In which I ramble about various book couples I ardently adore

Since you all were so kind as to give my television couples post a wonderfully warm reception, here I am with my suggested book-ship post! :)  The same caveats apply:  these are by no means all the couples I ship from books, and I must admit that most of the ships I'll list here actually sunk, but no matter.  Hope you enjoy!  I tried to pick those couples that were not totally obvious or that I didn't know from the beginning would end up together (case in point, there are no LotR ships in this post).  Let's get started, shall we?

Be aware:  spoilers, of course, follow;)

Julie Wallace and Graham Gillin (I think that was his last name?)
From:  Julie by Catherine Marshall

I was disappointed that Julie did not end up with Graham at the close of Julie.  (Of course, I was a bit disappointed in that whole book, but that is nothing to the purpose.)  I think the relationship between Julie and Graham had the most depth to it out of all Julie's (manifold) beaux.  It had a bit of a rocky start, but at least they actually got to know one another.  At least their relationship was founded on a little bit more than infatuation.  

Is this not like the cutest picture ever?! 

Digory Kirk and Polly Plummer
From:  The Magician's Nephew by C. S. Lewis

I really wish Digory and Polly had become a thing.  They're just so priceless together :D  They had their quarrels and their differences, but in the end they were always a sweet duo who understood each other and were the best of friends, standing by one another through thick and thin.  I think theirs would have been a happy relationship, had it ever evolved.  

Jordan Baker and Nick Carroway
From:  The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Literally the only compelling, potentially healthy relationship in the book.  Of course it falls apart.

Shasta/Cor and Aravis
From:  The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis

YES!  Called it! :D

Shasta (or Cor, whichever you personally prefer) and Aravis make me sooo happy.  I was listening to Alex Jenning's recording of THaHB recently, and THEY ARE JUST THE BEST.  When he goes back to fight the lion…and then when he returns from the battle and they're acting really awkward around each other…and then how he describes their relationship:  "when they grew up, they got married, so as to go on doing it more conveniently."  

These two just make me HAPPY.  (You said that already, m'dear.)  :) :) :)

Yes, yes, I know it's not technically what happened.

Una Meredith and Walter Blythe
From:  Rilla of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery

"Una shook hands quietly, looking at him with wistful, sorrowful, dark-blue eyes.  But then Una's eyes had always been wistful.  Walter bent his handsome black head in its khaki cap and kissed her with the warm, comradely kiss of a brother.  He had never kissed her before, and for a fleeting moment Una's face betrayed her, if anyone had noticed.  But nobody did…"  


Naomi, you understand.  Words fail.  

Tom Shaw and Polly Milton
From:  An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott

I've only read this once, something I need to remedy, but I remember really liking their relationship.  Warm fuzzies, and all that :D

Neela and The Guy (I can't remember his name, but the soldier guy she hides)
From:  Neela:  Victory Song by Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni

This is one of those Girls of Many Lands books--you know, the subset of American Girl?  If any of you have read it, you probably know who I'm talking about.  Anyway, I always really wished that Neela and whats-his-name had ended up together.  I "wrote" fan fiction plots and acted them out with my Neela doll and one of my brother's GI Joes.  I was that committed;)  

Bardia and Orual
From:  Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis

That is, I WOULD ship these two, wholeheartedly, but for the fact that Bardia is married *scowls at his ill judgement*  I can choose to believe, however, that Bardia was not married when he first met Orual.  (It probably says he is in the book, though.)  

But honestly.  THE PAIN.  I know the whole impossibility of a relationship between the two of them contributes to the drama and emotionalism of the story, but I think Bardia could have/should have seen past Orual's "ugliness".  Wouldn't they be a good couple?  Wouldn't they?!  

Rebecca Randall and Adam Ladd
From:  Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin

I'm not a pedophile, I promise!  The idea is suggested in the latter portion of the book, after all.  Do they actually become a couple in any of the sequels?  Anybody know?  

I couldn't find a SINGLE PICTURE OF THEM FROM THE BOOKS.  This is making me very upset.

Andres Montoya/Papá and Tía Dolores
From:  the Josefina books by Valerie Tripp

I remember being SO happy when these two became engaged at the end of Changes for Josefina.  So much joy :D  Really, though, are they not an awesome couple, those of you who have read the books?  Totes adorbs :)


  1. Eeeeeee!!!!!!

    YES!!! Cor and Aravis!! Of the 4 C.S. Lewis books that I have read, THaHB was my favorite!! I really should read the last 3 books!!

    TOM AND POLLY!!!!!!! I love those two SOOOO much!!! We really need a good version of that story!! Want to join me on a Pinterest board to fan-cast it?

