School, I mean.  (And only for the most part; I still have some catch-up work and break work to do.)  My co-op has finally finished, and concert season is winding down both for piano and choir.  And none too soon; I may have been on the brink of an emotional or mental collapse!  (Not really.  But it felt like it.)

Oh, yeah, this is totally me.  (It's not me.)

Which means that I'll finally get to stop seeming to ignore you guys!  I can reply to y'all's lovely comments that make me so tremendously happy, and I can comment on your blog posts that I enjoy so. I truly do apologize for my absence recently, but school and music really have been rather hectic.  You understand :)

I'm excited for Christmas break, in case you couldn't tell.  Yes, yes, there are still some academic things to get done, and helping around the house and everything, BUT REALLY.  I'm sooooooo looking forward to snuggling in and re-reading all zee favorites (not that I'll get through all the favorites, but a girl can dream):  Inkheart, The Return of the King, The Last Battle, The Age of Innocence…ahhhhhhh :D  

I'm down to the last shelf of the Bookshelf Project!  How happy :D  The lowdown on the second shelf should be coming sometime soonish.  

A lot of you have been so kind as to tag me lately, and I really appreciate that, since I do love a tag!  However, since I'm so behind on everything in the blogosphere, and since I'm still trying to stop the hyperventilation brought on by the past two weeks (not that I was seriously hyperventilating. Of course), I'm going to pass on all the lovely tags.  They all seem really fun, but I think I need to "restart", as it were, on a clean slate.  

Guys, I just watched this black-and-white Cary Grant movie called Penny Serenade, and WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO MY LIFE.  I don't think you understand.  I've been having movie hangover.  It was so SAD and SWEET and heartbreaking and funny and beautiful and GOOD.  I definitely plan on reviewing that soon.  

Speaking of reviews, I'm going to force another post poll on you (I think I might do that too often).  Which of these books/movies/TV shows would you lovelies most like me to review, or do you even give a rip?  (It'd be totally fine if you didn't, btw.)

~ Penny Serenade (that's a bit of a given)
~ The Tourist 
~ What A Girl Wants
~ The Princess Bride (book)
~ Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (it's high time I review that, no?)
~ Roman Holiday
~ My Fair Lady
~ While You Were Sleeping
~ Leverage (television)
~ Sherlock (television)
~ Amazing Grace
~ The Parent Trap (the newer one with Lindsay Lohan, and yes, I will argue with you if you want to try and tell me that the Hayley Mills version is the only true version…not that I've actually watched the Hayley Mills version, but the LL version is basically my childhood, so…)
~ The Nativity Story
~ Bringing Up Baby

Preferences?  No promises, now ;)  Those are just some random ideas.

Don't you just love when you read books, and you feel like the author just gets you?  Like he or she simply understands your life, how you think, how you feel?  What are some of those books, for you guys?  I'se curious :)

This is really random, but one thing that I'm really excited for about Christmas (that seems extremely grammatically incorrect) is getting iTunes gift cards, because THERE ARE SO MANY WONDERFUL SONGS TO BUY.  I've updated my wish list and everything--getting iTunes cards probably excites me too much ;)

I think I'm going to change my blog look soon.  I know, I KNOW, I do that too often.  But, while I like this arrangement, it's not really doing it for me.  Plus, I have a header featuring Marian coming up, so this one doesn't really stand a chance ;)  

Well, I can't really think of anything else to tell you, so I must just give one smirk, and then we can be rational again.

…And with this, I leave you.  

I can't wait to catch up with you all :)  


  1. First to comment! :D

    Yay, congrats on finishing your first semester! Wow, I was rapidly approaching a mental collapse as well! Or, something along those lines. Christmas break arrived just in time.

