tags and awards and pinterest treats, oh my!

Well, would you look at that!  Hamlette has tagged me, and Cordy and Catherine have both nominated me!  Thanks ever so much, ladies!

(Note #1:  As is my wont, I'm not going to specifically tag or nominate people, but if you read any of these three lists of questions and think, "Hey, I want to answer those", consider yourself duly tagged/nominated!  Also, this'll be a very long post.  Just so you're warned ;D  But there should be lots of lovely Pinterest finds!)

Hamlette's Tag

Thank the person who tagged you
Answer the questions
Tag some blogging friends

Right, here we go, then!

(Note #2:  Before we get started, let me just say, there aren't enough questions for me to mention all of you, but I LOVE ALL OF YOU AND I LOVE YOUR BLOGS.  So if I don't mention you, that just means it didn't fit perfectly into one of the categories.  It does not mean that I enjoy your blog any less, or that I don't think you make gorgeous headers, have funny and insightful posts, and give great recommendations.  Cross my heart and hope to die.)

Blog that makes me laugh
Well, Chloe at Rustling Thoughts has a way with her posts.  They're always funny and entertaining :D

Blog that makes me think
Christine's blog, Musings of an Elf, has some incredible and thought-provoking posts.  For instance, this one.

Blog that teaches me things
For some reason, I'm blanking on this one.  Maybe it's 'cause I have a slight cold?  Yeah, we'll blame it on the cold.

Blog(s) with beautiful headers
I'm going to list about four, m'kay?  Naomi at Wonderland Creek, Abigail at Castles in the Air and Natalie at Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens always have absolutely delectable headers.  And then Hamlette uses really cool one-picture headers for her blog The Edge of the Precipice, and I always enjoy seeing how she incorporates the "theme quote" into each one.  

Blogger who takes great pictures
All of you take great pictures!  I've already mentioned a couple who take great ones, so Aliesha at Feathers in Our Nest also takes some beautiful photos of her kids and her decor.

Blogger(s) whose recommendations I trust
Pssshh, um, all of you?  (I totally just stole that answer from Mary.)  But to name a few, Emma at A Lantern in Her Hand, Heidi at Along the Brandywine and Erudessa Aranduriel at The Flowering Vales.  We have similar tastes, these girls and I :)  Also, Jessica Prescott and Rosie McCann.  And Miss Meg March.  And Ekaterina.  Sadly, these girls don't have blogs, and by that means, they have deprived the British court of its brightest ornaments that makes me sad :(  But those four and I seem to have but one mind and one manner of thinking ;)

New blog I'm enjoying
Sunshine and Scribblings, recently started (to my great joy) by Mary Horton!

Blog I've followed the longest

I think that honor would have to go to Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm.

Blog(s) I've started following the most recently
I haven't formally started following Mary's or justwaytooboss, yet, but I'm going to!  Oh, and I just recently followed Catherine's blog, We'll Meet it When it Does.  And I think there's another one that I'm forgetting, and I'll feel horrible about it when I remember it…ah, well.

Cordy's award

1. Do you have a favorite fictional couple? (If so, why you like them?)
Ahem ;)  Just a zillion few.  As of right now, I'm really obsessed with Robin and Marian from BBC Robin Hood (although, let's be real, have I ever not been obsessed with them?).

Why do I love them?  They have such a great history.  They were together before Robin went to the Holy Land in the Crusades, and that causes friction in the beginning of the first season.  They actually have a legitimate relationship.  They fight, they aggravate each other, they hurt each other.  BUT they're mature about it (usually), they communicate, and they work as a team.  They're still totally in love with each other, and GAH I JUST THEY'RE TOO SWEET. 


2. If you could have any animal (safely) as a pet you would have a…
Tiger!  I just think it'd be cool to have a pet tiger ;)

3. You get to live in Middle Earth, what race are you a member of?
The Elves!  Please, please, let me be an Elf!

4. In an ideal situation (you don't have to worry about living to far from family or money concerns) where would you live? (It can be fictional.)
Hmm…perhaps Ithilien, after Faramir and Éowyn have made a little village in it?  But then again, if I chose that, I'd just be gawking at Faramir all the time, and since he's married and all (and I'm happy he's married!), that might make for some awkward situations.

