Monday, July 9, 2018

Movies: Month(s) in Review {May/June 2018}

Preamble is unnecessary. ;-P

A United Kingdom{2017}

I liked it a lot!  Didn't become a favorite, but it's still powerful.  It improved on a second watching, too.

Avengers: Infinity War

Well, that . . . happened.  I gotta admit that I didn't see that ending coming and am now "confusion".  (And kind of sadness, too.)

Oh, and for any of you who by this time are royally confused about my feelings on Marvel in general (I would be), here 'tis:  I really don't care much for the movies themselves, but I'm very invested in several of the characters.  So.  Don't like the genre, love some of the charries.

(Although then the characters also irritate me sometimes, too.)

Clear as mud?  Good.

Bella {2007}

You say you're alone, Bella?  I THINK FREAKIN' NOT.

This was so good!  Jose was a precious cinnamon roll of a puppy and I loved him.  Also the ending is feelsy.

Doctor Thorne {2016}

This one had some elements that seemed a little "weird" (mainly some of the actresses' voices, to be truthful), but I did enjoy it and I really want to watch it again.  I loved Tom Hollander as Doctor Thorne himself, and I liked Mary's love interest a lot. <3

Goodbye Christopher Robin {2017}

My heart has been affected.

AAAAAGGGHHH YES THIS WAS PERFECT AND I LOVED IT.  (It had me going for a while, there, though . . . *nervous laugh*)

Seriously this was My Aesthetic and it was perfect and I think it's one of the best period dramas produced in recent years.  Also, I completely fell in love with Domnhall Gleeson in it.  (Though my Robin Hood-loving heart isn't so sure about his interpretation of King Richard and Prince John. ;-P)

La La Land {2016}

I love the idea of this, but I'm sorry to say that the movie didn't capture me.  Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone do have an adorable chemistry, but . . . I don't know, things just feel Off to me.  Obviously, I didn't like that they lived together, and I didn't appreciate some of the strong language, but that's secondary to the fact that it just didn't grip me as much as would be desirable.  (I also don't like the ending because to me it kind of invalidates their love for each other, BUT ANYWHO that's just my personal opinion and I can't really discuss it further here because #spoilers.)

However, there certainly were things I liked about it: like I said, the two leads were good, and I like the music, and it's definitely an emotionally evocative film; again, it just wasn't as captivating for me as I would have liked.  ('Course, the fact that I watched it in about three disjointed sittings probably contributed to that.)  I also both like and dislike the aesthetic.

Napoleon Dynamite {2004}

This movie helped me find my spirit animal: Kip Dynamite's voice.  So thanks, Natalie -- indebted to you, and all that. ;)

Priceless {2016}

Excellent movie.  My only quibble is that the narration seems cliché to me.  But that's a very minor quibble, believe me, considering how good the rest of the movie is.

Speed {1994}

(Don't ask.)

(Also, not super proud of this:  I kind of enjoyed it quite a bit.)

(Also: Keanu Reeves has a Rather Nice smile. *coughs*)

The Incredibles 2 {2018}


This was lovely!  I almost got a touch Emotional at the beginning, seeing all my fam back in action. :)

The Light Between Oceans {2016}

thanks for the heartache that is this story fam 'preciate it

I read and loved and was moved by the book earlier this year, and I was really pleased with the movie.  'Twas an excellent adaptation.  (Even if it did add superfluous sex scenes. :-p)  I loved that they included Tom's letter towards the end.  Plus it made me cry in about the same places as the book made me cry, so there's that.

The Man Who Invented Christmas {2017}

I've seen this two or three times now, and I like it a lot!  Very solid period drama (and by the way, Dan Stevens isn't actually as creepy-crazy-wild-eyed as the trailer and the above picture make it appear).

Thor: Ragnarok {2017}

Thor, you adorable dork.  Jeez Louise.

Whew, thank goodness we have this to come back to after the trauma of Infinity War.  (I think I'll definitely come back to this one in my mind when I'm getting depressed about the events of IW.)

Also, stating here and now for the record that Loki has been, is, and will be My Cinnamon Roll for always.  (I think.)

Let us discuss. ;D


  1. Great post, Olivia. :D I haven't seen most of these, but Bella and Goodbye Christopher Robin are DEFINITELY on my watch list. I'm very excited for Christopher Robin coming out in August too. When my family and I went to see Incredibles 2 (which was pretty incredible XP), we saw the full trailer for CR. (My sister did not watch it. She wants to go in cold turkey.) Hope all is well! <3

    God bless you!

    1. Also! I really like your new design! Very summery! <3

  2. I adore basically all these movies. XD

    Goodbye Christopher Robin had me crying from beginning to end. I was so dehydrated afterwards. XD Lala Land is one that, oddly enough, I loved. It wasn't necessarily the story itself that I love, but the fact that all of it together enchanted me (plus, I am a fan of whenever the characters don't end up together at the end of the film).

    Aw, I love Speed! It's a family classic. I first saw it when I was 8 or 9 and goodness gracious I was enthralled. I feel like it's a cotton candy movie.

  3. Well said on your review of "A United Kingdom". Not a favorite, but still good. :)

    I feel the same way about the Marvel movies. I have my own standard in my head for which ones I watch and which ones I skip but I'm invested in the characters. (And Loki, he's probably the only "bad buy" I've more than "liked". Oh dear. At least I'm not alone. ;))

    Okay, I have to admit, I kind of like the "creepy-crazy-wild-eyed" impression the trailer gave of "The Man Who Invented Christmas". Mostly because I felt like I could relate to that side of the writing process. Who knows, maybe that means I'm creepy-crazy-wild-eyed too. Hehehe.

    I love these posts, Olivia!! (And your summer blog look, I love that too!)


  4. Oh my gosh, Napoleon Dynamite is HILARIOUS. Weird and kinda dumb, but hilarious all the same. ;P It has so many funny quotes, too! "Tina, eat the food!" Haha. XD

    THOR: RAGNAROK!!! I loved that film SOOO much and just can't get enough of it. It's definitely my favorite Marvel movie thus far--so fun, hilarious, and exciting. Also YES, Loki is just plain amazing in this movie (as per usual)!! Gosh, I just love him so much. (The "get help" scene is probably my fave. <3)

    Great post, Olivia!

  5. I really need to see these!! Great post Olivia, keep up the good work!

  6. Oooh I've wanted to see A United kingdom for ages but haven't had the chance. What did you watch it through? (Netflix, redbox, etc)

    Ahhh which Marvel movie characters are you invested in?

    I need to rewatch Bella, I don't remember if I liked it or not.

    oh Dr Thorne is on my 'to be watched' list for sure!

    EEK! I wanna see Goodbye Christopher Robin! (again I ask, what did you watch it throuh?)
    I completely agree with your opinion of La La Land and Napolean Dynamite.

    Priceless is, well, a priceless movie.

    Ah really? I was pretty disappointed with Incredibles 2.

    I really wanna see The light between Oceans. A lot.

    The man who invented christmas was an intersting movie. Not sure what I thought of it. Good and bad, to me.

    LOOOOOOOOKIIII my love! *swoons*


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