Life Hacks

Because I'm so good at life ;D

(Ha.  Hahaha.)

I have recently discovered that index cards are kind of magical.  Like, if you're into making bookmarks or other paper crafts, those things are awesome.  They're cheap, they're easy to get, and they're versatile:  you can use the plain side of them like a piece of card stock, and (again) they're much cheaper :-P  Also, naturally, there's the traditional use of flashcards when needed.

Music helps, guys.  Of course, I'm not saying we should be constantly listening to music and never taking a moment to clear our minds, but at times a good tune can be motivating or calming or comforting or whatever else is just the thing we need at the moment.  (Aren't you impressed with the originality of these tips?  I mean, all the things we never knew . . . )  And this song, in particular -- a life hack in and of itself ;)

For real, though.  It's so beautiful.

Okay, another craft one:  I have nothing whatever against fancy-schmancy calligraphy pens (in fact I rather like them), but as I recall they're somewhat expensive and they don't do so well for extended periods of crafting.  But you know what I recently discovered?  A plain old ballpoint pen will do just as well.  (Or at least pretty close to it.)  For moments when color is required, I have this collection of double-sided Stampin' Up! Stampin' Write pens, and I really don't know what I'll do when all the ink runs dry.  They're technically my mom's, and they are awesome.

Well, obviously.

God's really been reminding me recently that worrying is Not Okay.  (I mean, if you think about it, it's actually a sin.)  Sometimes I think we feel like we ought to be worrying about something, and that's where Satan makes his mistake -- we never ought to be doing something that God has specifically told us not to do, even if we're worrying over how bad we are or how much we need to improve in some aspect of our life.  Worry is still Not Okay, even if it's about our relationship with God or other people.  "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."  Maybe He means it.

Lamps are the best.  There's just something about lamplight that's so soothing and warm and fuzzy, isn't there?

Lately, especially, the days have been kind of hectic, so it's nice to start noticing the relaxation that starts to take place as the day comes to an end -- when the schoolwork, practice, jobs, etc. are done, and the fam starts to unwind a bit.  (Also, the prospect of bed is nice.  Because sleeping <3)  Random fun fact that hit me today as I was doing history:  "dwindle" is an awesome word.  Especially "dwindled" and "dwindling."  

Books are just dear little entities, really <3  Particularly Peter Pan, by Barrie.  I just recently re-read it and GUUYYYYYS.  Also, since I'm reading Les Mis right now, I'm having struggles.  I think I appreciate it more this time around, but still.  It has moments when I'm like "C'mon, Hugo, you really don't have to tell me all this" and then other moments when I'm like "UM EXCUSE YOU MY HEART IS A THING."  And Pinterest doesn't help, because there are all these feels-y pictures fusing the musical and the book and gahh.  And Enjolras kind of annoys me in the book.  I feel like that's a problem.  

I'm so glad there's a blogger app that'll work on my iPod.  It's helpful to have my blog & y'all's blogs "in my pocket," as it were.  

Well, I feel like there was probably more but I must adjourn now because of reasons.  (Before I go, though, Evie, thanks loads for inviting me to collaborate on that "Delights" Pinterest board.  It's a lifesaver.)  Ta-ta, darlings!  Y'all are awesome human beings.  I'm rather fond of you.  Have a fabulous weekend!  Oh, and pray for me, peeps -- I'm taking the SAT tomorrow and in a nutshell:


  1. Les Mis!!! I've only read an abridged version :( but I really want to read the "real" thing because I adore the story!

    1. Hehe, heh . . . well . . . to be honest, I thing the "real" thing could do with some abridging. *ahem* But yes, the story is really good :D

  2. Ahhh, I don't have time to read the whole post right now sadly...but I just had to comment and say I'M TAKING THE SAT TOMORROW, TOO. *dies* Um...we will hopefully survive? XD *will not admit how accurate that Mia picture is* I shall pray for both of us!

