"The Greatest Showman" Book Tag

I'm indebted to two ladies for this tag: first, to Hamlette for tagging me; second, to Eva for creating it in the first place. :)  Thanks, ladies!


~ Answer the questions.
~ Tag others as desired.
~ Use the graphic if you wish.

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"The Greatest Show": Name a book that’s as entertaining as a circus

I personally find The Hundred and One Dalmatians (by Dodie Smith) all kinds of fun.  The delicious setting, the writing, the illustrations . . . it's all perfect. :)

"A Million Dreams": Name a book that’s set in a fantastical world

Peter Pan (by J.M. Barrie), perhaps?

Everything. <3

"Come Alive": Name a book that makes you outrageously happy

The Princess Bride (by William Goldman).  It's my happy place.  (Click the link to read my review.)

~"The Other Side: Name a book that changed your mind about something

Reading A Morbid Taste for Bones, which is the first book in Ellis Peters' Chronicles of Brother Cadfael series, made me think that maybe I could actually enjoy a murder mystery every now and again.  (Reminds me, I really need to find the second book in the series and see if that holds true now . . . )

"Never Enough": Name a book that you’ve re-read more than once


Oh, I'm actually supposed to pick one?  Hmm.  In that case: Ella Enchanted (by Gail Carson Levine) MAY be the book I've reread the most, actually.  (But that's partially due to one week in my tweens when I reread it multiple times in the span of a few days.)

"This Is Me": Name a book with a character that reminds you of yourself

Prince Caspian (by C.S. Lewis).  Susan, I feel you.  And we're going to help you.  Don't you worry, girlfriend. <3

"Rewrite the Stars": Name a book with a forbidden romance

(I'm majorly cheating on this one, because I'm going to mention a book I haven't actually read.)  I recently saw Doctor Thorne for the first time, and knowing that it's based on a book by Anthony Trollope, I'm assuming that the romance in the miniseries is just as forbidden in the original book.  So . . . that, I guess??

"Tightrope": Name a book with an adventurous main character

I guess I'll go with Kirby Larson's Hattie Big Sky.  Hattie's pretty adventurous, am I right?!

"From Now On": Name a book with a wonderful family (related or otherwise)
Well, since I just reread it recently, let's go with Little Women (by Louisa May Alcott).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks again, Hamlette & Eva!
Anyone, feel free to complete the tag. :)


  1. Oooh fun!! :D I'm in the middle of learning some music right now but I'll back soon!

  2. Ohhhh I think I have to do this now. The Greatest Showman is so wonderful <3

    1. You should!! Ack, yes, isn't it, though. <3

  3. *Gasp* I literally just saw this tag the other day and was planning on perhaps doing it on my blog sometime soon. :D I enjoyed reading your answers... I will have to look into some of these books. ;)

    1. Yes, do it, Faith! :D Thanks! And yes, you should do that, too. ;)

  4. I've never read The Hundred and One Dalmations, but I've read another book by Dodie Smith that I really liked. It's called I Capture the Castle. It's a great book.

    1. Oh, I've read I Capture the Castle! I didn't LOVE the story itself, but lately I've been wanting to read it again. I did love the setting.


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