Penelope (2007)

Is this not like the coolest movie poster everrrrr?
"You see many stories where the woman says, 'We love you, guys, no matter what you look like,' so I wanted a story where it was giving the women the same."
        ~ Leslie Caveny, writer for Penelope

Christina Ricci stars as Penelope, a lonely heiress who has spent her entire life trying to break a strange family curse that left her with the nose of a pig.  When she meets a charming aristocrat, James McAvoy, who seems to see beyond her physical appearance, Penelope begins to learn that loving herself is more important than breaking the curse.

(I did not write the above summary; it came from the back of the DVD, and I excluded the parentheses where they tell you the other movies in which the actors have acted.  I didn't feel like coming up with an introduction, so I decided to plagiarize.  Usually works;D)

I don't know how my family first came by this movie, but I'm glad we did!  It's a lovely, sweet story (plus it's hilarious), and I really like it.

So, as the aforementioned summary mentions, Penelope is the story of a young woman who had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of a family curse, and as a result, she has had to live with the nose of a pig for all of her twenty-five years.

One of the makers of this movie remarked that they did not want the nose/snout to be overly grotesque…or really, grotesque at all.  (Unless you're Edward, and then you think that she belongs in a cage, but you won't get that joke unless you've watched the movie.)  It looks almost normal--it's completely feasible for people to grow accustomed to it.  It shouldn't interfere with her relationships, yet it does.  It would be delightful to say that everyone were completely accepting of the unique feature, but then there would be no story;)  (Got the reference?  Got it?!)

See?  Not bad at all.

I like Penelope.  Y'see, I have a birthmark on my cheek.  It doesn't sound like a big deal, and really, it's not, but it's a slightly largish dark, hairy thing on my face, and thus, as an adolescent girl, I've had my share of insecurities about it.  So it's cool to have a movie heroine with which to relate--a beautiful, totally lovable movie heroine--who also has a "peculiarity" about her face:)

Penelope has put up with all the planning and the matchmaking for seven years, but she's very understandably beginning to get fed up with it all.  "For seven years, I've been watching them run.  Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?  Do you?"  


…Enter James McAvoy in the form of Max Campion (or is he?!).

I just made you want to watch this movie, didn't I?

Johnny is this affable, rambunctious gambler who is, we get the feeling, dead broke but irrepressibly optimistic about life. Of course, he's chasing the wrong things, trying to fill the void within him, and she must bring him back to true life, dah-dee-dah, it's lovely but we all know it.

However, their relationship has certain…mishaps, shall we say;)  

(Okay.  I'm being seriously distracted by that gif.  THE GRIN.  The grin is a little adorable, you gotta admit.)

Penelope must marry a "blueblood" in order for the curse to be reversed, and Johnny's hiding a secret that impedes their burgeoning romance (several, in fact).  "It's all quite entertaining," and I encourage you to go watch it, but I shan't say anything more than that about the plot due to spoilers and such.

The supporting cast of characters are priceless. I loves them:D  Lemon, Edward, Jessica, Wanda, Annie, Jack…they're just all delightful.  The lines in this movie, though!

"I'm done dating crazy, you know?  Done.  Unless it's meant to be, right?"
~ ~ ~
"I only look stupid."
~ ~ ~ 
"Edward…"  "What?"  "Don't--lick Max."  "Soorry."
~ ~ ~
"Sweet, loving angel of all things merciful!"

I think Lemon and Wanda are my favorite secondaries, character-wise, but I really like Edward, too, I admit it.  He's just funny:  "Fangs?  There are no fangs, Edward."  "Huh.  Well, she must just suck them back into her skull…or something."  

A lot of neat actors and actresses play in it, by the way.  Like, Edward is played by Simon Woods…or Curlytop Bingley…or A New Young Doctor…whichever you prefer;)  (Oh, and Guppy from Bleak House makes an appearance too, if that's any incentive.)  

Does anybody else ship Annie and Jack-the-bartender?  I do.  

I really like Lemon.  Did I mention that?  Yeah, I think I did...

The cinematography makes me happy.  (Experienced connoisseur that I am.  Ha.)  It's edited so that certain scenes look like sultriness, newspaper-rooms and deserted bars (probably because newspaper-rooms and deserted bars are the settings for some parts) and others look like a Disney fairytale.  

