"Gideon, say something nice." "Uh . . . nice night for a coon hunt."

This is my way -- apart from referencing the incomparable majesty that is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (you're welcome) -- of admitting that I don't know how else to cleverly title this post.  But if I did know how to c.ly  t.  the so-forth, it'd basically boil down to this:

// confessions, ramblings, & other nonsense // 

"Right.  Now you know where you are." ;-P  Shall we begin?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Okay, so y'all know Derek Klena and Christy Altomare and all those loverly people of the Broadway version of Anastasia?  Yes, of course you do.  Well, this confession is a few months late, but I shall make it anyway:  Back when it was first coming out and we were all acquainting ourselves with all of them, I watched a couple of interviews with Derek Klena and, um . . . *coughs*  I kind of fell a little bit in love.  No joke.  Seriously, I was literally sitting there thinking he couldn't possibly be that perfect and waiting for him to swear or do something inappropriate.  And . . . he didn't.  And I was like, "Drat."  (I'm sure he has, but for the moment I'm terribly afraid I'm a lost cause.)  


(I also watched part of an interview with Corey Cott and he mentioned that he's a Christian and faith is really important to him, so "sometimes church is [his] Santa Fe."  LIKE WHAT HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CAN.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I recently watched The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015) for the first time, and GUYYYYYS.  ILLYA FREAKING KURYAKIN.  THAT IS ALL.  

(Totally not all; you ain't getting off that easy.)

I had to email Hamlette straightaway after finishing it, because I knew she understands and would fangirl with me.  (And yes, she kindly obliged. ;))

Illya is a precious lamb and I want to protect him from the big bad world. <3  But, great as Illya is, I have to say that I wouldn't have enjoyed him half so much if it weren't for . . . 

"Good night, little chop shop girl."

. . . the preciousness that is Illya and Gaby together.  GUUUUUYYYSS.  This couple activated my FULL-ON ROMANTIC FANGIRL MODE.  So lovely to discover a new favorite couple. :)  

(But for real.)

Actually, though, this whole movie bears some fangirling over . . . perhaps a review is in order?? *wink wink*  (Now watch me never review this. *sigh*)  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I want to start living freer, y'all.  That hit me recently while at a college night a local church was hosting.  I want to live freer.  You know, stop spending so much time obsessing over whether I'm feeling and thinking and doing exactly the right thing at every moment.  And the LORD's been helping me!  He's a great God.  

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.  ~ Galatians 5:1  

(Actually, y'all should go give that whole chapter -- Gal. 5 -- a read:  One of the things God's been showing me recently is that giving in to these feelings of religiosity and works-based approval and perfectionism and all that stuff may actually be a much bigger deal than we realize.  Isn't it exciting how He's growing each of us into Him?!  Praise Him!! <3)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I've discovered lots of new songs lately, so that's always fun.  I love finding new tunes for the 'Pod. ;-P

I really like this picture, for some reason.

Speaking of which, have y'all listened to any of Lauren Daigle's music lately?  I've liked "How Can It Be" since it first came out a while ago, but here recently I've been listening to the expanded album, and GUYS.  FAM.  This girl is awesome.  (I've also watched a few interviews/studio session music videos, which has made me really appreciate her music a good deal more.)  I especially like "First," "Loyal," "Trust in You," and "Come Alive (Dry Bones)".  <33333

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Re-reading The Lord of the Rings right now got me like:

It's so beautiful. <3  And it's making me want to talk about it with my fellow Tolkienknight uncle. :-P

I'm re-reading them sloooooowly this time around -- reading other books at the same time and just plodding through them when I get the chance/am in the mood; really taking the time to soak in each beautiful sentence and paragraph and digest all the awesome. <3  It's great!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh, ALSO, I've realized that I really love the Rohan people, particularly in the movies.  I'm not entirely sure why, but . . . Théoden and Eowyn and Eomer and Hama and everyone -- they're just really cool.  And I love watching them develop.  

