Ask Me Anything Answer Videos, Pt 1 || My 5th Blogiversary

Hello, everyone!

Five years ago today I posted on this blog for the first time, and since then blogging has been such a blessing to me in so many ways--the biggest, of course, being how many amazing people I've gotten to meet, how many like-minded friends have come into my life.  So, before I get to the answer videos, thank you so much.  You all mean a lot to me; this community is such a welcoming, inclusive home. <3

And in the words of Lina Lamont,

"Bless you all!" ;)

(Also, these are only the first half of the answer videos. Uploading them takes quite a while so I decided to split them up.)

(Also again, all of these were filmed--hehe, such a professional-sounding word--several months ago, so certain answers may be obsolete or inaccurate by now; I hope I get around to adding "Updates" sections after each of the videos, but I'm not sure if I will. So if something sounds off now, you can just ask me and I'll let you know if it's no longer accurate. :)  And I'm sorry the lighting is so bad for these videos!)

{Answers to Miss Woodhouse}

{Answers to Gabby A. & Showers of Blessings/Brooklyne}

{Answers to Evangeline Yackel & Grace Avender}

{Answers to Erudessa Aranduriel & Sarah}

(Sorry, I believe this video cut off earlier than I thought it did, or something was lost in the downloading process, so I apologize for that.  However, I believe I had basically finished answering anyway.)

{Answers to Anonymous/Catie (first batch of questions) & MovieCritic}

That's all for now!  Hopefully I will have the second half up soon. :)
Thank you all so much for your questions!  I had a really fun time answering all of these. <3


  1. YESSSS! I would literally pick Laura Osnes (to spend a day with) too!
    Derek Klena is one handsome fella yes ma'am.. ;) (Also can that boy sing and make me laugh.)
    Hey, when you did that music playlist shuffle thing, we have pretty similar music choices! I approve of all the musical ones. :D (I love the Broadway Cinderella CD... *happy sigh*) Also I like Shut Up and Dance too. :P
    Oh, yes!! Being in a musical is TOTALLY a dream/goal of mine as well!! I hope you can do it, Olivia!!
    Hooray for Jack Kelly! He's probably my favourite Newsie as well (although it would be a close tie with Davey).
    Swing dancing! Yes! That'd be one of my first picks, too!
    With you on the sports, haha! Although I'm HOPELESS at ice skating and gymnastics, I love watching others, and really appreciate their talents in that area. :D
    Ahh, Spanish! Yes! I'm attempting to learn French, Spanish and Italian as best I can... so far I've got a pretty decent knowledge of French and Latin, and hope to build on that.

    Ah, I loved this so much! Honestly, I SO wish we could be magically transported and meet each other 'cause I feel like we'd get along so well. This was super interesting and I LOVED hearing your thoughts. :) We have a lot in common! Can't wait for part 2. :D

    1. Oooh, neat! *high five*

      Hehehehe ;)

      Really?! That's so cool. (I need to listen to the whole Broadway musical sometime; you've mentioned it a couple times so I keep thinking, "Gabby really likes that one; I need to listen to all of it!" Haha.)

      I hope we both do it someday, too! I bet you'd be awesome. ;)

      I know, right?! It is very hard to choose between those two lads. They're both so good.

      Wouldn't it be cool? I think Natalie's learned a good bit of it . . . hmm . . . maybe she can teach us. ;)

      Haha! Same, girl--same.

      Oh, wow! Kudos to you, girl! I think French would be so cool to learn. I'm actually kind of conversational in American Sign Language, but I really need to keep reviewing that.

      YES I KNOW WE NEED TO MEET EACH OTHER SOME DAY. It must happen. ;) (And, I mean, I have hope that it will--the two of us are determined that it will, right? And God is more than capable of working that out if it's in his plan, so here's hoping. ;)) Yessss, I think we'd get along well, too. Awww, thank you!! *hugs* Thank you for watching. :)

  2. I had so much fun hearing all of your answers!!!

    YES, Laura Osnes seems so sweet and fun, and I love her voice!
    I completely agree with you on the sentiments you expressed regarding celebrity crushes...and also about Derek Klena. Haha!
    Aww, I love the first 5 songs that played!
    Jack Kelly <3 <3 <3 (Davey is probably my actual favorite...) (But then I think of Santa Fe *sniffs*)
    Haha, yes, I completely agree with you about swing dancing! I've sort of got it down, but not super smoothly or anything...I'd love to improve in that area!
    Ah yes, Spanish would most definitely be the most practically helpful, useful language to master in my part of the country...but I am currently learning German. :-P
    I also really like the names Cole + Colin!

    I loved this so much, and I'm so excited for Part 2!!!

    By the way, I loved getting to hear how you speak and express yourself verbally, and how your voice sounds! (Hmm, that sounds kinda strange! Haha! But I think you know what I meant!) :-P

    Catie <3

    1. Thank you so much for watching them all, Catie! :D

      Ach, Davey is so close, for me! They're both wonderful. (Santa Fe . . . oh my word . . . )

      Ooh, that's so cool! Dancing is awesome.

      " . . . but I am currently learning German. :-P" Haha! That's great. Is German difficult?

