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This post is not as important as that title makes it sound, by the way.  I'm basically just going to talk about some of the things that have been "on my radar" recently: stuff I've been watching/listening to, movies I'm looking forward to, a friend's new blog, etc. Just the usual. ;)

First and arguably most important:  one of my best "real life" friends started a blog!!!!  I am quite happy. :D  Y'all need to go see it posthaste:  I'm telling you, this girl is amazing and you won't regret getting to know her.  (Plus, she just did a post about The Nativity Story.)  Check out her blog here!

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Two of Peter Hollens' relatively new videos are fantabulous and I've been watching them pretty often. :-P  

I have fond memories of listening to the Mamma Mia! soundtrack, so I really liked his "ABBA Disco Medley". :D

And I also love Taylor Swift music (judge away), so his and Evynne's mash-up of 1989 was fun, too.  I think they did a really good job with it!  And 1989's not my favorite of her albums, so. :-P

In fact, I listened to a lot of T. Swift music a few weeks ago when I was studying for tests and such.  It helped. :-P

(Also, speaking of YouTube peeps, have y'all checked out Jess & Gabriel's channel, or Marcus & Kristin's?  They're adorable. :D)

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OKAY, GUYS, SO.  I don't know if I ever formally announced it on this blog, but this summer I got to watch the "re-release" of the Newsies Live! revival they had released in theaters in February.  Previously, I had thought that Newsies just wasn't the show for me, having only listened to a tiny clip of the music.  Welp, that filmed revival sure blew that idea out of the water, and I became A Devoted Fan.  ('Cause like it was really really really amazing.)  If I were to go off onto my Newsies fangirl tangent, we'd be here a while, so I'll just leave it there and return to the point:  one of me blogging pals, Erudessa Aranduriel of The Flowering Vales, mentioned in one of her posts that she watched this self-same revival (which I had thought was only in theaters those two times) on Netflix!  Cue the "HOLD UP" thoughts and the eager checking of Netflix later that day.  And . . . she was right!  That same show is on Netflix!!!  So a HUGE thank-you to Erudessa for mentioning that and thereby making, if not my month, at the very least my week. ;D <3 <3 <3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I really want to see The Greatest Showman.  It might be disappointing, I know, but I really want to see it.  

And, y'know, The Last Jedi is out, too, so that's a thing.  (Please, no spoilers!  Or, really, much of any non-spoilery thoughts, either.  I'd prefer to know as little as possible about it going into it, so I can go into it with unclouded expectations. :))

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Thanks to Miss Woodhouse for this gif! :)

I can't think of anything else to say, so I'm going to take a good friend's advice and, since I've come to the end, stop. ;-P

What's up with y'all?


  1. I also want to see The Greatest Showman! It looks really epic :). Rggh and The Last Jedi! (I swear, if I keep hearing about these titles another second, I'm just going to have to break down and get a few movie tickets....)

    LE GASP - I'm a Newsies fangirl too! My sis Lia got me hooked cause she found the same show on Netflix :). It was kind of interesting as we were watching it together via Skype (I have no netflix sadly) as we were about 800 miles away from each other. Not easy, let me tell ya.


    1. *whispers* (The Last Jedi, The Last Jedi, The Last Jedi) (Now you have to see it. ;D)

  2. Don't worry there are no spoilers here, just me insiting that you go see The Last Jedi. It is my new second favorite STAR WARS ever!!!

    The Greatest Showman!!! I so want to see it!!! It isn't likey (as I just saw TLJ on Tesday), but one can hope.

    I have never seen Newsies. Or even heard the music. Oh, well. Everyone loves it so much I will have to see it. :)

  3. Yayyy.... another post. :D

    Haha, I personally find passive aggressive conversations incredibly fun. XD

    I know next to nothing about ABBA and Mama Mia! so that medley was very interesting. ;D (Okay, so I have heard A COUPLE of those songs before...) It makes me want to do disco dancing, haha.
    And YES! I Love their Taylor Swift medley! It's SO GOOD. XD (Honestly, I generally prefer covers of TS's songs than the originals. :P I'm not a huuuge TS fan... specially not her latest music. What were your thoughts on "Look What You Made Me Do"? I thought it was terrible, but hey that's just my opinion. :P (Except the "Sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now... why? ... because she's dead." That tickled me for some reason. :P)

    YESSS JESS AND GABRIEL!!! They'res SO cute! I know some people find them annoying (*coughcoughmyoldersisterscough*) but I subscribed. XD They're cool beans. <3

    Haha, that Newsies tweet. XD Well done!

    I KNOW ISN'T NEWSIES THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER?!!! Okay, maybe not EVER, but its' pretty epic. ;) I was able to see it on Netflix too! (Hooray!)

    I think I'll pass out on The Greatest Showman... I mean, I'll watch it from my library, but I don't think I'll pay money to see it. I'd rather see Goodbye Christopher Robin, The Man Who Invented Christmas, or re-watch The Last Jedi. (I saw it the other week. I want to see it again. That's all I'll say. :D)

    Whaddup with me... ehhh... been on holidays! Hooray! But I keep forgetting I'm allowed to DO NOTHING, so I'm still busy, heh. :P I've been doing piano, violin, French, crafts, organizing events, editing my story, reading books, watching movies... heaps of different things! (Oh, and as you discovered, created a Pinterest account. ;) That was just for my benefit, for some inspiration, so don't expect Great Things, haha, but I'm flattered you followed me. :D) So yes, I think I've forgotten what it's like to do nothing, but at the same time, I think that's a good thing. ;)

    Now I really must get off this computer!