    Yes, yes, YES!!!!! Rebecca Randall and Adam Ladd!!! I don't know if they get together in any of the sequels (if there are sequels), but I have always thought that they did. Shall we fan-cast that as well?

    1. Isn't it just the BEST?!:D And yes, you really should!

      Oooh! Yes, please, let's do! I'd love to fan-cast those! I haven't read An Old-Fashioned Girl in a while, though, so maybe we should start with RoSF?

  2. Lovely!! Yes! I ship Polly and Digory so much! And Cor and Aravis. And I also ship Jill and Eustace. They are so sweet.

    Aww, I remember the Josefina books! I have that doll to! :) Yes, Papa and Tia Dalma are very sweet, but I just really remeber being a bit weireded out because that was Josefina's aunt.. I was young. ;)

    Lovely post!

    1. I know, they're all so adorable:D (Though for some reason--I was actually thinking about this the day I posted this--I don't ship Jill and Eustace, and I have NO IDEA WHY I DON'T. It doesn't make sense.)

      Yay, someone else!:) Haha, I get that. I'm loaning the books to a little girl at my church, and when she found out that Papa and Tia Dolores get married, she had the exact same reaction :D

  3. You posted one of those lovely, old-timey pictures of a guy and a girl under an umbrella . . . Why are umbrellas so romantic?! It happens in Little Women (Mr. Bhaer and Jo). And it happens in Anne of the Island (Roy and Anne).

    Walter should not have died. He was one of my favorite characters . . . And Una would have made the perfect wife for him!

    1. RIGHT?! Umbrellas just Have A Thing, I suppose.

      Mine, too! I could really relate to him…and yes, Una and he would have been perfect! *sniffles*

  4. So, I must admit I skimmed half of this to avoid spoilers, but what I did read was perfect.

    Did you skip Anne/Gilbert because it's too obvious? Because they're great. xD Have you read Emily of New Moon? I'd love to know whom you ship in that series.

    Oh, and by the by, lovely Frozen gif. :)

    1. Haha, I don't mind! I'm just glad you read any of it and commented:D

      Hehe, yeah. Just because I've always KNOWN they would end up together from time immemorial, y'know, from having watched it practically all my life and just always "knowing" I guess. Ooh, ooh, Emily of New Moon! Yes, I remember shipping Emily VERY DECIDEDLY with one of the guys over the other, but since it's been so long since I've read it I can't remember with whom. Drat. I'll try to get back to you when I re-read it, haha!:D

      Thaaaaaanks :D I'm starting to get "back into" Frozen lately! (Not that I was ever really NOT into it, but you know.)

    2. There was one man I REALLY shipped Emily with, but it didn't happen...tragically. :(

      Haha, I was not into it for awhile. But I'm letting myself back into the fandom now:D

    3. That stinks:(

      Haha, glad I'm not the only one;)

  5. NARNIA!!!!

    Awwwwwwwwwww. That picture of Digory and Polly is just TOO precious. I love them . . . although I'll admit that I never actually thought of them as a "couple," cause I first read the book when I was quite young, and I wasn't really into "shipping" people back them. But I do love them. They're such a great pair. Same goes for Cor and Aravis. Love them too.

    What are your views on Jill and Eustace? They're one of my favorite Narnia "pairs" :) Oh, by the way . . . am I the only one who is disappointed because Lucy has no real love interest in any of the stories, ever? That would have been SO sweet to watch, if it had happened. She's my favorite C.S. Lewis character. Always. :)

    Rilla of Ingleside is just so powerful. As they say, I can't even :)

    1. Isn't it, though?! I fangirled a little when I saw it:D That makes perfect sense! I don't think I shipped them when I was younger either.

      Actually, that's exactly what's happened with Jill and Eustace, for me. For reasons passing my understanding, I don't ship them, which doesn't make any sense whatever seeing as how I ship the other two child pairs. Maybe it's because I WAS really young when I first read/watched Jill and Eustace? I'm not sure.

      Aww, yeah! I hadn't thought too much about the lack of love interest for Lucy…I know some people ship her with Mr. Tumnus, though. Which is weird and all, but I can kiiiiiiiinda see where they get it. :D Lucy is awesome.

      Haha, I know the feeling;)

    2. Mr. Tumnus . . . ? Huh. I can see what they mean, I guess . . . but nope, I wouldn't personally consider that an actual "ship." I think they're just really close friends. Rosie's probably right--C.S. Lewis probably just never intended for Lucy to have a love interest in the first place. Yeah, she's wonderful. I relate to her a lot, except I think she's even MORE imaginative and "dreamy" than I am. I'm a fairly respectable "dreamer" in my own right--being an INFJ and all--but Lucy is even more so. I LOVE HER SO MUCH THOUGH. She's the bestest.

