In which I ramble about various television couples I ardently adore

Well, I'm baaaaaack!  Did you miss me? ;)  (I guess I kind of already announced that I was back in my answers to the Jane Austen tag, but we shan't quibble.)

I've been wanting to do a "TV ship appreciation" kind of post for a while now, so here I am!  There are so many couples from so many TV shows that I just love to pieces, so I'm going to unleash all my feels on you all now.  You have been warned;)  Some of these ships sailed and the two became a couple, some are still airing as series, so it's still up in the air, and some of these ships sunk, but I love them all:)

Oh, and I won't be mentioned all the couples I ship from all the TV shows I like--just the ones that have really been burning in my mind recently (that's an odd way of putting that…).  Hence the lack of certain couples, such as Sookie/Jackson, Rumple/Belle, Chummy/Peter, Guy/Meg, Alfie/Minnie, etc:)

Alec Hardison and Parker (does Parker have a last name??)
From:  Leverage

These twoooo <3  Initially, I actually shipped Parker with Elliot.  I thought they would make a better match, and I'm still very sympathetic to the Elliot/Parker community;D  BUT.  I changed my mind.

Parker and Hardison are just…*sigh*  They're just sweet.  The fact that it takes awhile for their relationship to change from friendship to beaux is nice.  I love how Hardison understands Parker's eccentricities and how deep down she's really very vulnerable; how he protects her; how he does try to "ground" her sometimes.  And conversely, Parker also opens his mind to the more zany side of life and gets him out of his comfort zone, utilizing such tools as literally pushing him off buildings;)

Emma Swan and Killian Jones
From:  Once Upon a Time

Absolutely, without a doubt the BEST SHIP FROM ONCE.  (An argument can be made for Rumbelle, though.)  THEY'RE JUST AWESOME.  I love Neal to death, too, but I think his and Emma's relationship is/should be more of very close friends than romantic interests.  *SPOILERS*  That doesn't mean, though, that I didn't feel it keenly when Neal died and said, "Go find Tallahassee…even if it's not with me."  Did anybody else cry?!?! *END OF SPOILERS*  The last number of episodes in the fourth season were especially feelsy for Captain Swan fans--"Don't you know, Swan?  It's you."--"The worst thing was that I never told him I loved him, not once." 

…Okay, I'm going to stop bombarding you with emotional quotes.  

I like them, suffice it to say;)

Dr. Whale and Ruby
From:  Once Upon a Time

Oh, I'm the only one who ships these two?  Tell that to the makers of all the edits on Google!  HA!  

No, seriously, the scene in that picture I used is what made me ship them, and I STILL THINK THEY SHOULD BE A THING.  But neither Ruby nor Whale have been in the spotlight in Storybrooke of late, so I've well nigh given up hope.  Ah, well.  They will always be one of the best ships that never sailed, if events so turn out.

See, they're so perfectly matched.  Both know what it's like to feel like a monster, both have guilt and regret over things in their pasts, and both eventually come to stability and a sort of peace with it.  How can you watch that episode and not think they should be a couple?!

Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper
From:  Sherlock

Sherlolly (can we talk about how adorable that name is?!) is the ship that has been on my mind the most, recently (except perhaps for Rarian), and consequently this will probably be the one I talk about the most in this post, so prepare thyself.  

I'm just now (as in, since this past summer) getting into the Sherlock fandom--previously, I didn't watch the episodes because they scared me too much.  Now, they still freak the heck out of me, but I watch them anyway;)  I've watched all of the episodes except for "The Hound of the Baskervilles" as of now, I believe, and I don't have any plans to watch HotB, so for all intents and purposes, I'm caught up!  (Mayhap I'll write a review of them one of these days…hmm…that's a tantalizing idea...)  

