All you have to do is say "BBC Robin Hood tag . . ."

Lately, I've been privileged to get to know MovieCritic.  We've been bonding over the pain of BBC Robin Hood, dontcha know :D  Go check out the blog -- it's great!

Well, "we now come to the point," MovieCritic has recently tagged me for a BBC RH tag!  WELL.  You know me ;)

Thanks so much, MovieCritic!  I really appreciate the tag!  Now, as I understand it, this tag was originally created by Rachel at A Girl's Place and it has no specific rules; tagging is optional.  Let's get on to the questions!  'Ware spoilers!

1. What's your favourite season?  Like Ruth said in her answers, I'd probably have to go with season two, even though the ending is Very Not Okay.  In S2, the quality of the show had improved, but it was still NOT TORN ALL TO PIECES BECAUSE OF A CERTAIN PERSON'S DEATH mildly emotionally handle-able.  However, I do actually like S3, I think . . . because, after all, Guy and Robin become friends, and just . . . GAHH.  

2. Favourite outfit?  'Hem, yes, well.  As we all know, Marian's outfit isn't always quite the thing (though she does have some beautiful ensembles).  I think I'd have to say one of Isabella's, actually.  Perhaps one of Marian's, but I'm not sure.

3. Favourite bad guy?  In this as in most shows, 'tis important to define "bad guy."  I guess probably Guy?  He really is awful sometimes and does some absolutely inexcusable things, but then other times . . . 

4. Which character you felt sorry for?  Pssshhh, all of them?  In particular:  Allan (because, while "everything is a choice," he didn't have a great many options when he first started feeding information to Guy, and then he reformed sincerely and everything was fine and dandy for awhile but then DARN IT ALL, ISABELLA, and all of the gang distrusted him and his death was basically awful); Roy (for obvious reasons); Much (because he wasn't taken seriously most of the time); Guy (because he clearly had deep-seated emotional issues that he kept trying to resolve in the worst of ways); Isabella (because her brother sold her to a terrible person at the age of thirteen and she never received true, unconditional love); and . . . basically, I could come up with a reason for everybody.  

5. Djaq or Marian?  Marian by default because Marian might actually be my favorite character, but, as other people have said, I do really like Djaq, too.  I love that she's so ready to help other people, how she invests herself in other people's sorrow . . . it's admirable.  

6. Favourite piece of music?  I think Marian's theme, as Natalie has termed it :)  Honestly, I don't remember much of what the music sounded like except for the credits -- I think I found it more than adequate but I confess it hasn't really stuck in my brain.

7. Least favourite episode?  Ugh . . . that's a hard choice.  Probably "Parent Hood" (episode four of the first season).  It's the only episode of which I have adamantly and actively thought, "I'll probably never watch that one again."  Roy though.  I think that was the death that shook me up the most, though the S3 finale was close.  And do you want to know why?  Because it was (at least one of) the only one that I was totally and completely unprepared for.  For most of the others, I either definitely knew they were coming or had a strong feeling that they were.  BUT SERIOUSLY.  THE WAY HE WENT, PEOPLE.  It messed me up.  

A happy gif to make it better.

8. On which moment you cried? (You don't have to answer it, I 
understand)  WELL.  As aforementioned, ROY.  Also the entire last ten or fifteen minutes of the final episode.  I didn't actually cry when Marian or Allan died (though they got to me, I can assure you!), or even when Guy died, but those two things in particular.  I may or may not have almost screamed for the former one, and was sobbing for the latter.

9. Favourite male character?  Probably Allan, and then Will.  Those two guys are really great <3  

10. Favourite female character? Again, Marian.

11. Kate or Isabella?  Actually, Isabella.  Isabella has more depth to her (that was my reaction, at least), and I felt sorry for her.  Kate, though I should have felt sorry for her what with her brother and everything, didn't evoke much of any positive emotion from me.  I found her irritating to begin with, and then she wouldn't see that she and Allan were made for each other (I would have liked her had she realized that, y'see), and then she started pursuing Robin, and THEN she didn't blink an eye when Allan died.  NO.  N.O.  I don't like Kate.  Sorry.

