Songs that are way too epic to belong in animated movies.

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"Savages" | Pocahontas

The best is the second part, which starts around 2:54 in this video.  It's such a chilling representation of racism, misunderstanding, fear, and the mob mentality that can come from all of that.  When Pocahontas joins the chorus, it's amazing.

"The Bells of Notre Dame" | The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Such an epic and chilling opening to the movie.  The very end, with "Who is the monster and who is the man?", and Quasi ringing the bells, and just . . . aagghd.

"Hellfire" | The Hunchback of Notre Dame

"It's not my fault if, in God's plan, he made the devil so much stronger than a maaaaaaaaaannnnn . . . "

HOLY FREAKING HECK.  Do you even-- *shuts eyes*  I can't.  This is a freaking unbelievable villain song.  Arguably, actually, the single best villain song I've ever heard.

Such incredible richness of historical religious context--the conflict between celibacy and lust--pure evil versus twisted ignorance . . . AAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

"God have mercy on her . . . God have mercy on me . . . but she will be mine or she will burn."

*has many shivers*

"Deliver Us" | The Prince of Egypt

The way this condenses the plight of the Hebrews under Egypt is masterful.  And also, EDEN RIEGEL'S ANGUISH IS REAL.

"The Plagues" | The Prince of Egypt

*has no words*

"When You Believe" | The Prince of Egypt

This song means so much to me spiritually.  It's gorgeous, and I love this version way more than the Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston one.  The way it pares down to one child singing in Hebrew (2:59) and then adds more children and then builds into this exultant, full-chorus refrain is just . . . *buries face in hands*

"I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)" | Moana 

I'm not a big Moana fan--either of the movie or the soundtrack--but the last 30/40 seconds of this song are goose bump-worthy. :D


"Po Finds the Truth" | Kung Fu Panda 2

I like Kung Fu Panda as much as the next person, but not as much as, like, a true fan or anything.  But THIS TRACK.  IS CRAZY GOOD.  It's like this never-ending stream of epic.  It just keeps building and then ebbing and then building again.  And it keeps getting better and better.  (THE CHORUS. ♥)

"Farewell" | Pocahontas

I've loved this song for years. ♥  It builds and builds into this towering "Colors of the Wind" motif with a lot of feelings and nostalgia and draaaaama--and the chorus gives me life--and it's just, gahh.

"King of Pride Rock" | The Lion King

5:10 on. ♥  The Lion King doesn't touch my heart in a really personal way, but it does touch me.  I mean, speaking somewhat objectively, it's an overwhelmingly good movie.  Not one of my favorites, but so masterfully executed and with such a classic, nostalgia-ridden soundtrack.  This song is one of the best.

"Run Free" | Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Pulsing, pounding, pump-you-up music, right here.

"Homeland" | Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 

GORGEOOOUUUUUSSSSSSSS. ♥  Anthem of my childhood.  Good stuff.  (To put it mildly.)

"Test Drive" | How to Train Your Dragon

This is so soaring and triumphant and epically jubilant.

"Sanctuary!" | The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Seriously, 2:40 to 3:07.  I CAN'T.

And the Latin.  Seriously (again).  It's so gorgeous and harrowing and dramatic and chilling and epic.

Which animated movies have some of your favorite soundtracks?


  1. ?? ¿¿ animated movies are good enough for epic songs any day 😊 (i get if you don't like them as much, but possibly even more work is put into them than half the life action musicals)

    1. Oh, no, I adore animated movies! With the title I was just being more tongue-in-cheek, playing on how animated movies are supposed to be "lighthearted kids' movies" (even though obviously many of them are epic and dramatic masterpieces). :)

  2. So pretty much every song from The Hunchback of Notre Dame? I agree with that!

    Run Free from Spirit is epic on every level.

  3. I didn't grow up on the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I want to read the book first before I see it, but I listened to Peter Hollens rendition of Hellfire, wow, that song. And this is a kid's movie?!!!

