The Domino Effect {by Davis Bunn}

*cringes*  This post should have been written a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago.

Y'see, once upon a time I don't know how long ago, Bethany House let me have a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Clearly, that honest review didn't happen.  But today I shall try to mend my ways and explain myself.

I didn't finish The Domino Effect.  However, that's not to say that the book wasn't good.  It's just . . . I probably shouldn't have requested it, since it's about economics and math and such, which, as we all know, are two subjects to which I'm not exactly passionately devoted.  Also, I think I somehow got the impression that it was going to be a sort of allegorical retelling of the Biblical Esther story?  I don't know where I got that idea, but it wasn't really the case.  

However, aside from those subjective issues, I did like the characters, I think (it's honestly been a long time, so I don't remember much of what my thoughts were).  It was well-written -- taut and tense but also indicating a level of depth behind the characters.  And the economic aspects -- though kind of over my head -- sounded like they were legitimate and well-researched.  

So, overall, the main purpose of this post is just to acknowledge to the Bethany House people that I did read a good amount of the book, I am grateful that they sent it to me, and I do apologize for not posting a full or timely review.  


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