Movies: Month(s) in Review {September/October 2017}

It's been a while since my last month in review post, so I thought now might be as good a time as any, especially since I've seen quite a few new movies over the past two months. :)

[Instead of trying to do a content warning for every movie, I decided to just place an asterisk next to those titles that contain content that I would want to mention before universally recommending the movie.  (That sentence didn't pan out so well.)]

An Affair to Remember {1957}


In case you couldn't tell, this made me really, really happy. ;D  It was just my kind of love story.  First o' all, I need to address THE BANTER.  I love Cary Grant, and I liked Deborah Kerr from The King and I, but the two of them together had what might be the CUTEST FLIPPING CHEMISTRY I've seen in a long while.  Nicky's playboy-ness is of course very un-okay, but that's part of what makes this awesome, because THEN HE MEETS TERRY. ;)  I loved how the two of them were pretty upfront about their relationship from the get-go, but they never got sappy or melodramatic, and they never lost their sense of humor.  (And also everything was Clean, if you know what I mean, which is good.)  AND THE END WAS VERY FEELSY.

*SPOILERS!*  From the synopsis on the back, I was concerned that this would have a Roman Holiday - type ending, BUT IT DIDN'T. :D  Seriously, it made me so happy that this was an "old Hollywood" romance that actually ended happily.  (Well, that is to say, *I* found it a happy ending.  I guess others could disagree . . . maybe??)  *END OF SPOILERS*

MUST. BUY. IMMEDIATELY. :)  (Also, yes, you should watch it posthaste if you haven't.)

Megan Leavey * {2017}

This was very good.  I won't say anything more than that because I might be reviewing it at some point, but it was Touching, and I'd recommend it if you're interested in the (true story) plot.

Middlemarch * {1994}

I wish I had stuck with my original (albeit tentative) plan to wait until reading the book to watch this movie.  My mom and I watched it together, and while I think we both enjoyed it, we both felt that some of the characters really needed more development (which would probably be present in the book) in order for us to feel like we'd really gotten to know them. 

There was Rufus Sewell, though.  Rufus Sewell was nice.  (Actually, though, I almost didn't like Ladislaw as much as I hoped I would?  I mean, I LIKED him, but I didn't LOVE him.  And he seemed to be rather a hot-headed little youth.  But still.  He was Rufus Sewell. ;-P)

Ocean's Eleven * {2001}

I actually saw Ocean's Twelve first, a while back, but I finally got around to watching this one.  I enjoy these movies; I'm not entirely sure why.  I guess it's the cast and the whole camaraderie-of-a-heist-team angle (Leverage, anyone?).  Plus, I really like Danny and Tess.  They're cute together.  (Also really like the name Tess, for some reason?  Fun facts with Olivia.)  I'm excited for Ocean's Eight! ;D

Peter Pan {2000}

GUYS.  I finally found a film version of PP that I wholeheartedly enjoyed!!

As some of you may know, I've had trouble finding a movie version of Peter Pan that I think fully (or nearly fully) captures everything I love so much about the book.  The 2003 version with Jeremy Sumpter is great and all, and I LOVE the score in that one, but it's still not quiiiite there for me.  


And y'all, it is within an inch of being P.E.R.F.E.C.T.  It's kind of strange that a musical, with all those added songs, has stuck the closest to the book (in my opinion), but there it is.  Parts in the beginning, especially, were practically verbatim from the book.  Plus the general spirit of the show is SOOOOO the book.  (I mean, not 100%, because nothing will ever 100% be the spirit of the book, but IT WAS PRETTY DURN CLOSE.) 

Oh, and I noticed that this and the 2003 version do the same thing in having the actor who plays Hook double as Mr. Darling.  I don't know why, but I really like that.  

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales * {2017}

(I technically finished this today, but I watched most of it yesterday, so it counts. :-P)

This one was pretty good!  I think the first and fourth are still my favorite Pirates films, but this was a lot better than I thought it would be.  The trailer and reviews made it look slightly awful, IMO.

There was a bit more content in this one than in the other films, which I didn't appreciate (*huffs*), and I felt like the villain's backstory was a little weak.  Also, I won't spoil who, but those of you who have seen it, you know when A Certain Character dies?  That seemed SO easy to avoid, and almost like they only put it in there for "dramatic effect."  Like, really.  That wasn't necessary.  *frowns*

However, again, I was pleasantly surprised overall.  I mean, Jack is still Jack, and Gibbs is still Gibbs, and Barbossa is still Barbossa (I love that his name is Hector XD).  And the music is still the music.  And the new star-crossed lovers were cute (and actually not too cliché, wonder of wonders!), and this part made me feel all the happy nostalgic things. :D  (I'm not posting the picture here 'cause it's sort of a spoiler, sort of not.)

