Fare thee well, Christmas break. You will be missed.

Well, folks, it's that time again.  Tomorrow is the official start of my next school semester, which means blogging activity will, most likely, begin to slack off pretty soon.

I know I'll settle back into the school routine fairly quickly, but I can't help wishing it'd delay getting here a little longer, heh.

This Christmas break was good to me.  There were certainly some hard moments, but that's just life.  God's still good, eh, what?  :)  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this break, and I'm sorry to part with it.  :-P  Here are some of the highlights from my last month or so!

~ Crafts.  I did a lot of crafting over this break, and I've rediscovered how much I enjoy it.  (Also, I asked for and received a laminator for Christmas, which means I can now make all the projects look more professional!  I am unreasonably happy with my laminator. :D)

~ My oldest sister got a dog, and he is literally a little pumpkin spice latte.  Seriously.  He is one of the strangest (and cutest) looking dogs I've ever met, and he's a bit older, and he's a sweetheart.  I wuvs him. :)  His name is Rudy.  (Or Rudy-bear, as he's more often called.)

~ Lots of music.  I got several new songs on my iPod as a result of gift cards, which has been immensely satisfying :)  (I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but GUYS, Hillsong Worship's album "Let There Be Light."  This group makes me feel like I could actually do nothing but worship in Heaven.  And the song "Grace to Grace" . . . wowza.  "When I see that cross, I see freedom.  When I see that grave, I see Jesus . . .")  I learned that the song "Lord of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote)" from the musical Man of La Mancha is an epic and awesome song, especially when sung by Linda Eder.  

~ Solitaire.  I developed an inexplicable urge to play several hands of solitaire at a time.  I truly don't know why.  

~ I watched a lot of movies for the first time, most of which I liked immensely and a few of which I didn't care for so much.  {Among the newbies was Die Hard.  (Don't ask.)}

~ "Such a superfluity of dainties."  There have been so. many. sweets. in the house recently, what with the last day of co-op, extended family visiting, Christmas presents, stocking stuffers . . . it's perfectly awful.  I have hitherto been able to constrain my cravings to salty things (which isn't awesome for a body either, I realize), but lately I've been noticing a most unsettling propensity to grab a candy throughout the day . . . hopefully all will blow over once the contraband has been removed from the house. :-P

~ BLOGGING.  Y'all, I've so enjoyed interacting recently.  You guys are the best pals a girl could ask for. <3

~ Realizing that, after all, I may not prefer being cold to being hot.  Further reflection is called for. :-P

~ Les Misérables overload.  My World Lit. class is reading Les Mis right now, so over break one of my friends hosted a movie night to watch the musical.  We had fun color commenting together, gently poking fun at the characters, singing along (often off-key), and commiserating over the pain by turns.  

~ Getting ideas for books to write.  (One of them being a continuation of Susan Pevensie's story -- what think you all?)

~ Impromptu shopping trips.  Nothing like the Christmas season for inciting shopping expeditions that last late into the night, is there? ;)  Also, the day after Christmas, my younger brother and I went out to spend some of the gift money we'd received, which was fun.  And then recently I decided I needed a thrifting fix, particularly since it had been a long while since I'd been at one of my favorite thrift stores.  

Yessir, it's been a great break.  I'll look forward to chatting with you guys/blogging/reading posts when I can/do, and until then, ttfn!  

How have the holidays been for you?
Are you excited for school to start back up or dreading it (for those of you who are in school)?
If you're not in school, what's one thing you're hoping to get done/looking forward to in the coming months?


  1. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful break. It's been good for me too. I would love for someone to finish Susan Pevensie's story!! :O I actually read "The Last Battle" for the first time over break and it was sooo good, but I wish the series didn't end there! Praying you have a good semester!


    1. Same to you! Yes, I certainly did. Good, I'm glad! Awww, yay! I know -- why couldn't they allllllll have come? But I mean I do understand why he did it that way :P

      Thanks muchly!

  2. The holidays have been wonderful, I've enjoyed them immensely.

    Erm. A little of both, I guess? I've been doing math pretty much nonstop, but two of my dual credit classes start up on the 16th, and then I have another class starting up on the 23rd.

    Ooh. Your lit. class is brave.

