Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Top 10 Chick-Flicks

Soul-baring time: I actually really like chick-flicks.

I haven't seen a ton, but I've seen several, and yes, I'm now going to talk about my favorites. ;D  But first, some preambles:

#1.  Since chick-flicks do tend to be heavier on innuendo and such (duh), there are varying levels of content in each of these movies.  I probably won't give a very detailed summary of said content for each film, for time reasons, but if any of you want to know more about my thoughts on a particular movie, feel free to ask in the comments.  I'll try to provide a satisfactory overview. :)  (One blanket statement I can make, however, is that there are no sex scenes in any of these films, though some of them do feature main characters who are living with partners prior to marriage.)

#2.  I've thought long and hard about this list (too long and too hard, heh), and especially about what constitutes a "chick-flick" in my mind.  (Condensed version for you curious types:  has to be at least semi-contemporarily set, has to be at least mostly lighthearted, and has to feature at least a light romance for the main character.  I'm probably forgetting something else, too.)  Movies like Ever After, Mirror Mirror, Roman Holiday, The Princess Diaries, A Walk to Remember, and The Parent Trap won't appear in this post because they seem to me to belong to a different genre. Okie-dokie?

#3.  An asterisk next to the title indicates that the title is linked to a review that I've written!  (Whiiiich will only happen for three movies.  But anyway.)

#4.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words and all that, I'll probably let the pictures do most of the talking for most of these films.  (But then again, most of the pictures have dialogue on them, so . . . )  And again, they're all over the place in terms of size.  Sorry for any disorienting effects. :-P

And now, the list!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

#10.  10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

This is one of those that is what some would call "edgier," but I really like it.  Yes, some of the content seems a bit unnecessary to me (particularly the guidance counselor's "novel" and conversations), but for all that I think the movie actually has some really good messages.

For those of you who don't know, 10 Things is a modern-day spin on The Taming of the Shrew (and in my personal opinion is vastly superior to the play).  I LOVE the characters -- Kat, Patrick, Bianca, Cameron, Cameron's friend (is his name William?), Mandela, Mr. Stratford . . . even Joey is entertaining.

(Plus, there's Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona, and he is . . . a dear chap. :D)

#9.  The Proposal (2009)

I really like Ryan Reynolds' and Sandra Bullock's chemistry.  This one has some great banter, good character arcs, and some awesome scenery (since it takes place in Alaska).  The supporting cast is also great.  (Be forewarned, though, that this one also has some more content than some of the others.)

#8.  What a Girl Wants (2003)

This one is so cuuuuuuuuuute. <3  I mean, it's Colin Firth in a Parent Trap-esque story, and it features culture clash and a mainly British cast and, underneath all the corniness, some surprising heart.  The teen romance isn't too annoying, which is always a plus.  (I really like Anna Chancellor's character, even though she's an antagonist -- she's really funny. :)  Plus, just the fact that Anna Chancellor is in it with Colin Firth -- it's like P&P all over again.)  And it's just very fun and humorous (the dialogue is golden) and sweet and I like it a lot. :)

#7.  Two Weeks Notice (2002)

I think at least a solid 35% of why this movie is so engaging is the fact that George is British, but the basic storyline is cute, too. :)  Hugh Grant is ridiculously endearing as George, and Sandra Bullock is a nice balance for him as Lucy.  Sandra Bullock does really well in chick-flick roles, I think. :-P  (She's good in dramatic roles, too, of course.)

I don't know what to say about this here, since I said most of it in my review and you can just go read that, but I really like this movie.  I love how atmospheric it is, and I love the characters and the cast (Harrison Ford <3) and the storyline.  So basically all of it. :-P

#5.  Leap Year (2010)

I've seen this one so many times that I'm not suuuuuper crazy about it at the moment, but it was one of the first chick-flicks I watched, and it's still a great one.  Anna is adorable, Declan is awesome, it's set in Ireland (so the scenery and soundtrack are wonderful), and you should try it.

#4.  While You Were Sleeping (1995)

This one is so SWEET and wholesome and mainly clean and feel-good and adorable, aaaaaahhhhh!  Lucy Eleanor Moderatz (I love her name) is totally #friendgoals and the family focus is just precious . . . *sighs again*  (Also, can we all just take a minute to appreciate Joe Jr. for a minute??)  I love the Callahans so much. 


Granted, Lucy's loneliness can actually give the movie almost a depressing tinge at moments, but that makes the bonds that develop between her and each member of the family all the more heartwarming and satisfactory.

#3.  You've Got Mail (1998)

I love this one!  It's so fresh-seeming and engaging, and such a pick-me-up.  Also, the script is amazing.  And it's semi-clean!  (Not all the way.  But it's fairly harmless.) 

Also, CAN WE JUST TAKE A MINUTE TO APPRECIATE THE BRILLIANCE OF MEG RYAN'S SICK SCENE.  So. stinking. accurate.  For some reason, it always just makes me so happy -- the congestion ("It was personal to bme"), the flurries of Kleenex, the random-osity. 