And I may or may not really really love the scene in the extended editions when Eomer finds Eowyn after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.  *ahem*

Like, ALL MY FEELINGS. <33333333


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do y'all ever get that thing where you feel like you have so many books you need to re-watch, except with movies?  Like, "Oh, that's such a good movie, I haven't seen it in forever [which really means like half a year]; I need to watch it again"?  'Cause I get that all the time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ALSO YES IT'S FALL NOW SO THAT'S COOL.  (Thoughts on fall, anyone?)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

All right, I think that's all I wanted to say . . . short 'n' sweet. :)

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Agh I just wanted to say that the little bit about living more freely just hit home cause have literally been sitting on my bed for the past half an hour worrying about a million different things and whether or not they are all going perfectly and ya. Thanks for the reminder to live wildly and with wonder: not be worried about perfection or being stuffy towards other people and being worried about my faith and just living because I can and because He's next to me and because life is beautiful and wonderful and good.

    That probably made no sense and I apologize, but thank you.

    1. Oh my gosh, Abigail . . . THANK YOU for sharing that. That is beautiful and it really means so much to me to know that that hit home for you, too. GO FORTH AND LIVE WILDLY AND WONDERFULLY AND FREE! <3 Amen.

  2. Oh my gosh, did you change your blog design recently? I love it!! Your new profile picture is also really cool!

    I haven't seen Man from U.N.C.L.E or Anastasia yet, but I want to!!

    And I totally agree with you with the people of Rohan. I love Eowyn to pieces. As if it isn't obvious on my blog...

    Me, I've been dragging myself through grad school, and working my way through drafting my Rooglewood piece. It's changed quite a bit since Camp NaNo, hope it works better this time!


    1. I did, Catherine! Awwwww, THANK YOU SO MUCH! *hugs you* Gahh, I know, I love that picture -- it's from the 2013 Romeo and Juliet movie.

      Oh, you must! They're fantastic! (Man from UNCLE has just a wee bit of content, but it's easily avoided if you're prepared for it.)

      GAHH I KNOW RIGHT. Eowyn and Eomer and JUST ALL THE EVERYTHING. <3

      Yikes, grad school must be challenging. But oh, how neat that you're doing a Rooglewood piece! For the Five Poisoned Apples contest?

  3. *deep breath* This is probably going to be a long and rambly comment so I apologize in advance :D

    Derek Klena is perfection itself!!! He is wonderful and I love him so much!!!!! Christy and him have such great chemistry! Have you watched the Broadway.com vlogs?

    Corey Cott is wonderful too!!! The pictures of him and his son are so cute!
    (so many exclamation points)

    I just watched the Man From U.N.C.L.E. this year too! Illya Kuryakin is a precious cinnamon roll who must be protected. I love him!! Illya and Gabby are so cute and I was shipping it so hard!

    Also, I'm going to admit this, I have never read Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit. I know I know.
    I'm planning on borrowing them from my sister and finally joining the fandom.

    As to what I've been up to lately, I started my senior year at the end of August. I'm working on preparing to direct a Christmas play in January and just trying to enjoy life. :)

    Fall is my favorite season ever!!! I can't say it enough!


    1. Lilah, goodness, never apologize for a long and rambly comment! I love those. :D

      LIKE FOR REAL THOUGH. Christy & Derek are ADORABLE. Gahh. :') I just watched the first vlog this afternoon! 'Twas so cute, d'awwww. ;D

      Aww, I haven't seen pictures of Corey and his son; I bet they're adorable, though!


      *gasp* Lilah, how dare you! Heehee. ;) I watched the movies before reading the books, myself. And it took me forever to get through the books, so you're not alone! ;)

      That's so cool! How has senior year been treating you so far? Ooh, that's awesome! What will the Christmas play be about? And just trying to enjoy life << Totally feel you there! :)

      Fall is pretty awesome! (Though I'm a spring girl myself.) ;D

  4. **applauseapplauseapplause!!!** Wonderful post, dear! <3 Yes! I am sooo in love with Derek Klena now too. He's very funny, sweet, and has such a beautifully terrific voice! <3 And if you haven't, watch the "Royal Misfits" B-way.com vlogs! They are the best vlogs EVER!! Corey Cott is great too. My sister especially enjoys him. I'm so glad he's Christian!!! :D

    That is such a great reminder, Olivia. Thank you ever so much. I'm struggling with similar things. I need to trust God and take one day at a time! Stay strong in His love.