The utter perfection of these two as a couple just makes me feel like squealing whenever I think about them for too long.  You see, Sherlock, as we all know, is really an abominable human being who also happens to be irritatingly irresistible.  You can't just not love Sherlock, deep down, especially because for all his awful characteristics, in the end, he will do anything for those he loves.  And Molly, while she's obviously twitter-pated with him in the first season, knows how to handle him.  She's been hurt and repulsed by him countless times, yet she loves him quietly and selflessly in spite of him and in spite of herself.  And, as a friend and I were just discussing recently, though Molly is in all respects an "ordinary" person (aren't ordinary people adorable?;D)--unless they come up with another "big shocker reveal" and it turns out that she's actually a criminal mastermind, like the creators of this show apparently like to have happen--she is not a doormat.  She tells Sherlock off when he needs it, such as when she comes in to the Christmas party and he is his usual jerky self, she doesn't just stand there and take it.  She speaks up for herself and tells him some hard truths.  She does that again in the last episode of the third season ("How dare you throw away the beautiful gifts you were born with!").  I JUST LOVE HER.

You died.  You know you did.

THIS SCEEEEEEEENE ASLDMGPHAKSLASDKGJASDGFL!  Her little jump when he startles her, and then the dialogue, and his eeeeyyyyyyeeeees and he loves her so much and THEY ARE A THING, OKAY?!  I don't care if they haven't been "canonized" or whatever the expression is.  They must and will become a couple.  Did you watch that scene after his Big Return when they're talking about her engagement (which was so not even legit, in my opinion) and his line, "The one person he thought didn't matter at all to me was the one person who mattered the most." and how he kissed her cheek?  Did you?  THIS SHIP MUST SAIL.  

*breathes deeply*  Okay.  I am calm.  

Sybil Crawley and Tom Branson
From:  Downton Abbey

'Nuff said.

[Before you get too excited, Emma and Naomi, I have to tell you that I don't watch Downton anymore (we became thoroughly fed up with how many deaths there were).  BUT, when I did, Sybil and Branson were without a doubt THE best evah, and you both understand why I must now writhe on the floor in agony over the PAIN.  (Not literally, of course.  That'd just be taking it a bit too far.)]

Dr. Turner and Sister Bernadette/Sheila
From:  Call the Midwife

Phew, BBC knows how to take it out of you emotionally.  (Can I get an amen?!)  

I liked these two, especially because the show didn't take their relationship inappropriate places, if you know what I mean.  I was convinced that "something" would happen between them while she was still a nun, and that would have been just plain wrong.  BUT, the makers handled this plot element deftly, and I was satisfied and appreciative of how everything worked out.  

They're just too darling, no?:)

Robin Hood and Lady Marian
From:  Robin Hood

SQUUUUUUEEEEEEEE!  I know these possibly shouldn't even count as a ship, since we all know that Robin will/should end up with Marian due to the fact that we all know how the Robin Hood stories go, but I'm including them anyway because I just love them to bitsy bits.  

I like the expansion and interpretation of their relationship in this show, and though it will rip your heart out mercilessly and leave you reduced to desolate ashes make you sad at certain parts *ahem*, in the end, it's gorgeous, and JUST WOW.  

I don't even know what else to say about these two.  Words fail, and whatnot.  Oh, but gals, I tell you, there's nothing better for a long car ride than when you're listening to your iPod, and a song that has nothing whatever to do with Rarian comes on, but it's just so amazingly applicable, and you start visualizing a music video in your mind.  T'is soooo stimulating and enjoyable.  The two that happened for me this past trip were "Already Gone" by Kelly Clarkson (it would make for a really sad but really good music video) and "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" from the animated movie Hercules.  IWS would make one of THE MOST ADORABLE videos everrrrr, and it would be a consolation after AG;)

This collage has too much Kate and too little Allan.  But I still like it.

Kate and Allan-a-Dale
From:  Robin Hood

*glares furiously at Kate*  I don't think I can forgive her.  SHE DIDN'T EVEN SHOW A HINT OF EMOTION WHEN…oh, what's the use.  What's done is done, and what never happened can't happen now.  

ButseriouslywhattheheckImeanthatsceneinRufus'housealonewasenoughto…sigh.  Kate, you're an idiot.  Robin, you're an idiot for encouraging her, and John?!  What the heck were you doing?!  You call that advice?!  

I think I've ranted about this enough.  I should stop.  

Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore
From:  Gilmore Girls

They're just the cutest love-hate relationship you're ever going to find.  They drive each other nuts and yet they couldn't live without each other.  Hearts <3

Cutest couple, but apparently edit-makers don't agree.
Lane Kim and Zack
From:  Gilmore Girls

These two are probably my favorite of the Gilmore Girls couples, even though I haven't watched the episodes when they officially become a thing.  Oh, but I did watch their wedding episode, and OHHH THE CUTENESS!  And I've selected scenes on YouTube:)

"I got it at the pawn shop.  It belonged to an elk or a deer or something."  :D :D :D

What are some of your favorite television couples?  
What say you all to a similar post, but concerning book couples?



