"What about Elevensies?!"

Kiri Liz is passing along the Elevensies tag to her readers, so…here I am;)

So!  Questions!:)

1.  What's your favorite fairytale retelling (book only)?  That would have to be Ella Enchanted.  Both because I love that book and because I can't really recall any other retellings that I've actually finished.

2.  How many mosquito bites do you currently have?  Actually…just one, I think, and it's fading.  Win!:)

3.  What was the last film you watched?  And would you recommend it?  I'm currently watching Anne 2 with my mom, for the umpteenth time, and enjoying it immensely.  Yesterday I also watched most of The Pink Panther 2 with Steve Martin.  I'd heartily recommend Anne 2!  As to TPP…yes, I would recommend it, since it's perfectly hilarious, BUT I certainly advise viewer discretion, as there are some innuendos and one or two plain inappropriate scenes.  Other than that, though, it's great.

"Ho-hoba!  Ho-hoba!"

"This one has a fingerprint…this one has a fingerprint…this one has a fingerprint…"

4.  Closest object to your right?  Go!  Uh…the printer, I guess;)

5.  What song describes your mood right now?  Ooh.  That's a toughie.  (Thank you, Amos.) "Strangely Dim"?  "The Sound of Music"?  "How Can I Keep From Singing"?

6.  Opinion on flip-flops?  I loves them.  They're my footwear staple:)

7.  If you could ask any literary character one question,  who would it be and what would you ask them?  I'm going to go with either Denethor from The Lord of the Rings or Mr. Dinsmore, Jr. from the Elsie Dinsmore series.  My question, for whichever I chose, would be something along the lines of this:  "Yousicktwistedspecimenofhumanity!  How exactly do you live with yourself and what precisely is your problem?  STOP BEING SUCH A BARBAROUS CONTROL FREAK! (in Mr. Dinsmore's case, and in Denethor's - ) PLEASE GO AWAY UNTIL YOU'VE STRAIGHTENED YOUR BRAIN OUT!   

Ahem.  Does that answer your question?;)

8.  Favorite soundtrack?  Ugh, THIS kind of question;)  Haha just kidding - let's see.  Frozen, Les Miserables (2012), The Prince of Egypt, The Fellowship of the Ring

"Take your pick.  I got more."  XD

9.  I'm inviting you to a costume party.  Who are you going to cosplay?  ARWEN OR HADASSAH!!!

10.  Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, or the Great Wall of China?  Great Wall of China or the Eiffel Tower.

11.  If Christ were to return today, what would He find you doing?  Living my day-to-day life, trying to trust Him through a very difficult situation, but enjoying my day nevertheless.  (And may I say…hi.  No, no, that's not what I meant!  I meant to say, thank you for that thought-provoking question!  We all need that reminder from time to time.)

Thanks for the tag, Kiri Liz!:)


  1. Oh my goodness THE PINK PANTHER. Love those movies to bits (minus, you know, those parts that I just skip). "This one has a fingerprint, this one has a fingerprint..." Yet another thing we have in common!

    1. Reyna! Oh my word! I am SO sorry, I had no idea I hadn't responded to this! Yes, the PP movies are awesome, minus the parts when they're not so awesome ;)


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