    God bless,

    1. Awwwww!! *blushes and hugs you* Thanks, Sarah!

      Derek Klena. Yup. *nods* (Seriously, though.) Eeee, I just watched the first vlog today! It was adorable. :D Oh, cool! What musicals do you and your sister like? :)

      Oh, thank YOU. And right back at you, dearie. <3

  5. AAAHHHH. *squeals*

    This post is basically everything that *I* have been going crazy about lately and EEKKK IT'S SO COOL THAT YOU ARE TOOOO!!!! (Ok, not everything, 'cause obviously it's not fall here, but y'know, MOST OF IT.)

    First of all, the title made me crack up. I love that movie. XD

    I think Anastasia is so cool, and there is still heaps I haven't seen or heard with it, so I'm super excited to get around to it! (I've been so flustered getting heaps of stuff done, and finally things have been calming down and I can get around to doing Fun Stuff like watching the Broadway vlogs of it. :D :D) Haha, I think he's cool, although I haven't seen many videos of him. I was pretty similar with Corey Cott (specially when I found out he was a Christian!). :D
    I feel like the musical theatre industry is so difficult for Christians to thrive in, unless they're really quite strong. I mean, there is so much STUFF out there that is involved in that industry, I always really admire the people who do it and still don't get a little bit ruined for doing it.
    (Also, what do you think about Christians doing shows like Rent? Like, I know Corey Cott did that with Ben Fankhauser before he did Newsies and he loves that show... and I know some of the songs from it are lovely, and I like them, but just... the whole content in it seems pretty tough stuff to do if you don't agree with it. I understand some Christians support gay marriage (I don't) but for me, I'd wonder where you'd choose to draw the line. Anyways, just thoughts. I don't mean to judge them - they act off their own conscience - but I myself am quite curious to know what other Christians think about that matter, who are also passionate about musical theatre. :))

    Yes!!! I saw The Man from U.N.C.L.E. this year for the first time and I loved it!!! I love the 3 actors/esses. And I was stoked to find a heroine who shares my name, and is really cool. XD It's just SUCH a good movie! And haha, yeah. #squadgoals :P

    *gasps* Oh my gosh... Y.E.S.!!!! Honestly, that made me SO happy and thrilled and excited when you said that, about wanting to live more free!! That is something I'm SO passionate about. AMEN AMEN AMEN AND AMEN. <3 <3 <3 I've been learning more about what I believe. What I don't want to become involved in is religious traditions and works based approval and having to try to "get points with a God Who isn't keeping score"! It's something I've been growing in and learning SO much. And I've made some pretty bold choices in my life because of it - I don't regularly attend "church services" on Sunday anymore as one of them. Not because my love for the Lord has lessened - indeed it has increased and I feel so much more spiritually alive - but because the places I was going were not helping me, and it was just such a religious ritual, and not revitalizing me spiritually at all. But that's a huge topic and I'm not going to go blabbing about it for the rest of my comment. In short, I don't hold anything against people who do "go to church" or who don't. My focus is on God my Father, Jesus my Brother and the Holy Spirit who is within me, and living through them and with them. And it's been one heck of a journey.

    Ah, I love that picture of Sierra Boggess. :D

    Haha, that cute little gif. Naww. <3 LOTR is ssooo amazing. I can only read it once every one or two years for my emotional stability's sake. But I still can't NOT read it less than that. :P

    Ohhh... Stop it with the Rohan gifs and pictures!! *goes off sobbing*

    Yep, I definitely feel the need to re-watch movies just the same as books!

    This was such a cool post, Olivia! I LOVED it!

    And my comment is so long, I have to split it into two. :P

    1. Gabby, Aaaaahhh! *squeals with you*

      Well, can you be surprised? We're kindred spirits in a lot of ways, so, I mean . . . ;)

      Heehee, yay! I KNOW GIRL SAME.

      Oh, whew, then I'm not the only one who's excited and all about the Anastasia musical but still hasn't technically listened to all of the new songs or watched most of the vlogs? That makes me feel better, thank you. :) Well, I bet too, things were pretty busy! I mean, a brother's wedding and all, right?? ;) (Wait . . . it WAS your brother, wasn't it?! Oh, dear . . . ) But yay for more time for fun stuff!