5. Do you have a favorite 'vintage' movie? (As in, filmed before 1960.) What is it?
Most certainly, I do.  T'is called The Philadelphia Story, and I absolutely adore it.  It's basically perfection, just saying.

6. When you were a little kid what did you want to be when you grew-up?
A nurse :)  Now, I'm debating between that and a professor of literature.  "Life's full of tough choices, iddnt it?"

7. You can be 'the best' in any sport (e.g. gymnastics, curling, synchronized swimming etc.) what do you choose?
Probably swimming.  I'd like to be good at swimming.

8. List three things that you wish people knew about you but will never ask. (Or just three random things. ;))
Three random things…I don't like soda, I have one beautiful dog named Sasha (she's a husky mix), and Leverage and Robin Hood are my favorite TV shows (like you didn't know that already). 

9. Share a favorite quote!

I couldn't possible decide that…well, here are two that I've been liking a lot recently:

10. What is your favorite thing about wintertime? (Besides Christmas.)
I love snow.  I don't really play in it, but I love watching it fall, and I love the snuggly, hibernate-in-coziness aura of it.  And it's gorgeous, you know.

Catherine's award

Thank the blog who nominated you and link back to them.
Nominate up to 11 other bloggers to receive the award. To be eligible, they need to have 200 followers or less.
Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
Tell your readers 11 random facts about yourself.
Give your nominees 11 questions to answer on their blog when they post their nomination.

I'm going to skip the 11 facts about myself.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry!  I know I'm bending the rules a lot, but this post is getting rawther long, is it not?

Do you have a favourite song?
Nope.  But I'm still in love with the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack, and I'm starting to really like Sonna Rele's "Strong" from the end of the new Cinderella.  At first, I really disliked that song, but now I like it :D  Have you guys ever heard any of Cozi Zuehlsdorff's music?  It's really quite good.  You should try it :D

What literary character do you think you’re the most like?
I related very often to Julie in Catherine Marshall's book (which doesn't make me very happy, but still).  And from movies, I like to think I'm a little like Molly Gibson in Wives and Daughters :)

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs :)

What film always cheers you up?
What a Girl Wants, with Colin Firth and Amanda Bynes, will usually do the trick!  Also Mirror Mirror.  And Penelope.  And Letters to Juliet.  And--I'll stop ;)

Frodo, Sam, Merry or Pippin?
Um.  Excuse you.  Haha, just kidding ;)  I think…I think…aw, shoot, I don't know!  I WUVS DEM ALL, OKAY?!  But maybe Frodo.

What would be your specialist subject on a quiz show?
Not really sure, but probably either literature or film.  (Heh.)

Who’s your favourite Disney Prince/hero?
Quasimodo is the best.  No, seriously, he is.  Have you watched the movie lately?  He really is basically the best guy Disney has ever created--and I don't really have any reservations saying that.

If you could bring back one fashion from the past (e.g poodle-skirts, togas, scrunchies) what would it be?
The custom of dressing for dinner.  Wouldn't that be fun?!

What’s your favourite gemstone?
Either a diamond, an emerald, or a sapphire (haha, I almost typed in "a gemstone" instead of "an emerald".  I'm clearly tired).

What are your current favourite baby names (boy and girl)?
I really like the name Rhiannon for a girl, and for a boy?  Hmm…well, I like Mark.

Can you tell us a piece of random trivia?
I'm currently learning a song called "Polar Express Medley" from the movie Polar Express (no duh).  I haven't seen it yet, but GUYS IT'S SO PREEEEETTY.  And I'm having trouble mastering the rhythms, which is bothering me :P

Thanks so much, girls!  I had fun answering these :) 


  1. Aw, so sorry to hear you're sick : / This seems to be the time of year that everyone is coming down with something.

    Thank you so, so, so much for mentioning me! I always feel so happy when I see my name in anyone's post! ^_^ (Especially today because today has been...difficult.)

    So much yes to Elves and snow and Frodo and dogs and everything! (I wuv all of it. XD) I actually don't like soda either (except for Sprite occasionally).

