5 movie moments that are gloriously, deep-down-in-my-soul joyous

You know those (beautiful) moments when you're watching a movie, and something happens that just fills you with this deep joy?  Usually (at least, in my experience) they happen at the end of a movie and just make you want to cry from the beauty.  Maybe it's a quiet exhilaration that you know is nonetheless rooted deep in your soul, or maybe it's a wild, unreasoning jubilation that makes you feel like jumping up and down and waving your arms in the air.

Anyway, I thought I'd share five random movie moments that elicit that kind of a response from me!  (And this will contain spoilers for these movies, you've been warned.)

"The music is all around us.  All you have to do is listen."

GAH THIS PART.  This movie.  Have you watched this movie?  'Cause you need to watch this movie.  It's so ridiculously amazing, you won't know what hit you.  It's one of those that you have to just let yourself feel, not try to reason out.  It's gripping, it's original, it's emotional, and the ending is one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL things you'll ever see.  

(Oops, I never actually clarified which movie this is, did I?  It's called August Rush, and you must watch it.  It has one *ahem* problem, which I'd be happy to explain in the comments section, should anyone be interested.  BUT IT'S SO FLIPPIN' GORGEOUS.)

"You men concern yourselves with the eternal verities.  We women are content to ponder the petty things in life."

For some reason, the ending of Wives and Daughters makes me SO. HAPPY.  That quote of Lady Harriet's (can we just take a moment to appreciate her awesomeness??  go read this post of Cordy's), and then the immediate change in climate as we see Roger looking out, and then he turns…the drums crescendo into a triumphant and beautiful musical theme…and Molly is walking along the plains of Africa with her Roger.  And for reasons unknown to me, it makes me ridiculously happy.

"Let him run, Ronnie, let him run!"

So this--the final race in Secretariat--is one of those that makes you feel like leaping and screaming (probably because that's what everyone else is doing, and the herd mentality starts to kick in).  Because what this horse did is literally superhuman (superanimal?), and after everything Penny has gone through, all the loss and rejection and failure and pressure, HE'S GOING TO WIN.  And "Oh Happy Day" starts playing, which is just one of the most glorious and stunning gospel numbers EVAH.  It's so happy, people!!!

"I declare the Bill for the Abolition of the Slave Trade to be passed."

I MEAN.  THIS PART.  You know that you cry, at least inwardly, every stinkin' time.  I don't even know what to say about this part; it's that beautiful.

"It counted, it totally counted."

Bethany's last wave from the movie Soul Surfer.  It's exhilarating and awe-inspiring and joyous all in one, and even though the judges didn't count it (which was, unfortunately, a good call, because she did stand up after the horn), it's still magnificent.  And the music during that part is soooooo good.  I have it on my iPod :D

What are some of your heart-moments in films?
Do we have any of the same ones?


  1. The Wives and Daughters ending is PRICELESS. :-) I mean, what with the sand and the sun and the hand-holding and HUSBAND-AND-WIFE-VACATION-FEELS.
    They're stinkin' CUTE. :-)

    THE AMAZING GRACE SCENES ARE EPIC. Exactly the kind of scenes that give one chills. :)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Oh, and what is the 'one problem' in August Rush? Now I'm curious. :-)

    2. Exactly!! I really want to watch it again......if I can find a place to watch it!


    3. Naomi, I AGREE WITH YOU, MA'AM. I really adore those two as a couple :)

      Yaaaasssss. Just so many chills.

      (Okay, so, August Rush. Basically, "to speak with perfect candor," the movie revolves around a couple and the child that results from their one night stand. That sounds awful, I know, and it IS, but they're separated soon after that, and through various complications and whatnot, the little boy grows up in foster care, and...well, I can't really explain without spoiling everything. But yeah, that's the issue--the fact of the one night stand, and how it's never shown as wrong, but rather romanticized.)

      Bailey, YES! Which ones, Wives and Daughters and Amazing Grace?

    4. I see - I went to see the trailer; and it makes sense. It looks amazing; really. :-) (And boy is ADORABLE.)

    5. Oh, good. Yes, it is amazing! (I KNOW. Is he not one of the cutest things you've ever seen in your LIFE?!)

    6. Both!! But I just found out that I can see W&D again if we get a Hulu account.

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wives & Daughters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!AMAZING GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should have heard my squeal when I saw that one!! Mel:(sitting across the room from me) "Lord have mercy!" I ADORE that moment!! We really need to watch that movie!!! I just have to get it first. Grrrrrrr!!

