  A review of the TV series Lark Rise to Candleford.  

SO!  I finished the final season the other night, and am here to discuss my thoughts;)  (Spoilers will be sprinkled indiscriminately!  Read at your own risk;D)

LRtC centers around young Laura Timmins, a girl from the wee hamlet of Lark Rise, who moves to the  more affluent town of Candleford to work in her aunt's (or was she just a cousin?) post office.  Miss Dorcas Lane is probably the wealthiest person in Candleford and holds a lot of sway with the townspeople.  With Laura's advent into Candleford, the two communities begin to be intertwined.

The show's basic plots aren't my absolute favorites, but I love how relaxed the show is, and how marvelous the characters are.  (Because they just ARE.)  It's a cozy series, but at the same time there are moments of rather intense drama.  

I'm not feeling extremely eloquent for reviewing this series, hehe, so I suppose I'll just mention random things as I think about them.

Laura isn't exactly my favorite character (ahem) but she does have her strong points.  She's kind, dedicated to her family, and sweet to the sillier characters.  She has an open heart and a great capacity to love.  That being said…let's just say that there are times when…she can be frustrating.  For one thing, the "mar" and "par" thing.  Da heck???  No one else in the show puts 'r's at the end of 'a's when they're unnecessary.  She does have a sliiiight ego problem, but hey, pride is a failing in all of us from time to time.  More than that, though…

The Daniel/Fisher situation.  Okay, so, let me first tell you a little bit about my "history" with Daniel Parrish.  When he first entered the show, I Did Not Like Him, and by that I mean that I did not like him.  I was deeply suspicious of him, and when, upon the unfolding of the events of his first episode, his original intentions were revealed, I liked him even less.  Eck.  Dude, just go away.  Seriously.  BUT when he decided to miss his train, and subsequently his job, to help the Lark Risers, I started to soften towards him, and eventually came to accept and like him.  It wasn't until A Certain Character reappeared, however, that I realized how attached I'd really become to him.  I didn't really mind Fisher, in fact, I think I liked him, but after he'd left I'd sort of become neutral about him (and I kind of still am).  But when he came back and started distracting Laura from Daniel…oh-ho, boy.  It is on.  

I have nothing in particular against Fisher as a person, but he is very self-concerned and frankly very immature.  For a couple episodes there, my mother and I were soooo frustrated with Laura.  On the one hand, though, I can understand.  I mean, wouldn't anybody be a bit nonplussed and confused if the man they had been going to marry, who ended up "leaving them in the lurch" for the preferred "road" and self, showed up again, claiming to love them and want to marry them (for realsies this time, though, he promises)?    

Needless to say, we were Excessively Concerned that Daniel would leave the show, resulting in broken hearts all 'round.  HOWEVER, glorious day, all was mended.  And we forgave Laura;)

I just find it interesting how it took the threat of Daniel leaving the show for me to realize that he'd become one of those Special Characters to me--the kind of character that makes you think, "You are my baby and I will protect you from the harsh realities of life", ya know?  And speaking of such characters...

ALFIE AND MINNIE SQUEEE THE WARM FUZZIES!!!!!!!!  These two.  Oh my word.  Separately, they're two of the best characters in the show, but together…wow.  Alfie and Minnie are mah babies.  The end of that one episode in season three, though...

Ruby Pratt is another of my favorite characters.  She's awesome.  I especially love her in season four (after the first couple episodes, of course).  "We three are--" "…Spinsters."  She's just funny, and at the same time complex and sweet and accepting and caring and all those warm fuzzy qualities.