    GAH ALL THE LOVELY PICTURES. I swear, Pinterest is the source of all beautiful things <333

    In short, I love anything and everything about this post! Your posts never fail to cheer me up :D

    1. Thanks! I'm much better now, though--this post took me like a week to finish xD #trueconfessions

      OF COURSE! I know, I do too! And you deserve it ;) (Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear that, Mary! Praying for you, whatever it is <3 Remember, God is always and forever only a prayer away.)

      Yes!!! Another soda non-fan! *high-five*

      It really is. All the gahhness.

      Aww! Mary, your comment made me so happy :) Thanks for being awesome <3 Aww, really?! That means so much to me, thank you!

    2. Well, I'm glad you're feeling better! In just the short amount of time I've had a blog, I've already started doing that. I currently have two different reviews waiting to be finished and posted. Oops. :P

      Aw, thank you! (I'm really fine. I was just having "one of those days," if you know what I mean. One of those I-have-way-too-much-to-do-and-I'm-exhausted kind of days. But 'tis all better now, dearie <3)

      You're so welcome! I'm glad that I can make YOU happy, too :)

    3. Thanks! Haha, yep, it happens. I keep meaning to post a review, but time keeps getting away from me.

      Oh, I get it. I have those kinds of days too :'( Glad you're ll better! <3

      YES :)

  2. I'm so sorry you're still sick! I'll pray for you to get better soon :-)

    Awwwwwwwwww . . . you wish Rosie and I had our own blogs??? *blushes* That's so sweet! And I dig your P&P quote, too ;-)

    You know, I think I'd have to say Rey and Finn are my favorite fictional couple, at least right now . . . I mean, I have so many heroes and heroines that I love very, very deeply, but Finn and Rey are the ones that I love best TOGETHER. The way they interact--how they tease and argue and stuff but still manage to have so much genuine respect for each other--makes me really, really happy. And they're just so darn FUN. I just want them to be together forever . . . They will be, though, don't worry. This is one ship that's going to last.

    Just for fun, Rosie and me have been trying to figure out their MBTI types. We think Finn is ISFP and Rey is ISTJ. Thoughts?

    Oh, and Poe Dameron is definitely ESTP. And I'm not even gonna try typing Kylo Ren. He's just too messed up. Lost cause. I'd never be able to figure him out.

    I don't understand why people are shipping him and Rey. I truly don't. I don't want to offend anybody, but . . . it just seems like a terrible idea. To me, anyhow.

    Oh--I don't like soda either :-) It's an inherited thing--my mom can't drink it, either.

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I'm all better now, though :)

      I do! Haha, I'm so glad you got that reference xD

      REY AND FINN YUUUSSSSS. They are just incredible and beautiful and I NEED MORE OF THEM. I really, really hope they last, but I'm afraid the trilogy is going to try to do some kind of melodramatic thing and break them up :(

      Hmm, that's a toughie. I need to read up on the different MBTI types more, but from what I have read, I like those choices.

      And Poe, yep. From what I've read, I agree. (Ugh, Kylo Ren. He's disgusting. I'm sorry but he is.)


      Non-soda fans together! *high five*

    2. They ARE. They are just awwwwwwwwesome. Like, no kidding.

      Oh, I know--that would be HORRIBLE. But I don't think the filmmakers will do that. I think J.J. Abrams has a lot of sense and that he'll do the right thing (namely, letting them stay together :-) ) I think he really likes Rey and wants to give her a good story, if you know what I mean.

      Yeah. He IS disgusting. That is the plain truth, and there ain't no need to apologize. I mean, sure, I want him to be redeemed and everything, but that's only because his parents wanted it. NOT because I think he's cool or handsome or what-not. And as for shipping him with Rey . . . *shudders* I think you said it best: "LIKE . . . JUST . . . NO."

      *high-fives back* :-)

    3. Eeeeeeeee, I so hope you're right…hopefully all my worrying is for naught and Abrams will make the right choices ;D 'CAUSE SERIOUSLY THEY'RE SO FLIPPING CUTE.

      Exactly--I'm all for him being redeemed as a person, but I have no interest whatever in a romantic relationship between Rey and him, though I guess I can ALMOST sort of see why people might want it. But…NO. JUST NO. Haha, yep. They just Would Not Work.