    I haven't seen any of the others.


      We really should; it's so great!

    2. Oh I definitely do!!!!! I love it when I make Mel roll her eyes with my reactions!!

      And guess what? I might be watching Larkrise to Candleford next month!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Haha! I bet it's fun ;D

      Really?! Oh my gosh, you are going to love it, I'm quite certain!

  3. I don't know any of these except Amazing Grace! I don't remeber that particular moment but the movie in general just gave me that happy feeling.
    Other heart moments? I can never recall any when asked..
    Ooh.. the proposal and wedding scene in The Young Victoria - that always makes me so happy!

    1. I know, isn't Amazing Grace such a glorious movie, Rose?

      Haha, I feel you...

      Oh! Yes, those parts are absolutely PRECIOUS! I should rewatch that movie. It's so sumptuous!

  4. OH. MY. WORD. I totally feel ya girl!! I mean, totally all the way. This happens to me all the time! Gah the feels are beautiful.

    The Secretariat scene? I can't, I can't even. "Let him run Ronnie, let him run!!" I cry ever time, and then laugh, and then go speachless, and then I normally yell "Ronnie don't fall off!!" at the end. It's beautiful. Agh.

    I don't really remember the Soul Surfer scene, but that was a good movie. And I need to watch Amazing Grace. Like now.

    1. YES! You understand, Abby!

      YESYESYES. And LUCIEN. I love Lucien! "Ronnie, don't fall off!" The man is awesome :D That scene just makes me feel like I'm about to burst out of my skin with joy.

      Yaaaaasss, watch Amazing Grace! You will love it, I'm quite confident.

    2. Oh ya girl, I do. And just giving you a heads up, I might steal this post. You have been warned. You don't mind? :)

      LUCIEN YAS! He is so funny! I love him. Yes. That's how you feel during that scene.

      I will. Pronto.

    3. No, I don't mind at all! I'd actually love it if you did that :D

      He's hilarious <3

  5. LET HIM RUN, RONNIE!!!!!!!

    I love that movie to bits. :-)

    YES, I know what you're talking about. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about -- and it's one of the best feelings ever. This was a great post idea, Olivia! And I love all these movies you've mentioned (except August Rush, which I have not seen, and therefore do not love yet, but I'm interested in seeing it because of you. :-))

    1. "HE TAUGHT ME HOOOOOOOOOWWWWW...." Just gets me every time, it does :D

      Aww, thanks, Emma! I have a feeling you'll really love August Rush. I don't know quite why, but "I'm having an inkling." ;)

  6. I hate the end of August Rush! haha it's not enough for me, I wanted to see them properly meet but I know that's just greedy. I do love that film though - my favourite bit's where he's busking and the dad sits and plays with him :D

    1. Haha! I know how you feel, Catherine--my dad wanted more, too! And I did as well the first time I watched it, I think, but then the more I've watched it the more I'm just like, "Heck, I'LL TAKE IT." ;)

      Oh my gosh, I KNOW RIGHT. That part. It's so precious <3 Did you know that on the soundtrack, that part's music is called "Dueling Guitars"? It makes me smile :)

    2. I did know! Only because I may have watched it on Youtube a few times... :)

    3. Isn't it such a fun song to listen to? :D

  7. Ohhhhh . . . I know just what you mean. Those moments where you're just SHAKING with happiness or feels or what-not. I know.

    Secretariat--YES YES YES. That moment is so GOOD. I love it. Although, to be honest, I'd have to say the ending of "Seabiscuit" is even MORE emotional and feels-y for me. I . . . I just love that movie. The end. (I really do recommend it--I think you'd love it, Olivia.)

    Amazing Grace . . . *insert silent scream* I LOVE THAT PART SO MUCH. "William Wilberforce will go home to his family, lay down his head on his pillow, and remember: The slave trade is no more."

    I love the ending of S&S 08, too . . . where Colonel Brandon carries Marianne into the house :-) And, let's not forget: "Can you forgive me? Can you . . . love me? Will you . . . MARRY me???" Sheesh. All da feels.

    My favorite movie ever, "Bernadette," has a ton of those moments, too . . . probably why I love it so much :-) Especially there's this one part where Bernadette works a miracle to heal a little blind girl, someone who's been blind since birth, and it's just like . . . GAHHHHHH. I CAN'T EVEN. The music in that scene alone is enough to make anyone cry.

