15 Reasons Why Killian + Emma Are a Great Couple

1.  I'd like it known that I love Neal.  I love Neal a lot.  Just because I'm "Team Killian" instead of "Team Neal" doesn't mean that Neal doesn't have a spacious place in my Oncer heart. <3  Just so we're clear.

2.  Though I really love this couple (obvi), I'm not happy with some of the moral choices that they make, and I don't go into that in the post, so I just wanted to state it here in case anybody got confused.  I love them and I think they're wonderful, but obviously I do wish they'd made some different choices.

3.  There are what some people might consider a few spoilers in this post.  If you have a certain level of familiarity with the show and some of its twists and turns already (looking at you, Natalie ;-P), I feel like you'd be fine reading this, but I guess I'd have to say use your own discretion?  I suppose my last reason is kind of spoilery.  Depends how sensitive you are about spoilage, and, again, on your level of familiarity with the show. :-P  Some of the other reasons also sort of have to do with the later parts of their relationship, so . . . again, it depends.  I'm sorry I can't be of more help.  Please don't read this and then hate me for spoiling something for you. xD

4.  On my end, I have not seen the seventh (final and most recent) season of Once.  Please don't spoil anything for me!!!  (Pretty please??)

Okay, I think that's it on the disclaimer/caveat side of things.

Look at the fairytale-ness!

Oh, but also, SUCH geekiness and fangirling is going to come in this post.  I feel like I did actually find some legitimately good, kind of deep aspects to address, if I do say so myself; but at the same time, I'm going to go all-out with pictures and gifs and (later) music videos.  So prepare yourself. :-P

Okay, let's get to it. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1.  They have a fairly realistic, healthy start.
In the beginning, Hook is a villain.  Emma (rightfully) doesn't trust him.  And she doesn't give him her trust until he earns it, until he proves that he's worthy of it.  (In other words, she doesn't ditch all of her considerable common sense just because he's a Hot Newbie.)  On Hook's end, he only starts shaping up when he realizes that this girl isn't going to cut him any slack unless he improves, and when he realizes that it actually matters to him what she thinks of him.

On that note, at the same time, it's clear from the beginning that they're attracted to each other.  Apart from the external attraction, it's like they recognize (unwillingly) some latent kindred spirits buried inside them under all their baggage.

2.  Emma Swan herself

3.  Killian Jones himself

4.  They're each exactly what the other needs.
You know that quote (I think it's from Jane Eyre, maybe?), "Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are made of the same"?  There's something in both Emma and Killian that just connects.  Maybe it's that they're both a little tough and jaded.  Maybe it's that they're both also secretly really sweet and smol and soft.  Whatever it is, it's there, and like I said, they both kind of recognize that from the outset.

They have a similar outlook, I believe (you know, once they're both *ahem* on the good side).  Their way of thinking and surviving is the same.  That said, they don't come across as too similar to be compatible.  They're just similar enough and just individual enough.

5.  They challenge each other.
When one of them is making a mistake or being evasive or self-protecting, the other will call them on it.  This couple knows how to be honest with each other and not let each other off the hook.  They demand the best from each other because they know what they are capable of.  They've both worked hard to overcome their scars and stumbling blocks, and because they want what's best for each other, they're committed to holding each other accountable to living up to their potential and continuing to move forward, not backward.  At the same time, though, they never give up on each other when mistakes are made or when failure happens or when disappointment appears.  They're "firm" with each other, but also gentle, also patient, also understanding.