    3. Haha, yeah;) When I first watched the newer movies, I thought they were almost "trying" to make them into a ship. So for the sake of that, I "get it" as a ship, like you said, but I don't personally ship them myself. I mean, I guess I COULD…

      That's so cool! I kind of wish I related to Lucy more--I mean, in the dreamy sense, I do (INFJ high-five!), but I kind of relate a bit more to Susan. (Probably why I'm so protective of her as a character, hehe…) But I agree--Lucy is an awesome character. She's so faithful! She never loses faith in Aslan, which I really admire, especially as someone who feels a bit more like Susan sometimes.


    Namely, Digory and Polly. I really love them, I do . . . Oh, and there's Cor and Aravis. I really think those two might be my favorite Narnia "couple." I don't really ship Jill and Eustace, (sorry Jessica!).

    However it definitely would have been awesome for Lucy to have someone too . . . But about that. Y'know, this is gonna sound crazy, but I think C.S. Lewis did that on purpose. To make a point. Like with Susan. It was an allegory, and I think when he didn't "pair" Lucy with anyone, it was to show that she was totally committed to Aslan and not interested in anything else. Does that make sense?

    I still wish she had someone, though. Same goes for Peter. AND I really wish Susan hadn't "gone bad", as it were . . . *sighs*.


      P.S. It is an amazing, beautiful, lovely, wonderful, thrilling, warm, fuzzy, terrific, super book, aaaaaannnd just the BESTEST of Montgomery's works.

      P.P.S. I guess I did have a few words, after all. Anywho.

    2. You don't have to ship Jill and Eustace. It's okay ;) I just think they go pretty well together. I don't know . . . I personally like them a bit better than Cor and Aravis, even though I realize that C + A make a great couple too. It's just that Aravis is . . . Not Like Me. At All. If you Know What I am Saying. ;)

    3. Mmmm. Well. I Do Know What You Are Saying. But if you think about it, Aravis is a *little* bit like me. Bold and brash, you know. While Jill, well, SHE is Not Like Me. At All. So yeah . . . We both agree on Rilla Of Ingleside, at any rate :)

    4. That's okay! That's kind of what I was getting at--you probably like Aravis more because you can relate to her better. Whereas I relate a bit better to Jill . . . not as well as I relate to Lucy, but then Lucy doesn't have a love interest (like we talked about) so there's no "ship."

    5. That's a very good point, Rosie! He totally might have done that…it definitely sounds plausible;) Yes, it makes perfect sense! Great thought!


      Aasldkhfakslhgakajskdlgaskjdg I know. "I guess I did have a few words…" Haha;)

  7. Hmm....which ones of these do I know....
    Oh, the Magician's Nephew - Digory and Polly! Yes, they are pretty cute. :) And the other Narnia book - with Shasta/Cor and Aravis. Gosh, I haven't read those books for aaaaages.....
    Oh dear, maybe I shouldn't have read your one on An Old Fashioned Girl. :P I'm hoping to get it for Christmas, and I've never read it before. Oh well, I bet I'll forget the guy's name. ;)
    I haven't read Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm for such a long time, I don't really remember him....I mustn't have liked him that much. :P Oh, wait, Alan Ladd....wasn't he the guy that she thought sounded like Aladdin or something? Hmm....maybe I do remember him. :P
    Well, those are all the ones I know. The ones I like in books are normally 'obvious' ones, so it would probably be boring (y'know, Anne and Gilbert because wow they're perfect, Jo and Fritz from Little Women etc) so I'll leave it at that. :) (And I have a sneaky suspicion you mentioned that the LoTR characters weren't in there was partially for me....because I had to bring them up last time. They're just too perfect to skip over. :D)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Oh, dear! Yes, we'll hope you forget his name:D

      Yeah, I think she said something about his name sounding like Aladdin. That's the one:)

      Haha, they're not boring! I just wanted to talk about some of the "less evident" ones, I guess?;) (Why, whatever WOULD give you that idea?;D Haha it was partially for you, but partially just 'cause I was seriously debating putting in some of my other more "obvious" couples and I wanted to explain why they weren't there, hehe;))


    *End of comment because feelings are too high*

    ~ Naomi

    They totally are a thing *coughs once*

  10. I love Aravis and and Cor! Arguing more conveniently is a great reason to get married. ;) And I find it funny you include some American Girl couples. I was always a Josefina fan as a kid and I loved Tia Dolores and Papa's relationship too. :) And Walter and Una was just cruel and sad! Ahhhhh! Love this post. :)

    1. Right?! I love how he puts that :D Eeeeek, you recognize them! And you were a Josefina person too! I know. WHY LUCY WHY. Thanks so much!:)

  11. Like it. Like it. Like it! This was a very fun post, Olivia, and I'm so thrilled by the number of couples I recognized! Digory and Polly! Oh, dear, yes! Of course they should have gotten married. Except...then that would mean that the Professor in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe would have to be married, and that doesn't seem to fit somehow. Does it? What do you think?