    4. They totally ARE. Right next to the definition of "cute" in the dictionary is a picture of Finn and Rey :-)

      No, I really do think he's got a lot of sense and won't do the wrong thing. I have a good feeling about this :-)

    5. Haha, I like that! That's true ;D


  3. I'd be an elf too. Elves are awesome! Not saying the others aren't, it's just that elves are cooler. :)

    "Life's full of tough choices, iddnt it?" - Ursula, love it! ;)

    Mark is a good name, it's my Dad's. :)

    You haven't seen Polar Express? It's so good! I definitely recommend it!

    Lovely post, Olivia!! :D

    1. Elves really are awesome. I just--gahh :)

      You got the reference! That makes me happy xD

      Oh, it is? That's cool! I agree, it IS a good name ;)

      I knoooooow--I've seen the trailer, and I need to try it, if ONLY for the music. Gaahhh.

      Thanks, Morgan!

  4. Ah, I loved this post Olivia. :) You always leave me with a smile on my face!
    Oh, and I just have to note - is that gif of Marian peeling the apple?! I think I remember the episode from BBC Robin Hood, where her arm is cut, right? :D
    Wow, Olivia, you should have seen me when I read my name on the screen. I literally jerked myself out of the chair towards the screen, haha. :P Aww, thanks, that made me feel SO special. :) I really trust YOUR recommendations too. :D Oh, and by the way, I'm REALLY enjoying "An Old Fashioned Girl" by L.M. Alcott!!
    ROBIN AND MARIAN!!! I find them sliiiightly annoying at times, but overall, they melt my heart. ;) (And gosh, why is Marian so preetttyyyy?!!)
    Haha....methinks you like Faramir. ;D
    Ooohh, those are some BIG careers to be taking on! ;) I don't think I'll get a big career....I'm not really that type of person. :)
    Oh yes, the song "Strong" from Cinderella! I used to LOVE that one. :D It's words, when it think about it, are rather 'worldly' (I mean really, trust in your heart, believe in yourself?) but if you put them through a Christian perspective I really like them. And the tune is very fun and catchy. :)
    Yes! I like dogs better too. :D
    Mirror Mirror is such a weird movie, hehe. ;) I can't decide if I like it or not!
    Dressing for dinner! :O THAT.....is a MARVELOUS idea!!! YES PLEASE CAN WE DO THAT!!!
    Wow, freaky, all three gemstones are ones *I* would pick!!! :D
    Haha, that last picture..... ;P
    Really enjoyed this post, Olivia! :)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Aww, thanks, Miss Meg! I really appreciate that :)

      Yes, yes, it is! You recognized it! :D

      You're so welcome! Ooh, yay! I'm happy you're liking it--I want to re-read it soon, 'cause I've only read it once, and I need to fix that :)

      YUUUUSSSSS. (Seriously, HOW. It's unfair, I tell you.)

      Hehe, you think right ;)

      Haha, well, thanks! I completely understand. I'm also interested in just regular secretarial work, honestly.

      Yep, that's the problem--"trust in your heart" is really such actually terrible advice *cough cough*, but if you get past that, it's a fun song :)

      Dogs are so epic!

      Haha, yeah, it's silly. But I like it :D


      Ooh! Great minds, and all that ;)

      Heehee, isn't it funny?! xD

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Aw, bless Quasimodo. I love that they gave him a romance in the sequel :) And yes to bringing back dressing for dinner! I liked Robin and Marian in the first series but series two I thought they got a bit sickly. I was always a bit of a Guy fan, for my sins, haha. (Up until that last episode with Marian, obviously...) Great post and thanks for the follow! :)

    1. Quite so. Oh, yes, I haven't seen the sequel yet, but I want to, because, well, as you said, they give him a romance, and he just SO DESERVES IT :) Haha, I understand how they could be annoying. And I love Guy dearly--I just think Marian belongs with Robin ;) Aww, thank YOU!

  6. Aw, you wish we had our own blogs? That's so sweet! I really really want to, but I just don't have the TIME right now. Maybe later :P

    I liked your tag answers! Ah, you would be an elf? I love the elves - but I think I'd be a Dunedain. They're just soooooo cool!!