      Ohhhh, goodness, I completely agree about the musical theatre industry. Like, I'd LOVE to do musical theatre, and I hope to do at least a little in college, but that whole issue is one that does concern me. Like . . . what if there's a show that I just don't feel comfortable doing? Or even just like one specific line in a show that I'm otherwise fine with? (I feel like that's most of my favorites . . . hmm . . . ) And I know what you mean about Christians doing shows like Rent. I'm always kind of taken aback when I see Christians do things in movies/shows that I wouldn't be comfortable with, like swearing, portraying sexually active characters, etc. I don't know where the line should be for Christian actors/tresses. :-/ But I guess we can just pray for them that if they are crossing that line, that God would lead them back? But, yes, definitely, we shouldn't judge them! I need help with that myself, sometimes. :-/

      Eeee, TMFU! It IS a cool movie -- I feel like Hamlette really sparked all of our interests in it, so let's give a round of applause for Hamlette! *claps* Heehee. :) And yes! So fun when a character shares your name and is as cool as that Gabby is (and, for that matter, when a character is as cool as YOU are ;) <3).

      AMEN, GIRL! Isn't it so cool that God teaches us how to grow in all these things?! And that He gives us friends to do it with -- He's the best! :) "What I don't want to become involved in is religious traditions and works based approval and having to try to "get points with a God Who isn't keeping score"!" << THAT. THAT RIGHT THERE, YES, AMEN!!!

      Seriously, it's really encouraging to have such committed, Christ-following friends like you with me on this journey. Thanks for being a spiritual partner and encourager! <333

      Ah, yes, the church thing! Like we've talked about before, I do think it's important to keep meeting regularly with other believers in a church-like setting, as it says in the Bible, but I AM definitely open to the idea that a church IS NOT THE ONLY PLACE FOR IT. Because I've experienced it! (The fact that the church isn't the only place, I mean.) I think the thing with churches is that the people in leadership positions are sinful people, just like us, and that can create problems within a church family sometimes. And sometimes we lose the point of how we're a family to begin with?? We all need to be patient and compassionate with each other and recognize that we're all human!

      But please understand, I'm not saying that the choices you've made are wrong -- I definitely realize that a church isn't the only place to fellowship with other believers as the Bible teaches, and I'm talking to myself in that paragraph, too -- just some of my thoughts on churches in general! :) <333

      "And it's been one heck of a journey." << AMEN AGAIN! And here's to the continuation!

      Aww, me too. ;D She's so cute.

      "For my emotional stability's sake" . . . GIRL SAME. But . . . yes. Not LESS than that, either. ;)

      I'm sorry, I'm sorry! *sobs with you and hands you a hankie*

      Oh, good, I'm not alone! Heheh.

      Dawww, thanks, girlie! *hugs you*

      Ooh, yay! The more, the merrier. ;)

    2. Haha, yeah, I beginning to think we have a deep connection - the coincidences are getting crazy! :D

      Yes, you're not the only one who is super excited about Anastasia but still hasn't listened to all the music and watched the backstage videos... YET! (Yes, haha, it was my brother's wedding.)

      I know! (I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one, though.) It's also hard, because not only do you have to know your boundaries and your lines, you have to still not be harsh and judgmental about other Christians who go outside of YOUR lines (but clearly not theirs)! And theirs no need for US to judge - it's just so easy to do. But yeah, the whole situation is just a little Sticky. (Another example would be if I had miraculously gotten the part of Eponine at our local musical theatre production, I would have had to take minor ensemble parts as well - including being a "lovely lady" and eeekkk, that's not ideal!)

      (And whispers: also, I found this video the other day and I kinda really like it. If you like Corey Cott and Ben Fankhauser then you'll like it, I think! It's pretty clever, and I LUUURVE Ben's piano playing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5QzvzQ7Ad0)
      Aww, haha, thaaaanks. <3 I will never be quiiite as cool as Gaby, though. I mean, I'm not an undercover agent!! (Or am I... *sunglasses emojii*)

      Yes! It's so incredible having friends to walk through life with, especially on your spiritual journey. :)

      I 110% believe we should regularly meet up with other believers, but I don't think we benefit the most by sitting on pews listening to one Christian's opinion on their chosen verse... if everyone was able to share what is on THEIR heart, and everyone can share their insight (because we all have something that others do not have, since God has given us each different gifts) and there is no rituals or set-in-stone services and people who judge you if you don't seat in the back pew every Sunday. For me, I can't really see where in the Bible it says we need all of that! I know it's a VERY long held tradition, but I don't believe it says we have to sit on a pew facing a pulpit where one man preaches at us for 90 minutes. To me, that is not what Jesus had in mind.

