Red Carpet Eye Candy . . . {4}

Hello, lovelies!  I hope your Christmas was awe-filled and awesome!  (Okay, that was really weird and cheesy.)

It's that time again!  Here are some more red carpet ensembles that I really like ;)

THIS.  At first I was a little wary, trying to decide if the two different shades of pink, combined with her (beautiful) red hair really worked as well as all that, but now I have decided.  It's awesome.  Such a cute, clean, modest crop top, and it's elegant because it's paired with a skirt instead of pants.  And the styling, with a lighter lip than some of Emma Stone's other red carpet looks, and the hair in such a pretty, simple braid?  Love it.  

I'd appreciate a higher neckline *aHERM* and a more closed side, but other than that I really like this look.  This may count as my token "starry" dress for the post ;D  But it also kind of reminds me of water…hmm.  Anyway, it's lovely.  

Okay, so this might not technically be red carpet, but it's close enough.  This one is different, but not quite as over-the-top edgy and "hard" as some of her other outfits.  I like that it's sculptural but also feminine, and the darkness of the hair and makeup contrast nicely with the lightness and embroidery of the dress itself.  

It's so beautiful.  I love the styling choices Zendaya made, and it's just so slinky and graceful and princess-y -- awesome.  

(I wasn't finding a picture of just Amal that I found a satisfactory depiction of the dress, so here's this. And after all, George and Amal actually look like a legitimately adorable couple, so it's okay.)  People. Look at that swish.  I wouldn't have thought of the color pairing of pale yellow and red accents, but man, she pulled it off flawlessly.  (Plus, the fact that she can pull off the color yellow at all -- methinks applause is in order.)  I really, really like this look :)

This is one of those that I've admired for a while.  I love the hair and other styling for this, and the pale, almost nude pink is lovely on Anna Kendrick.  It's fun to see colors that seem difficult to wear well look good on somebody.  The draped look of the piece and the little rosette on the bodice are really flattering.  

A chance find, but I'm glad I saw it.  It's very simple, yet there's something I really like about it.  I love Natalie Portman's hair in this picture, and the metallic gold of her shoes peeking out from under the dress is a nice touch :D

Hmm . . . there seem to be a lot of leg slits in this collection.  They're all relatively modest, though, so all's well, I suppose :)  I like this style of gown, although again I wish the sides were a bit more closed and the back was a bit higher up.  But the green is very pretty on Rachel McAdams, and the hair and accessories all complement it well.  

Yaaaaaassss.  The more I look at it, the more I love it.  Effortless and sheer, but not too sheer, the purity of the white and the simplicity of the accessories, combined with the gorgeous up-do . . . it's awesome.  

What was your favorite of these looks?
What was one of your favorite gifts you received this Christmas?  ('Cause I'm curious.)


  1. Oh! I like the one Anna Kendrick is wearing, and the last one! Though they are all pretty! These are fun posts!
    One the things I got for Christmas and I really like is this game called HOAX. It is really fun!!

    1. You are so on top of it! I saw the picture of Amal on here, then a few HOURS later I started seeing it everywhere else!

    2. Yes! I'm glad you enjoy them; I find them pretty fun, too :D

      Ooh, what's HOAX about?

      Haha, thank you! It's apparently a really popular dress . . . and I can see why!

    3. You picked really good ones to share!

      It is a game of secret identities, you have to figure out the other peoples without giving away yours.


    4. Aww, thanks! :)

      Ooh, sounds intriguing.

  2. Ooh, I love Amal's yellow dress and Emma Watson's white one tie for my favorite. Both are beautiful. I agree that these are fun posts! I love checking out the various styles and colors chosen.

    Hm, my favorite Christmas present I got is a framed Ralph McQuarrie drawing of an X-Wing being chased by an tie-fighter, from Star Wars.

    1. Yes, they're both so lovely!

      That sounds awesome. I got a Star Wars hoodie that makes me happy :D

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it beautiful?! I'm still not over the flow-y-ness.

  4. I think my favorite is either Emma Watson's or Emma Stone's . . . I can't choose! They're both so elegant and lovely.

    I love yellow, and I love wearing it!! I do it every chance I get, actually :-)

    I have so many amazing presents . . . but I think one of my favorites is definitely my new copy of "In My Father's House" <3 I also got an awesome T-shirt with a photo of Pope John Paul II and the words "Be Not Afraid" printed on it (because that's his most famous quote.) I asked for it specially because I LOVE that quote and it always makes me feel brave . . . and I got it! :-) I should send you a photo or something. Fits really nicely, too.

    1. Oh, and seeing the photo reminded me:


    2. I know! They're definitely two of my top favorites :)

      Ooh, cool! Yes, now that you mention it, I can see you looking lovely in yellow!

      IMFH YAAAAAASSSSS. We've talked ;) Oh, that shirt sounds awesome! I remember you telling me about him . . . yes, please do send a photo; I'd love to see it :D

      I KNOW. Just a couple more months!

  5. Lovely!! I saw you had pinned these and got very excited!

  6. Lovely!!! I really like Natalie Portman's black dress.
    Where do you find such lovely pictures of red carpet dresses?
    Can I do this too? I thought I just ask before doing it.

    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! Natalie Portman's style is just <3 <3

      I typically just search "red carpet dresses" on Pinterest, or if there's a celebrity whose style I've liked in the past I'll add their name. Also, I've found that the website Zimbio sometimes has photo galleries of red carpet events :D

      Ooh, yes, please do! I'd love to see what you come up with :)

      Awwww, thanks! I'm so glad you liked it <3

  7. Natalie's dress and Emma's dress were my two favorites. I love how both of them are just so elegant and classic. :) I would love to have any of these dresses though.

    1. Yes! Which Emma, though? ;D I know *drools*

    2. That's very true. XD Emma Watson.

  8. I always like these posts. ;)

    My favourite dress is probably Anna Kendick's, although I'd look SICKLY in that colour. ;P I appreciate the fact that she can pull it off. Plus it's a lovely dress design.

    My favourite Christmas present (and also a /birthday present) was my camera! I got a Canon IXUS 180, which is a little compact camera (it's tiny!) but it's reeeally good quality. :D There's SO much stuff on it! Videos, micro + macro, heaps of filters, sound, basically everything I could ask for plus heaps more!

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg!! You got a camera! :D Yay!

    2. I'm glad you enjoy them, Miss Meg! I always like doing them :)

      Haha, same.

      Ooh! That sounds awesome -- a tiny camera that has awesome quality despite its size? And all those features? I'm a wittle jealous now :D

  9. The best part of this post is George Clooney with a beard.

    I hope your Christmas was a lovely one! :-)

  10. I love the style of Natalie Portman's dress. I would love to wear it, especially if it came in a color I liked better. :)

    Happy New Year!!

    1. I know how you feel! Same to you, dear friend <3


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