    I would LOVE to dress for dinner! That would be amazing!! Sadly, they don't do it anymore. You know, I've always thought it would be fun to go to one of those parties where everyone dresses Regency. Not that I go to parties though . . . :P

    1. Right now I'm sighing in delight at that header :) Just had to tell you: IT'S AWESOME!!!

      (thought you might like to know :))

    2. Yes, I do! I totally understand that, though. Time is elusive, certainly is :P

      Thanks! Yeah, same here, only switched--I like the Dunedain, and they're awesome, but I love the elves to death :D

      Yes, me too! I know, I want to go to one of those balls, too :) "Not that I got to parties though…" xD SAME.

      AWWW, THANKS, GIRL. You're a doll :)

  7. Robin and Marian are the CUTEST.
    Can I just have my own pet tiger? M'kay, great. Thanks.
    It would be so cool to be an elf and live in Rivendell, but my loyalties lie with the Hobbits. I'm almost short enough to be one. :)
    I've always wanted a husky, and the name Sasha is so perfect for that breed.
    Dressing for dinner. I vote yes.
    The name Rhiannon is beautiful. It's so different, but it just slides off the tongue.

    1. I AGREE.

      Yes, we should both just get tigers and go off to a deserted island somewhere and be epic like that xD

      Well, to be fair, the hobbits are darned awesome. Like, seriously.

      Aww, isn't it? She's a sweetheart. I hope you get to have one someday!

      I'm so glad so many people agree!

      I know, right?! So odd, but so lyrical.

  8. It seems like we've all been following Miss Laurie the longest. Her blog has just ALWAYS been there. ;-)

    I'm glad you trust my recommendations! I trust yours. :-) Speaking of which, I have The Philadelphia Story out from the library right now...can't wait to watch it!


    1. You know, sometimes I wonder if Miss Laurie started the blogosphere--at least, as we know it ;)

      Of course! :) EEEEEEEE, you do?!?! I wuvs that movie dearly. The first time I watched it, I was kind of like, "Um. What." but then I rewatched it and fell in love :)

  9. Oh my goodness your crossed out P&P line cracked me up! Loved reading your answers. :)

    1. Haha, thanks, Lois! I was hoping people would get that xD

  10. This was fun Olivia!! Ok. Rhiannon. *gorgeous name* where did you hear of it?? Because I am reading a book (shocker) and that is one of the characters names, and I was wondering where you heard of it, because maybe we read the same book. Woah. That was long. :)

    And that red dress, and robin and regina, and I LOVE YOUR HEADER!!!!! Really, it's perfect. :)

    1. Thanks, Abby! Ooh! Rhiannon...I don't exactly know where I first heard of it. Sadly, I don't think I've ever read a book with it as a character name :( What book is it you're reading?

      Squuee, THANKS GIRL. (Haha, I know, the Robin/Regina picture really cracks me up, and I don't even know why.)

    2. I believe it was in Talieson.... But I may be mistaken

  11. AWW. Thanks. I'm glad you like my headers - BUT WAIT A MINUTE. YOUR NEW HEADER IS BEAUTIFUL. What is the movie of the big picture... BECAUSE IT LOOKS ADORABLE. TELL ME.

    1. OF COURSE I do! Eeeeeep, YESH. Aww, thanks ;) Okay, SO: the big picture is from an episode of that TV show I've mentioned, Leverage. It's a really offbeat episode, but IT IS AWESOME. Basically, the team is taking care of an elderly black man, and he tells Parker (the young white woman in the picture) about his life and experiences. He had a romance with the white lady as a black man in the 1940s, which obviously caused problems, and it's all REALLY emotional and bittersweet and JUST GAHHNESS. I think I'm going to review it soon, so keep an eye out.

  12. That was fun to read! The revamp-ment (or whatever I mean) of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" struck me as very amusing. That song has been going through my head lately.
    Sam. Sam Gamgee is definitely my favorite of the four.
    That was spectacularly random.

    1. Thanks, KB! Haha, I know, right. It was part of some post that had a bunch of popular songs with Disney pictures, and it was really funny. I love how it also includes the lyrics from "Jar of Hearts" xD

      Sam is an amaaaaaazing character.

  13. Okay that quote with beautiful things don't ask for attention, it's so familiar and it's driving me crazy, would you be so kind as to clarify where that's from?? Thanks!