    *awkwardly waves and leaves* :D

    1. Oh, that's fine. Eeeekk! I too was praying for us both that evening and that morning -- how do you feel yours went? At least we made it through :D

  3. Good luck on the test! You'll do great. :-)

  4. You'll be fine!!! You're going to SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY those SAT's--I have faith in you <3

    Ah, yes, The Musics--I love 'em. I love them allllllllllllllllllllll. I know I sound like Maria in SOM but that is totally fine with me :-) I listen to music to relax after school and it helps SO much . . .

    "UM EXCUSE YOU MY HEART IS A THING." Well said, m'dear, well said . . . I feel that many authors need a *ahem* Gentle Reminder of that fact now and then :-P But really, where would we be WITHOUT all these stories that destroy our feelings and crush our hearts into the ground? Up a creek without a paddle, that's where :-)

    1. Daaaaaawwwwwwww, Jessica, you're such a pal! That was encouraging to me :D

      Hahahaha, hey, sounding like Maria is basically always a Good Thing. Ooh, cool! Have you discovered any new favorites lately?

      *'hem* Yes, indeed, they do ;D But -- alas -- that's all too true, as well. It's like we stuck in Stockholm syndrome relationships . . . with stories. (Not really. Mustn't joke like that, of course.)

  5. Blessings on your SAT-taking! Pray, breathe, sing music in your head (ONLY in your head), and you'll be fine.

    1. Hamlette, thank you! Y'all are the best :D

  6. Books <3. You are reading LM? Sorry, I have to just put it like that or else I get millions of songs stuck in my head for days. I really need to read Peter Pan.

    1. Exactly <3 Haha, no worries, I understand. (Part of our assignment was to annotate in the book, and most of my annotations were just song lyrics in all caps xD) Ach, yes, you do! It is SUCH a fabulous book. *stopping right there so that I don't go off in incoherent fangirling rambles*

  7. Ahhhh. :)

    Lamps and books and Pinterest and evenings are happy things indeed. :)

    I know what you mean about Les Mis. Parts are excruciating and others are...well, they're "UM EXCUSE YOU MY HEART IS A THING." parts like you said. XD I think Hugo kind of forgot that my heart existed when he wrote Les Mis. Otherwise perhaps he wouldn't have crushed it so mercilessly. Tsk, tsk, tsk. (No Pinterest doesn't help one bit.)

    About Enjolras, THANK you. He's pretty cool, but also so annoying. Just like the whole novel, actually. 0.0

    I will be praying for you! Out of curiosity, have you taken the PSAT or is this an entirely new thing for you? Either way, I'm sure you'll do fine. :D

    1. I agree :D

      Hahahaha, yes. You understand xD (But I read The Hunchback of Notre Dame for the honors part of the assignment, and I actually kind of loved that. Which I wasn't really expecting, heh.)

      I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! There's just something a little . . . off about him. "Just like the whole novel, actually." *snickers* So true :P

      Thank you so much! I did not actually take the PSAT, so it was pretty new :D

  8. Your posts are so scrumptious, Olivia! I hope you know that. :)

    Mmm, yes, music IS a lifesaver, no matter how much it's a "yeah, DUH" thing to say! I've been learning this myself, too. ;) It's amazing how much higher spirited you feel just by turning on a CD you love!

    YES! PENS! I have some pens that I just remembered I HAD the other day, and it's so much fun to use them. :D It's awesome when certain pens IMRPOVE your handwriting, hehe. (Especially when you have MY hand writing, heh. :P)

    Yeah, learning to worry less is WAY easier said than done. I've learnt how to control that over the past few years (not that I've completely conquered it and such - but believe me, I was such a nervous, worrying WRECK 5 years ago, I don't know how I coped with life ;P). It's all caught up in one of THE biggest lessons I have learnt/am learning/will ever learn - to TRUST in God.

    YES EVENINGS. I'm not a morning person, so I've always loved evenings the best anyways. ;D (And haha, a random fun fact hit you while you were doing history?! That sounds like me. ;D I always get my good ideas when I'm supposed to be doing science or maths. Ahem.)

