Movies: Months in Review {December 2018/January 2019}

Arrival  (2016) 

I'm not much for aliens, or for stories that mess with the space-time continuum, but this was actually a decent movie.  The ending got a little weird, and I'm still not sure I completely understand everything, but it was interesting.  I went into it very skeptical and it kept my attention.

Beautiful Boy  (2018)

I thought this would be great, and it was.  There was a loooooot of very strong language; and a sex scene that's pretty easily skippable; and, of course, "substance" out the whazoo; but for what it was supposed to be, it was very good.

Fun fact:  I had a cold the night I watched it, and I had been planning to take some medicine for it, but I was so disturbed by the show that I was determined that I would never put any kind of substance in my body ever again under any circumstances whatsoever.  So that was interesting. :-P

Gods and Generals  (2003)

AhEM.  I don't know how accurate to the real people the movie's representations were, but all I can tell you is that there was one individual in particular who set off my "bull" sensors bigtime. *coughs*

Iron Man 2  (2010)

I liked this more than the first one. :)  It was nice to keep catching up on Tony's backstory.  And I like Pepper, and I like the two of them together.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day  (2008)

Raunchy and questionable, but cute, and not without redeeming qualities.

(My main quibble:  I wanted to wholeheartedly like Michael, but I couldn't because even he sort of grabbed and threw Delysia around, and that's not cool.  Still, there were certainly moments that made you root for the two of them.)

Sherlock Gnomes  (2018)

This wasn't a great movie, but I like the little English garden gnome world. ;)

The Matchbreaker  (2016)

This was a cute, quirky little chick-flick with some unexpectedly funny parts.

The Outsiders  (1983)

And no, OF COURSE I didn't watch this just because the cast is a bunch of guys who are not
all exactly repellant.  Shut your mouth.  I'm offended you would even suggest--

Okay, I feel like this movie had SUCH potential and then I was cheated of the best parts and I was kind of upset!  I mean, they gave me almost exactly no development for Darry or Soda or Darry and Soda and Pony, and THAT'S WHAT I WATCHED THE MOVIE FOR, OKAY?!

*sigh*  I did hear there was an extended edition, or something, and I gather that there are some Curtis family moments in that version that aren't in the theatrical edition, but my library doesn't have it, so I'm kind of up a creek, as they say. *another sigh*

Thumbelina  (1994)

I didn't like this so very much, but I did like some of the music, and I love that kind of animation (it makes me all nostalgic), so I wouldn't say it was a total waste. ;)

What movies have you watched lately?


  1. You are so right about The Outsiders! I really enjoyed the book, however the movie completely downplayed Sodapop’s role in the story! He was so important to Ponyboy and his development! I know when the movie came out, Rob Lowe said he was actually really angry and felt cheated at how half of his scenes were cut from the film. I don’t blame him either.

    1. Right?!?! He was important, you're right. And so was Darry. Whoa, really?! Yeah, I don't blame him either.

  2. Oh, I want to watch Iron Man 2! I liked the first one. I haven't seen Sherlock Gnomes, but I liked Gnomeo and Juliet and the whole gnome world. My little sister loves Thumbelina, but I've always felt "eh" about it. But, I do love the animation! :)

    1. It was really fun! :) I know, right?! The little brightly-colored gnome world is so cheery and fun. :) That's about how I feel about it!

  3. I feel like I have seen so many wonderful films recently!!! Let's see...I watched Goodbye Christopher Robin (It exceeded all my expectations, and I love it SO much!!!), Testament of Youth (I really really enjoyed this one, despite the sadness), & Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (I was so surprised by how compelling this was, and how important it still feels today, even though it was made 80 years ago!).

    And I re-watched some favorites including Belle (my most favorite period drama EVER), Miss Potter, & The Shop Around the Corner (1940), and enjoyed each of them immensely!!!

    ~ Catie

    1. *screech* Isn't Goodbye Christopher Robin so good?! Loved it. :) Oh my goodness, I kind of want to watch Testament of Youth but I kind of don't. Pain, what. :-P I think I've only seen Mr. Smith Goes to Washington once. Maybe I should try it again. :)

      Belle is such a great movie!!! One of my favorites, too. :) And I should re-watch Miss Potter, and I still need to see The Shop Around the Corner.

    2. I was exactly the same!!! It took me years to finally feel like I was *hopefully* ready to watch Testament of Youth; and I was so SO glad when I did! I honestly did not find it nearly as depressing as I thought I would. And the beautiful things about the film far outweighed the difficult ones, in my personal opinion. I highly recommend it!

    3. This has absolutely *nothing* to do with this post, but I've been dying to to ask you two things!

      First, have you seen the cast & behind-the-scenes pictures from the Little Women film that is currently in production? If so, what are your thoughts?!?!

      And have you heard about the biographical film 'Tolkien' that is coming to theaters on May 10? The trailer just came out today, and I cannot contain my EXCITEMENT! It looks SO good!!!

    4. Really? Interesting . . . Thanks for sharing that perspective; that should be helpful in making my own decision about Testament of Youth. I'm still thinking I probably won't be watching it anytime soon, just since I have plenty of Fictional Angst already and I probably don't need any new tragedies in my fiction life XD, but maybe at some point. :D

      Ooh, I haven't seen those pictures, no! *goes to look them up* Hmm, so I'm only finding a couple pictures + the cast list, but from that: I'm still not sure, haha! I mean, I like Emma Watson, so I'd be happy to see her in it, but at the same time I don't quite picture her as Meg . . . I guess we'll see. I do like their casting choice for John Brooke, though, and I'd be excited to see those two actors work together. :) As for Saoirse and Timothee as Jo and Laurie . . . Hmm, I can see Saoirse, I guess . . . Timothee will have to convince me but he'll probably be able to. Laura Dern could be a good Marmee, I think!

      What do you think?! :D

      And ooh, I hadn't heard about the Tolkien film before your comment, either! Thanks for letting me know!! It'll be interesting to see what they do with that.

    5. Well, by this time I've had quite a while to process my thoughts on this new Little Women. So my feelings at this time may have changed slightly from my original opinions. :-P

      Yes, I agree that Emma Watson still doesn't seem quite right for Meg, even though I do like Emma Watson. I am *really* excited to see James Norton as John Brooke! I think Saoirse Ronan has the potential to be my favorite Jo March yet. Marmee seems about right, and I really like the looks of Mr. March. Other than that I am not 100% sold on any of the rest of the cast, but I am still VERY excited about it and curious to see how it all turns out! :-)

    6. Cool! I've only actually seen Saoirse Ronan in one (fairly old) movie, but I've seen so many interviews with her that I feel like I know what she's like as an actress.

      Yes, it should be interesting, if nothing else!

    7. Same here! I've mostly only seen Saoirse Ronan in clips from Brooklyn, plus interviews and such, but I think she is so pretty and she seems like so a gifted as an actress! I think she could definitely portray a pretty amazing Jo March :-)

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need to watch The Matchbreaker. Because Christina Grimmie :'-(


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