Red Carpet Eye Candy . . . {8}

The frustrating thing is when some of the red carpets aren't actually red . . .

This is one that's had to grow on me.  I didn't love it the first time I saw it, but now I like the illusory feel of the sheer fabric around the bodice and the ruffles on the skirt.  And, of course, the color is gorgeous. 

I like how elegant and drape-y this is; very statuesque.  It's simple, but the detailing at the top adds a little fanciness, which I like. 

I like how simple yet mesmerizing this is.  Kind of mermaid-y, y'know?  There's not too much fuss about the look, but it's lovely.  I also like the hair and earrings. 

I'm picky about big flounces on skirts, and this one is riiiiiight on the line for me.  I think I'd like it better if the ruffles were the same color as the rest of the dress (whether because of more volume or actually different fabric color, the skirt is creamier than the bodice/torso), but I still like it.  And Rachel Weisz styled the look well. 

(Brown can be risky, I think, but Zendaya can pull off almost anything.)  Everything is good: the asymmetrical style of the dress, the hair, the makeup, the jewelry . . . I approve.

Very simple and like something you could "get anywhere," but sometimes I think simpler is best.  McKinnon pulls this off well.  I like the banding around the middle.

Love it.  The style of the dress seems really unique; I don't often see it on red carpets.  As usual, I appreciate the simple styling, as well.

Not the kind of color that would do well for many people--and certainly not in large quantity--but it's executed really well here.  Much as I love gowns, something different can be great every now and then.  Clean and confident and really fun.  

I didn't have any pink in the post, so I chose this one. ;)  This isn't, like, a showstopper for me, but I like it.  The draping on the right side is nice, and I like the earrings. 

Again, an example of someone pulling off something I might not love on most people.  There's sort of a fair amount going on, but then on the other hand there's not, really.  It's interesting and flattering.  I like it.

Thoughts? ;)



    That dress is perfect on her. That is all.

    (And I'm a huge fan of brown but I don't often get to see people wearing it, so I'm happy when I do :D )

    1. She pulls off all these things that other people wouldn't try/wouldn't pull off as well. It's so fun!

  2. I LOVE that green one of dakota fanning's, it's a lovely colour on her ☺ Zendaya's is odd but she really works it!

  3. Brie’s gown is gorgeous! I love that shade of blue 💙

  4. The fourth one is so period drama looking! I'm surprised to see someone wearing that style nowadays, but I'm happy to have been so! :)

    1. Ooh, interesting thought! I hadn't seen it that way, but there is something kind of period about the top, isn't there?

  5. Aahhhh!! These are so gorgeous!! My favorite is either the blue one (sorry, can't help it XD) or the last one!!

    1. No, why do you apologize? It's a great dress!! :D

  6. These are all amazing and princess-y. :D I adore the first one, it's such a gorgeous shade of blue.

  7. My favorite is the green. :)

    PS. I've been thinking of possibly doing my own version of this post, with credit to you this time? ;) Thoughts?

    1. It's really pretty. :)

      Ooh, please do! I'd love to see your choices!!


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