6.  B A N T E R
Most of their banter happens when they're still not quite together but Hook is hardcore in love with her but still trying to be Mr. Tough Guy and Emma's still just a little wary.  Nevertheless, they never lose their snappy little dialogues, even when they're a happy and non-bickering couple; and in the beginning/middle, boy oh boy, are there sparks and quips and all kinds of fun goings-on. ;)

7.  "Prince Charles & Princess Leia"
Gold. XD (No, wait, that word brings up less-than-wholly-pleasant connotations in this context . . . )

Honestly, the whole fact that A) KILLIAN FOLLOWED HER TO MAKE SURE SHE WAS OKAY IN THE TIME WARP THINGY *sniffles*; B) that they had to got to go to a ball together and play for a little while; and C) that they had to improvise names and that was what Emma came up with . . . xD

8.  They actually have #Development.
I feel like it would've been relatively easy for the makers of Once to just rely on the flying sparks and physical attraction for this couple, but they didn't.  When the smoke clears and there are lulls between adventures, they really dig deep and find out whether or not this couple will work over a long period of time, even in normal, mundane, everyday life.

Spoiler alert:  They do. ;)

But that's because they actually love each other.  They're content when it's quiet out.  They don't need constant fireworks.  They genuinely support each other.  They work on their issues.  They--are you ready for this?--COMMUNICATE.  (Not always, of course--sometimes they hide things from each other, but that always comes back to bite them, even though the other person is always forgiving in the end.)

Over the course of the six seasons I've seen, I feel like we as an audience get to see full development for this couple, from opponents to frenemies to wanna-bes to hesitant newbies to committed partners.  And I APPROVE, GUYS. :')

9.  Their individual scars (and flaws) don't magically go away once they're together.
In the same vein, they still need to work on their individual and couple problems.  I love that the makers realized that both these characters have scars and temptations that go pretty deep, and sometimes, even when they (and we) think they've conquered their demons, they'll rise back up and need to be defeated all over again.  Sometimes it gets pretty frustrating and even you as a viewer want to say, "I thought we'd been over this!"  But that's the point.  We have--but it takes a l o o o n g time, sometimes, and the makers GOT that.  Which I personally think is pretty awesome.

What's even more awesome is that they paired up two people who are truly willing to stick with each other through thick and thin, no matter how many times they slide back down the mountains they're trying to climb and need to start again.  They're willing to make hard choices to really test their relationship and make sure it's got the strength it needs, BUT they will love each other through that testing process.

this paaaaarrrttttt, guys I'm not okay

10.  Both of them will do whatever it takes to save the other person.
Literally.  They will go to Hell (well, okay, "the Underworld") to save each other.  They will die and revive and cross worlds and space-time continuums and risk things and sacrifice their pride and make mistakes and basically do anything if it means the chance of saving each other.

11.  C U T E N E S S


(Some of Killian's wistful puppy-dog gazes after Emma.  RIGHT TO THE HEART, I TELL YOU.)

Especially when they're happy and together . . . just, gah.

12.  They're not clique-y.
By this I mean that they realize that being a couple does not make them an island unto themselves. Both of them continue to cultivate other relationships in their life. Emma spends time with her friends, her son, and her parents. Killian buddies up with Robin sometimes, and with David quite often (which is actually adorable, all things considered). 

They don't enclose themselves in a romance bubble, you know.

Shout-out to Belle for objectively being The Cinnamon Roll of Storybrooke.  She doesn't have a 
resentful bone in her body.  Look at her over there, just like, "Oh, don't worry about shooting me,
I'm just glad you found someone to be happy with."  Geez.

13.  Their love--once it's acknowledged and settles into its own--is fairly quiet.
The circumstances of their relationship are often quite angst-ridden and drama-filled, but I think that's largely because of their external surroundings.  By virtue of who they are and where they are, they're constantly being plunged into mysteries and curses and adventures and conundrums and the like, but whenever they do get peaceful moments alone, I think we get a glimpse of what they would be like as a couple if they could:  quiet and content and happy and simple.

They just want to be in their house and cook breakfast food and wear sweaters and snuggle, you guys. <3

14.  They're faithful to each other.
Once the Neal situation ends, and once they committed to their love for each other, can you think of a single instance in which Emma or Killian "fell" and broke that commitment?  There isn't other woman or other man drama.  (At least, not that I remember.)  They're focused on each other, and they're not about that "Oh, but there's that other hot person and MY person has Hurt Me so maybe I'll go somewhere else for temporary comfort" trash that some TV shows seem to like.