Sabrina {1954}

Oh, dear.  I didn't like this, guys.

It just didn't have any of the sparkle of the remake, if you'll pardon me for using so cheesy an expression.  It was just . . . to be honest, it fell pretty flat for me, and I was basically bored.  Humphrey Bogart was okay as Linus, but for me, Audrey Hepburn wasn't anywhere near as endearing in the role as Julia Ormond.  

The Magnificent Seven * {2016}

This was surprisingly not terrible, actually.

Mind you, it was none too great, either, but it wasn't absolutely awful.  It basically just didn't feel like a remake of the original, to me -- it seemed more like a separate film, even though it followed the general outline of the 1960 one.  

I liked Denzel Washington as Sam Chisolm, even though he was nothing at all like the Chris of the original.  And I actually liked Goodnight Robicheaux a lot more in this version than his counterpart(s?) in the original.  And I was surprised and therefore rather impressed with the choices they made as to who stayed alive at the end and who died.

(By the way, if you want a good, amusing review of this movie, check out this one.)

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. * {2015}

As you already know, I LIKED THIS.  I was a fan of this. ;)


The Mirror Has Two Faces * {1996}

Okay, so, I can't recommend this to anyone, really, just because of the premise itself and the content to which it naturally gives rise, but I actually rather liked it.  It was really, REALLY weird in parts, and then really, surprisingly adorable in others.  And I think God actually used it to help me with some self-image issues (since self-image and beauty and stuff like that are themes in the movie, and they're handled relatively well), so I think I'll always appreciate it for that.  Plus, as I said, it did have some adorable scenes, and the romance, while SUPER strange, was actually pretty touching. :)

The Sand Pebbles * {1966}

This was . . . not my favorite, let us say. :-P  

I liked the subplot with Frenchy and Mai-Li (however you spell her name) because it reminded me of Broken Trail, and Jake had a pretty good character arc, which was something, but . . . that was about all I liked about it, to be ruthlessly frank.

I don't really know anything about the historical events around which the story centers, so I'm sure I'm not really qualified to make a judgment on it/the characters, if they were acting in an accurate historical context, but . . . I did. :-P 

For one thing, *SPOILERS!* okay, so the captain guy didn't intervene that much when that mob was torturing Po-Ham because he (the captain) was afraid of upsetting the already war-leaning balance between the Chinese and the Americans, and he didn't want to start a war . . . but then like ten minutes later he opened fire with the "hose" when the ship was blocked by those protestors?? 



I think I've discovered that I can do tragedies as long as 1) I'm expecting it and 2) they don't leave me with a nihilistic feeling.  This one, unfortunately, did.  I don't know why, though, because there is almost no reason why The Sand Pebbles should make me think that there's a nihilistic vibe going on when Evita doesn't.  Ah, well.  

The last line was Poignant, though.  

So!  Let's talk movies. ;)
What have you been watching lately?


  1. ROBERT HARDY AND RUFUS SEWELL BE STILL MY HEART.. ahem.. it is late here and I will be back in the morning <3

  2. Here come alllll the comments.

    I always like An Affair to Remember better when I'm watching it than I remember liking it. It's very charming, and I think maybe the first Cary Grant movie I ever saw.

    I do want to see Megan Leavey.

    Middlemarch! Is so good! The book IS better, but I really dig the miniseries too. Especially Rufus Sewell. Um, yes. Also, I love that the success of this miniseries inspired the BBC to adapt more classic films like... Pride and Prejudice (1995).

    Ahhh, the Ocean's movies. I love the original Rat Pack movie, and I like two of the remakes really well (11 and 13), but only kinda sorta like 12. Those are the movies that made me start to think that maybe I didn't hate Matt Damon after all, though. (And then The Bourne Identity changed that opinion forever and now I'm a devoted fan.)

    My favorite version of Peter Pan is also a version of the stage musical! The Mary Martin one filmed for TV in the um... '70s, I think? They also have one actor double as Mr. Darling and Captain Hook, which is so fun.

    Haven't seen the new POTC yet, but I should, out of loyalty or something.

