Movies: Month in Review {April 2019}

America's Sweethearts  (2001)
This had some content that I wouldn't usually watch in a movie, but for some reason it didn't bother me too much in this one.  (I guess because, though I enjoyed parts of it, I wasn't very attached to it, so it's not like it really tainted something I was greatly appreciating, if that makes sense.)

Hank Azaria was, as usual, a comedic gem; and I was mildly, pleasantly surprised by how the film took a couple clichés and spun them ever so slightly.  Beyond that, not one I would watch again.

Forever My Girl  (2018)
Oh, dear.  Bless.

(It's just . . . pretty cliché, you know?  And there's not much new exploration of the story's tropes, so . . . I wasn't too impressed.  But it was sweet enough.)

I Capture the Castle  (2003)
Yes, dear friends mine, there is a movie adaptation of I Capture the Castle!  And it stars Romola Garai as Cassandra!  And Henry Cavill as Steven!  And lots of other good actors/tresses!

So, what's the catch?

It's, um . . . R.

BUT WAIT COME BACK.  It's because Topaz is a nudist, remember?  So there are a couple brief nude shots, as well as one or two almost nude.  (And there's some use of Jesus' name in vain, unfortunately.)

I enjoyed watching this!  I was undecided about the story itself even when I read the book, and I still am.  The movie heightens the family tension and poverty, so it's heavier than the book.  I really like Neal. :)  Simon seems incredibly sleazy.  (I can't remember if I thought poorly of him in the book.)

So, yeah.  I've got mixed feelings, but I'm glad I watched it and I enjoyed doing so.

Robin Hood  (2018)
Aaaaaaaaaand, nope.

[I actually only watched about half of this, but still.  Not really my cuppa.  (Though it had some potential, so maybe it got better in the second half.)]

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall  (1996)
I've seen this twice now and really enjoy it.  I like seeing Toby Stephens and Tara Fitzgerald together.  (Warning for anybody interested:  The worst of the content is that there are some sexual scenes between a wife and her abusive husband ─ some violent, some not ─ and a brief scene of one of his affairs.  Plus one instance of the G-d word.)

(Great shortage of good stills available.)

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!  (2004)
Eh.  Topher Grace was good, and I liked Kathryn Hahn, too; other than that, nothing special.  (At least, not for me.)

Woman Walks Ahead  (2018) 
I thoroughly enjoyed this.  It made me think.  Weeks later, I'm still mulling over it.  (Some content in this one, too, particularly "pervasive strong language," as the movie raters would say. ;-P)

That was probably the best new-to-me movie-watching month I've had in a while!  Did you see any standout films for the first time in April?


  1. BTW... on the Robin Hood? You watched the best part. The second half was awful. At least the first half was somewhat fun and had some neat takes on things. The second half... just no.

    I haven't seen any of the other ones, haven't even heard of most of these. :-D

    1. Oh, dear. But at least I didn't waste any more of my time on it when I wouldn't have liked it.

      You might quite like Woman Walks Ahead! I don't know that much about your movie preferences, but for some reason I feel like you might enjoy it. :)

  2. Oh, I saw that Robin Hood in the theater. Not the worst Robin Hood I've seen, but there are some issues that I would have prefered to not have been there.

    I heard of Woman Walks Ahead! I thought that it sounded good, but wasn't sure. :)

    1. Yeah. Some people in my family liked it; just not one for me. :-/

      I thought it was really good! Those issues can be a little divisive, so I can't recommend it across the board to anybody. But I liked it.

  3. Most of the new to me movies were rather poorly made and blah. But I had a couple fun ones Khoobsurat (a Hindi language film my sister introduced me to on (mainly for the super attractive guy) Netflix was fun, the first Hindi-language film I've seen), and I thought the modernized Little Women was quite cute. I watched Avenagers Infinity War althought I think that might have been this month (well, watched is a bit strong, I was on my computer and since action scenes bore me, I was mostly just half-listening and scrolling the internet). It was not a hit. I still think I want to see Endgame in theaters, though.

    I'm not sure I was aware that there was a Tenant of Wildfell Hall adaptation, and Toby Stephens!!!!!!! Of course, I might have to re-read since it feels so long since I read it.