15.  They stick it out.  
They are just so clearly, deeply, devotedly in love with each other, and they stay that way[I haven't watched the seventh season yet (and honestly I'm scared to do so), so I can't vouch for how the ENTIRE series ends with regards to the two of them, but I doubt the makers would just do away with their most successful and most passionately supported coupling, and at least so far as the end of the sixth season, they're going strong.]

When this couple committed to each other, they committed to each other; and they prove that they know what commitment means.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Talking with a certain friend ;) ;) and watching a lot of music videos recently provided most of the inspiration for this post, so I couldn't pass up this chance to shower some of my current favorite Captain Swan fan videos on you.  I don't personally think these are that spoilery, because out of context I don't think you could really tell with complete accuracy what was going on (there's practically always a loophole or another extenuating circumstance in Once ;)), but, again, watch at your own risk!  (May be some mild swearing in some of the videos.)

There, now.  If I have not convinced you of the awesomeness of this couple and persuaded you to give the show a try, I wash my hands. ;)


    Honestly, this post was the greatest and you totally did Emma and Hook justice!! I love them so much!!

    "This couple knows how to be honest with each other and not let each other off the hook."

    Yes, they do and that's what I love most about them! (also was that kind of a pun on the end??? XD)

    Annd I just sat here and watched all of those fan video and geeked about them :) I also haven't seen the 7th season, but I hope to soon, hopefully they are still going strong!!


    1. Aaaaahhh, thank you!!!!!! :D Me too!

      Haha, actually, believe it or not, I had not thought about how that was a pun until after I wrote it out! Hehe.

      Heehee, I feel. ;D Aack, the 7th season was a bit of a crazy ride and I have many mixed thoughts. :D

  2. *looks around* *points to myself* Me? You're looking at ME?

    No, thanks for that actually. I appreciate the warning. ;D


    And remember when we last talked and what my opinion of Neal was?

    Well.....it changed a lot. Already. You were right. ;)


    But seriously, this post is precious. (Also: "Maybe soulmates are just two ordinary people too stubborn to let the world pull them apart" gahhhhhh :'))


    1. I just watched the "Flares" one and AHHHH FEEELLS (and I haven't even watched these parts yet...) but also that was pretty spoiler-y at the end. :P Ah well. You warned me. I look forward to finding out *how* that happened. ;)

      *goes to watch another video*

    2. Haha! Thanks for reading the post and braving the spoilers, I 'ppreciate it. xD

      SQUEEP YES. <3

      Aaaaaahhhhhh Neal is wonderful and I love him blahh. <3 *hugs him*


      Awwwww, thank you!! :D

      Aaack, so true! Terribly sorry about that!! :-P Heehee.

  3. I do want to watch them now :D :D Your work here is complete ;-)

    1. *pumps fist* SCORE! :D Haha. Actually, I have sometimes tried to figure out whether you would like Once Upon a Time. Aaaand . . . I don't know! I feel like you would really like some things but not care for some others? *shrugs* But I hope if you ever do watch it that you like these two, at least. :D

  4. I love and totally agree with Disclaimer #1. But gosh emma and killian = the epitome of love.
    Loved this post.
    And i'm not gonna spoil anything for you, but my opinion is that the last season is kinda garbage. It just doesn't feel the same. It's really sad. I watched all the other seasons so quickly, waited in giddy anticipation for the final season, started it as soon as it was released and haven't finished it. It just doesn't have the same magical feeling. That's my opinion at least.

    1. SO TRUE. <3

      Aww, thank you! And thanks for commenting to tell me. :) I had fun writing this post so I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

      Aack, yes. So . . . I have a LOT of thoughts on the seventh season. Overall, I like it and am happy with it (and parts of it I LOVED), but there were definitely some flaws. Did you ever finish it?


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