    1. D'aawwwww :D Thanks for always commenting! *hugsies*

      Haha, yeah, they can be. XD

      Hehehe ;) Cool! Yeah, I'm a fairly big fan of her music. But I'm with you on the latest stuff -- not my thing, overall. I do really like "Call It What You Want" and what I've heard of "Getaway Car," but other than that . . . eck. :-/ Haha, "Look What You Made Me Do" is . . . whatever. :-P

      Eeeekk, you know them too?! Aren't they adorbs?! *gasp* People find them annoying?! HOW DARE. They're cutie pies. <3

      Haha, I thought so. XD


      Eeeee, I want to see ALL of those! (And I ended up getting to see The Last Jedi!!)

      "I keep forgetting I'm allowed to DO NOTHING" << Haha! That was me for the first few days of my break. Now I'm getting into the swing of spending the days still being productive, but doing things that I WANT to do, things I don't get to do during school. Happiness. :D Wow, you go, girl!! It sounds like you really have been keeping busy! Huzzah for reading and watching :D (Heehee! I was happy to discover you created one. :D) Haha, yeah, probably best. ;)


  4. Yay Jess and Gabriel! They're super funny and seen like genuinely awesome people.

    Have you heard Reputation by Taylor Swift? I'm curious as to what you think of it.

    1. Eee, I'm so glad you know them too! Yesh, they're adorable.

      I've heard some of it! I'm not really a fan of it, to be honest, but I do like "Call It What You Want" and "Getaway Car." :) What do you think of it?

  5. That gif of Vernon is adorable!

  6. Taylor Swift is one of my guilty pleasures. I can't help it! The Greatest Showman has me really intrigued but I'm afraid too it's going to be a letdown. We'll have to see!

    1. Lois, same!! *rubs hands together nervously* Yes, we'll see -- I think I'm going to go see it in theaters soon so I hope it's everything I want it to be. :D

  7. NEWSIES IS AWESOME. YES. You know my sentiments <3

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love Peter Hollens!! And I love Taylor Swift, too :-) No shame, seriously. She's one of my go-to pop artists, especially when I need a bit of Cheering; my faves of her songs are "Out of the Woods" and "Long Live" (ESPECIALLY "Long Live.") I could sing along to those two forever.

    You must see The Last Jedi. That is all.

    What's up with me? Well . . . recovering from the semester (YAY) and I just started working on a re-write of Scarlet Ribbons that I'm actually super-duper stoked about *grins*

    1. YESH. We are agreed. <3

      Yes!! Glad you agree. <3 Acckkk, I LOVE "Long Live." It's like the perfect song for envisioning music videos for basically any fandom ever. And I like "Out of the Woods" too. :) Do you have a favorite album of hers, overall? I thiiiink my favorite overall is Speak Now, though I also really like her first one.


      YOU'VE STARTED WORKING ON "SCARLET RIBBONS" AGAIN?!?!?! I AM ALL THE HAPPY. !!! Eeeekk! So exciting!!! You MUST finish it someday, m'dear -- you must. :D

  8. You are very welcome! It's a splendid show and I really should watch it again!

    YEEEEEESSSSSS!!! I want to see The Greatest Showman SOOOOOOO badly. I want to see The Last Jedi too, but I don't really want to go see it in theatre. Mom and Mel did, and they won't tell us anything.

    1. Ack, I'm seriously so grateful, haha. :D I was and am thrilled that I can watch it again!!

      I got to see The Last Jedi! And I'm probably going to see The Greatest Showman soon . . . I hope so!

  9. Ooh, I can't wait to see The Greatest Showman! I've yet to see the last Star Wars movie as well, so no spoilers here! ;) And that gif from This Beautiful Fantastic is so perfect, especially considering I just saw it last night!

    1. Abby, me neither! Ooh, I did eventually get to see The Last Jedi . . . would be interested in hearing what your thoughts are when you get to see it. ;) EEEEEEEEE, you did?! Wasn't it a darling movie?!

  10. Yes! I read Erudessa's post as well and immediately watched Newsies on Netflix! So much fun! Loved it!

    1. Isn't it a fantastic show, Faith?! So glad you saw it and loved it. :D

  11. Again, quick comment because of time. :P

    1) I forgot to mention in my previous comment that I saw "While You Were Sleeping" on clearplay and ohhhhh mahhhh woooordddd. <3 <3 <3 I loved it so much!!!!!! The entire story and characters were adorable and precious....but Jack is my favorite. By far. How is he so sweet????

    2) I've recently been listening to a LOT of Taylor Swift for the first time and I find that I like quite a bit of her music more than I expected. "Red" is my favorite album, closely followed by "Speak Now". I haven't listened to much of her other albums, though. (What are some of your favorite songs?)

    3) Newsssssssssieeeeeeessssssssss. ♥

  12. AH. Yes. The Newsies Live release in February. I saw that too! I had never seen (or heard) Newsies before, so it was quite fun for me. :) Very good indeed!

    I WANT TO SEE THE GREATEST SHOWMAN TOO. I don't know when, I don't know how (what with having a Busy January and all), but I WANT TO.

    I'm going to see The Last Jedi with some friends soon. I hope to enjoy it, considering my love/hate relationship with the whole Star Wars scene.

    Anyways, thanks for the update! I love catch-up posts. :)
    I hope you're having a good 2018 so far!!


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