A Look at the Wardrobe of...{an Evenstar}

I've happened upon a new idea for a blog series, that I'm planning on keeping in the back of my mind for those times when I'm suffering for a good post idea.  In this new series, I will pick a movie character whose wardrobe I particularly enjoy or think interesting, and I'll devote a blog post to the analyzation of each character's wardrobe.  Sound fun?  Alrighty then, let's get started!:D

First on the list to be examined is Arwen Undomiel, who, aside from being my favorite female character in The Lord of the Rings, also possesses my favorite movie wardrobe.  I'm making this up as I go along, but I suppose I shall just jump into examining Arwen's dresses.

#1:  The White Dress

Pictures for this one were kind of hard to find, so…I do apologize:-/  This dress is beautiful and simple, folds of white cloth draped tastefully, accessorized by a gorgeous necklace;)

This outfit is very soft and lovely and is very well-suited to the scene and to Rivendell.  Loves it.

#2:  The Purple/Blue (Requiem) Dress

A lovely design, with a soft color between blue and purple that reminds me of twilight, accented beautifully with silver.  Arwen wears a lovely purple cloak with this dress for part of the scene, as well.  

Arwen sees a vision of what would happen in her life if she stayed in Middle-Earth and waited for Aragorn when she wears this dress.  Then the Evenstar decides that she will wait for the one she loves, regardless of how her father has told her that only pain awaits her if she remains in Middle-Earth.  I've read it described as Arwen's "requiem" dress, and I think that's a great description!  At the time that she wears this dress, Arwen is going through a very difficult time, remembering Aragorn and happy days before all this trouble came to her home, and she's wistful.  I think this dress is that way too - wistful, and gorgeous in its wistfulness.  

#3:  The Red Dress

This is my favorite of all the dresses Arwen wears - I think (I'm starting to have second thoughts looking at the others!).  The dark midnight blue which constitutes the body of the gown is set off stunningly by the gorgeous red sleeves!

Arwen wears this in the scene when she beseeches her father to reforge Narsil.  In that scene, the light of the Eldar begins to visibly leave her.  The scene is quite bittersweet, as she begins to "taste the bitterness of mortality."  The dress is, accordingly, solemn but beautiful.

#4:  The Green (Coronation) Dress

Another beautiful costume, this soft mint green with delicate, white, lacy accents, combined with a gorgeous headdress, makes for a very elvish-looking gown.

This is Arwen's pick for Aragorn's coronation, where she surprises him (and it makes for a very sweet reunion!XD).  It's a very happy, peaceful, and hopeful scene, and now that I think about it I can see that in Arwen's dress.

So there we are!  That's all I'll do for Arwen right now.  In short, I love her wardrobe, it's my favorite out of all the wardrobes I've seen, I do believe:)

Hope you enjoyed the first post in the series!


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