    I infinitely prefer the remake of Sabrina to the original. You are not alone! It lacks the sparkle, as you say, and also... the chemistry just doesn't work for me between any of the leads. I don't believe Bogart and Holden as brothers, I don't believe Bogart and Hepburn as lovers, and I don't quite believe Holden and Hepburn as interested in each other either, even though I know they had a fling on set. Just doesn't quite gel for me.

    I was also surprised by how not-actually-terrible the new Mag7 was. I mean, it wasn't anything like as good as the 1960 movie, but basically nothing is. I think they were wise to take it a whole new direction and do its own thing. Have you ever watched the '90s TV series? It amuses me greatly.

    I've wanted to see The Mirror has Two Faces for YEARS now because <3 Pierce Brosnan <3 but I still haven't.

    And I know how The Sand Pebbles ends, basically, so I just... have never watched it because I don't need that in my life. Like you, I'm picky about my tragedy flavors.

    What have I watched lately? Daddy-Long-Legs (cuter than I expected!), No, No, Nannette (not as cute as I expected), the Basil Rathbone version of The Hound of the Baskervilles (I had to go watch a Jeremy Brett episode of the Granada Sherlock Holmes to wash that out of my head), Ivanhoe '97 (Ciaran Hinds broke my heart), and some eps of Leverage and Numb3rs and Covert Affairs. That's all I can think of right now.

  3. An Affair to Remember sounds interesting. I should watch that one sometime. Glad it had a happy ending, because happy endings are the best! :)

    Ooooh. Middlemarch. That was one movie I was greatly disappointed in. You're right about many of the characters not seeming fully developed. That's what I thought too. Also I really wanted to like Rufus Sewell's character but by the end he left me with an uncertain feeling. I just didn't know whether he was really good or not! Like I couldn't quite trust him, and that was annoying. The ending was rather flat and depressing in my opinion. I did love Frank and Mary though! Their story was the best! So sweet. <3 <3 <3 (It was Frank, right? Not Fred?) Who were your favorite characters in the movie?

    Movies I've been watching...well, I just finished the last of the Rocky series. Those were good movies, though I wouldn't recommend them without a caution because there are some parts we forward in them. The character development is really good though. Also I just watched Warrior. That had some language issues, but the story!!! Ahhhhhh. It was so good!! Heart-breaking definitely. But an excellent, excellent ending!! We're also currently watching through All Creatures Great and Small again. Did I ever tell you how much I love that show? If you haven't seen it you really should, because it's so much fun. I totally recommend it. :D That's all I can think of right now. I actually haven't been watching too many new movies lately.

    Thanks for the fun post, Olivia! :)

    ~Miss March

  4. Thank you for this perfect excuse for NaNoWriMo procrastination. Heh heh heh. :P

    I LOVE AFFAIR TO REMEMBER TOOOOOOO!!! Isn't it just SO SWEET? I love what you said about how they are upfront with each other, never sappy, and don't lose their sense of humor. I feel like they RESPECT each other, you know? And that can be rare in romances because they tend to focus so much on romantic emotions and blahh stuff instead of the fact that two people can be in love but still have intelligent conversations and disagree but still love each I making sense?

    Also. Don't you love his aunt and how sweet she is and the piano song?? <3333

    I have not seen Megan Leavey but my brother said it's supposed to be good and it's on Clear play so we may watch it sometime. :D

    Rufus Sewell was literally the only thing I liked about Middlemarch, but as you said, he still wasn't GREAT or anything.

    Sabrina isn't my favorite, either. I usually love Audrey Hepburn's movies, but in this case...I don't understand why she liked William Holden's character so much. And honestly, Linus wasn't all that much better to me? But that may be just because I'm not a big fan of Humphrey Bogart as a romantic lead. He's a fine actor and all, but he doesn't seem like a romantic hero type. :P

    THAT GIF. xD


    Great review post!!! :D Now I must get back to NaNoWriMo....

    PS. I love that Arthur gif. :D Have you considered watching Merlin?? ( should. But...also...maybe not? Because you know....BBC heartbreak and all that. :P)

  5. I've been wanting to see the Man From U.N.C.L.E.
    Despite being released a while ago, it seems to be having it's moment in the sun.