It's so savory.  The music is delectable, the dialogue is great, the storyline is original, the characters are awesome, and it's family-friendly!  (It's got the Dove Family Approved and Heartland Truly Moving Picture awards stamped on the case and everything.)  

ALSO.  PENELOPE'S ROOM.  Can I have it?!  Pretty please?!

Go watch it!  As I said, it's family-friendly; I really can't think of any content.  Jessica's clothing dips a bit, I guess…there's kissing that might get a bit intense depending on your Views on such things…there's a small amount of swearing…I really think that's it.  The whole curse thing is a bit weird, but not overly so.  And you get past that pretty quick.  

It's also hilarious, like I mentioned earlier.  When she's walking in the park and the joggers come up behind her?  When Edward and Lemon are answering the advertisement phones?  The "You Are My Sunshine" part?!?!  It's just awesome:D  

It's a fantasy, it's a satire, it's a romance, it's a comedy, it's irresistibly eccentric.  It's quirky and zany and nonsensical and feel-good and emotional and lovely.  

(The second-to-last scene in Johnny's apartment makes me happy.  It's so GOOD :D)


  1. This has always looked like a cute film and I'll watch anything with James McAvoy!

    1. It's adorable! And James McAvoy is really good in it. I think you'd like it, Ivy:D

  2. Ooooo!!!!!!!!!! Now I want to watch it!!!!!!

  3. This looks like such a cute movie . . . :)

  4. Cute . . . I wish I had a tree swing :P

    1. Haha, I know how you feel :D We technically have one, but it isn't super sturdy.

  5. This looks really cute! Great review, Olivia! :)

  6. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! I was so delighted to see your review this morning. :-) And a great review it is too. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :-)

    This is SUCH a weird movie though. I remember the first time I watched it I was like, "What IS this??" But the weirdness only makes it more fun! The characters are great, the dialogue is fresh and you said, it's just an adorably fun movie. :-D

    Oh, that gif of Max though. HIS GRIN. I love it.

    1. Haha, thanks, Emma! I was waiting for your comment;D

      I know!! It's sooooo weird. But then something about it is just so irresistible, too. And I really enjoy the music.

      RIGHT?! The grin. I just can't.

  7. Yeah the Max gif is really wow-I-want-to-see-this-just-for-that-grin-ish. :-P

    I have to be honest; to me this movie looks kind of weird, though. Cute, too, but still weird. I went to see the trailer, and it looks... weird. But still fun. But I'm not sure if it's really my cuppa tea. :-)

    Great review, old chap!

    ~ Naomi

    1. Haha, I know how you feel;)

      Heehee, it certainly has it's...quirks. Yeah, it might not be your favorite :P

      Thanks awfully, old bean!

  8. I have never even heard of this movie At All, and that is rare and weird, so I am off to see if it's available for me to watch at some point, somewhere. It sounds quite fun!

    1. It is quite fun! I hope you can find it, Hamlette! It's really very sweet, and a great family movie (except for a couple very brief parts that are a wee bit creepy for youngsters).

  9. Good review, Olivia. This does look like an interesting movie. Strange, but interesting. (And yes, I think that gif did make me want to see it...heehee.) Part of me agrees with Naomi, though, I'm not sure it would be my cup of tea. Aside from LOTR and Narnia, I'm really not a huge fantasy person. :)

    Thanks for sharing, though. I really enjoyed reading this! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Thanks, Miss March! I totally understand; it's definitely zany! I find I'm not a huge fantasy person in general, i.e. I don't like many other series than Narnia and LotR, but I like a number of "stand-alone" books/movies. :D

      Thank you so much; I'm so glad!:)

  10. This movie is one of my all time favourites. The story is sweet and fun and I LOVE the characters. Penelope is adorable and Johnny....he's amazing. The setting is wonderful, I love the style, the scenes, her friends. Everything.

    1. Yes!! What you said, Jack;)

      Everything is just so ENJOYABLE! Loves it <3

  11. Love this movie! And I love your review, hehe. It's so much fun reading your posts. :D

    1. Me too! Thanks so much, Faith; that means a lot to me! :D

  12. This movie is the best! It has been since 2008 or 2009 since I saw it, but it was so awesome! Very great!!

    Loved your review, Olivia!!!

    (THE ENDING though! I was not expecting that!!! <3333)

    1. It really is, MC! Thanks for commenting; sorry I didn't get to it till now! :-P


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