Lord, Today I Thank You For...

~ The brevity of sicknesses related to stomach and throat

I dread sickness.  Actually, I panic when I think that I might get a stomach bug.  BUT as much as I despise stomach bugs and sore throats, the good thing about them is that both last for a relatively short time, and they come only rarely (well, stomach bugs do, at least).  And sickness can make me thankful for when I'm healthy.  (The blessing of being able to swallow without pain lancing your throat, or being able to drink water freely without the fear that it might nauseate you, right?)

~ Lord of the Rings

...in any form whatever, but particularly the movies, and even more particularly, the movie music;)

Sorry about the poor quality (iPod, don'tcha know).

I'm happy.  Muchly so.

~ The opportunity to capture this gorgeous sunset a couple months ago

~ Jessie (Disney Channel TV show)

We don't have TV, but iTunes has Jessie episodes available to buy, and buy them I do;)  Cute, clean, and funny.  (With some good lessons sprinkled in there…somewhere…)

~ The joy of rediscovering old favorites

Recently, I picked up Gail Carson Levine's Ella Enchanted (can't remember why), and read a few little bits and pieces.  Suddenly, I remembered why I loved the book so much when I first read it;)  

~ North and South

Again, in any form, but particularly the book, which I am currently reading on Goodreads (it's terrific).  

~ My iPod

Hugs and kisses to ya, darlin' little Apple product;)

~ Contact with other bloggers

(I don't really have a picture for this…)

I've been able to contact a couple bloggers recently, which has thrilled me beyond all reasonable reason;), and I hope to continue!!

~ Free iPod apps

Back to the iPod.  By the way, you should all download the app titled "Backgrounds."  Just trust me.

~ My church family

Dang…that's a though-provoker…

~ Keeping my mind protected through a disappointing situation

I had a disappointment yesterday, and it was complicated by related situation, and God kept me reasonably happy, and overall, just fine, throughout the day.  I think Satan could have easily attacked me with feelings of inferiority and lessened self-confidence in this area, which he did, to some extent, but Jesus, I believe, protected me in a larger way.

~ My co-op

Though I often complain about the workload involved in my homeschool co-op (and the assignments do sometimes overwhelm me), that co-op has blessed me in countless ways, some of which I probably haven't even realized.

Thank You, Lord, for the how You've blessed me in these ways and in so many others!


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