    1. For real :)

      Ooh, it sounds like you've got a busy schedule ahead of you. Hope everything goes well!

      Haha. Well. Our lit. teacher is brave, let us leave it at that ;) She's really good about dividing the book into manageable chunks.

  3. Loved reading this, Olivia!! :D

    Crafts are awesome! I love getting creative and making things.

    I think it would be AWESOME if you did a book about what happens to Susan! Actually, awhile ago I vaguely started writing one about her. I barely wrote anything. ;) I would love to read some snippets if you do it. Which I believe you should, you have an amazing gift with words. :D

    Shopping trips are always fun! I LOVE thrift shopping!!! <3 :D

    It sounds like you had a wonderful break!! Many blessings to you, my friend!! :D

    1. Thanks so much, Moragn!

      Ach, yes. And you're good at it, too! *gasp* You know what I just thought of? If we could get together sometime and craft together -- that'd be so fun! *sigh* Well, we can hope ;)

      Aww, thank you! Oohhh! You did?! Well, you should continue it, too! Oh, yay -- I'm glad to hear that, 'cause I'd probably blog some xD (I recently made an inspiration board on Pinterest for the idea. I pinned way too much in one sitting. xD) DAAAAWWWW, you're such a dear <3

      SAME, GIRL.

      Blessings to you too, dear friend!! <3 :)

  4. I've loved this Christmas break! I wasn't sick (much), which is a WIN for me; and I've been having a lot of fun reading, writing, watching movies, and generally relaxing :-)

    I WAS dreading starting back to school--until today, when I started ordering my new books for the semester and started getting all excited, because THEY LOOK SO SO GOOD. I can't help it--my little history-student heart is jumping for joy :-) I'm going to get to read some awesome books about Eastern European history, including "Bloodlands" by Timothy Snyder (okay, okay, I know that sounds gross; but it's a study of Hitler and Stalin that focuses on the atrocities they both committed in Eastern Europe, which is something that simply DOES NOT get enough attention and I'm dying to read it and learn more). And I can't wait to see all my friends again! :-)


    She was one of my favorite characters and I NEED to know the rest of her story. (As long as . . . you give me some hope? Just a little hope? Please? *assumes begging-puppy-dog stance*)


    1. Hurrah for not being sick! That's always a plus ;)

      "I can't help it -- my little history-student heart is jumping for joy." Haha, love your enthusiasm :D Yay! I'm so glad it's now more of a thing to look forward to.

      EEEEEEKKK, thank you! I think I'll have to -- I made an inspiration board and everything and I'm still kind of psyched about it :D

      (I know how you feel.)

    2. Good, good, good!!!!!!! Inspiration boards are the BEST :D

    3. Haha, yes! I loved making it :D

  5. Back to school in March for me *dodges snowballs* But I'm looking forward to sleeping and binge watching Period Drama :D

    1. Haha, I shan't hurl any snowballs (clever substitution for rotten tomatoes btw, Ev!). Sleeping and binging period drama sounds delightful :D

  6. I read this post in school, which I have been at since Monday. My break was only a week! :( But I really have nothing to complain about, since I had such a nice one. I'm going to be filling out scholarships in the next few months. Oh joy.

    1. Oh my goodness! Only a week?!?! *stares at you, horrified* Seriously, I'm sorry -- that must have been a bit rough! I hope you get a longer one soon :-/ Eeesh, good luck with the scholarships -- it sounds like it'll be a bit of a beast to get done :P

  7. Aw I'm so glad you had a good Christmas break!!

    Ok so I heard the line 'A continuation of Susan Pevensies' story' and got far more excited than I should have. GIRL PLEASE DO IT IT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!

    Yesss shopping is so fun!! Although I find shopping without a purpose to be sorta difficult, it's like 'what, I can choose?? Ok so what do I choose??'

    Blessings to you as you head back to school!!

    1. Thanks, Abigail!

      *blushes* Thank you! *whispers* Honestly I'm pretty excited and hoping I'll get around to doing it soon.

      "It's like, 'what, I can choose? Ok so what do I choose??'" YES I KNOW SAME. The struggle :D

      You too, Abigail!