Queenie might be my absolute favorite, though.  I love how helpful and wise she is without feeling the need to "put her oar in" where it isn't wanted or needed.  LookingatyouDorcascoughcough.  She has such a tranquil spirit; accepting life for what it is and embracing the beauty in her simple, hard life.  And she has an evident faith in God, though that faith might be a little unsound doctrinally.  Still, she's wonderful.  I want to be like her when I grow to be her age:D

Oh, and just so we're clear, I do love Dorcas!  She's a delightful character, especially when you contrast her character from P&P and also when you can see how she's grown and evolved as an actress.  There are times when she irks me, is all, but more on that later.  Overall, rest assured, I fully appreciate and love her;)

Does anyone else have the problem where they don't really love any of Dorcas' love interests?  I mean, let's take a look at them:  Timothy is...married.  Bam.  Disqualified.  We needn't even discuss him.  Go away and be faithful to your wife, yes, even emotionally.  James Dowland…I actually kind of liked him, and I was on board for their romance, but then Stuff Started To Happen, and he kind of went downhill.  His last few episodes are hard, though, because I think he really did love her and really was changing.  However, I definitely get that he and she probably weren't the best of matches.  They were a little too similar, I feel, in terms of competitiveness and suchlike.  So anyway.  (Oh, what was the name of that one guy who was in there for a few episodes before Timothy decided that He Was Jealous and finagled a way for said unnamed guy to have to leave?  He was fairly cool.  I think I remember liking he and Dorcas together.  Ah, well.)  And then there's Gabriel.  Gabriel, I'll concede, is probably the best match for Dorcas.  He's quieter than she is in general, but still very strong-willed and caring.  I like the two of them well enough (the bell at the end was a nice touch <3), and I do really like him as a character.  It's just that none of Dorcas' "romantic flings," if they could be so termed, really did anything for me.  They were adequate and all, but…give me Laura and Daniel or Alf and Minnie any day;)  (The scene at the clothesline was really cute, though!)

"Alfie, my boy, I'll tell you what I know."

So...about the finale...does it seem rushed to anybody else?  I mean, it was great, but kind of just like any other episode, if you catch my drift.  But really, I'd much rather they end it like they did--everything ending happily without trying to throw any stupid drama curves into it, like Queenie dying or Laura rejecting Daniel or Dorcas' love life failing again--than have them do aforementioned disastrous things, right?;D

So, though I didn't even mention half of the characters, that's really all I've got for the moment, hehe.  Everything I was going to say about the show has sort of just slipped my mind!  Sorry if it was a bit of a flop review;-P  I do love LRtC--I'm just not really feeling up to the challenge of reviewing it!

In closing, this show is engaging, full of endearing characters, interesting plot twists, and just generally great:)  Go give it a try, if you haven't watched it, and if you have, let's talk about Alf and Minnie and Daniel and Margaret Brown and Twister and all the memorable characters who make up this delightful show!:D


  1. I think Alfie and Minnie look super-cute :) (I've never seen the show. But you can kinda just tell from the pictures.)

    1. They ARE super cute! Yesh! You should try it, Jessica;D

    2. I'll have to sometime--when I'm not swamped with college homework, haha :)

  2. I agree, sister - for the same reasons (naturally). Was that suprising? :D

  3. Oooooooo!!! I really want to watch it!!!!

  4. Oh! *squeal!* You did it! I'm so excited, and I'm all ready to talk about it, too! Shall we begin? This might be a long comment, so be ready. Heehee. :)

    I totally agree, Laura's Mars and Par's are so odd!!! :) And she is full of herself sometimes. I've watched the series twice, and by the end of the first viewing my opinions of quite a few characters had soured somewhat. I DID NOT liked Daniel to begin with (which is understandable because he was NOT a nice guy at first), but I never really liked him even up until the end. There were moments that I appreciated his character, but he was just kind of "so-so" to me for the most part. I was okay with him marrying Laura because by the end I didn't really like Laura that much either and I felt that they deserved each other. Haha! However, the second time I watched Lark Rise I liked most all of the characters a lot better. So my opinions have kind of changed with time. :)

    Oh, no. You did it, Olivia. You've gone and got me searching around for my soap box. What was that you said about Fisher? He's "immature" and "left Laura in the lurch"? Oh my! I SO need to do a post on Fisher, because I really think he's misunderstood by a lot of people. I keep trying to explain how it really is to my older brother but he never listens to me because he's so frustrated that Fisher would just go and leave Laura. (Personally, I think Laura was asking for it, and was just as immature as other words, I think it was just as much her fault that she got heartbroken because Fisher told her, point-blank, that he was going to have to leave and all she said was, "Never mind about that. At least we have today." That's SUCH a mature answer.) Anyway, I won't go on and on about this. In some regards, I do agree with what you said about Fisher--I'm a little uncomfortable with how he comes back and causes a rift between Daniel and Laura, too--but there are some definite good things about him. When I find time I'll have to do a post saying what I like about both Daniel and Fisher...because in my opinion they're both nice guys despite the conflict that arises between them. I might say a word or two about Laura as well...such as, if she wasn't so prone too falling in love she might save herself some troublesome situations. ;) Haha!