    Oh, oh, oh, review Amazing Grace! I saw it about a year ago, but, sadly, I wasn't terribly wild for it, so I'm hoping a re-watching will change things. , you've seen One Night With the King, no? My sunday school just completed a series on Esther so I'm thinking of watching that again. There are too many movies I want to watch this Christmas. :)

    If you get iTunes gift cards(and you don't already own it), you should try the Piano Guys' arrangement for Lord of the Rings. It's pretty epic. :D

    1. Thanks so much! Boy, did it ever.

      Eeeeeek, yes, I hope so! Yes, I've seen ONwtK. IT IS AMAZING GAHH I LOVE IT :)

      I should! I don't think I've actually listened to that one yet--I've seen it advertised, but haven't sat down to it yet. So yes ;) There are a couple other Piano Guys ones I definitely want to buy!


    I just finished all my exams and everything, too--so, I know how ya feel ;) Yeah, I know what you mean about the breakdown stuff. I wasn't quite that bad, in reality, but I couldn't have gone on much longer. Too much stress and not enough sleep.

    Now that we're both done, I was wondering . . . if you would be interested in looking at my novel, like we were talking about earlier? What I have finished of it, that is (35K words). I would really appreciate having a fresh pair of eyes on it--although, if you have too much other stuff planned, believe me, I understand COMPLETELY. (I'm kind of wondering how I'll manage to fit everything in over break myself, haha ;) ) It's just an offer--don't feel like you have to say yes. Seriously :)

    Reviews? Mmmmmmm . . . Okay, I'll go with these four: Roman Holiday, Amazing Grace, The Parent Trap, and The Nativity Story.

    I KNOW. It's the best thing when you find an author who just "speaks" to you and seems to know how you think. Eleanor Estes is like that for me--technically her books are for kids, but I still love them and get a lot out of them. And Rumer Godden's "The Kitchen Madonna" is the same way--oh, man, how I love that story. It's all about creativity and it just makes me sooooooooo happy.

    1. THANK YOOOOOUUUUU! I'm really excited :D

      Whoo-hoo! *high-five* Yep, that was pretty much it.

      Yes! I was actually just about to ask you about that. I'd love to look at it! I'm hoping to beta-read for a number of people over break, so I'd really like to see yours! My email is…*cough cough* In case you're interested…

      Thanks! I'm thinking I'll probably do Amazing Grace first, and then maybe Penny Serenade :)

      YUSSS. Oh! I haven't read any Rumor Godden, but I read a couple of Eleanor Estes' books about the Moffats! They were so good :D

    2. Ohhhhhh . . . awesome! YESSSSS I AM INTERESTED. I'll send you my thing right away. I'm really excited to hear what you think! I love writing--I'm so happy I can get back into it now! I've been so busy that I've basically had NO TIME to work on it. And that's been tough.

      Yes! The Moffats! I LOVE THOSE BOOKS SO MUCH. Jane reminds me of myself, sometimes . . . and Rufus is so cute . . . and Joey is just MAH BABY. I love him. And Sylvie is awesome too, although she doesn't get quite as much "screen time" (page time?). They're so cool.

  3. First off: "Come, we tango!" That is HILARIOUS. You had me cracking up.

    I totally know what you mean about no time! I only have ONE WEEK LEFT. I feel like gaspin' for air. But I'm ALMOST DONE.

    Oh, please review Amazing Grace!! I love that movie. It is So. Epic.

    I love A.A. Milne. Some of the authors that I feel really understand me and/or my approach to life are Marguerite Henry, G.K. Chesterton, P.G. Wodehouse, and Eleanor Estes. And Rumer Godden.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?!?! When I first saw it on Pinterest…

      YOU CAN DO THIS. I'll be praying for you! Freedom is coming :D

      I think I will, thanks!

      A. A. Milne. Yesh. And Wodehouse! That man was just brilliant…I really need to read more Chesterton.

    2. THANK YOU SO MUCH. For the prayers and the encouragement. You have No Idea how much that means to me!!

      Yes, Chesterton's great. You should try more of him :)

    3. You are so welcome, Rosie!! Anytime :)


    4. OH AND THAT HEADER!!!! I loooooove it!!! And that Background. Beautiful :)

    5. Aww, thanks, Rosie! I appreciate it, girl :) The background makes me happy too!

  4. Congrats, Girl!!!!

    AMAZING GRACE!!!! PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!! (I think that we all asked for it!!)