  1. I really want to see OUAT and I know that I will be a Captain Swan.

    Yes do a book couples one!!

    1. Ooh, you should! I think you'd like it:D

      Thank you, I think I will!

  2. It's too late! I got excited as soon as I saw Branson's beautiful face!!!!


    Okay, I guess I can kiiiind of understand how you might have gotten fed up with DA. (I've gotten fed up with it many times myself, believe it or not, but I'm such a devoted fan that I can never stop watching it now. It's in my blood. I care too much about these fake people to let them go on without me.) May I ask when you stopped watching it? If it was before season two, then you need to rethink your decision. Season two is THE BEST. And Branson and Sybil are SOOOOOOO ROMANTIC.

    Haven't seen Robin Hood, but I've just got to say that the dude who plays Robin is extremely attractive. ;-)

    1. Haha! I thought you might;) I know! The second season was my favorite, I think; we stopped watching at...I wanna say the third season finale? Whichever one in which a certain man whose name begins with 'M' dies, if you catch my drift. Sybil and Branson in the second season were SO. AWESOME.

      Haha, yes, ahem--it is rather an attractive picture of him, I must say;) Actually, there's a music video you might like...I'll have to pass you the link sometime;)

  3. So many ships! SO MANY FEELS!

    Yes, Captain Swan forever!! They are the best thing OUAT had ever done!

    No, you are not the only one shipping Ruby and Dr Whale, there definitely was a connection. So sad they didn't explore it more.

    SHERLOLLY! So amazing. I love how much their relationship has developed since the first episode, especially in TRF the way Molly saw right through him..
    (by the way to avoid HOB is a perfectly sound descision if you are easily scared, that episode is terrifying at times)

    Robin and Marian are just one of those couples that are meant to be no matter what. (Which made the end of the show so much more beautiful and heartbreaking)

    YES, Kate and Allan should have been a thing! They had much better chemistry than Kate and Robin ever had.

    Such a lovely post! I agree with all the ships I know of.
    (I deliberately didn't read your Gilmore Girls paragraph because I still miss the last season and am avoiding spoilers, but no matter how it ends I am still of the opinion that Lorelai and Luke are the cutest couple ever)

    1. YES YES!!

      I agree with you there! Captain Swan is the BEST:D

      I'm not? Oh, good! Exactly! There was absolutely "a thing" and it's just a shame they didn't elaborate, as you say.

      Yeeeeeeeeeessssss *sniffles at the awesomeness* "I don't count", anyone? (Thanks, yeah, that's why I'm not gonna watch it. Easily scared and all that.)

      EXACTLY! The pain and beauty and gahhh-ness of Rarian!

      Yep. Kate/Robin irritate the heck out of me, but it helps to just think of how totally illegitimate it is.

      Thank you so much! Ah, yes, I haven't watched all of GG either.

  4. I had to skim ones I hadn't see the TV show of yet BUT awesome list! I LOVE Parker and Hardison SO MUCH!!!! But you knew that. I could see Elliot and Parker getting together maybe but I like Parker and Hardison together better. :) I really need to watch the rest of Once Upon a Time... I only watched the first season about two years ago and I was so obsessed with it I had to step back and the nursing school happened. :( And Dr. Turner and Sister Bernadette was the BEST THING EVER!!!!! I wanted them to get together SO BADLY but yeah, I too was worried about what direction they would go with it but thankfully it all worked out. :) You need to go watch Doctor Who.... there's even MORE couples to love in it... though most people's favorite is not mine but oh well. :)

    1. Thanks so much!:D Pardison forever!:D

      I definitely understand getting too involved in TV shows! *coughRobinHoodahem* The third season is the best of Once, I think:D

      AREN'T THEY PRECIOUS! I know, I was all: "Well…I really WANT them to be together, but I SHOULDN'T, should I?"