    (I recommend that movie too. Definitely. In case anybody's interested. I LOVE IT.)

    1. "William Wilberforce will go home to his family, lay down his head on his pillow, and remember: The slave trade is no more."

      THAT QUOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Jessica, YAAAASSSSSS. (Oh, btw, I don't think I've told you yet that I love your new profile picture ;))

      Gaaaahhh, yes! Oh, yeah, I need to remember to snag Seabuiscuit at the library the next time I see it.

      How is that movie so darned beautiful??

      S&S '08 is da beeeeessssst. I wuvs that part, too :D Both of those parts, actually! SO MUCH JOY.

      Ohh, I think I've heard of Bernadette! Is it an older film, by any chance?

      (Bailey, I KNOW RIGHT.)

    3. Oh, thanks!! Yeah, Lucy from Narnia is one of the fictional characters that I have the deepest, most powerful emotional connection with . . . so I felt like it was time to acknowledge her ;-)

      Definitely, I think you should :-) I would recommend checking out the Plugged-In review (here: http://www.pluggedin.com/movie-reviews/seabiscuit/) before watching it, just to make sure there's nothing you'll be too uncomfortable with. It's kind of "rough" (it's about a rough place and time) but I know I, for one, got a LOT out of watching it. It's a great, great film with a really inspiring message.

      Mmmmm . . . well, the "Bernadette" I'm talking about is from 1988, so I guess it's kind of old? There's a much older movie, "The Song of Bernadette," from 1943 or so, which is really famous, but that's not the one I mean. The 1988 "Bernadette" has a mostly French cast (except for Sydney Penny, who starred as Bernadette) and it was shot twice, once in French and once in English. I actually prefer the French version because it just has a more authentic and immersive "feel" (since the story is set in France). Anyway . . . it's a really beautiful, inspiring film--and a very, very peaceful one. I think that's what draws me to it more than anything, the peace and serenity of it. It makes me happy :-)

    4. Colonel Brandon and Marianne.. AMEN! :-D Oh if you are interested I actually wrote a story with them

    5. Oh, Evie--that's so cool!!! I'll check it out as soon as I have time!! :-)

    6. I thought that might be why! I'm glad you did ;)

      Ah, gotcha. I'll definitely look it up before I watch it!

      Oh, okay, I think The Song of Bernadette is the one I'd heard of, from Call the Midwife :) I'll have to check into Bernadette, though! It sounds great :)

    7. Ooh, Evie, is that the story you'd sent me earlier? We need to keep going with our fan fiction...

  8. Ahhhh! Love this post! Those moments? That's the whole reason my favorite movies are my favorite. That great overwhelming joy that swamps you and makes you sing out or cry or just sigh at how awesome and joyful and passionate and amazing that movie moment was. I LIVE for that feeling!!! :-D

    1. Thanks so much, DKoren! Ohhhhhh, YOU UNDERSTAND. Thanks for commenting :D

  9. YES!!! I love those moments - when you just feel about ready to explode with happiness and melt into a puddle of tears :P

    I love the ending of Secretariat! LET HIM RUN, RONNIE!!!! Happy Day is like the best gospel song evah :)

    AND AMAZING GRACE. I CAN'T EVEN - !! Just way too much EPICNESS. (Not really, of course. And is that even a word? Whatever. It's amazing ;))

    1. Exactly, Rosie!!!! :D

      Secretariat is gorgeous. The end.

      You know, it really bothers me that epicness is not a word. WHY ISN'T IT A WORD?! I have this issue with spell check all the time! Random rant aside, YESH. Amazing Grace. Definitely.

    2. Haha, YES. Spell check is soooo annoying! There are all SORTS of words (like, really awesome ones) that it won't let me use :P

    3. I know. Stupid spell check ;P

  10. I absolutely love the ending for Wives and Daughters. It is just too cute. :)

  11. Wives and Daughters ending is super sweet, but she's wearing pants!!!! That would have been really shocking then, wouldn't it? Still great, though. AND THAT PART IN AMAZING GRACE IS. BEAUTIFUL. It is really interesting how he spends so much time talking about slavery and such, and then when the bill is finally passed, he says absolutely nothing...it is super powerful and always makes the tears come. Also, do you like the LOTR movies? There are so many beautiful, epic moments in it ( Where I frantically grope blurry-eyed for my Kleenex box)
    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Haha, yes, I guess it would have, Rilla! But still, it's so irresistible, no? :D

      Exactly! His humility and tears are so much more eloquent, and then how he finally stands up slowly...LET ME JUST CRY.