      But oh my goodness, yes! The church is a FAMILY. So if we could just treat each other as brothers and sisters and not pick at each other's faults and judge each other it would be ever so much better. (Also, I get annoyed when people think the church family is only THEIR church. Like, heck now, the church is ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! We may not agree on everything, but if we're all following Jesus and realizing that He is our everything and we have nothing of ourselves, I think we can overlook and forgive each other for the other differences, and agree to disagree, if we must.

      That's fine - no offense taken! I hope I didn't offend you either. I totally respect your opinion, and I value everybody's insight. This is just the perspective I have to offer. :)

      <3 <3 <3

  6. I have been still going crazy over Bandstand (SO sad that it closed :(), haha.
    I've been finishing off Season 3 Lark Rise to Candleford and it's getting better and better!

    I've been learning self confidence a lot lately, and the Lord has definitely helped me grow a lot in that area.

    I've been listening to a lot of Ben Fankhauser's singing videos and gawking at his incredible riffing abilities.

    I read the book "Celia Garth" and I really loved it. And I also read a book written by Bethany Hamilton - Body and Soul - about God and being healthy and fit and that was pretty inspiring. I'm currently reading "The Shack". It's a very controversial book, but I saw the movie last week and oh. my. goodness. That has got to be the most emotional movie I have EVER seen. I was quite literally sobbing during the whole thing. It was so emotional and raw and real and true and filled with so much to think about that I wanted to pause it every 10 minutes and just chew on the thought. It certainly pushed me in my faith with God and my perspective on life and WOW it was incredible. It's a pretty weird concept at first (they portray God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as real people, as part of the story... it's a parable - like story) and I can understand why some people consider it blasphemous. I've only just begun the book, but the movie, in my opinion, if taken the right way, is enough to change a person's perspective on life and pain and the nature of God. It was amazing.

    Also, after at least 6 months of completely dry weather, we are FINALLY having rain (it's pouring right now!) and I am so unbelievably happy I think I'll go dance!

    1. Aacck, yes. I just today thought of "Who I Was" and thought, "I need to listen to that again!" Heehee. :)

      Oh, Lark Rise! I shouldn't mind watching that again. A lot of the characters annoyed me at times, but then they'd do something to put them back in my favor, and I DID get emotionally invested in spite of myself, and it was really good overall. :)

      Ack! *tackles you* Praise God! Yes, I've been learning some new things about self-confidence, too; looks like God has been showing us a lot of the same things recently. :) I'm so happy you're growing in that!

      Apparently I need to look into this laddie more -- I mean, I loved him in Newsies but I haven't really watched anything else other than that. :-P

      Aaahhh, I've heard so many glowing things about that book! Must definitely get it read before too much longer. *nods* Oh, cool! How was the Bethany Hamilton read -- inspiring, you say? Had you read her first book, the one they used for the movie? She seems like a really neat person. :)

      I've heard SOOOO many conflicting things about "The Shack" -- maybe I'll read/watch it for myself one of these days (probably not for a while, though, just because). From what I've heard, it sounds like I'd disagree with at least some of the ways they portray God, but I've also heard that it has some amazing things to say on, like you said, the nature of pain and God and forgiveness.

      Ooh, yay! Hey, "daaaaaaaaaaaaancin' in the rain, just daaaancin' in the rain" -- that's one of the refrains, too, right? ;)

      We were having a really mild fall, but I thiiiink now it's turned the corner into the colder weather? We shall see.

      Thanks for two splendiferous comments, m'dear friend! <3

    2. Haha, you're funny. XD "Oh, I need to listen to that again!" (I sing it about twice a day. :P) (I think my family might be getting sick of it. *ahem*)

      Haha, yes, I agree with you! Lark Rise isn't my favourite, and some characters are annoying, but overall is it quite good and it still manages to endear itself to me.