      Haha so I've been told;)

  5. Would you believe I haven't seen ANY of these TV shows? (We don't watch much TV at our house except for sports, etc. I'm more of a movie person anyways :) )

    Wait--in "Call the Midwife," is there a nun who STOPS being a nun? Because if there is I will freak out. No offense to anybody, but I will freak out.

    Marian and Robin Hood look so cuuuuuuuuuuuute. (If I'm allowed to use the word "cute" to describe a doomed romance from the Middle Ages--somehow that seems to call for a more "profound" adjective :) )

    1. Haha, I understand. We don't have TV, but we have Netflix, so that's how I've watched most of these:D

      I knew I should have clarified that section! No, no offense taken! I would completely freak out too if I were you. Okay, SO. Basically, CtM centers around a place called Nonnatus House (maybe you already know all this, but just in case), which is run by a group of nuns. HOWEVER, somehow they aren't Catholic nuns, they're Protestant nuns. Whhhhaaaaaat? I'm still confused by that. I didn't really know you COULD be a nun unless you were Catholic, but anyway. I think the situation here was that Bernadette hadn't taken all/any of her vows yet? I'm not entirely sure, because I don't know how the order works, but I do know that she was a Protestant Sister who received a release--or something, I don't quite know the wording--from her Mother Superior figure. I'm sorry, I know that wasn't a very satisfactory or sufficient explanation…it's hard to explain.

      THEY ARE THEY'RE ADORABLE:D Even if it is…gah just DONT' GET ME STARTED. Heehee;)

    2. Okay, that makes a lot more sense! Thanks so much for explaining, because, you know, I was a bit worried. Cause sometimes Catholic nuns DO leave to get married or something even AFTER they've taken their vows, but they're really, really not supposed to do that and so I'm glad that's not what the show's about!

      Yes, I do seem to remember hearing something vague about how there are a few Protestant orders of sisters, as well as Catholic ones. Maybe it's an Anglican thing? Anyway, I bet the rules are different. Like, maybe they don't take "permanent" vows. Or maybe it's like Maria in The Sound of Music, where she was "in training" to be a nun but hadn't taken any vows, and that's how come she can leave to marry the Captain.

      Anyway, thanks for setting my mind at rest :) It does sound like a lovely story!

    3. Sure thing! I'm so glad it helped!

      Yeah, probably. I feel like they explained it in the show, but I wasn't paying close enough attention;) SoM! Loves it!

      Of course! It definitely is--Turner and Bernadette are more secondary characters, but they're really sweet :)

  6. PARKER AND HARDISON ARE SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN!!! I just watched the episode with the chess game and Sterling's daughter and when Hardison dances with Parker to help her get used to the heavy boots and then hums for her!"I got you girl! I got you!" ahhhhhh So cute! And the pretzels :D
    I can see people shipping Parker/Eliot, but I get more of a big brother/annoying little sister vibe. "Does this hurt? How about this?" I just really love this show :D
    I haven't seen any of the other shows you showed, but I would definitely be interested in a book shipping post!
    Oh, and I ship Robin and Marian in the Disney fox version because Robin is just perfect!!!

    1. AREN'T THEY JUST?!?! I knooooooooow--I love that dancing-on-the-boots part:D "Pretzels!" And isn't it adorable in the fake psychic episode when Parker runs off crying and Hardison's reaction is "He should be SHOT"?!:D

      I really love this show, too! I know it's cheesy in parts but I don't care:D

      Thanks! I think I'll post one one of these days…it'd be fun!

      The Disney version is just SO AWESOME. It's a thing:)

