You Are Hereby Nominated!

I am nominating Kiri Liz of Lianne Taimenlore for The Olaf Award, a blog award dedicated to the glories of Disney animation!  So here goes.

My Questions (applying to animated Disney movies):
1.  What is your favorite Disney movie of all time?

2.  Of the three newest Disney films (Tangled, Brave, and Frozen), which is your favorite?

3.  Do you tend to prefer Disney films made prior to the 2000s or those made more recently?

4.  Who is your favorite character in Frozen?

5.  Everyone loves Disney music.  Any movie whose soundtrack you particularly enjoy?  Limit yourself to three.

6.  In your opinion (similar to Question #3), has the quality of Disney's film-making decreased as time has gone on, or has it only improved? 

7.  Favorite Disney couple?

8.  Favorite Disney sidekick?

9.  What is the worst Disney film you've ever seen?

10.  Lastly, what is one lesser-known Disney film you'd recommend?

1.  Answer the award questions.
2.  Pass the award on to however many bloggers you choose, using the same or your own questions.

I hope you like it, Kiri Liz!:D


  1. Haha!! I love it, Arwen!! Thank you sooo much for nominating me! I'm going to have fun with this one! :D

    Okay, so out of curiosity, how would *you* answer the questions?

  2. I'm so glad you like it, Kiri!:)

    Ooh, my answers. Well, let's see here: My favorite Disney movie of all time is probably either *The Hunchback of Notre Dame* or *Frozen.* My favorite of the three newest films is *Frozen.* As a general rule, I prefer the older Disney movies. My favorite character in *Frozen*…yikes, that's hard. Hmm…probably Anna. I ADORE Disney music, and my top favorite soundtracks would probably be *Frozen*, *Pocahontas*, and *The Hunchback of Notre Dame*. I think the older the movie, the better the quality, usually, in regards to Disney. (The three newest would be the exceptionsXD) My favorite Disney couple is probably either Anna and Kristoff, Flynn and Rapunzel, or Pocahontas and John *Rolfe.* Favorite sidekick: Baloo, Olaf, Pascal, or Maximus;) My least favorite Disney film is probably either *The Little Mermaid* or *Alice in Wonderland.* I don't really like *The Fox and the Hound* or *Lady and the Tramp* either. Finally, a lesser-known film: *The Hunchback of Notre Dame*. :D So there you are!


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