Movies: Months in Review {October, September, & November 2018}

Clearly I got rather behind with these.  Heh. :-P

Oh, well; we're here now!  (I haven't watched that many new-to-me movies these last few months anyhow.)


Black Panther (2018)
*nodding*  Solid movie, deserves the hype.  The characters are likable and the romance is subtle and slight and happy. :)

{But that villain BUGGED ME, MAN.  [Until my brother pointed out that his motivation for "claiming" Wakanda had less to do with his father and more to do with the fact that he was frustrated with the Wakandan people's isolationism and refusal to extend help to their brethren.  That I get (and it would probably anger me, too).  But the whole, "Oh, my father was killed in defense of another person but still he was KILLED and I was abandoned and therefore I was "forced" to kill hundreds of people to get to this place" . . . mm, nuh-uh.]}

Chicken Run (2000)
Ha.  As much as I'm not a fan of Claymation, this one was entertaining, if only for some of the quirky, British-tinted humor.

[Definitely not one it would have been good for Younger Olivia to watch, however--she would never have gotten over that chicken slaughter at the beginning.  (And honestly, Current Olivia was and is still a little shook up about it.)]

Clueless (1995)
At first I just selected some scenes, but then I caved and watched practically all of it.  It was silly, but it's supposed to be; and it was funny, which it's also supposed to be.

Coffee Shop (2014)
I loved seeing Rachel Hendrix and Jason Burkey again and as a couple (because October Baby), but I gotta say that this was pretty cheesy even for me.  (And I can tolerate a whole lotta cheese in film. ;-P)

Nim's Island (2008)
Not a big fan of this one, but it had some fun parts, and Gerard Butler and Jodie Foster were both nice.

Room (2015)
Whew, okay.  I recently read the book and so naturally wanted to see the movie.  It was excellent, and it made me cry more than once.  I guess it was different, for me, seeing it instead of reading it.  "Powerful stuff," my dudes, powerful stuff.

Seabiscuit (2003)
"You don't throw a whole life away just 'cause it's banged up a little."


The Princess Switch (2018)
I enjoyed the outfits and some of the funny lines in this one ("Prithee, tell"), even though it is pretty cheesy also. :-P

The Shallows (2016)
Why did Olivia want to watch this?  *shrugs*  Management is uncertain.

Seriously, I don't know.  I guess it's because sharks, while scary to me, don't terrify me.  (Because, I mean, if I want to ensure that I never get attacked by a shark, I could just never step foot in another body of water again.  Boom.  I guess I just feel like this is one thing I can so easily control. xD)  Plus, sharks (and practically everything about the ocean) kind of fascinate me, too, even while they give me the shivers.

And this one is more of a survival story than a thriller/crazy-freaky-shark story (at least, to me), so I honestly kind of enjoyed it a good bit.  There was definitely a lot of blood, but blood in itself doesn't usually bother me very much.

It's also a touch corny at times with all the slow motion and everything, but I guess, overall, it'd be a "recommend with caution," from me?
Treasure Planet (2002)
Finally got this one watched!  It's been "on my radar" for quite a while, so I'm glad I can now say I've seen it. :)  It didn't really do as much for me as I'd hoped it would, but I did love Emma Thompson as that captain cat lady.  She was fabulous. ;)  ("Zip your howling screamer.")

(And, man, I hated that spider/scorpion thing.)

Meet the Robinsons (2007) *
(* This is one I actually watched several months ago but forgot to mention in its proper month-in-review post.)

Another animated one I've had on my to-watch list for a long time!  Again, not my favorite as I don't usually like time travel and I didn't love the big plot twists (such as the one with the villain!  though it might grow on me).  But it was fun, and honestly, I feel like Goob is such a mood.

i mean the under-eye circles and everything


Have you been watching anything good lately? :)


  1. SEABISCUIT!!!!!!!!

    That is one of my all-time favorite movies *heart eyes* I love it very very dearly and that line you quoted always Touches my Soul <3

    I normally ignore villains, but Killmonger in Black Panther kinda really resonated with me for some reason. It was like . . . he sincerely wanted to help African people all over the world . . . but his WAY of doing it was both horribly immoral and horribly violent and horribly ineffective. So he was still totally a villain. Despite the basic good intentions. That interested me.

    1. Eeee, yes, I was thinking of you when we watched it!! :D (That line is indeed Touching; and, I feel like, very needed.)

      Interesting! I think after my brother pointed that out to me, I realized that he's really okay (as a villain). It's just that I've been realizing recently that almost any time characters say that they "had" to do something harmful--whether that's for the greater good or not--it almost acts as a "trigger" for me, or something? I'm not ENTIRELY sure why that is, but, yeah. Anyway. What you said about him is totally true! And even before I had that conversation with my brother, I did still Feel a little bit of pity for him at the end. (By the way, I didn't know that you usually ignore villains! For some reason, that's interesting me at the moment, so, do you know why? Like, for some reason I'm just curious--I guess maybe I usually notice villains quite a bit? Hehe. Who can know.)

  2. I love Chicken Run and Meet The Robinsons!

  3. You watched Nim's Island! :D I'm sorry it wasn't quite as enjoyable for you, but ah well. :P

    And my mom and I just watched The Princess Switch the other week! I agree, it was indeed cheesy and predictable, but cute overall and had some good lines. ;) We also watched A Christmas Prince on Netflix recently as well, which I liked a little better than The Princess Switch myself... I think I enjoyed the plot of that one more or something... anyway, so yeah, that one is another good Hallmark-type movie. There's also a sequel to A Christmas Prince that just came out on Netflix this year which I'm excited to watch soon. :)

    Oh, and good ol' Chicken Run. XD (It's not really a favorite of mine, but it's a pretty funny movie overall. :P)

    1. I did! Yeah, but . . . as you say, "ah well". :-P :)

      Indeed! I've been hearing about A Christmas Prince/the sequel pretty often lately, so perhaps I'll have to try it. :D Have you gotten to see the sequel yet? :)

      Haha, that's pretty much how I felt about it--not my favorite, but funny. ;)

  4. Was Seabiscuit good? I've heard there was some inappropriate material, but it is definitely the kind of movie I'd like (horses!!) so I'm always curious about it.