  6. Oh yay!!! I love your "movie month in review" posts <3


    But I really loved that one!!! I pretty much loathed Napoleon Solo, for most of the story anyways; but Gaby was COOL and Ilya was my precious beanie baby <3 <3 <3 And I just really loved how carefully-put-together the whole film was; all the sets and costumes and scenery and music. It just had a very elegant, classy sort of feel to it. Hamlette called it "spiffy," when we were talking, and I think that's a pretty good description. It made my aesthetic side happy, let's put it that way ;-)

    My favorite part was possibly when Ilya and Napoleon are arguing how Gaby should be dressed (um, lol) . . . or maybe the part where the two of them are trying to escape in the harbor-thingy? (I don't even remember what was going on there, just lots of water and potential drowning) But I don't know, because I ALSO loved the opening credits where they showed you Berlin and the Wall and stuff. AND I loved the part where Ilya rescues Gaby <333 And I really, really, really adored the ending scene, with the watch and the burning disk . . .

    OKAY I CAN'T PICK. 'Nuff said.

    Your collage made me laugh out loud :-D Sums it up perfectly, it does. "Sinnamon roll."
    "Useless." Well, unfortunately . . . yes :-P

    What have I been watching lately? Besides "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." and "National Treasure"? Lots and lots and looooooooooooooooooooots of Doctor Who. And it's my new favorite TV show and I absolutely adore it and it makes me cry. Rather frequently ;-) If you haven't tried it, you really need to <3

    1. Oh! And I also tried watching Downton Abbey and I Did. Not. Like. It. At. All.

  7. Great list of movies!! First off I haven't seen An Affair to Remember which is really sad. I should probably check it out as I've always thought of myself as a Classic Movie Fan who had seen it all lol.

    Man it's been so long since I've seen Middlemarch! I enjoyed it, though it's definitely not my most favorite period drama. I felt hesitant of Ladislaw too because he was yeah basically a hot-head and I thought he was clearly after his cousin's woman haha. Okay maybe he wasn't really after her. Anyhoo, the fact that it was Rufus Sewell made me like him despite all that.

    Aww nice! The Ocean movies are a lot of fun. The first will always be my favorite one. Okay, I had heard about Ocean's Eight but didn't realize they had a cast for it! Wow this looks super awesome! Can't wait!

    Hmm I need to check out the Peter Pan musical. I don't think I've found a "perfect" version either.

    Pirates of the Caribbean -- felt the same as you did about the movie. The "dramatic effect" felt pretty unnecessary. However while I felt like Barbossa, Gibbs, and others were their delightful selves, Jack for whatever reason just didn't feel the same to me. Not like in the first movie *starts sobbing* lol.

    Sabrina! Haha aww you didn't like it. Yeah I can see that; it's a much slower/emotional version, but I've always liked them both for whatever reason. Classic nostalgia I think.

    Aww you linked to my review of The Magnificent Seven! Thanks!! :D

    The Man from UNCLE - I still need to see this one!

    Haha The Sand Pebbles! The gifs are perfect. :D

  8. OH DARN. BLOGGER ATE ME COMMENT. AND IT WAS A SUPER LONG JUICY LONG AS WELL. *huffs* Well I'll try again! (Let's see how fast I can type!)


    Just for time's sake, I'm going to skip to Ocean's Eleven! That's not my FAVOURITE movie, but I do really like it! I mean... the cast is star studded. And it sort of get me started on the whole adventure/thriller/action/mystery genre that is out there, and now I'm quite a big fan of them. But of course, Matt Damon, y'know. (Gee, have you ever seen the Bourne series?! THEY'RE FAB. If you like action, that is. Although there is a lot of violence.)
    (AND WHAT IS THIS I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE BRINGING OUT AN OCEAN'S EIGHT!!! *looks up the cast on IMDb* *shrieks* LOOK AT THE CAST! IT'S GOT EVERY BIG NAME ACTOR/ACTRESS IN THERE! (Okayslightexaggeration.) Although... *squints* what in the world is Rihanna and Kim Kardashian doing in there?! I'm confused. :P Other than that, the cast looks AMAZING!!

    Oh cool! I've never even heard of that Peter Pan movie before. A musical! :D

    Ah the new Pirates movie... yes... I was a bit disappointed with it. I mean, it's not BAD, but it didn't stand up to the other 4 movies, I didn't think. (Well, not the 1st, 2nd and 4th one, anyway. I'm not too crazy about the 3rd one. :P) It just seemed a bit lacking in creativity and originality in story line + plot, and the jokes were less funny and more crude, and Jack seemed to have lost a little of his sparkling wit and humour... but it was still good! Jack was still Jack, as you said... and Barbossa still Barbossa. ;D (I know, Hector, haha!!) (And yes, I was so angry what they did to him. >:/ WHYYYY.) My favourite was the ending - the reunion, and also Jack's lines. Was it just me, or was he restating all his ending lines from the previous movies?