      You too?!!! That's awesome! I'm so glad. :D

      Yes, Celia Garth is excellent!
      The Bethany Hamilton: Body and Soul was great if you wanted a inspirational-booster for working out, eating healthy, and keeping your focus on God. I'm not quite the "no preservatives, green smoothies" type of person at the moment, but I do appreciate a clean, healthy diet and good exercise, so it helped me nonetheless! I have read her first book "Soul Surfer" multiple times, yes! I loved it. :D (I just love BH in general. I think she's a wonderfully encouraging person.)

      Yes, I know... "The Shack" is something that you would want to feel ready for, if you're going to watch it. (I would definitely recommend watching the movie first, even though that sounds odd, because it made a lot more sense when you're just getting your head around it!) I totally respect that. :) I understand it is difficult for a lot of people, and you have to have a very open mind for it. (People who have been raised in very strict religious settings, for example, would probably have a very hard time with it.) But if you're willing to just see things in a slightly different light, and realize it's not all meant literally, but it just helps you imagine and see things a bit better. For me, especially, I always struggled with how God says He is a loving, good heavenly Father and I KNOW He is, but then how come He seemed so mean in the Old Testament and so many times His wrath was aroused and He got angry and seemed very harsh... it helped me think of that differently, also.
      But yes, I could babble on about it for DAYS... I really can't say anything more that would help you much. It's the type of thing you watch when you're ready for it. :)

      Thanks for your sweet words, too. <333

  7. I have been dying to see The Man From U.N.C.L.E (which, despite being released in 2015, seems to really be having it's moment recently).

    1. You should see it, Evangeline! I think you'd enjoy it. And I know, it's really come into the limelight! Probably thanks to Hamlette. ;)

    2. Tireless fangirling for the win!!!

  8. "Anastasia" on Broadway is something I Must. Assuredly. See. before I die. It MUST HAPPEN. *nods emphatically*

    Amen. God is about freedom, not fear or shame. That's a concept I've really had to work on mastering (am still working on, tbh), but it's such a hugely important truth. We'll learn it together <3

    I just read "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling and was quite unexpectedly overwhelmed by all the feels. KIM IS A PRECIOUS RASCAL. And his relationship with his wise old mentor (who does NOT die midway through, contrary to the customs of wise old mentors the world over) is just all the sweetness. *hugs them*

    I also finished a new story!!!!! Not a full-length novel, but it's somewhere between a short story and a novella. It's a contemporary retelling of Snow White and I'm SO excited and happy about it :D :D

    I loved this post! :)

    1. Sorry to intrude, but is your story for Five Poisoned Apples?

    2. 'Tis, yes!! Are you writing for the contest, too? That's so exciting!!!! (I wonder if I know you from the Facebook group? I use a different name there [my real name].)

    3. I'm trying to write for it, I'm only three chapters in and I have been writing it for three months. Congrats on finishing it!! I'm not officially on the Facebook group, but I read it every once in a while.

    4. Thank you!! And ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that's so exciting! I know you can do it! *high-five for morale*

    5. Now it's my turn to thank you! Thank you! :D *high-five back at ya'*

    6. Jessica, Yes, yes indeed! After you see the movie, of course. ;D I need to see the musical, too -- we should just organize a meet-up with all the blogging friends one day when we're all filthily rich and go see it. :)

      AMEN AMEN. Yes, we'll DEFINITELY learn it together. <3 I'm so glad I have friends with whom I can learn things like this. <3

      Haha! Awww, your summation of "Kim" makes it sound Very Good Indeed. I'm typically a fan of precious rascals, you know, so hey. ;) And this makes me smile: "(who does NOT die midway through, contrary to the customs of wise old mentors the world over)" << BAHAHA TRUE DAT.

      EEEEEEKKS! MAY I READ THE SNOW WHITE RETELLING SOMEDAY, PRETTY PLEASE?!?! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to these comments, but I DO think it's monstrously exciting!!

      And MovieCritic, you're doing the Rooglewood contest, too?! BRAVO TO YOU BOTH, MY BRAVE, BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS!! *hugs you both* I believe in you! You can do it!!

      And Jessica, it always makes me so happy when you write, "*high-five for morale*". You don't even know. ;D

  9. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.!!!!!!! I am here to fangirl about it too!! It is so good! I have never seen the ending, but the rest of it is so good!!!