  8. "...but lately I've been noticing a most unsettling propensity to grab a candy throughout the day..." Haha. Can I relate to that, or what? Craving sugar is a natural way of life to me these days. Unfortunately, though, as it didn't begin at Christmastime, I have very little hope of it going away anytime soon. ;P

    I'm SO glad you had more time for blogging over break. It was wonderful to hear from you more regularly. Don't disappear completely once school starts up again, will you? :)

    Eeeek! I love the idea of you writing a story about Susan. That would be awesome! Go for it! :D

    1. Haha, well, at least we'll share the issue ;)

      It was wonderful to get to be around more! Aww, I'll try not to (and hopefully I won't be so ridiculously late in my replies to emails, hehe!).

      Thanks! I think I might ;)

  9. WUT. You're already back to school! I have like ten more days ... I AM REALLY MAD AT MY PROFESSORS RIGHT NOW. Just post the books already so that I can buy them!!!

    1. Yeah, it's sort of strange what a wide variety of start times there are in different schooling systems, isn't it? I mean, I had a friend who went back to school about four days before I did, etc. Weird :P

      Haha! I hope all was resolved in the book issue?

  10. Oh, sorry your school break is over already! (That was quick. :() I'll probably be starting school this week too, so I'm with you there... I start earlier than most.

    I decided to listen to Grace to Grace since you suggested it. I'm glad I did. :)

    A continuation of Susan Pevensie's story? I'M IN!! I always loved Susan, although I was always angry at Lewis's dealing with her at the end. >.<

    My summer holidays were lovely. We went camping, we had vistors, we celebrated Christmas, I turned sixteen and went to the beach, I did a few different projects, although not half as many as I wanted. I had a lot of unexpected things come up, but it was all part of it and I wouldn't change a thing. :)

    I'm not looking forward to certain subjects, but others I'm okay with starting... it'll be nice to get into a good routine again, but I'd rather the holiday were a leetle bit longer. ;D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Yep -- "we're all in this together." :P

      Oh, yay! I'm glad you liked it :)

      SAME. Susan's my favorite. (But Edmund's close.) Who's your favorite Narnia character, Miss Meg?

      Ah, yes! It sounds like yours were eventful but (hopefully) mostly good? I need to get back to your email :D

      Haha, same here.

    2. Ugghh, don't ask me that question!!! My favourite Narnia character... Lucy was always my favourite, but lately, Susan has really, you know, CLICKED. Peter's awesome, and Edmund's a dear so I DON'T KNOW. :O Let's just say Susan! For today. ;) (Oh, PLUS she shoots a bow. I love bows. I shoot bows. Connection.)

      Yeah, my holidays were for the most part good. :) I wouldn't change anything!

      ~Miss Meg

    3. Haha, fair. "(I love bows. I shoot bows. Connection.") xD

      Yay! How is your heart thing doing? I hope to reply to your email before too much longer, but I can't say when it'll be :-/

  11. Oh no! I'm going to miss you, dear. It's been such fun having you in the blogging world again. Don't stay away TOO long this time, huh? :)

    Ooh, a laminator sounds like such a handy tool. And Rudy sounds adorable. :)

    Having a bunch of sweets in the house is both wonderful and awful. :P

    D'awww. You're so awesome. :)

    A SUSAN PEVENSIE STORY? UM WHAT. So THIS is why you've been pinning so many Susan pins....;) Anyways, YES. Do write it. I would pay money for it. :D

    Hope getting back into schoolwork isn't too bad! *hugs* You're always in my thoughts and prayers, Olivia. <3

    1. Daaawww, thanks! I shall miss you too <3 But who knows? Perhaps I won't even really be absent this semester :D

      It really is *smiles dorkily* And Rudy is indeed!

      Exactly :P

      Ditto, my dear, DITTO! ;)

      Hahaha, yes, indeed. I decided to make an inspiration board, so...yeah :P Aww, thank you! You're too kind :D

      Thanks a bunch! *hugs back* You're in mine, too <3

  12. *distant sobbing* WE ARE GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH, DEAR!!! I know I enjoyed having you back, even if it was brief...

    Also, YES to that story! Susan Pevensie was always my favorite, to be honest, and I wanted more than Lewis gave us!

    1. *blushes* Dawwww, THANK YOU DEARIE. I enjoyed hanging out on the interwebs with you, too :)

      She's my favorite, too! (Although, as I said in a previous comment, Edmund is close.)


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