    I've never read The Great Gatsby, but your quote: "Literally the only compelling, potentially healthy relationship in the book. Of course it falls apart." Oh! I can feel the frustration! I so dislike it in books (or movies) when there isn't one decent couple to root for; and then when there IS one they die or something, and it all comes to naught. Grrrr...

    Haha! Shasta and Aravis! You called it! :) Way to go, girl!

    Okay, I think I need to read Rilla of Ingleside...

    TOM AND POLLY! Yes, yes, yes! They are an adorable couple! Aren't you so glad they end up together? Louisa May Alcott certainly knows how to end things satisfactorily. :D

    Heehee. Neela and "The Guy." I've never heard of this book before, but I just had to comment on your very orginial name choice. "The Guy." I like it. :D

    Rebecca Randall and Adam Ladd. Yes, of course. They must get married. All the evidence points in that direction. I don't know that there's an actual sequel with the answer to this question, but I think it's safe enough to assume that, that's how it ended. After all, why not? There's on one to tell us different.

    ~Miss March

    1. Thanks so much, Miss March! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Hmm, that's a good point. Isn't Polly supposed to be Mrs. MacCready? I thought I'd read or heard that somewhere…but I don't really like to think of her growing up like she's portrayed in the movie :-P I dunno…it WOULD be kind of strange for the Professor to be married…but I think that overall I'd be willing to have that in exchange for Polly and Digory getting married:D

      YOU UNDERSTAND. It's just…annoying.

      Haha, thanks;) I remember being SO excited when they get married at the end, the first time I heard the book:)

      I think you do, too. It's not one of my favoritest books, but it's pretty doggone amazing. And emotional.

      YUSSS SHE DOES. I love Alcott :D

      Hehe, thank you. I try;)

      Just so! (I mentioned the sequel because in the back of the book I have, it mentions a book called "Further Chronicles of Rebecca" or something like that, which apparently narrates her life through the age of 18.) They shall get married :D

    2. Oh, no. I'm pretty sure Mrs. MacCready and Polly are not one and the same. That would be awful! Because, you're right, Mrs. MacCready is not a very likeable character--at least according to the movies--and I'm sure Polly could not have grown up to be someone like her. Polly makes an appearance in The Last Battle--still good friends with Digory--and she's not at all like Mrs. MacCready, so yeah...I think Mrs. MacCready is just a random lady who keeps house for Professor Kirk. No connection to Polly whatever. :) Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad for the Professor to be married. It's nice having him and Polly together again in The Last Battle, and I can more easily see him as a married man in that story.

      I've heard of "Further Chronicles of Rebecca." In fact, I was looking it up the other night to see if I could find out anything about Adam and Rebecca so I could comment and tell you that they really do get married...unfortunately I wasn't able to find the information I was looking for. It sounds like it's more stories of Rebecca's growing up years--things that kind of run alongside the original story--so I don't know if it would give any details of future events past what we read about in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I've never read it, though, so I really don't know. :)

      ~Miss March

    3. Yep, I'm pretty sure I heard that wrong…Mrs. MacCready and Polly just Do Not Mix. Oh, haha, especially if that's true about TLB--I've only read that once, so I don't remember it well, but that seals it. I definitely either misheard or made that up xD

      Grr. That's irritating :-/ Ah, well, we can dream;)

  12. Ooh, this is a really good post idea! If I ever get through the 21 posts in my drafts folder, I may just steal this. ;)

    Tom and Polly! Una and Walter! I need to read / re-read some of the other. :)

    1. Haha, please do! I'd love to see your picks ;)

      I knooooooooooow!!!!!

  13. Rebecca and Adam -- absoblumenlutely! I ship them whole-heartedly. It's not pedophilic because he totally waits around until she's an adult to make any romantic overtures.

    Also, have tagged you with that Awesome Food tag thingie that is going around, right here. Play if you want to...

    1. THANK YOU. I'm so glad you agree :D

      Thanks for the tag! I'm going to pass this time because I did that one once before, and because I have so many tags to catch up on that I'm not even going to try to do them. School :-/


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