    GAHHH! Alf and Minnie! I can hardly speak about them! They're so absolutely, wonderfully, amazingly adorable! They are my favorite characters in the whole show. Alf is tremendous. I love how he takes care of his family. And isn't it awfully sweet how he's always walking around with his baby sister? Ahhhh! I love him! And Minnie. She's so devoted and innocent and sweet. I'm SO happy with how the filmmakers did their story. (Haha! Wasn't it funny when Minnie came riding up on her bike and gave her little talk to Alf's mom? That was great!)

    I agree with you about Ruby. She's a really dear character. I'm glad she comes back at the end, though it's kind of sad that she didn't get married because she wanted to so badly. :(

    (Grrr. I wrote too much. I'm going to have do two comments. Sorry about that.)

    1. Miss March! Your long comments made me so happy!:D Yes, indeed, let's begin!

      Haha, yup. Laura's just kind of a "meh" character for me. Haha! Well, I didn't like Daniel in the beginning, either;)

      Well, I don't dislike Fisher. Before everything happened, I think I liked him, and I'm not really that upset at him for leaving Laura, it's just sad it happened, ya know? (Though in Laura's defense, I have to say, Fisher didn't necessarily HAVE to leave. He left because wandering was his preferred manner of living, at least, that's how it seems. But all in all, I don't really blame him for leaving.) I'd love to read your post on Daniel and Fisher! I don't mind Fisher, but he was a threat to Daniel leaving Laura and the show, and that made me dislike him for a couple episodes, hehe;-P But I do think it was very mature and noble of him to leave for good after Laura tells him that she's choosing Daniel. Well done. And haha! Yes, Laura could certainly guard her heart a little more;D

      Aren't they, though?!?! DAH BABIES. And yes, how Alf walks around with little Patience and takes care of her all the time. Dawwwww. I know! Minnie is so faithful and just sweet as can be. (HAHA! YES! "You are his prisoner!" "I think you mean jailor, Minnie." "You are his jailor!")

      Yup. I know, it is a shame, but I'm glad she comes back because HER FACIAL EXPRESSIONS and just how funny her reactions are. I love it:D

      (Aaaack, what a shame. I do so HATE getting these TEDIOUS comments…;-P Are you kidding?!?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when I get such wonderful long comments, Miss March! Thank you!)

    2. Haha! They are rather tedious--these LONG comments--aren't they? ;) (Oh, I know it. I LOVE getting long comments, too! And you're ever so welcome! This is one of those subjects that I could discuss for hours!)

      That quote of Minnie's!!!! "You are his prisoner!" HAHAHA! That was great. I'd forgotten the exact quote. Thanks for reminding me!

      About Fisher NOT having to leave...oh but I guess I'd better save my thoughts on that point until later. I'm cooking up some pretty good arguments in his favor--not that I wish to imply that he's perfect and did everything the right way, but I do think that under the circumstances...yeah. Whatever. I'd better wait until I write my post to go into all that.

      Twister folding up the lace? Absolutely! Totally heartwarming! They are SUCH a sweet couple...when they're not fighting, that is. Though, actually, they're kind of sweet when they're fighting, too. ;) Haha.

      I don't quite remember the farewell scene in the rain, (I guess I need to watch the show again), but I'm pretty sure my sentimental side would enjoy it, too. :)

    3. Hehe;)

      Isn't it, though?!?! XD You're welcome!

      Cooleo! I look forward to that post! I'm excessively easily influenced (a bit of a problem, actually), so maybe reading your thoughts will make me like Fisher more! At the moment, I'm just kind of neutral on him:)

      I knooooowwww--haha, yes, even when they fight, they're still cute;D

      Haha, yeah. It's kind of silly, but my sentimental side did like it;)

  5. Queenie is really neat, too. I like how motherly she is to Alf and his siblings, and she's really very funny. (I don't like all her superstitions, but you can kind of look past that.) She and Twister are hilarious and very sweet together, too. (The scene where they're singing together in their home? That's just, "aww!")