    I quite I Capture Castle book because I skimmed ahead and realized the disgusting sexual tangle everything ended up being. All sorts of NOPE. I don't mean content, I mean the tangle, the sleazy, using people, backstabbing, taboo/sacred sort of breaking, lust not love, mess. It's hard to describe, it's not merely content it's the relationships, but this is something I can't stand. I don't know if you've read Elizabeth Goudge, but she does this as well, the a nephew falls in love with his slightly older former aunt by marriage. All of the no's; that kind of thing.

    1. Interesting! I haven't watched many foreign language films, but I did love one I saw. Still haven't seen the modern LW adaptation, but I'm sure I will eventually. I had mixed feelings on Infinity War and I'm a little scared to see Endgame, but I'll definitely watch it sometime.

      I know, right???!!! It's very satisfying.

      It really, really does get super mixed up and confusing, doesn't it?? And practically all of the characters are a little (or a lot) unlikable. I think I liked that everyone had their flaws as well as their strengths, but I still don't know exactly what I think of the story overall. I didn't know when I read the book, and I don't know now, either, having watched the movie. I haven't read Elizabeth Goudge, but it doesn't sound appealing. :-/

    2. A lot of people love her, and I think the prose is probably good, but that type of plot is NOT for me.

  4. New-to-movies in April? Well, I saw Endgame and it was AN ABSOLUTE REVELATION AND I AM SO, SO PLEASED WITH IT.

    (Seriously. They gave me everything I wanted plus a whole lot of stuff I never knew I needed. It was perfect.)

    I also watched The Unicorn Store on Netflix and it instantly shot up to the Number One Spot on my Favorite Movies List, so there's that :D :D :D I can't even explain how much I love it. *cries b/c of all the beautiful things*

    1. I watched Unicorn Store too!!! And it was so lovely, and inspirational, and heartwarming.

    2. To speak truth, I am Seriously Apprehensive of watching Endgame, and I don't mind telling you so, Jeeves.

      I want to see The Unicorn Store so much! I saw the trailer and was all heart eyes. (BRIE LARSON'S ADORABLE, INNOCENT LITTLE FACE. ACK.) It looked so pure. (And that it shot that high up in your estimation says a lot!)

      (And I'm glad you liked it too, Evangeline!)

    3. It's a dang good movie. I totally get why you'd feel apprehensive, though, because it's also a very HEAVY one.

      It's not . . . shocking in the way Infinity War was shocking, its emotional punch is more the punch of Inevitable Disaster, if that makes sense.

      You need to!!!! It made me sob so hard and I think it would probably do the same for you ;-)

  5. I recently watched Queen of the Desert, and wow, I was made to roam the deserts of Africa, challenging societal standards. It's even cooler that it's based on a real person.

    1. Wow, that sounds really good. I'll have to look into it.

  6. I actually quite liked Woman Walks Ahead. :)

    You gonna go see TOLKIEN? I wanted to go Friday, but can't go until tomorrow instead. Ah well.

    1. Wasn't it so good? I just really liked how the relationship was portrayed. And I also liked how Sam Rockwell's character ended up being developed.

      I don't know, honestly. It SHOULD be super super exciting to me, and yet, for some reason, I've been slightly unsure ever since the first teaser trailer. And I really don't know why I'm not more enthused. It is a puzzle.

      Anyway, it'll be interesting to get your thoughts on it if/when you see it.

  7. 6 movies I've seen recently off the top of my head that are new-to-me:

    Aladdin - loved it so much I saw it twice! HEAPS of fun!! :D
    Tolkien - it was really sweet, and though it dragged in places and stopped way too early on, I still think it was a good movie.
    Instant Family - aside from some crude humour, I found this movie very cute and funny, and made me seriously want to adopt. ;)
    The Italian Job - quite fun and action packed! Not my favourite action film, but one I'd see again.
    This Beautiful Fantastic - super sweet and quirky. I loved seeing Andrew Scott in a nice person role. ;)
    10 Things I Hate About You - had a lot more crude humour than I expected, but there were a few really cute scenes, and I loved the ending.


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