      THE LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIES. YES AMEN. I was actually going to put a moment from RotK in here, and then decided, you know what, better not even get started ;D

      Thanks so much for commenting, Rilla!

    2. Not to interrupt, or anything--but, in reference to the "Wives and Daughters" question, I sort of get the impression that back in the 1800s, the rules for how women could dress while in "wild places" like Africa or Asia were somewhat different than the rules for dress in England or Europe. That is, as long as you were still within the confines of European civilization, you HAD to wear a dress--but once you got out on safari or whatever, you could put on riding breeches or what-not and nobody would really object. Especially if you were going with your husband, like she was.

      Like I said, I hope you guys don't mind me interjecting here ;-) I just am sort of addicted to history and I love talking about it :-)

    3. Jessica, thanks! I was wondering myself, so it was helpful reading your explanation :)

  12. Ohhh, yes! Just what I needed! :D
    I've never seen that movie, August Rush, but it looks SO amazing. That boy (his grin!) is ADORABLE. <3 Gosh, I'll have to check into that movie! That gif is so sweet. (The only problem is if my family asks why I want to watch it, I'll probably stutter out something like, "It's so adorable...the boy...his grin....music. It just looks so darn SWEET!" :P)
    Yes, I have only seen Wives and Daughters once, but I remember the ending sending happy chills down my spine. ;)
    I saw Secretariat once, ages ago, and I can't remember heaps, except that I found it, um....really boring and predictable. :P But I was glad the horse won, hehe. ;)
    AND YES. That part in Amazing Grace! You've been waiting for it the ENTIRE movie, and it totally doesn't disappoint. :) It always makes me sniffle.
    Ohhh yes!! Totally, totally! Definitely, indubitably! That's probably the most inspiring movie I like to watch. :D That scene is so amazing! And it's so happy (and she makes you realize competitiveness is silly, hehe ;P) and everything is just perfect!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH!!! It's just so inspiring, and that scene is just.....ohh....you understand. Why do I bother blabbing. ;)
    Yes, I agree and understand what you're trying to say in this post - those treasured moments in movies, that exceed all other parts of the movie simply because it's such a magical moment. I love magical moments. :D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Ahhhhhh! Miss Meg, August Rush IS amazing! Yes, yes, yes! Do go check it out: it is FANTASTIC. I KNOW--isn't his grin like the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?! GAHH. Like I was discussing with Naomi, there are a few issues in the movie, but they're not explicit at all.

      I wuv Wives and Daughters <3

      Haha! Well, Secretariat IS predictable ;)

      Amazing Grace is just...wow.

      Soul Surfer is a great movie!!! I really like it. And the music is incredible.

      Exactly! Ooh, "magical moments"--I like that.

  13. The AG scene. YES.
    And, I get really happy at that scene in SS too. You said it-THE MUSIC!! :D

    1. Eeeeek, yes! Ooh, I'm so glad someone else feels the same way about the music in SS, Natalie! :)

  14. Yes! I have heart moments in movies, and I understand how you feel toward them. Most of the time I can't put a name to what I feel, so I like how you called them heart moments. I usually have heart moments when the the underdog survives or wins in the end, or one man against many or the wild, perhaps that's why I like westerns. It can also be a quiet moment in a movie, where my heart understands and it has that moment. It's times like these, where I can't understand or at least put words to what I feel. The Swan has been my favorite movie a long time, but I still can't explain why it is because I have that heart moment at the very end of the movie in a quiet scene. Sorry, I talk too much. :-)

    What is the name of the first movie you mentioned? I really liked the quote, but I don't think I saw a name to the movie.

    I don't think I had a heart moment with the last scene of Wives and Daughters, but I've only seen it once and a long time ago, so I think I have to see it again.

    I love that scene in Secretariat! I always feel so much joy or excitement as Secretariat pulls out in front and steadily increases his distance from the other horses.

    I finished watching Amazing Grace last night for the first time, and it was incredible! I had a heart moment too. I almost cried outwardly, but I also cried inwardly. I just felt so happy for him. :-)

    I have not seen soul surfer. I think I would cry a lot, so I've felt hesitant to watch it and because of the pressure of school, it's nice to sit down and watch a comedy with Mom and laugh.