    I did grow up on Pocahantes but hadn't seen it in over a decade and a half probably when I watched it a few years ago. Wow, yeah, the music, totally forgot/hadn't appreciated the power.

    I was obsessed with Lion King (possibly because that kind of weird fearful mesmerization since animal movies and animal channels can do that and also freak me out/bother me as an animal person) as a small child (still have my Simba blanket, but haven't seen it in probably close to two decades or even heard much of the music.

    I saw Prince of Egypt once ages ago (and felt guilty, my family wasn't big on Bible films, thought they were a bit, I don't know, slightly heretical? But we watched Veggie Tales . . . ?). People kept mentioning the soundtrack. Clearly, I was tune death/tune forgetful and need to watch it again.

    Most of the Princess movies have songs I love, but wouldn't call moving like these would be/are.

    1. Both the book and the movie are really good! (Though they're quite different.) I was so excited when Peter did Hellfire! And I loved how he put that disclaimer at the beginning, because yeah, NO ONE UNDER 13 SHOULD SEE THAT SCENE OR HEAR THAT SONG.

      It's got SUCH good music. (And animation, for that matter.)

      Isn't it interesting how the things that freak us out also fascinate us?? That would be sharks, for me. (Aaaaahhh, a Simba blanket! That sounds fun.)

      (Yeah, my mom's not super comfortable with Bible films either. I don't like a ton of them, but there are a select few I appreciate a lot.) Haha, it's definitely worth another watch/listen. ;)

      I know, right? I like a lot of other Disney songs, too, but they're just not goosebump-raising or epic like these are.

  4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorite animated movies of all time. The music is amazing. It's just, gah.

    ~ Ceci

  5. "Hellfire" and "God Help the Outcasts" are two of the most powerful songs EVER RECORDED.

    1. YOU'RE NOT WRONG, MY FRIEND. You're not wrong.


    Dang, they're so good.

    1. YAAASSS.

      Animated movies are just the best, man.

  7. Oh, I agree, these are so epic and intense that you wouldn't expect them to be in an animated movie!! Sorry, this will be a long comment.

    I have this really weird thing for when two different parts are being sung at the same time. I just love it so much, and "Savages" fits in there!!

    AHHHHH!!!!!! I love THoND!!!!! I loved it when I was little (though, I was understandably scared of it), and I hadn't watched or listened to it in ssssoooo long, and this year I got back into it. It is AMAZING.

    Oh, I seriously need to rewatch The Prince of Egypt. Can you believe I used to not like it? I can't.

    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron!! Oh, my childhood.

    YYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!! The music from HtTYD is one of my favorite things. Period.

    1. Right?? (No, don't apologize for long comments!!)

      SAME, GIRL. I don't know what the technical term for it is, but it can add SO much to musicals. There are so many layers of lyrics and themes to explore with it.

      YAAAASSSS. I know, haha, it's way not appropriate for wee children. xD

      Definitely, you should try it again! Well, I don't really have any room to judge: I didn't like Lord of the Rings the first time I watched it, if you can believe that!

      Same. <3

      It's gorgeous.

  8. AHHHHHHHHH!! Spirit! that movie was my childhood. It is still to this day one of my favourite soundtracks.

    And Pocahontas! I love the message behind Savages, how the two sides are so similar and yet they think they are so different.

    Wonderful post!

    1. Same, girl, same. <3

      I know, right?? It's just so deeply and thoughtfully done.

      Thank you!!

  9. This post is so fun! I'm with you on Moana--I really didn't care that much for the movie, but "I Am Moana" is soo good. I usually skip over the grandma singing lol, but when Moana sings out "I am Moanaaa!" and then it goes into that chorus--ugh, it gives me chills. <3 "Farewell" from Pocahontas is so pretty, too!

    1. Exactly how I feel! I was pretty underwhelmed by the soundtrack, but this one track is so good. Especially that moment you mentioned! Ahhhhh, I love it. <3 I know, right??


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