Movies: Months in Review {March/April 2018}

Okay, full disclosure: the past two months have not been stellar movie-wise.  I only really loved one of these movies, and most of the others were pretty 'meh' for me, even if they were 'good' historically or technically or whatever.

But, in the span of eternity, that's certainly not a big deal, is it? ;)

Big Fish (2003)

Okay, can I just say that apart from a few things (like the occasional, random nudity, the witch, the language, and the elephant poop), this movie is like 300% my aesthetic and I loved it?!  I mean, Edward Bloom.  ("Ma'am, my name is Edward Bloom, and there's some folks would like to see your eye." << I think that was the exact moment I fell a little bit in love with this character.)

I've liked some of the music from the musical for a while ("Daffodils" is like the cutest, sweetest thing ever, and "Fight the Dragons" is a very fun on-the-road song), so it was fun to finally see the movie. :)

Darkest Hour (2017)

This was very good, but didn't thoroughly captivate me the way I thought/hoped it would.  I'm not really sure why??  Maybe by the time I watched it, I'd already seen so many of these characters/situations in The King's Speech and The Crown, so I was too busy comparing all the different portrayals that I didn't really focus as much as I should have?  Who knows.  I did like watching Churchill, his wife, and Lily James's character.

Joy (2015)

This was . . . kind of strange.  I think the aesthetic is nice -- I'm a little unsure, but I think it is -- but the story itself felt lacking.  I mean, it's based on a true story, and I'm sure "that's very edifying," but . . . personally, I just didn't feel like I gained much of anything after watching it.

(I was also sorry that Joy and her husband divorced -- that's not really a spoiler because you find out about it in the first few minutes of the movies -- because they seemed to really love each other.  But at least they stayed close and did care for each other.)

Queen of Katwe (2016)

I liked seeing the depiction of the African culture and the poverty where Phiona lived, because it's sobering and just kind of helps to put things in perspective for a first-world country dweller, but other than that . . . again, I was kind of underwhelmed, I'm sorry to say?  Maybe it's because I'm not a chess player.

Tangled: Before Ever After (2017)

(Don't judge me. ;-P)  I did like seeing the Tangled characters again, even if I felt like the plot was kind of under-developed and weak.  (And what was that ending??  I have confusion???  Also, is this just part of a TV series??)

The Decoy Bride (2011)

This was harmless (in my opinion), fluffy fun.  It was cool to have a chick-flick set in a Scotch/Irish-type of setting.  It was nothing life-changing, mind you, but it was cute enough. :)

The Post (2018)

I enjoyed watching this, and the acting is good, but I couldn't help but keep comparing it to Spotlight.  See, that was a journalistic investigation movie that really drew me in and made me care.  This one, not so much.  But it did make me determined to learn more about the Vietnam war, since I know practically nothing, which isn't good, all things considered.  (Warning: lots and lots of pretty strong language in this one.)


  1. I haven't seen any of these, actually! And I think you've seen more movies than I the past two months, haha... I re-watched Emma 2009 while on holidays and GAHHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH. <3 <3 Also, I watched "The Philadelphia Story" for the first time (bought it at a Bookfest like, 2 years ago and FINALLY sat down to watch it). It was really quite... bazaar. I mean, the cast is huge - Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, but it almost seemed a bit of a mess... the whole time my mind was thinking "this would make SUCH a good play". I think it was a play originally, and the plot line and style would have been better in a play instead of a movie, in my opinion. But I still liked it. The ending was funny. :D

    The only one out of all the movies you mentioned that I have intentions of (eventually) seeing is Darkest Hour, because for some reason I'm really interested in Winston Churchill. (I wrote a huge essay on him for school, too, so I learnt a lot about him.)

    1. I recently re-watched the 2009 Emma, too! It made me remember how much I like it and what a quality miniseries it is. :) Ahhhhhhh, The Philadelphia Story!! I love that one, as you know. Yep, it was a play originally. Honestly, the first time I watched it, I came away with much the same sort of feeling -- that it was bizarre! I was kind of like, ". . . What -- what did I just watch??" But then it became a favorite over the course of a couple re-watches. :) I think the main thing for me was that I didn't realize how hilarious the script really is the first time I watched it. But dat's just me. ;) Glad you still liked some of it, at least!

      Nice! You'll have to tell me what you thought of it/how accurate it is, since you know about him. :)

  2. Great post! :D Nope, haven't seen any of these! I'd really love to watch The Post and Darkest Hour, though--I'm really curious about how they handle the history there! Right up my alley, I think.

    Movies I've seen lately: INFINITY WAR. *incoherent screaming*

    It broke my heart and made me care and taught me Spiritual Truths and left me on a cliffhanger and I MUST HAVE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. Immediately. (Next May can't come soon enough to suit me.)

    1. I think you'd enjoy both of those, too! And then you can tell me how accurate/inaccurate they are. ;)

      I'VE SEEN MUCH AGONY GOING AROUND BECAUSE OF INFINITY WAR. And I miiiiight be seeing it the first week of June, so I really need to get caught up on the other movies!!

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  5. I haven't seen any of these, but I love chess so I want to see Queen of Katwe. Whch one of these did you love?

    1. Oh, then you should see Queen of Katwe, MC! You'd probably like it. :) I loved Big Fish. :) <3

  6. Great post, Olivia! The only movie I've seen on this list is "Tangled: Before Ever After," which, yes, is part of a TV show called "Tangled: The Series." My fam and I kept up with it until we got rid of cable TV, and the episodes we saw were pretty good, if a bit weird sometimes! Haha. But the art style is really pretty, and I think it's neat that they actually got the original actors to do the voices. <3

    1. Thanks, Molly! Ohhh-kay, yeah, that makes sense. I thought I'd seen those characters on TV before. Cool! Yeah, I really liked the art and having all the characters back. :)

  7. Great post I had watch some of these movies and recently Watch deadpool 2 online. Which make me crazy about the movie.

  8. THE DECOY BRIDE THO. I have a special place in my heart for Nostalgia Chick-Flick, and this definitely fits in there. <3


    1. You've seen The Decoy Bride, Evangeline?! Yay!! Yes, it was quite fun. :)



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