A Few of My Favorite Things Tag

The lovely Molly Rebekah over at A Ramble Through the Woods tagged me for this a little while back.  Thank you, Molly! :)  Thanks also to Beth at Beth in Boots for starting the tag!

The rules state to thank the person who tagged you and the person who started the tag (see above), and to share about seven things you love and post at least one picture for each thing. :)

As per Molly's take on the tag, I'm trying to share about seven things I haven't talked about too much here on the blog.

~ Parks & Recreation and The Office
It took me a while to get into these series--'cause let's face it, they're not the cleanest things in existence--but I love them now.

Exhibit A: Parks & Rec

They're such pick-me-ups, especially P&R (for me).  And they're highly bingeable.  Even if you have a favorite between the two of them, you can get into a "phase" for either of them where you watch it constantly.  (Like I've been doing recently what with the two weeks of sickness and all. :-P)

Exhibit B: The Office

Give 'em a watch, fam.  (Y'know, after you've investigated the content pervasive in both and decided if you're okay with watching it.)

~ beach-combing
Or streambed-combing, or hiking trail-combing, etc.  I love finding little treasures of shell or stone or pebble or interestingly shaped wood.  I have a nice little collection that I like adding to. :)

Also, I'm picky. ;)

~ hiking
Speaking of "-combing" . . .

I don't usually hike in such an aesthetic manner or exotic location as the little pixie above, but I do like meandering around forest trails with family or friends.  One of my favorite things that my family and I did when we went to Vermont a while back was explore a mountain/forest park.  I got to drink from a mountain stream, which made me happy. :)

~ mugs
I've become a collector. :-P  It may prove to be a tiny problem since almost every thrift store that I frequent carries them.  

This is not my collection, to be clear.

Also, as per the beach-combing, I'm picky with which mugs I get, too. 

~ The Lumineers
I love this band's sound.  And I like that it can be a diverse sound: some of their tunes are peppy and happy, some are slow and melancholic, some are just existential and weird; and I just like them.

~ thrift shopping with friends
This is something that has just started happening in the last few years.  But still, it's so fun shopping with friends.  Especially because most of my friends like to go to the same kinds of stores as I do (i.e. thrift stores).  What would my miserly little self do if my friends liked shopping at "actual" stores??

me choosing this picture as if we spend more than five minutes in the clothing departments instead of making
a beeline for the entertainment section

It's also convenient that my friends also struggle with buyer's guilt like I do.  'Cause then we can commiserate with each other and all. :-P

~ analyzing people's styles
I like finding people who seem to have nailed down their individual clothing/jewelry styles.  It's also nice to try to identify different styles and see what I like about them, even if they're not my own personal style. :)

I don't know, it's just neat to see an outfit on someone you know and think, "That is so them."  

What are a few of your favorite things? :)
{Also, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a little while; hopefully I'll address that in my next post.}


  1. The Office is one of my all time favorites!! Definitely a feel-good show.

  2. I loved this muchly. :) Yes on hiking... and mugs... and EVERYTHING! But the Style Thing in particular made me laugh, I just love a pretty piece of art in almost any form and personal style can be such a form of art, and I love seeing people's personal tastes coming out through it, too. Mind if I borrow the tag idea? (With proper credit of course. :))

    1. Aww, thanks :) <3 That's a great way to think about it, that style is a form of art.

      Ahhh, of course! Go for it! (I kind of forgot about tagging, heh.)

  3. The Office and Parks and Rec are my jam! It makes me sad they tend to have objectionable stuff but I still love them! My husband and I just got through our second watch of The Office. I'm really tempted to go through Parks and Rec again but so far I'm restraining myself.

    1. SAME! They'd be better if they weren't so smutty sometimes, but they're still hilarious and sweet at times. Ack, but you SHOULD go through P&R again. ;)

  4. I've seen soo many funny clips and memes from The Office...maybe I should start watching it soon!

    Ooh yes, mugs!! I keep adding more and more to my collection, but they're just so hard to regret!

    THRIFT SHOPPING!! Yesss. I'm pretty sure 80% of my wardrobe is from thrift stores, haha.

    So glad you did the tag, Olivia! :)

    1. It's so funny. <3 (Though, again, it does have a lot of content.)

      Right?! They really are.


      Thank you for tagging me, Molly! It was really fun :D

  5. My brother's work office once did a spoof of The Office! It was quite funny!

    1. Really?! That's so cool. :D It must have been hilarious.


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