    1. You too, MC?! Huzzah! We're all finding out how much we love it. :D Oh, the ending is good, too, let me assure you!!

      YES, QUITE.

  10. MY ILLYA DESERVES ALL THE LOVE and it's so nice to see him getting the attention and approbation I've always known he should have.

    Something like this, yes.

    So glad you love the movie, Illya, Gaby, etc <3

    1. YES, YES, HE DOES. <333 I bet it is! Like I was telling Gabby, I feel like you're probably the one who made it become so popular in the blogging community recently, so here's to you. *raises glass* ;)

      "We're now engaged. Congratulations."

      Indeed I do. <3 Thanks for introducing it to me!


    Okay. So. Derek Klena. <33 Awww. I'm not sure how to send help, dear girl. I mean, falling in love with Broadway actors in kind of inevitable and incurable. I'm sorry. I'm here to support you though!!! *sends hugs and chocolate and this link*

    You've seen the Anastasia vlogs, right?? CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE JOHN VS. DEREK THING?? I can't believe the amount of work and love they put into those vlogs....THEY'RE SO GREAT.

    On Corey Cott: I KNOW AND ISN'T IT AMAZING? I mean, I hadn't seen the interview you referenced (so thank you for that information!!! <3) but I've picked up on other things...in one interview he said when he was a newbie to Broadway he would audition for anything "appropriate"; I think I've heard him mention his faith before; and his wife's instagram has a Bible verse.....yeah. Anyhow. Now it's for certain, given what you said he said in that particular interview. :D YAYYY. (Also, Corey Cott was one of MY Broadway crushes when I first saw the Newsies vlogs. It was kind of crazy, especially considering that before the vlogs, I thought him a disgrace to the name of Jack Kelly. BUT THEN I SAW THE ERROR OF MY WAYS. :D)

    Every single pin you've pinned on Pinterest concerning the Man From U.N.C.L.E. only makes me want to see it more and more and more. THE SHIP LOOKS SO CUTE OH MY WORD.
    (Also, Henry Cavill is kind of a favorite of mine for many and varied reasons....although I know his character isn't exactly the best in this, I still want to see him in it. :))

    Amen to what you said about living freer-er and what the Lord has been teaching you. <33 Praise Him indeed!!!

    I really like that picture too and idk why either. :P

    I LOVE "Trust in You". It's like my theme song some days...most days...ha. :)

    I love this post and I love you and I gotta go now. *HUGS*

    1. One more kind of unrelated link because I need to share this with everyone okay bye.

    2. Aww, no, you're fine! And I'm late now, so there you are. :-P

      Sank you. *accepts chocolate and hugs and help* I had seen that video before, actually! AREN'T THEY THE CUTEST. <33333 Seriously, they seem to get along so well, it's adorable. <3

      Ok, so, I did watch the first one when you sent it to me! I haven't seen any of the others YET but I'm sure I'll get around to them eventually! They're all so presh, though. <3333

      EEEEKKK YES! Awwwwww, bless his heart. <33 (Did you really, haha? Yeah, as you know, I've only seen The Version of Newsies, and I don't think I'd like any other version like I liked that one, but I did deign to pin some Newsies pins that had Corey instead of Jeremy, heheh. ;))

      AND NOW YOU'VE SEEN IT AAAGHH! *hugsies* ISN'T THE SHIP ADORABLE, THOUGH. And, yeah, even though I wasn't wild about Henry Cavill's character, I still kind of was in a way, too? Like, he had Issues, but at least he genuinely cared for Illya and Gabby. His heart seemed more or less in the right place, to me. :-P :)

      Yes!! <33

      Haha, I guess it's just because it's Sierra Boggess being Sierra Boggess but in the Christine costume? Heehee.

      You too?!?! AACCKK. Well, hey, that's a FANTASTIC song to be your theme song! I also really love "I Am Yours." The bridge where she sings, "Even the thunder and the wind obey at the command of my Father, Father; I set my feet upon Your mighty Name, so let the rain fall harder, harder" and then the drums and the crescendo and everything -- it makes me happy. :)

      Daaaaaawww, THANKS, GIRL!! And right back at you. :) *HUGS*


    3. Thanks. ♥

      Ahh glad you've seen it then!! And yesss they are. I love it when "on screen/stage" couples are just as adorable OFF the screen/stage as on. :D

      You'll enjoy them when you do get around to them, I promise. (No pressure though of course) I'm glad you liked the first!!!