    We watched one of my all-time favorite movies, National Treasure, on Thanksgiving, and we're going to watch The Greatest Showman soon, which I'm super excited about. :)

    1. Oh, okay, so. I'd heard that as well, and there is, unfortunately. The scene we skipped involved one of the main characters at a bar/brothel, I believe, and from the little bit I gathered (like I said, we skipped it, but there was a little difficulty in skipping the right amount), everything is just heavily implied, not really shown graphically. I think at one point a prostitute strips down at least to her waist, and the viewer sees her bare back. That's the only sexual content there is that I remember (though you'd definitely want to fact check me on that), and then there is a little bit of violence and quite a bit of strong language, including multiple uses of the Lord's name in vain in various forms.

      All that said, it is a well-done and touching movie, especially if you're into horse movies/underdog stories. :)

      Ahhhh, National Treasure is awesome! That WOULD be a good Thanksgiving movie, come to think of it . . . Ahh, TGS is great, too! Is/was it your first time watching it?? :)

  5. Replies
    1. SQUEEEEE THANK YOU!!! I really like it myself so I'm glad you do too :)

  6. I always forget how good Chicken Run is until I watch it again :D It always cracks me up the bit where Fowler is like "fly the plane? I'm a chicken!" because obviously he's right, the RAF aren't going to let chickens fly planes, haha, but you're really not expecting it!
    (Also Paul Rudd as Josh in Clueless makes THE BEST Mr. Knightly.)

    1. Haha! Fowler was pretty funny. xD Haha, yes!!

      (He IS a really good Mr. Knightley, isn't he??)

  7. Black Panther somehow became one of my all-time favorites. I feel like it's so refreshing in contrast with the other Marvel movies. It is so genuine and doesn't pull the rug out from under itself.
    Chicken Run is a childhood movie of mine. It reminds me of spending the night at my grandmas house (we'd always watch it). Good movie, good memories, love the humor.
    Clueless is super fun, especially knowing that it was meant as a modern adaptation of Emma. I also love She's the Man (The Merchant of Venice).
    I'm looking forward to seeing the Princess Switch. I love those cheesy Christmas movies. My family and I like to try and predict what's going to happen and do commentary. It's hilarious. CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST.
    The Shallows!!!!!! Oh what a good choice. I am kind of obsessed with sharks, and I really like Blake Lively, and I thought this was such a cool movie. Big fan.
    Treasure Planet is in my top 3 movies. Yay that you finally watched it!!! And yes, Emma Thompson is perfect in that role.

    Wonderful movie wrap-up, m'dear!!!

    1. I didn't know that! That's neat. Yeah, it definitely has a unique place among the Marvel franchise, I think. Like one of my friends pointed out, it works really well as a standalone and doesn't really feel fragmented or angsty or anything like that.

      That's such a fun memory!

      I know, right?! Oh, I've seen She's the Man once or twice. Do you have a favorite between the two of them?

      It was fun! Ahhh, commentary can be so fun. CHRISTMAS DEFINITELY IS THE BEST. <3

      Eee! Yeah, I pretty much always think of you when I see Blake Lively since I know you love her. :D I enjoyed it, too!

      You made me want to watch this, so, congrats! ;D Haha, she really was.

      Awww, thanks!! :D

    2. I'd have to pick She's the Man as the winner, even tho they're both good.

      lol really??? I have convinced someone to watch it?? yay!! I can add this to my list of accomplishments. ;)

    3. Cool :D

      You definitely did!! ;D

  8. I've been running through the cheesy romantic Christmas movies on netflix, and really enjoyed the Princess Switch. Nothing exciting or new but just a lot of fun with likeable characters. I do like the Christmas Prince as well.

    Chicken Run cracks me up. Very amusing movie.

    1. Neat! I've been hearing a lot about The Christmas Prince.

      It is. XD

  9. Oh! I want to see Treasure Planet! It looks good!!

    Nim's Island, Meet the Robinson's, and Chicken Run all have such nostalgia for me!

    I really liked Clueless the first time I saw it, but now I don't like it at all.

    (YOUR HEADER! <3)

    1. It was fun!

      I love nostalgic movies <33

      Oh, interesting! Why don't you like it now, if you don't mind me asking?

      (EEEE, THANK YOU!!<3)

  10. Ooh, Chicken Run is a good one! I think it's kind of funny to see Julia Sawatha in such a different role as Ginger than Lydia Bennet (1995 Pride and Predjudice), or Miss Lane (Lark Rise to Candelford). That Meet the Robinsons is really different, but I liked parts of it such as little boy Goob who was so adorable! :)

    1. THAT WAS JULIA SAWALHA?? *looks it up* ER MAH GOODNESS. That's so crazy! I definitely didn't pick up on that from her voice, haha.

      Hehe yeahhhh, for sure. But yes! Goob was funny xD

    2. And Benjamin Whitrow (Mr. Bennet '95) was Fowler?!?! What is my life . . .

    3. :) I know, isn't that great about Julia Sawalha? Really? I didn't know about Mr. Bennet - that's crazy! I'll have to listen extra hard next time I watch Chicken Run for his voice! What a total opposite movie to meet up again on!

    4. It is, thanks for alerting me to it! ;) It is! I love it when actors reunite. :D


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