  7. So, I haven't seen Leverage, or Once Upon a Time, or Downtown Abbey, or Call the Midwife or Gilmore Girls (although that lady, Lorelai, is an actress I'm familiar with - off The Pacifier :P) but I've heard of all of them. However. The ones I DO know....ohmygosh YESSSS!!
    Sherlolly (I didn't even know their 'ship' name) are one of my favourites. Coincidentally, Sherlock is one of my favourite TV shows. :D (It's just a shame there's quite a lot of Bad Stuff in it. >.<) But I find Sherlock and Molly perfect for each other! And I perfectly remembering squealing when I watched that episode, about a year ago, when the lines, "What do you need?" "You." were spoken. :D AHHH. And then all her weird boyfriends/engagements stuff was just a silly side thing, they were TOTALLY meant for each other! (I found it hilarious how they mentioned once that she dated Moriaty. Her immediate reaction, "I ended it!" Haha.) Yes, they HAVE to become a couple!! I hope they take note of that, for the next season. (Wouldn't it be amazing to see Molly dressed up in a hoop skirt for the Christmas special, where they're taken back to the 1800s?! XD) Also, I've seen all the episodes except for A Scandal in Belgravia for Obvious Reasons, and The Hound of the Baskervilles was one of my favourites. ;) I don't get scared easily, though, and was excited to be a tinsy bit scared in watching HotB, because it was so thrilling! It was one of the best, IMHO, but if you don't like getting scared, that I suppose I'd encourage you not to see it. Have you read the books? I recently read A Study in Scarlet (BTW, A Study in Pink is my favourite Sherlock episode, ATM) and Hound of the Baskervilles. They were both fantastic. :D Okay, shutting up......Sherlock is just one of my, ahem, let's say 'things'? ;)
    Robin and Marian! SQUEEE! They're so sweet. :) And both good looking, hehe. :P They're just completely and utterly a couple and will always remain so. I love seeing them together.
    Kate and Allen! Ooh! I don't like Kate either. :P But I'm warming to Allen very much - he's so interesting and forgivable somehow! When he died, it was ssooo sad.....I cried, of course. :( *sniff* Kate's not good enough for him in my opinion. ;P
    Some more of my TV couples that are favourites:
    -Will and Djaq. Oooooohhh booooy, don't get me started! ;D
    -Anne and Gilbert. Because they're just the Classic Couple, hehe.
    -Cinderella and Kit. Because, DUH. ;P
    -Faramir and Eowyn/Aragorn and Arwen/Sam and Rosie. I LOVE THEM ALL.
    -Beatrix Potter and Norman Warne. I've researched their true love story, which is similar to how the movie portrays, and it's SO GORGEOUSLY SWEET.
    I had some more in my head before I wrote this comment, but now I've forgotten.... :/ Well, I should be going now. Oh, and by the way, please DO write another with book couples! :D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. SHERLOLLY!!!!!!!:D I know. Yes to everything you said! Haha! I know! Her little, "Technically, he was never my boyfriend. We went out three times. *I* ended it." XD Yes, I want to see Molly in the hoop skirt! Sherlock and Molly are just so….*blissful sigh* Yeah, the Scandal in Belgravia is…somethin'. It doesn't get THAT bad, but it's also certainly skip-able:-/ Yep, that's the thing--I'd be too scared of HotB. I haven't read any yet! I need to one of these days:D Thanks for such a long, squee-ful Sherlock thing!:D

      Haha, aren't they, though?! So many awesome couples in that tv show…

      YES TO ALL THE SHIPS!!!! Well, I haven't watched Miss Potter in a VERY long time, so I can't really comment on that one, but still;)

      Thank you! I think I will:D

  8. Oh, but I got excited when I saw the picture!!!! BRANSON AND SYBIL OH BRANSON AND SYBILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I'm forever weeping.

    And seriously, I you haven't seen season 2. PLEASE WATCH SEASON TWO. It's amazing and it'll DO THINGS to you. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. I meant to say: *Seriously, have you seen season 2?* Soary. :-/

    2. I know how you feel, Naomi--I'm rather forever weeping myself :'(

      Yes! The second season was the BEST! Out of the three I watched, that is;)

  9. Oh my the feels.... I loved your choices.

    Captain Swan!!! Oh my soul they are the best couple eva. Just like, that part when Hook tells Emma that she is his happy ending, I can't. Yes, I was tearing up when Neal died, and said that line. Mom was to.