12. If you could save someone from the death, who would it be?  WHY YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEEEE . . . well, I was going to say, horrible though it sounds, probably not Marian.  (Because, much as Marian's death is awful and terrible and heartbreaking and she's possibly my favorite character, her death in a roundabout way eventually led to the reconciliation of Robin and Guy, and if they were all three going to die anyway . . . I don't think any of them would have been happy without the other.  Does that make any sense at all?  Just an idea I'm mulling over.)    Probably Allan, or Roy.  But then Ruth mentioned in her answers that if Marian hadn't died, none of the others would have died (at least, not in the way they did).  I hadn't really thought of that before.  So I guess I'd have to think through that.

13. Favourite couple? (Pick three)  Yaaaaaasssss :D

~ Robin & Marian ~

~ Allan & Kate ~

~ Guy & Meg ~

Thanks for the fun tag, MovieCritic! :D


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you liked it! And you really put a lot of thought into these questions! I love the points you made about Marian. Yes, yes, and YES!
    After the "your least favorite episode" question that gif made me laugh so hard my sisters were giving me funny looks...
    I'm so glad you liked doing it! You are definetly welcome!

    1. Indeed I did like it! Haha, yes, the struggles of experiencing RH while around other human beings . . .

    2. Oh the worry that they will see some thing that will give away something and then not watch it!!

  2. Love your answers!
    I know Isabella is in a way better than Kate, if it wasn't for Isabella being so...awful! From the start, when she first came into the series, I had a bad feeling about her. She was should I say it? Not real, maybe? Especially because Marian just died and Robin promised to never stop loving her. He probably never stopped, but I cannot see why he said: ''I just want to forget her''. I know it must have been very hard to loose your wife, but forgetting is not the right way to grief, to my opinion. I think that you should remember the good times and how she was. That's what he should have done. And back to Isabella, she started to irritate me in the worst ways. And then she became mean and started to choose the side that was most convenient for her. I also feel sorry for her because of her marrying horrible Thornton, and Guy selling her just for the money. But when she said that about Allan, I couldn't forgive her. Not in a million times. She caused Allan's death and that's probably why I dislike her more than Kate.
    But you're right about Kate. She was so ignorant. She couldn't see that Allan matched her perfectly. Although Allan deserved much better.
    I think that he liked Djaq very much, but then Will said that he loved her, and I think he just decided to rest the case for Will. Maybe, if Will wouldn't be there(that doesn't mean I want him out of the show or anything, I like him), Allan and Djaq would be together. But then Allan would have stayed in the Holy Land, which would be not good! And by the way, Will matched Djaq better. But Allan really liked her, I think.
    I didn't really feel sorry for Kate when her brother died, that sounds awful, I know. What I mean is, I felt sorry, but much. And you said: she didn't blink an eye when Allan died. I didn't think about that in that way. No, actually she didn't. None of them did. Except for Much, and Little John. I think those two knew him best. But they still wouldn't believe him.
    Oh ,by the way, that sentence you wrote about Marian, I think it does make sense. But if Guy didn't kill Marian, but almost, like when he stabbed her as the nightwatchman, maybe he would have been just like in season three and still join the gang. I like to believe that he would have done that, if Marian wasn't killed. But I'm talking on and on. Got to stop now ;)
    You again have a lovely blog, and again thanks for your comment on my blog!

    1. Thanks, Ruth!

      Yep, I get that. Oh, believe me, I was ANGRY when Robin started being with Isabella. Just . . . NO. His lifelong love had died SEVEN EPISODES AGO. I Was Displeased :P But Isabella herself didn't bother me too much at first. But in the end, yes, she was awful.

      You're right, Allan did deserve better, yet somehow we still ship him with Kate! So weird . . . I guess Kate would have been okay if she had seen Allan's worth?

      True, true . . . it was sweet of him to back off when he realized that Will already loved Djaq, when he himself was starting to like her. I love Allan <3 (And Will. And Djaq. And everybody.)

      I know! It's like I felt bad that she lost her brother, but "it passed more quickly than it should." :P Yeah. Oh, you're right, none of them really did blink . . . I guess I was thinking more of how she just seemed totally indifferent to it, while the rest of the gang were heartbroken about it. URGH.