    And don't forget Tuesday night!! It's this Tuesday and it is going to be so much fun!!

    1. Thanks, Bailey!

      Haha, I think you all did too! Thanks so much for requesting it! I'm thinking I'll probably do that one first :)

      Yes!!! I'm really hoping to do it. My family might not cooperate, since I'd have to do it on our shared computer because I don't have one of my own. But hopefully! *fingers crossed*

  5. Well if you're asking, I will give you a few options. :) Penny Serenade, What a Girl Wants, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and While You Were Sleeping.

    That last picture...Oh. My. Stars!! :D Hahaha!

    Congrats on school! Enjoy your break!

    1. Eeeeeeeekk, have you seen What a Girl Wants, Cordy?! :D


      Thanks! I hope to! :D

  6. "Oh, yeah, this is totally me. (It's not me.)" HAHAHA. :-)

    Olivia!! It's so good to have you full-on back again. School is over for you! We have one more week.

    "Don't you just love when you read books, and you feel like the author just gets you? Like he or she simply understands your life, how you think, how you feel? What are some of those books, for you guys?" YES GIRL. THOSE ARE THE BEST. "Daddy-Long-Legs" made me happy for that reason, and the Anne-books, which I'm reading through now. And... and... loads of others.

    Ohhh! Polls. I'd love a review on Roman Holiday and Amazing Grace please. Oh, and Seven Brides, because I love a fangirly review. :-P

    The "lolsotrue" picture though. :-P

    ~ Naomi

    1. Hehehe ;D

      Aww, thanks, Naomi! I'll be praying for your final week, too :)

      I KNOW AREN'T THEY THOUGH. I really need to read Daddy-Long-Legs! And I want to re-read the Anne books :D (Plus, The Book Thief. I mean…I can't…you understand.)

      Thank ya! Yes, my SBfSB review will be ridiculously fangirly ;D

      RIGHT?! It cracks me up whenever I think about it, because it IS so. true.

  7. Yay! That's so great you're finishing up school -- does that mean you're done for the Christmas season, or you're just done, forever? (Cuz I didn't think you were ready to graduate but I'm not sure...)

    Hey, I just watched an old Cary Grant movie too! How ironic. I watched Only Angels Have Wings, which was super good, but a tiny bit hard to follow. Penny Serenade looks (and sounds) good! *sigh* Old movies are good for what ail's ya. We watched Holiday Inn (with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire) the other night too -- SO MUCH FUN. :-)

    Yay reviews! I love reviews. Please bombard us with a ton of reviews.

    I say, go ahead and change your blog look if you want to -- you know my stance on that by now. ;-) I'm already planning what mine's going to look like after Christmas, and I'm really excited.

    So great to hear what's going on in your little corner!

    1. Yes! Oh, oops, yes, I'm just done with the first semester. Nope, not quite ready to graduate yet ;P)

      Ah! Great minds think alike ;) I need to watch that one! Aren't they just. They're so CALMING (usually; this one wasn't, but that's beside the point). Oooh! Holiday Inn sounds fun!

      Aww, thanks; I probably will ;)

      Whew, I'm glad it doesn't annoy people. Hey, one blogger I follow changes her design monthly, and it seems like a pretty good policy to me :P Ooh! I'm excited to see your after-Christmas look!

      Thanks, girl!

  8. Welcome back! I've really and truly been thinking about you and it's SO great to hear your voice again! ;D

    I'm sooooo excited for this season, too. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)

    1. Oh! Heidi, thank you SO much! You don't know how much that means to me :D

      YESH. Merry Christmas to you, too!!!!!!! :)

  9. Yay! I'm so glad you're back. I've missed your posts. :) And seriously though, Christmas break is a wonderful thing. I vote that you review Roman Holiday. I've been thinking of watching it, and I would love to know your thoughts on it. :)

    1. Aww, thanks, girl! I appreciate it :) RIGHT?!?! Ooh! Well, then, I shall definitely try to crank out a review soon!

    2. YOUR HEADER It's quite beautimous. I love that picture of Marian. :)

    3. Thank you so much, Laura! I know; MARIAN <3

  10. Ooh! Ooh! That's a tough poll, but I have to say the Princess Bride, because everyone on this planet needs to read that. (even though Buttercup is useless, in my opinion. So not a 'strong female' book.) It's close, though, because I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Roman Holiday.