    Oh yes! Sir Timothy! So glad to get rid of him. It always irks me in movies when people aren't being completely faithful to their spouse. I don't care what their excuses are...they're married and they need to act like it! Yeah, I didn't really like any of Miss Lane's love interests that much. James Dowland was too moody and self-centered and forceful. (Though, I do feel sorry for him at the end and I hope he turned out alright.) Gabriel is just kind of "okay." I see some things in him that I like, but he seemed a little too moody, as well. I think Dorcas would have done better with a more lively person. She was so lively and full of life at the beginning of the series and it would have been really good to see her with someone that was like that, too. About that other guy in the first season; the school teacher. I kind of liked him, too...aside from the fact that they fell in love so quickly, but one has to expect that in movies. ;) He seemed a little more perceptive of Miss Lane's feelings; and more full of life. I think they might have gone well, together. :) (He's also a character in Amazing Grace, so that could be one reason why I liked him.)

    Yeah, I think the finale was a little rushed. Actually, the whole fourth season is kind of sped-up. It's not as long as the other ones and it gives you the feeling that the filmmakers were just trying to wrap things up quickly. It does end happily, though. Which is good.

    Thanks SO much for this post, Olivia! I LOVED reading it. :)

    ~Miss March

    P.S. Wow! That really was a long-winded speech! It looks so much longer when it's published. *sheepish grin*)

    1. (Yeah, the superstition stuff is really the only thing about her that I really dislike. WHY, QUEENIE.) They aaaaarrrrrrreee!!! And when Twister starts folding up the lace with her?! #heartmelting

      Amen, sista!;) Glad I'm not alone in that! They're just all kind of…meh. Nice and all, but not really "there" yet. Yeah, I think over all the school teacher and she could have been really cool. Haha, the fact that they "fell in love" in a matter of about 24 hours drove me crazy, too XD But then my sentimental side did really like that overdone "farewell" scene in the rain;)

      It is. Only six episodes?? Whhhyyyy? But yep, overall, definitely better that they end it happily than make it super climactic:)

      Aww! You're so welcome! I so appreciate that, since I wasn't sure about it myself:D

      P.S. It was long, but it was AWESOME!!

    2. Oooh, oooh, and I know! He's in Amazing Grace!!! I thought that was so cool:D



    Yeah, about Laura. The Mar and Par thing. WE'VE TALKED ABOUT THIS. Haha. The Timminses really do have their pride, haven't they? Guess Laura got that from her Par. :-P

    AHHH. DANIEL. Right, so I've only seen his first two episodes - which aren't his best - but I can see he has such potential. SO I THINK I'LL REALLY LOVE HIM. I liked Fisher too (especially his swoony Irish accent. Tell me you loved his accent!) but I think Daniel is better suited for Laura. (And yes, we always forgive Laura in the end. :-P)

    MINNIE AND ALFIE MINNIE AND ALFIE MINNIE AND ALFIE. I went to see that end of the last episode in season three and AHEEIFHEROGHCDINYOE?SPQKLM. (I loved it. Just in case you hadn't noticed. THE WAY MINNIE IS SO SMALL AND ALFIE SO TALL.)

    Queenie is cool. But she's not my favourite - her superstition and witchery-stuff make me very Very annoyed. :-/ (But I DO like her. Don't worry. :-D) I just prefer Dorcas Lane. SHE'S JUST SUCH A GEM. I didn't like any of Dorcas' love interests so far - I think I'm going to love Gabriel the best. :-D (Does she end up marrying him, or is she back to being a single lady?) Dorcas is better single, though. (And don't even taaaalk about Sir Timothy. The bug. And James Dowland is Otherwise entitled That Droopy Puppy. Didn't like him either.)