    1. Ekaterina, no, no, you don't! I LOVE long comments :) Exactly! You described it perfectly. (And btw, WESTERNS. Just yes.)

      Ooh, I haven't seen The Swan before! What's it about?

      Ah, yes, that's August Rush. It's a fantastic movie :D

      Yeah, it was only the last time I watched it that I realized just how much I loved the ending.

      It's incredible! And I love how it mutes for a moment, and all we hear is his heartbeat while Penny recites the verse from the beginning.

      Ahhhh! You did?! Isn't it beautiful?!

      I definitely get that. SS is fine for the most part, but the attack sequence IS really intense. Comedies with mothers are the best, aren't they? :)

    2. I'm glad you love long comments because I like to write. :-) Yay! I think you get what I mean about westerns. :-)

      The Swan stars Grace Kelly as the European princess, Louis Jourdan as the handsome tutor, and Alec Guinness as the crown prince and heir to the throne. The movie is about the princess torn between the handsome tutor , and the heir to the throne. Well, there is actually more to the story, but I'm afraid of ruining the movie for you, so I won't say anything else. I recently watched the movie with some friends of ours, but they didn't seem to like it as much, which surprised me, so I can't guarantee that you will like the movie. I just love the movie for the end. It's also one of the few movies that can make me cry almost every single time I watch it, and I don't usually cry over movies more than once. If I do cry over a movie, it is usually one time, but I won't do it again when I rewatch the movie.

      I'll have to see if August Rush is on Netflix.

      I'm actually still thinking about Amazing Grace. Mom didn't really get to see all of it, so I'm going to rewatch it with her.

      Comedies with Mom really are the best, especially if the comedy is How To Marry a Millionaire, Singin in the Rain, or Yours Mine and Ours. I also love to watch the Love Come Softly series with my mom. Have you watched Love Comes Softly?

    3. Hehehe ;)

      Ohhhh, yes, I have heard of The Swan! I want to watch it :)

      I have watched LCS! All of them, I think, including the prequels ;) I have a love/hate relationship with them--it's like I know they're cheesy, but for some reason I adore them :D

  15. Oh!! I LOVE this! And I totally understand what you mean by that deep, exhileratingly, joyful feeling! I've definitely experienced that. :)

    Ahem. Well, I had to laugh when I saw that you had included the last scene of Wives and Daugthers--because that scene didn't make me happy at all. (Haha! You know my opinion of Wives and Daughters...) The truth is I missed all the romance of it because all I could see was that they were walking in a boring old dessert and Molly was wearing PANTS! Which didn't strike me as romantic at all! Haha! Seriously, though, the way you described that scene makes it sound totally romantic and lovely, and I can't undestand how I missed all that. I really should give that movie a second try and see if I don't like it better. ;)

    AMAZING GRACE! THAT SCENE! YEEESSSS! The music, the tears, the look of relief on William Wilberforce's face!! It's all SO good!!! And it gives me thrills every time!

    What are some of my heart-moments in films? Well, I think I'd have to go with the scene in Emma 2009 when Mr. Knightly finally proposes to Emma...or the very last scene when they're going on their honeymoon! Those scenes make me SO happy! There's more too, I'm sure, but maybe I'll save them and do a post like this myself sometime. That is, if you have no objection to me stealing your idea. ;)

    Thank you for the post, Olivia! I really enjoyed it!! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Yes!! Isn't it great when that happens, Miss March?! :D

      Haha, it's okay; to each her own ;) Maybe we'll have to make a deal sometime: I'll try Little Dorrit again and you try Wives and Daughters again. Haha! ;D

      Every. Stinkin'. Time. IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!

      Oh, oh! Yes, those scenes are beautiful! And yes, please do a similar post! I'd LOVE to read about yours :)

      I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :D

  16. I absolutely ADORE this idea! I've surprisingly only seen one of these (that being Soul Surfer), although I do desperately want to see Amazing Grace. (It looks amaaaazing!)

    Most of my favorite movie moments come from Lord of the Rings, hehe :D I'm not even sorry. ;)

    Would you mind terribly if I planned a similar post for sometime in the near future? I noticed that several other people have asked, and I just thought it would be really fun to do.

    Lovely, lovely post, Olivia! As always :)

    1. Mary, thanks so much!

      Haha, YES. I was going to include LotR moments, but then I was like…you know what, you probably shouldn't even try. There are just too many ;)

      No, please do! I'd love to read it!

      Aww, thanks dear ;D


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