    1. ILSE! "Everyone on this planet needs to read The Princess Bride"?!?! Let me just give you a hug right now--*hugs*--because YOU UNDERSTAND. Eeeeeeeeeekkkkk, I'm so happy to meet another person who loves the book-PB so much :D (Buttercup…I go back and forth with her. She's certainly "not the sharpest thing in the place where they keep the sharp things", but she doesn't really bother me.)

      And SEVEN BRIDES!!!!!!! :D Girl, how have we not been fangirling together yet?! :D

  11. Your header is GORGEOUS, Olivia! I LOVE it! Great job! :D

    I'd really like to read your review on Penny Serenade. I've never seen it myself, but I just recently discovered that Cary Grant is not entirely unlikable if one sees him in the right movie, so now I'm much more open to seeing some of his other films. ;) (Have you ever seen Charade? That's the movie I just saw him in, and I really liked his character in that one.) Also, it would be really fun to hear what you have to say about Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! :)

    I'm very much looking forward to reading your next update on the Bookshelf Project. It's fun to see the progress you're making. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Aww, thank you, Miss March! I really appreciate that!

      Eeeeeee! Thanks, yes, I'm planning on reviewing that soon. (I haven't seen Charade, but I've heard it's great, so I'll probably try to watch it soon!) Haha, what I have to say about SBfSB will likely just be swooning over Howard Keel's voice and nonsensically rambling about my deep and abiding love for that movie ;D

      Oh, thanks! That makes me so happy that you enjoy those! Sometimes I'm not sure if they're a tad boring, so I'm really glad that you actually like them :D

  12. I'm afraid your one smirk has caused me to laugh aloud, and there is no hope for me being rational for the rest of the morning :-D

    1. Hamlette, RIGHT?! Is it not one of the best things you've ever seen in your life?! xD

  13. HA! "Come, we tango."

    I'm so glad you're on your break now!! I hope you have a marvelously delightful Christmas-y time. :) Hot cocoa and books and snow and all that.

    Eek, you watched Penny Serenade! -sob- I've seen that one a couple times and I just rewatched it again quite recently. It's soo good and I can't wait for your review!

    -deep breath- -tries not to say anything about The Parent Trap-

    Basically, I want reviews of all the ones you have listed. But oh...Roman Holiday!!! ;)

    1. Oh my goodness. I can't believe I didn't reply to this before, Natalie! SO sorry.

      You've watched Penny Serenade! Isn't it amazing?!

      Haha, aww, thanks! There are SO MANY THINGS TO REVIEW! However will we get them all done? ;)

    2. Oh, haha, that's okay. :D It's so easy to "lose track" of comments. I've done it before. ;)

      Yes, it is! :D


  14. Hello Olivia,
    I haven't gotten around to commenting because I've been on holidays for a fortnight, so now I'm madly trying to catch up with everyone else! :)
    I love that first picture - that skirt and the snow! I desperately wish we had snow. *wails* Oh, and that Sherlock gif!! :D :D :D
    I guess I'm rather late as to giving my preferences but I'll add them anyway. :P The ones I'd like to read the most would be:
    Sherlock (!!!)
    The Parent Trap (especially this one! I've not seen the other one, either!)
    The Nativity Story
    Now I'm off to read your review of Amazing Grace. :D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Hey, Miss Meg! Again, I'm SOOO sorry for not having responded to this before now. Yikes!

      *high fives* You actually like the new Parent Trap?! SOMEBODY ELSE! :D

      And Sherlock <3 Yes, indeedy.


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