      YES NOW I'VE SEEN IT YAY. I guess I already squealed about it to you...but again, the ship is adorable and the whole movie was so FUN and I'm really glad I watched it. So about Napoleon. As you said, he has Issues, but when we watched the movie it was on clearplay so all the Unnecessary Stuff was cut out and so his character probably didn't strike me as awful as it really was. :P (Though it's easy to read between the lines sometimes. *cough*) BUT as you said, he did genuinely care for Iyla and Gaby. I just love how they all go from virtually hating each other to being A TEAM and, what's more, FRIENDS. ♥ I just love stories like that. :')

      I haven't heard "I Am Yours", but now I'll have to look it up. :)


      PS. You're welcome!!! <3

  12. OLIVIAAAAAA!!!!! THIS type of post from YOU is my favorite thing in the whole world. HOW is your blog so cozy and lovely and everything you say is just LIKE YES.

    Derek Klena is adorable and I toooootallly get what you mean. I fall head over feels for "out of reach" guys like, every day of my life. Cute actors who are ten years older than me... Fictional characters... Dead figures from history... I GET YOU. And you put this dude up on a pedestal and somehow it's SO important that they fit with your ideals??? I'm a silly bean. Then if the dude "swears or does something inappropriate" I am CRUSHED (which is silly because I'll never MEET him,m much less MARRY the guy!!!). And if he comes up spotless... I'm more in love than ever. :))) Whyyyyy. There is something wrong with us, dear.


    That scene from the Extended Edition aghhhhhh!!!! I love how Eomer I'd such a good brother, but he's not super demonstrative??? Like he would KILL Wormtongue for LOOKING at his sister, but he doesn't really talk to her or comfort her much??? BUT THEN WHEN HE THINKS SHE IS DEAD HE JUST FALLS TO PIECES MY HEART IS SHATTERED.

    Also. Faramir. Oh my heart. I love how he is literally the gentlest ever and that is perfect for Eowyn.

    Okay, I'll stop ranting. But know that I adore these posts!!!

    1. AAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!! *tackles you* KATE THIS COMMENT MADE MY DAY, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. Gahh. :D THANK YOU SO MUCH, MY DEAR! That really means SOOOO much to me, everything you said!!! <333333

      I KNOW RIGHT. Yes, there must be something wrong with us. P'raps we should see a doctor??

      ISN'T IT FAB. Sierra Boggess, man. <3

      "That scene from the Extended Edition aghhhhhh!!!! I love how Eomer I'd such a good brother, but he's not super demonstrative??? Like he would KILL Wormtongue for LOOKING at his sister, but he doesn't really talk to her or comfort her much??? BUT THEN WHEN HE THINKS SHE IS DEAD HE JUST FALLS TO PIECES MY HEART IS SHATTERED." << YES EXACTLY, THAT!! Like he's just so protective but distant and then he just LOSES IT when he thinks she's dead and MY HEART IS A THING AAAAAGGGHHH. I love Eomer.

      YES! Oh my goodness, that's exactly why I love them so much -- he's like the gentlest dude EVER with Eowyn, which is exactly what she needs, but it's a gentleness born of having EXPERIENCED pain in the world and battle and all those things, not naivete. Gahh. *huggles him* I need to write a post about why he's low-key my favorite guy ever. :-P

      No, no, please don't! ACK, thank you again SOOOOO SO MUCH!! You don't know how happy this makes me. :D

    2. *squee*

      Right. Like there is medical professional who can cure obsessive fangirling somewhere I'm sure...

      I didn't know who it was because I'm not much of a Broadway expert like at all?? But the picture is still muchly aesthetic. Methinks that if I'm not already, I need to be following you on Pinterest.

      Same same same. Need him as my brother yesterday.

      Right??? He's not... glib. Or shallow. Like he gets it and it has made him so much more quietly strong and unshakable and that is so baffling to Eowyn and I love their dynamic so much and it also does my heart good to know that Tolkien was a romantic too. ;))) AND YES YOU SHOULD WRITE THAT POST BECAUSE I WOULD READ IT VERY HARD.

      *squee again* It was all true. I love your posts.


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