    1. Haha, it's from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which I really like (the new one, that is--I haven't seen the old one). :D

    2. That's where i thought it was from!!! That movies the best!!

    3. Yes! I really, really like that movie, and I'm not even sure why…it's so quirky, but strangely powerful. Plus the scenery is breathtaking, no? :D

  14. Heeeheee! I loved this! Oooh some awesome new blogs to find :-D
    I need to get around to my tags (I've been SO busy!)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Evie!

      Oh, I KNOW how you feel. It must be even more hectic for you at uni!

  15. Awww, I'm so flattered by how many people love my headers! Thank you! :D

    Now you gave me a bunch of great blog links to check out...thanks! :) haha

    I DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION EITHER eeesssh Robin and Marian!! You twoooo.
    I need to re-watch RH. :)

    "I'd just be gawking at Faramir all the time," hahaha. That'd be me if I lived in Rivendell and Aragorn and Arwen were there. lolol I really would have to move. :P

    The custom of dressing for dinner-YES PLEASE. And that dress of Taylor's is so gorgeous.
    I had fun reading your answers!

    1. Aww, of course! You really do make gorgeous ones *applauds*

      Haha, anytime ;)

      GAAAAHHH THEY'RE JUST SO. I know, so do I! Instead of just slowly ripping my heart out with pinning feelsy pictures of them xD

      Haha, I know how you feel. TO LIVE IN RIVENDELL THOUGH. Gahh, there are too many epic men in LotR ;D

      RIGHT?! I knoooow--I like her red carpet style, usually. T'is nice :)

      Thanks, I'm glad!

    2. :D

      Yes, exactly! We might as well enjoy watching the episodes along with feeling the pain. :P

      Definitely way too many. ;) heehee

    3. Precisely! :D

      Hehe ;) By the by, have you now finished the trilogy?

    4. No, unfortunately not yet. :/ I'm going to read ROtkK as part of my literature class, but I have a stack from the library to finish first. Then hopefully I can get started on it. I want to have no other books to distract me when I read it. :D

    5. That certainly sounds like a plan ;) (SERIOUSLY IT'S LIKE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD.)

  16. Good answers all around!! :D

    Your comment about Faramir! Haha! Really, Olivia, you're too funny! :)

    Oh, and that question about which hobbit you like best! Seriously! That is SUCH a hard question! They're all SO good! I do like that you picked Frodo as your possible favorite, though, because it seems like a lot of people don't give Frodo enough credit. I think he's GREAT! (Especially in the book.)

    ~Miss March

    1. Oh, and I just have to comment on your new header, because you did such an excellent job on it! The coloring of the pictures match perfectly. And I like the little Post Card thing at the top!! :) Very nice, indeed!

    2. Thanks, Miss March! :D

      Heeheee, thank ya! I try ;D

      ISN'T IT, THOUGH?! I seriously have trouble whenever I ponder that question. I JUST DON'T KNOW. But yes, isn't Frodo great? I wrote a post defending him a while back…I think he's pretty undervalued, too (I'm even guilty of it at times), and yes, especially in the book!

      Awww, THANKS GIRL. I really appreciate it :)

  17. Oh me, oh my, what a delightful post! It was long but I enjoyed every bit of it! So, you don't have to worry about length again. :) Thanks for filling out the tag. :D

    2. I think tigers are gorgeous and to have one as a pet would be sooo cool!
    4. Haha, love your concerns about Faramir. Hehe.
    5. Have you seen High Society as well? It's the same story but with Grace Kelly and a musical twist. I think I like High Society better because I'm not a huge Katherine Hepburn fan and I love Celeste Holm who is in High Society. (Oh, and Grace Kelly's wardrobe is fantastic too!) But, then The PS has Cary Grant...hmm.

    I think it would be great to bring back dressing for dinner. That's a wonderfully creative answer. :D

    And, like everybody else, your new look is beautiful!! Very nicely done!

    1. Thanks, Cordy! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and thank YOU for the tag :)

      Haha, thank you ;) I haven't seen High Society YET, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. My only qualm is that I love TPS soooooo much, so I'm afraid I won't enjoy High Society anymore, and then nobody in the blogosphere will like me anymore ;P (KIDDING. I'M KIDDING.)

