12 Days of Christmas Movie Tag

All Hamlette ever has to say are the words Christmas, movie, and tag in the same sentence and I'm there.   And, to make it even better, Katie actually tagged me!  Thanks, friends. ♥  Be sure to check out Hamlette's post for a full run-down on the deets of the tag. 

#1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree ⎼ movie that involves agriculture
Skylark, from the Sarah, Plain and Tall trilogy.  (Which, by the by, is something we should be talking about more.)  In this installment, in particular, the Whittings have to navigate the challenges of cultivating that wild land Out West.  And it's fairly stirring, what.  There are Meaningful Themes about needing to etch your name in the land to survive.

The land, the land, the land.

See the source image

#2. Turtledoves ⎼ movie about a long-lasting relationship
October Baby features a couple long-lasting relationships: Hannah and her lifelong best friend, Hannah and her dad . . .

Fabulous movie, by the way. ♥

October Baby Um dos meus momentos favoritos do filme.

#3. French Hens ⎼ movie that takes place in France
I know not all of Sabrina (1995) happens in France, but Significant Portions of it do.  And I'm a fan. 😉

Sabrina (1995)

#4. Calling Birds ⎼ movie where people talk on the phone
The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan version.  Annie and Hallie have to conduct incognito international matchmaking efforts, and they do that with actual house phones.  Man, what a time them '90s were.

¿Cuánto conoces a Annie y Hallie, de Juego de Gemelas?
"Little imps," she says, with great fondness.

#5. Golden Rings ⎼ movie with multiple romances
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers literally spells out its romance count in its title, so . . .

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Full publicity shot of women sitting on laps of men, L to R: Ruta Lee as Ruth, Matt Mattox as Caleb, Norma Doggett as Martha, Marc Platt as Daniel, Nancy Kilgas as Alice, Russ Tamblyn as Gideon, Jane Powell as Miily, Howard Keel as Adam, Jeff Richards as Benjamin, Julie Newmar as Dorcas, Tommy Rall as Frank, Betty Carr as Sarah, Jacques D'Amboise as Ephraim and Virginia Gibson as Liza)

#6. Geese A-laying ⎼ movie with a birth or that features babies
*an idea comes*

*but it's risky*

Twenty years since Mr. Darcy made us sweat by doing this. | Community Post: 20 GIFs To Celebrate The Twentieth Anniversary Of BBC's "Pride And...

Am I allowed to use this example?

I don't know.


« evelyn abbott » | A Quiet Place                                          ⟨emily blunt⟩
A Quiet Place (2018)

#7. Swans A-swimming ⎼ movie where someone goes swimming
The swimming pool is the scene of more than one Fraught Moment in The Philadelphia Story.

The Philadelphia Story (1940) dir. George Cukor

#8. Maids A-milking ⎼ movie with cows
Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel.  Anne goes chasing after the cow in a muddy pasture, actually, causing Diana to follow her and then ruin a lovely cream dress.  "Wretched cow!"

anne-of-gg: “ “I heard before that you’re kind of a strange girl, Anne Shirley, but I have a feeling we’re going to get along really well.” ”
(The characters themselves weren't so happy about it.)

#9. Ladies Dancing ⎼ movie with a dance scene
The iconic waltz between Cinderella and her prince is really lovely and soothing in the 2015 remake. ♥

#10. Lords A-leaping ⎼ movie about athletes
Glory Road.  Y'all ever seen this?  It's quite good.  Worth a watch.  Iconic lines.  Themes of racial prejudice, found family, perseverance, etc. & so forth.  Josh Lucas.

Glory Road | 22 Sports Movies That Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

#11. Pipers Piping ⎼ movie with someone playing a musical instrument
I wasn't a huge fan of this movie, but La La Land.  Sebastian lets out all sorts of angst on his keyboard, multiple times.

Imagem de film, la la land, and filme
I do like the music.

#12. Drummers Drumming ⎼ movie with characters in the military
In the true holiday spirit, and also because I don't watch military movies, White Christmas.  There may or may not be a scene near the end when an entire platoon [company? detachment? idk] of veterans come together to honor their old leader, who is now living peacefully (but also somewhat wistfully) in obscurity as a down-on-his-luck inn owner.  And it may or may not make me cry.

Major General Waverly sees the snow. I start crying right about now.

(It does make me cry.)


  1. The Parent Trap is a perfect answer for 4! I've been stuck on that one. The scene in Cinderella makes me so, so, so happy. <3333 Another perfect answer using White Christmas! That ending is the best.

    1. Thanks! I love that movie.

      Same. <3 It's such a darling movie. Truly good.

      Isn't it?? *sniffles*

  2. Okay but your P&P gif made me laaaaaaaaaaaaugh.

    #confused Darcy #is confused

  3. I love the Sarah, Plain, and Tall movies and books!!!

    And I adore Sabrina.

    Also, SBFSB is the perfect answer to #5 and I can't believe I didn't think of it.

    Hahaha! "Wretched cow!" Another perfect answer :-)

    Mmmmmmm, I need to rewatch Cinderella soon.

    White Christmas is the best answer for #12 :-D

    1. They're so good! (I've only read the first book, so can't really speak to my opinions on those. But we love the movie trilogy.)

      Yesssss. :)

      That was actually the answer that took me longest to decide on.

      I do, too, actually. It's such a good movie.

      Awww, thanks. :D

    2. The first book is the best, but the others are delightful too.

  4. I know and love a lot of these movies. Great answers!! Since Hamlette did leave the tag open, I'm definitely going to have to take this one up! It's so fun and festive. <3

    1. Thanks! That's a great idea. Did you fill it out?

  5. That cow scene in Anne of Green Gables is THE BEST. XD

    Ohh, I grew up reading the "Sarah Tall and Plain" books!! They're so sweet. <3

    I really, REALLY want to do that waltz in Cinderella as my first dance at my (future imaginary) wedding. *heart eyes*

    1. ;D

      Awwwww. <3

      *gasp* YES. That's such a fantastic idea!

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