    I haven't reached the finale yet, so I can't comment on that. :-)

    Thank you for the GREAT review! (Now I'm going off to read Miss March's long comment, cuz it's about Lark Rise and HEY IT'S MY ONE WEAKNESS soooo.) :-D

    ~ Naomi

    1. YES! :D

      Indeed we have;) I enjoyed it, haha. Yup. Her parents can bug me at times, but like you said, that's one of the appeals of the show--NONE of the characters are perfect.

      I think you'll really like him, too!!!! He's a sweetheart:) Yeah, I don't really have that much of an opinion on Fisher as a character. I don't love him, don't hate him, but I DO NOT LIKE IT when he comes between Laura and Daniel. Hehe. (The way he says Laura's name in that Irish brogue is, I grant you, pretty awesome;D It bugs me sometimes when people pronounce the name Laura as "Loo-rah". Urgh.)

      Her superstition witchery stuff IS super annoying. Eccckkk. But other than that, I just like her tranquility and wisdom and stuff:) Dorcas is delightful, certainly. Gabriel is pretty nice--he's quiet, sweet. They don't end up actually married, but it ends with them "officially" together and we kinda get the idea;) "Don't even taaaalk about Sir Timothy. The bug. And James Dowland is Otherwise entitled That Droopy Puppy." BAHAHAHA. That's awesome. "The bug" just makes me crack up for some absurd reason.

      Let me know what you think when you do finish it!:D

      Daww, thanks! That's so sweet of you!:D

    2. Okay, I need to tell SOMEONE This, so I'll put my capital letters on you. :-D


      Needless to say, I'm enRAPTURED in the CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTENESS.


      I love Minnie and Alfie. Just. Too. Much. I think Minnie might be my favourite character. She's just so cheerful and bubbly and darling. AND SHE AND ALF JUST YES.


      Tell me you see THEIR wedding. Please.

      ~ Naomi

    3. (Oops, I forgot to comment on the Minnie/Alf portion of your first comment! How did that happen?? Anyway, ASLALDHDHDKALALSJHDJSKLSHSJAL I KNOW RIGHT!!!! That scene at the end of S3--I was melting. THEIR GRINS, NAOMI, THEIR GRINS. And yes, the height difference!;D)

      Yay!!! I'm so happy you did!!!

      YESYESYESIKNOWIKNOW!!!!!! The cornfield swing! Babies! Minnie is definitely one of my favorites. To come from where she has and remain so cheerful and friendly and's quite something.


  7. I haven't seen LRtC yet, but I've been meaning to watch it! Based on your opinion (and everyone's high opinion of it in the comments) I think I'll finally get around to it!

    1. Oooh, yes, you should! It's pretty awesome:)

  8. *sobbing* Everyone has seen this show but MEEEE!!!!!

    It's okay, I'll get over it. Just give me a handkerchief, please. Thanks.

    IT LOOKS SO GOOD. I am obviously missing something very special!

    1. Aww, there, there *pats Emma on the back and passes Edward Ferrars' hankie*

      It IS good! I definitely recommend it; there's something very old-timey and cozy about it (maybe because it's a period drama...duh...). I think you'll like it:)

  9. I love the new blog look!! I have also never seen nor have heard of this show before...but it sounds good!
    And the pictures you included are pretty too. :)

    1. Thanks a bunch, Morgan!:D

      It is good! You should try it:)

  10. Mother and two sisters and I just watched the first episode last night and I can already see why everyone seems to be so attached to this show! And though I cannot say totally, of course, I think I'm a teensy weensy bit in love already myself. It's just so cozy and sweet and countryside-ish and Fall-ish which makes it just perfect for right now!

    I am so very much looking forward to meeting all of the other characters that people mention, too! Daniel and Fisher and Gabriel (because he and Dorcas just look like they might be rather cute together :)).

    Speaking of which... Dorcas! I have a thing for certain types of spinsters in both films and books and she is an almost ideal picture of them! I actually have a whole elaborate and passionate theory about them, but that would be an entire post in itself... :)

    1. What fun! I hope you continue to enjoy it! Yes, it's not my absolute favorite, but it's very relaxed and cozy, like you said:)

      Yes! All three of those are great characters, despite my *ahem* personal feelings about Fisher.

      Ooh, I wanna read it! Haha, it sounds like it'd be a very entertaining post:D


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