My Top 5 Red Carpet Looks So Far

As you all know, I love looking at red carpets and picking out which dresses I like.  I've had a series going for a while now on looks that catch my eye; and today I thought it might be fun to share 'the cream of the crop,' as far as I'm concerned. ;)  

I went through and decided which were my favorites fairly quickly, so this list might not be entirely accurate.  But it is to the best of my current knowledge and recollection, though of course it's subject to change at a moment's notice. :-P

Some of these I've shared before and some of them are new, but you'll see an affinity for clean lines, draping, simplicity, elegance, originality, delicate jewelry & makeup accents, and thoughtful color selection in my choices.  

Hope you enjoy! :)

. . . . . . . . . . 

Actress: Rachel Brosnahan

What I love:
  • the color: absolutely the perfect shade of red for her
  • the style: it's not one I would wear myself, but it's unique without being strange, and I love it
  • the styling & makeup

Actress: Emma Watson

What I love:
  • the halter neckline
  • the gauzy swishy-ness of the skirt/slit
  • the fact that she chose white shoes to keep the continuity
  • the hairdo

Actress: Emma Stone

What I love:
  • the dual shades of pink, especially with her red hair
  • crop top pieces often remind me of Jasmine
  • how they chose the lighter shade to be the top piece
  • this is so unabashedly girly and fun: it's not really dramatic, just happy
  • the little gold clutch

Lawyer: Amal Clooney

What I love:
  • THE COLOR:  I get unreasonably excited when I see someone pulling off the color yellow, especially a light yellow
  • the ruching/pleating/whatever that is on the bodice
  • the almost pin curly hairstyle
  • the pop of red in her earrings & lip color
  • you can't really see it in this picture, but the swish is real with this dress

Model: Winnie Harlow

What I love:
  • this fabric: whatever it is, it has stars and ocean depths shining out of it and don't even argue with me
  • hair & earrings
  • the cut of the dress: it just wraps and plunges and billows into this frothy confection of aqua royalty

. . . . . . . . . . 

Heehee, just kidding. ;)  What are some of your favorite red carpet looks?  Or, do you not give a rip about such frippery?


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  2. AHH, these are all so beautiful!! Like, I love all of them. Great choices!

  3. I think my favourites are the red one and the pale yellow one!

  4. Oh man. You've picked some gorgeous dresses here.
    I would be most likely to pick the red one for myself. It's elegant but seems comfortable for a dress and I love jewel tones.
    The blue one is so gorgeous though and I especially love the way you described it :DDD

    1. Thanks!

      I love jewel tones, too. And I know, it's just such a lovely creation. <3

      Aww, thanks. I had fun trying to figure out how to describe it :D


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