(Really, Meg Ryan's performance in this movie in general just makes me happy.  She's so effervescent and cheery.)  And, of course, Joe is adorable in this scene, too -- how he comes to check on her and bring her flowers and tucks her in to bed.  Happies. :)

Okay, so, this one is technically kind of a fantasy, but it's also enough of a chick-flick that I felt justified in including it.  I love this movie; it's very special to me.  Go read the review if you want more deets. :-P

And #1 is . . .

I LOVE THIS MOVIE LIKE REALLY A WHOLE LOT. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  I don't even know if I could fully explain why.  I just do.  :) 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you like chick-flicks?
If so, do we share any favorites?
Are there any you recommend?


  1. I have a confession to make:

    Up until last week, I had never seen a chick-flick that I enjoyed; and to be honest, I thought the whole genre was kind of . . . pointless. BUT that changed when my best friend showed me "Legally Blonde" last Sunday during our 3-day vacation together. It was actually really good!!! And it had a super positive message!!! And it was really empowering!!! And it was FUNNY!!! I was Most Impressed, Jeeves. I really was. And I think I'll probably be watching a few more chick-flicks now :-)

    I want to see "Ten Things I Hate About You." And maybe "While You Were Sleeping" (I watched the trailer, and I wasn't intrigued; but I know trailers in the 90s were usually pretty bad quality, so that doesn't really indicate much).

  2. Great list! I think '10 Things I Hate About You' and 'While you were Sleeping' are probably my favourite Rom-coms of all time, although I'm loving 'Walking on Sunshine' right now - if you like the idea of an 80's pop jukebox-musical it's worth a try, haha

  3. I've seen Penelope. It's amazing! I want to watch Letters to Juliet, I just haven't yet. Ten Things I Hate About You seems really interesting. I'm not into most chick-flicks, but there are some out there that interest me.


  4. I like chick flicks toooooooo!!! At least... I think I do???? I'm not positive if I've watched any that "count."

    But, dude!! You just made me want to watch all of these!!! (Especially 10 Things. That gif where he tries to catch her when she falls off the swing. I need more chick flicks in my life, methinks.)

  5. Ok Olivia, get ready for some squealing because I love this list!!!!

    #10 I haven't actually seen this but I hope to soon.
    #9 I have not seen this one either but I love that gif!!
    #8 What a Girl Wants! I love this movie, let me tell you, I had such a huge crush on Oliver James after watching this. It's one of my favorite movies!
    #7 Haven't seen it
    #6 Haven't seen it but I've heard good things
    #5 You have no idea how much I can quote Leap Year. "Heads I win,tails you lose"
    #4 Yeah.....not seen it
    #3 Nope
    #2 This movie is so cute!!!
    #1 LETTERS TO JULIET!!!! OH MY GOSH MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER. I love it sooooo much!!


  6. I want to see all of these, especially Leap Year and You've got Mail and your two favourites. :-)
    (Yes, you heard that right, Olivia. I have yet to see any of these. IT IS POSITIVELY SHOCKING I KNOW.)

  7. The Proposal, Leap Year, Letters to Juliet, and Penelope are in my top 10 as well. I also love She's the Man. I die laughing every time.

  8. Of these I have only seen Penelope and You've Got Mail, but I really like them, so I should like the others!
    Have you seen The Shop Around the Corner (1940), and In the Good Old Summertime (1949), You've Got Mail is based on both of those. :)

    Have an excellent day Olivia!

    (Your new look!! *happies*)

  9. Hello Olivia! I am pleased to meet you and to discover your lovely blog!

    Oh my, I'm a BIG chick-flick fan XD I've only seen a few of these but I'd love to see some others!

    Leap Year is hilarious!!! Declan is INDEED AWESOME :D

    Awwww YOU'VE GOT MAIL!!! I love Joe(just call me Joe) and Kathleen is just the sweetest thing!! The newly sharpened pencils quote is great :)

    OHHHH LETTERS TO JULIET!!!!!! (pardon all the caps and exclamation marks)BUT OMW, THIS MOVIE <3 <3 <3!! It has to be one of the best chick flicks ever! The story line is just the sweetest and Sophie is a doll and her and Charlie are just adorable <3!!

    Lovely Olivia! I enjoyed reading this and I can't wait to read more!

  10. It's a rare occasion that I watch chick flicks, but my favorite would have to be Confessions of a Shopaholic

    And What a Girl Wants is a funny movie!! Loved it!!!

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    Second, this post was so much fun to read. :D :D

    Third, I have seen You've Got Mail and Leap Year. WOWIVESEENSOMANYCHICKFLICKS. But I loved those movies so I'm super keen to try more!!
    I've always been intrigued by "10 things I hate about you"... mostly because I know the actress from the Bourne series, haha. xD I really want to try that one, though!


    But Letters to Juliet is probably the first one I would choose to see. ;D I LOVE Italy and I love the look of this and Amanda Seyfried and it just looks so appealing and my library has it and I HAVE DECIDED I'M GOING TO WATCH IT AT THE FIRST AVAILABLE MOMENT. :D

    ~Miss Meg


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