      Thanks! Yeah, my mom and I talk about wishing we could dress like they did "back in the day" a lot :)

      Aww, thanks, that means a lot! :D

  18. I tagged you here if you want to do it:

    1. Thanks, Bailey! I might pass on this one (I did a similar one before and the ever-problematic time, dontcha know), but I really appreciate being tagged! Then again, I might find the time…we'll see ;D

  19. This was lovely, Olivia! And that picture of Kate Middleton is SHEER GORGEOUSNESS.

    I love your blog, Olivia!

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Thanks, Rilla! I KNOW IS IT NOT STUNNING. I saw it and basically drooled xD

      Oh! Thank you so much! That really made me so, SO happy. Thank you for your comment! :D

  20. LOVE your answers, m'dear!! (And awww... thanks so much for mentioning me!! I'm always just squealy excited when we end up loving the same thing. :D)

    *grins* I love both your lines from Mr. Collins!!

    And about Ithilien: I actually just said the same on a different tag! I.e. living there and rebuilding it under Faramir and Eowyn. And yes, I know. *sigh* It could be complicated. But then there are lots of other tall, dark haired and gray-eyed men of Gondor, too, so just maybe... maaaaaayybe....?? ;)

    I haven't seen The Philadelphia Story, but that screencap's hilarious.

    One of our family dogs/my dog (kind-of-sort-of) is a golden/husky-ish mix.

    Ooooh, I LOVE diamonds and sapphires!! Have you seen some of the stunning rings combining the two?

    And Rhiannon's truly such a beautiful name! (*semi-secret* I actually just used that name for a character in my recent Sleeping Beauty retelling. :P)

    1. Heidi, thanks! (Aww, OF COURSE. Same here; it makes me sooooo happy :D)

      Haha, I'm so glad everybody is catching those!

      Ooh, really?! That's so cool that we both chose that answer…ahh, you make a good point, a very good point, indeed ;D

      Haha, isn't it? It's one of my very favorite lines from that movie--which, by the by, you should try out! I think you'd like it :D

      Your dog sounds gorgeous! Sheesh.

      Yes, I have! They are SUCH beautiful gems. Wowza wowza. Isn't it amazing how God has taken the time to create those kinds of precious stones?

      *gasp* You DID?!?!?! EEEEEEEEPPPP. Can I read that retelling sometimes? Pwetty pwease?

  21. You like my headers? I'm so honored! I always feel like they're a little bare-bones compared to some, so I'm glad to hear you like them :-)

    I love Mirror Mirror too :-D Particularly Armie Hammer. My kids haven't seen it yet, or the animated Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but they have various Disney princess and prince dolls, and I've convinced them that the prince from SWATSD is named Prince Alcott. Because he doesn't have a name in the animated movie, so why not? :-D And then I get to think of Armie Hammer whenever they're playing...

    1. Yes! Aww, you're welcome, Hamlette--I really do love seeing what you do with each different header over at The Edge of the Precipice :)

      Eeeeeeep! I thought I remembered you liking that one. (I'm actually hoping to write a review of it soon…think you that would be well-received?) Haha! That's awesome. Hey, that's totally justifiable, I'll probably do something similar with my kids someday xD And I love Prince Alcott. I just do. He's awesome :D

    2. Well, I would receive it well :-D

      I have this deep and abiding fondness for Armie Hammer. Mirror Mirror, The Lone Ranger, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.... he's just so likable!

    3. Haha, cool! Hopefully I'll get around to it, then :)

      Something about Armie Hammer is just likeable...it just IS! It's like he's charismatic but down to earth, too, at least in the two roles in which I've seen him :D

    4. Yes. Armie's got a genuine-ness to him that's refreshing. Which is intriguing, since he comes from a super-rich family. But the more I learn about him, the more I think he's an actual nice guy, despite having sewn a few wilds oats in his early 20s.

    5. Exactly--he's just plain likable.

  22. P.S. Oh! I forgot to ask the other day. ;P Where is the large picture on the left in your header from? And the one of the girl top right? She almost looks a little like Juliet in the pictures I've seen from the newest film, but I haven't ever seen her in a white gown... :)

    1. So glad you asked! The picture on the left is from an episode of the TV show Leverage, and SQUEEEP. That's all I got to say about it ;P As for the girl on the right, you're correct! It is Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet. The picture is from a scene at the very beginning of the movie :) Isn't it beautiful?!


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