      Ahh, good point! Yes, that would have been the BEST, if it had happened that way . . . and now that you explain it, it totally could have *sobs*.

      Thank you so much! I loved your comment :)

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I really shouldn't watch this show. It will wreck me. I'd better just stay over here where I'm safe ;-)

    1. IT WOULD TOTALLY WRECK YOU. And I'm sort of torn between warning you as a friend to stay away and urging you as a friend to experience the beauty of it, hehe :P

  4. aw, this is so nostalgic! I hated the end of season 2 so much I haven't watched the second series since it was actually on TV (which is SO long ago now) but this really made me want to go back to it! And I actually like the parent hood episode (is that the one where they find the baby?) because it's a reminder that Guy is not nice and I shouldn't want him to get with Marian! haha.

    1. I knooooow . . . S2 ending is awful :'( Haha! Catherine! I guess that makes sense, though -- it IS the one episode (I think?) where I thoroughly hated Guy. I didn't feel at all sorry for him in that one. He was just AWFUL AND WRONG AND GO AWAY.

  5. OH MAH GOSH I CRIED SOOOOOOOOOO HARD WHEN MARIAN DIED!!! I don't know why it got me so bad- oh wait, yes I do. It was because Robin an Marian were FINALLY together, working side by side in the gang together, and they were getting married and then she DIED and it hurt me because it hurt Robin. I love this show so much. I'm with you, I'd take Isabella over Kate any day.

    1. I feel you, Morg, I feel you! I think I would have been sobbing buckets except that I had actually seen that scene before I watched the whole series (longish story), so I was prepared. But it left me feeling positively hollow, that's for sure. JUST WHHHYYYY. Same here! I'm so glad I have fellow RH lovers :)


    I love it and hate it and basically Jessica never watch it because you will cry too much! But ultimately I love it more than I hate it.

    1. ROSIE!!! You've seen this show?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!?!?! (Wait . . . did I know this?)

      I know. I KNOW. It's basically the best and worst thing you'll ever watch, on multiple levels.

    2. I honestly can't remember whether or not I told you!! But YES. It's practically the only TV show that's ever made me cry!

  7. I want to see this sooooo baaaaadddddd!!!!!

    1. It's SO good, Kayla -- so heartbreaking and cheesy and totally not-cheesy and happy and emo and historically inaccurate (at least, costume-wise) and GOOD.

    2. SOUNDS AMAZING!!! And looks gorgeous! Those costumes!!! And what would I know about historical accuracy??? HAHAHAHAHA NOTHING.


    "Basically, I could come up with a reason for everybody." Hahahaha. Haha. Ha. It's so sad how true that is.

    Heehee. That's my favorite music, too. Or the theme song. Because reasons.

    I feel so guilty saying that Roy's death doesn't affect me *too* much....but I still like him a lot. I think I wasn't too invested in the show and characters when I first watched it, and so his death didn't "hit" me, you know? But it definitely makes me sad whenever I watch it. And his mother......

    Alllaaannn. <3

    Definitely Isabella. She's one of the best female villains in my opinion. Kate is just an annoying character who tries really hard to be a heroine and...yeah.

    That "pick someone not to die" question. How? Is it possible?

    Robarian. <3 <3 <3


    Agh. Guy and Meg. <z3 (Hmm, I just came up with that "emoji". Could that be the new official "broken hearted" symbol? :P)

    I want to say so much, but I have a cold and must get to bed. Happy New Year, friend!!!

    1. That's what I thought, honestly! ;)

      Hehe . . . heh . . . indeed so.

      Oh, no, don't feel bad! Different things affect different people, eh, what? ;D I think I'd been a bit emotional that day to begin with, and like I said, it was one of the only ones I was unprepared for, and I just felt really bad for his predicament, and . . . yeah.

      Exactly <3

      THANK YOU.

      I know! I thought it unfair :P

      Hahah, if only is right!

      Ooh, I like it. We should make it become A Thing. We can do that ;)

      Aww, dear, I was sorry to hear you had a cold :( Is it better now? Happy New Year to you, too!

    2. Very true. :) (about different things affecting different people)

      Yay! Let's definitely make it A Thing. :D

      As said in another comment, yes, I'm definitely a little better now. :) Thank you!


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