      Oh, neat! Yeah, I've kind of only figured out recently that I like them and will probably be using them in writing at some point, heh.

      Awww, thank you! Sorry you had to wait awhile. ;-P

      Awwwww! No, it doesn't sound strange! I do get what you meant, and it makes me happy. :) <3

  3. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

    First off, I just want to say how adorable you are! It's so neat to actually see and hear you in "real life" after "hearing" you in writing for so long. You seem so sweet.

    Just a little warning here, I watched these videos a few days ago when they were published, so these comments might be a wee bit disjointed and out of order. I apologize. ;)

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK. It sounds so interesting! I truly do hope you let us have a sneak peek. :) But again, I totally understand if you don't. I get really nervous when people read anything I've written. But the whole concept sounds really intriguing.

    I totally feel you on the sports thing. I run from balls when they are thrown at me. I don't catch them. Run away screaming and hope they don't hit me in the face, hahaha. :)

    And yes to the dude. I can deal with the broody, moody guys in fiction, but I couldn't imagine actually dealing with them in real life. Like, come on. Smile, bud. It's not going to hurt. So yes, humor. And yes doing the right thing. That is way up there. AND PROTECTIVENESS. I love that one too. It's just soooo sweet. Good choices. :)

    And last, I just want to hug you sister. I was nigh to tearing up when you were talking about your greatest fear. I feel you so much, girl. I struggle with the same exact thing. And I know what the Bible says (John 10:28, Rom 8:38-39) but then my fool feelings get in the way of my faith. I don't feel like I'm good enough or that I might do something or think something that totally throws me out of God's reach, when the truth is that our salvation is totally, totally dependent on Jesus alone. Not our goodness, not our strength, not even ultimately the quality of our faith! It's His goodness, His righteousness, and His obedience! (Obviously, not a license to sin or anything like that, but we are justified by Him). So hugs, sister, and I'll be praying for you. I'm so glad that you bravely share your struggles! 'Cause we all got 'em. :)

    I can't wait for the next post! I'm trying to remember what I asked...:) Oh, and Isaiah! I just love parts of that book. So beautiful...

    Looking forward to next time! :)

    ~Vanessa :D

    1. Daaaawwwwwww, VANESSA!!!! Thank you so much, girl. :) Your comment makes me happy.

      Awwww! You're so sweet, thank you so much!! *hugs*

      (Oh, no, they didn't seem disjointed or rambly at all. Thank you for them!)

      Ack, thank you! I'm honestly really excited about it myself; I just need to guard against comparing myself and my writing style, process, niche, etc. to others'. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! I don't know if I'll share any snippets, but I may actually post a little update soon, so . . . we'll see. ;) (Oh, and also, what kinds of things do you write? We've probably talked about it, but I can't remember exactly.)

      Hahahaha, yesss. Same. Not athletic very much at all in the least. :-P

      Exactly. I need me some levity. :-P

      Thank you so, so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences, sister!! I really appreciate it. Knowing I'm not alone in that particular struggle is really meaningful and encouraging. The devil likes to make us feel isolated in our struggles, I've heard, and I think it's true. So thank you for always being willing to share your similar experiences!! *hugs* And you're right: ultimately, it's not our quality of faith that determines our salvation. It's Jesus and what HE did, and what God the Father has accepted and wanted on our behalf. He loves us so much. <3 Thank you so much for your prayers and support; they mean a lot!! *big hugs* <3

      Isn't Isaiah beautiful?? I'm reading through Job right now and I love that one, too. What are you reading in the Bible lately?

      Thank you!! :D

    2. I'm glad it made you happy. :) Every time a new blog post from you comes up I get excited. :)

      Yeah, I totally get the thing about comparing one's writing to another's. Something to take into consideration is that different stories have totally different writing styles. It just depends on what you're going for. Plus, I think that some people can pull off certain styles and others can't. In my opinion, what I've read of your writing is epic. (Just sayin'. Quite witty, and I appreciate wit. ;) And...writing. Haha. I've written some historical fiction, and right now I'm on a modern-day sorta suspense book. Sometimes that starts to border on contemporary which is kind of annoying but ya know, sometimes characters want to be happy. *glares at those rebellious characters*. But I love them anyway. :)And plenty of angst is coming. :) *cues the evil author grin* Sorry guys.

      Yep, I totally agree with that. When I was younger, I think I always thought that it's just me with these doubts and fears. It seemed like every other Christian totally has their life together. (Which isn't the case; everyone has their different struggles.) But yes. Absolutely. Jesus is always the answer. :) *hugs*
      It really is. So much prophecy and beauty and just yes! I was reading part of Isaiah 45 last night, and it just blowing me away with the amazingness. Yep. So good. I've also reading through Matthew right now. The Gospels get better every time I read through them. It's just so amazing every time that you read Scripture, the more you learn and understand.

      I'll be praying for you, sister. We're in this together. *hugs* I'm so thankful for you! :)

  4. I enjoyed watching your videos very muchly! :)
    You are a very precious, special, beautiful person, and I feel so lucky to call you friend!
    Love ya' lots!<3

    1. Thank you SO much, Christina--RIGHT BACK AT YOU!! :D Love you!! <3 <3 <3


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