    Yeah... not sure about Magnificent Seven. I want to give it a try, but I still feel a little dubious about it. :P


    *looks at picture beneath Sand Pebbles* Is that Steve McQueen in a sailor suit? Gee, that man can wear anything and look good!

    Well, all these movies have me so excited I don't really have anything interesting to say about what I've been watching... frankly, because I haven't really watched anything. :P Well, I DID see Doctor Strange for the first time 2 nights before the wedding with my elder siblings (our last night together before our boy got married <3) and it was... strange. But I didn't mind it, actually! Benedict Cumberbatch was in it (y'know... 98% of the reason why I watched it) and he makes everything 10x better. It kept me on the edge of my seat, had me laughing, thinking, and when it was over, I didn't feel like saying "Well I just wasted 2 hours of my life"... so I guess that means I liked it! ;D

  9. Ok so first things first: the gif placement is amazing. Like the bad llama gif and just ARTHUR IN GENERAL made me laugh. I loves them.

    I haven't watched many movies lately, which is sad; I find that TV shows are more manageable for me, especially since it means only 40 mins to an hour is spent watching something.... not a full 2 hours. ;)

    The two main shows have been Riverdale and just recently Stranger Things. (I'm being terrible stereotypical watching the two most popular Netflix shows but all well. ;) Both of them are pretty good.... I'm not blown away by anything about them.... they're just good. Maybe I'll find time to churn out a review.

    Anywho, I loved this post and that first picture just gave me all the fall-ish feels even though I've never seen that movie ;)

  10. Ah, I should put 'Ocean's Eleven' on my to-watch list. :) I always love Matt Damon movies. :D
    I am still wondering whether or not I will watch the new Pirates movie. I don't really like the movies in general, but *shrug* I can always give them another try.
    HECTOR IS A HILARIOUS NAME. My sister once had a stuffed chicken named Hector, and the name was quite suiting. :D

    I didn't really care for Sabrina much either... not enough of the good sort of drama to keep me interested. It had some sweet parts, though. It's been awhile since I've seen an Audrey Hepburn movie. I suppose it's time I watch another one.
    What is your favorite movie of hers?

    I think it's a funny coincidence that 1. I was kind of interested in The Man From U.N.C.L.E when it first came out in theaters (even though I didn't see it at the time), and 2. that almost every blogger I know has seen it and loves it, and 3. I do still want to see it.
    And you're another one. It's good, you say? Well, I need to watch it then. I do enjoy a good movie.

    Well, anyways, thanks for the post!

  11. Peter Pan actually has a long, long (over 100 years!) history of having the same actor play Mr. Darling and Captain Hook in film *and* stage adaptations! That's how the play was originally written, and even the Disney movie follows the tradition. (Hans Conried voices both characters - and actually made a guest appearance on I Love Lucy, in which he plays a really prissy English tutor. Haha. Random fact of the day.) I grew up on Peter Pan - both the movie and the original novel (okay, the original novel written AFTER the original play) and I still haven't found a film adaptation that really captures the novel's spirit. The Disney movie is a thing unto itself, IMO. I still love it. ;)

    Anyway, if you like Peter Pan I'd like to highly recommend Finding Neverland, because that movie was fantastic. :D


    You are sooooooo much better at movies than I am, friend!!! I am positively ILLITERATE in movies. Soo... I haven't seen any of these???? *nervous laugh* But you did make me want to try The Man From U. N. C. L. E. and the Oceans movies!!!!! Oh!!!! Ohh!!! And the new Pirates movie!!!!! Johhhnnnyyyyyy!!!!!

  13. Okay, the only one of these that I have seen is The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Haha! That is hilarious, "Looks like a cinnamon roll...") But the rest look good!

    Rufus Sewell always creeps me out. He is just supposed to be the bad guy!!

    I have seen the original Oceans 11, but I have not seen the remake. It looks good...

    Ooo! Peter Pan!!!! I should watch that! All the other versions I've seen are good, but just do not have the same feeling as the book does.

    I saw the trailer for DMTNT, but I didn't watch it because I think the first will always be my favorite.

    I have never seen any version of Sabrina, but I really want to! I am debating over which to watch first, I will probably watch 1954 first 'cause we have it, but I really do want to see Harrison Ford!

    Last night I watched Harvey (1950) which was pretty good 'cause it has Jimmy Stewart!!!

    Lovely post, Olivia!

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