    We can't forget Rumpbelle either, I still have hope for them! I never really thought about Ruby and Dr. Wale, but I will help that ship sail, they are really cute together!! I was just to busy being creeped out by Wale to notice. ;)

    SHERLOLLY. I will captain that ship if no one else does... Anyone who says that is not a ship can disappear now. Although I am really jealous of Molly, since I'm kinda in love with Sherlock. A strange day it was when I realized I was in love with a highly functioning sociopath. :)

    Lovely post m'dear, so glad you are back! I missed you! ;)

    1. I know right! Thanks, Abby!:)

      I knoooooooooow--Hook loves her so much. <3

      Yes! (Haha, well, to be fair, Wale is a bit of a creep;))

      SHERLOLLY I KNOW I JUST CANNOT. Thank you! You underSTAND. How can people not see that as a ship?!?! Haha, indeed, wasn't it for all of us;)

      Thank you so much! I missed you too, Abby!:D

  10. I haven't seen any of these TV shows. No, I'm not kidding :P

    Awwww Sybil :)

    A NUN who STOPS BEING a NUN?!! Did I read that right? Okay. Now I AM confused. Could someone please explain this to me? I just don't get it :P

    1. Haha, that's okay;) I do think you'd like some of them, though, Rosie!:D

      Yeah...I really should have clarified that paragraph...if you go back up to Jessica's comment, I sort of quasi explained it there.

  11. OH MY GOSH. ALL OF THESE SHIPS. ALL OF THEM. I'm such a hardcore fangirl and so when I saw this post on my made me happy. CaptainSwan is just.... and Sherlolly is just... and all of them are just...perfect. You kind of made my inner fangirl freak out. XD

    1. YAY!!!! It makes me really happy that I made your inner fangirl freak out, Laura, because that's what my I.F. has been doing and it's so nice to have other people to share these squeals with:D

  12. ROBIN AND MARIAN FOREVER!!!!! I was hoping you'd include them in your list!!!!!!

    Hehehehehee...well, my dear. I have a surprise for you. Someone DID put them to "Already Gone".

    !!! I hope you like it. I got so excited when you said that and I was like, "hey!! I think I remember seeing a video of them with that song!""

    AND I TOO THOUGHT OF THEM IN REFERENCE TO I WON'T SAY I'M IN LOVE. Someone put them to that song too, but it wasn't very well done. The editing and such. But still. Awwwwwww

    Don't even get me started on Kate. As you well know.

    Have you ever read Outlaws of Sherwood by Robin McKinley? I just did and it was soooo good.

    1. I'm not sure if that link will work, so here it is again just in case:

      It's sooooo saddddd....

    2. WHHHAAAAAT?!?! Someone already did?! YAYSIES! But dad-blast it, my computer won't let me view it on either of the links because it's "unavailable in restricted mode." Grr. Do you know who the Youtuber is? Maybe I could type it directly into the search engine and bring it up that way...

      RIGHT?!?! Right?! You and I should make a GOOD one one of these days XD It'd just be so perfect with Marian and all her secret smiles and the line "Who you think ya kidding? He's the earth and heaven to you..." It'd just be SO CUTE!!!! I'm glad you think so too:D

      Yes *ahem* We probably shouldn't get started on her.

      I haven't! But I've read/heard of that author so I'd definitely be interested!

    3. Sorry it took me so long to reply!
      YES they did!! The youtuber is FairyKingdom86...the video is called "Robin & Marian: Already Gone".

      If that doesn't work, I could email it to you.I was able to download the video and I could send it to you directly, without youtube. :)

      I knooooowww...sooo perfect!! The song fits so well!

    4. Oh, that's fine! Okay, so, I found the user, but I couldn't find the video :P

      Yay! Maybe you could email it, then? My address is I'd really appreciate it if you could!:D

  13. I haven't seen any of these TV shows, so I can't say much about them, but the Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper relationship sounds very intriguing. I like when the girl loves the guy, but is still able to stand up to him and give him some hard honest truths. That's just great. :)

    Oh wait! Let me amend that. I HAVE seen one of these TV shows. That would be Downton Abbey. And I totally agree with you. Branson and Sybil were a darling couple! Probably my favorite couple in the whole show. I wish they'd focused a little more on their story...and uh...kept Sybil alive, perhaps? That would have been nice.

    I would totally been interested in reading a post like this about book couples. That is an excellent idea! Please do it!

    ~Miss March

    1. Yes, Sherlolly is a really intriguing and sweet relationship. I know, isn't it great when the girl isn't afraid to straighten the guy out, but she still loves him?

      YES. WHY JULIAN FELLOWES. Her death was the saddest :'(

      Thanks so much! I hope to post it soon:)

  14. hehehe cough12andclaracough or cough12andmecough- that second ones from my friends.. :P

    1. Haha! I know, I should watch the show just for 12! I want to see this guy;)


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