    Les Mis is still on my to-read list. I know it's big, but I think I'd manage it - I mean, I read "The Count of Monte Cristo" and THAT was pretty big. But I think Dumas is a BIT easier reading than Hugo. :P

    Oh, I'll pray for your SAT test! I'm sure you'll be fine, dear! <3 But haha, oh dear, that is one funny picture. I'm not sure, but it looks to me like the Princess Diaries? I've not actually see the whole movie (s) properly yet. I think perhaps I should. ;)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Awwwww, thanks, Miss Meg! 'Tis so kind of you :D

      I know, right?!

      Eeee, it's so fun when that happens, finding something you'd completely forgotten about :D Haha, I know xD Oh, nonsense, I'm sure your handwriting isn't as bad as all that ;-P

      It is! You're right, that's another important thing He's been impressing on me, trust. "I was such a nervous, worrying WRECK . . . I don't know how I coped with life." SAME.

      Haha, I'm not a morning person either :P I KNOW! The struggle is so real!

      "I think so indeed!" Honestly, I'm a little nervous to try Dumas someday xD

      Thank you! I really appreciated everybody's "good wishes" for the SAT; they were encouraging :D Yep, it's The Princess Diaries. Hehe, well, *I'd* recommend them. They're not the -- ahem -- deepest movies ever, but they're a lot of fun :)

  9. I feel so happy that I have one of your index card bookmarks. :D

    Music is wonderful. :) Although lately I've felt the need to clear my mind because I seem to have songs stuck in my head alll the time.
    Ooh, the "Temptations"! That makes me think of something. Have you seen "Remember the Titans"? They mention that group in there, and it's one of my faaavorite movies. Watch it. :)

    AMEN about worry. Love it.

    "Because sleeping." Hahahahaha. YES.

    I've been wanting to re-read Peter Pan for awhile now, especially since I have that beautiful version from B&N that I got last year. 'Hem.
    (But YES, books. <3 Seriously, aren't books the best? Especially when life is rather dull or's so comforting to be able to escape into a book for a little while and come out feeling happier and refreshed.) (Well, depending on what kind of book you read. You may end up sobbing in bed around midnight like I did last night. Yeah...)

    THERE'S A BLOGGER APP?? I need to check into this....

    All the best on the SAT!!! I'm sure you'll do great. Just remember, despite running her convertible into the bus, Mia was a princess and you are too. :) How that relates to the SAT, I'm not sure, but hopefully that's slightly motivational. :P

    1. Aww *blushes*

      Oh, I definitely get that, too. It's a struggle :P

      I haven't watched RtT yet, but I do intend to, I assure you! I've heard it's a wonderful movie, and being a classic and all . . . yeah :D

      Haha, indeed. I seriously do have problems sometimes, 'cause when I wake up I just -- don't want to xD

      Yaaaasss! I have a special edition, too (but, of course, you've seen it :D). Your description of what reading is like = perfection.

      There is! It's splendid!

      *laughs 'til tears* Hahaha, well, for the record, I loved that, whether it was related to the SAT or not xD It was most certainly motivational :P

      (Oh, btw, I really like your profile picture!)

    2. Aww, really? I'm super happy my spur of the moment motivational words encouraged you. ;D

      Thank you!!!

  10. These are great life hacks! Also, I totally need to get some good pends (and some good stationary, because who doesn't love stationary?)

    LITERALLY WORRYING IS THE WORST. We're supposed to be trusting in God because only He can offer us that true peace, *whines* BUT IT'S HARD.

    There's one song that has been my favorite for over 5 months (which is unheard of for me). It is peaceful and inspiring and *dies* I just love it so much. It's Silhouette by Aquilo. MAGIC.

    Good luck on your SATs. I remember those days... They weren't fun (but if you're with the right people they can be).

    1. *bows* Thank you! (Ooh, yes, thank you for reminding -- I do need to replenish my stationary supply. Stationary is great <3)


      Ooh, I must look it up! It certainly sounds promising ;)

      Thanks! Haha, yeah . . .


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