My own personal fictional cinnamon rolls.

Howdy, peeps!

You know how when we talk about sweet or adorable characters and flail over them, we sometimes call them "cinnamon rolls"?  They're the characters that are A Little Something Special.  They're a little extra burst of sunshine and cuddles (or, depending on your bent, of storm clouds and flying daggers).  They're the ones everyone universally decides need to be protected from the big, bad world.  They bring this out of us:

And this:

And this:

 And this:

And this:

And this:

You get the drift.

They're like puppies, essentially.  (Or kittens, or baby otters, or whatever Small, Young Animal floats your particular boat.)  They're sugar 'n' spice 'n' everything nice.

Welp, as you can see, I decided to do a post about the fictional characters that have earned themselves the title of "my cinnamon roll".  There are lots of characters I love who are undeniably of the cinnamon-roll variety, but this post is dedicated to a small, core group of those whom I have claimed for myself.  These are the ones that I have taken it upon myself to appoint my especial wards. :-P  They're not necessarily my all-around favorite characters (although a few of them are); rather, they're characters who really embody this confectionary quality to me--the characters who spring to mind when I think, "Who are my cinnamon rolls?"


Loki being all, "Yeah nope you're probably right def best for us to go our separate ways I'm definitely
 not secretly devastated by the thought that you don't want to see me again yep"

Thor + Loki
from the Marvel movies

Loki's been a favorite of mine since the first movie, but more recently Thor has snuck into my heart, too.  And the two of them TOGETHER . . .

Their brother dynamic is one of the most precious things in the Marvel franchise and it needs to be protected with all the passion of thousands of united fangirls.

And, to go on record:  they do need to address the magnitude of Loki's very real sins.  He has killed lots of people.  (So I'm told, I don't actually remember that much of the earlier movies lol.)  As much as I love my precious, hurting, confused son, he does need to own up to and repent of that.  It's just that I personally have faith that he will (even if they don't show it in the movies).

I am firmly convinced of Loki's redemption. :D

But anyways, to return to the brotherhood:  their bond is portrayed so movingly and humorously and heartbreakingly and I'M JUST A FAN, FAM.  The way Thor is blindsided by Loki's betrayal but then refuses to let go of the idea that he is still redeemable . . . *buries face in hands*

Plus, of course, THEIR BANTER is fabulous.  "We are not doing Get Help."  And then their interactions when Thor's imprisoned by the Grand Master . . .

Suffice it to say that Thor: Ragnarok is definitely my favorite Marvel movie, and the only one so far to actually make me happy. <3 <3

(Just noticed that there are a lot of ellipses in this section.  Huh.)


from The Lord of the Rings

MY SMOL BEACON OF LIGHT AMID THE GATHERING DARKNESS.  I wuvs him. <3  (Check out this post to learn more about why.)


Killian + Emma
from Once Upon a Time

Individually, these two are two of my favorite characters on the show, and together, they activate full-on fangirl and mother-hen modes simultaneously.  I love their relationship to bits and pieces (and have already gushed about all the reasons why here), and I also get extremely protective whenever someone tries to mess with the two of them.  (Whiiiiiich is pretty often. *sigh*  All the characters on Once, really, are harassed pretty often.)

Like, for instance, when a Certain Character with "golden" connotations does AN UNTHINKABLE THING to the two of them at a certain point in Season Five.  *very pointed looks*  Hoooooo, boy, I was mad.

(Okay, to be fair, it's not like THAT out of the ordinary--considering how often Things Happen in the show--but just all the various circumstances of the situation, combined with the aforementioned Certain Character's attitude concerning the situation, conspired together to create one Boiling Mad Olivia.)


I guess, if I'm being ruthlessly analytical, Killian Jones is more my cinnamon roll than Emma Swan.  Probably solely because, though Emma is scarred and desperately in need of people to love on her and protect her, I also look up to her in a way that I don't tend to 'look up' to my cinnamon rolls.  Does that make sense?  Like, I'm not saying that I don't admire my cinnamon rolls (see: Shasta); I'm not saying I don't want to be like my cinnamon rolls (see: Faramir).  I'm just saying that the primary, initial reaction I have to my c.r.'s is more of an "I will protect you from anything and everything also you're the actual cutest thing in existence goodbye" type of thing than a "Wow, you're so admirable I need to strive to emulate you more!" type of thing.

Anyway.  Whatever the specifics of my definition, Killian Jones is definitely a cinnamon roll to me.  (And so is Emma Swan.  For sure.  But I guess, again, I'm just trying to emphasize the degrees here.)  In fact, a friend of mine (😜) and I recently figured out Killian's exact identity:  He's a dark chocolate cupcake who's low-key five years old.


('Cause, also, once he starts to grow and mature as a character, he's kind of running around frantically like, "I need to save ALL THE PEOPLE to atone for my past sins oh my gosh where's Swan is she okay also where's her boy and where's my mate ahhhhhh #stressed" <3 <3)


from Leverage

Parker is such a quirky character.  She has her moments of vulnerability and uncertainty (springing from her childhood), but on the whole she's just zany and awkward and content with that.

She's very fond of money.  Not necessarily in an avaricious way; more in an "I really love the actual physical form of currency and jewels and stuff like that" way.

She loves jumping off of buildings in a variety of ways: backflipping, plunging, cabling . . . she'll do any of it, happily.

She has a surprising and endearing affinity for Christmas--and, specifically, snow.

She impulsively tazes people.  And stabs them.  (With serving utensils, but still.)

She has no last name--at least, not one that is ever revealed to Leverage viewers.  (That I remember, that is; I could have forgotten.)

She's fiercely loyal.  Once you have her love and trust, you're going to keep it--and profit by her aggressive protectiveness of you--no matter how odd you are or how checkered your past.

In trying to figure out a good, concise way to describe Parker to the uninitiated, a squirrel suddenly came to mind; and honestly, that's a pretty good illustration.  Parker is like a squirrel.  Her day-to-day mannerisms and movements have a squirrel-like energy, and she has that darting attention span that one can associate with those types of rodents.  She's also just as acrobatic as a squirrel. :-P

I'll reiterate, though, that for all her eccentricities, Parker does have her moments of vulnerability.  She comes from a haphazard past in the foster care system, and she's by no means unscathed.  And whenever some of her scars are grazed by painful reminders, the team around her--the family that life has constructed for her--converges in a telling depiction of the way Parker unknowingly winds people around her strange little finger.

As independent and self-sufficient and big-n-tough as Parker usually acts, she has her own brand of unique sweetness that means that to know Parker is to love her, and to love her is to want to protect her from anything that even hints at hurting her, no matter what.


from Once Upon a Time

Tilly makes her entrance into Once in the seventh season, and GUYYYSSSS.  This girl totally stole my heart.  When she first appeared, I was creeped out.  When she continued to appear in the first episodes, I was kind of like, "ehhh not sure about this one".   But then when STUFF STARTED HAPPENING, she quickly became my favorite new-to-the-show character.

She's fantastic, guys.  She has a lot on her mentally and emotionally, and she's struggling with the confusion of blurred and warped memories (#thankscurse) and the pain of being an outcast due to her quirky nature.  As things get weirder and weirder in Hyperion Heights, her relationships with two father/friend-figure policemen deepen, but she's haunted by a vague and nagging knowledge that something isn't right, that there's something they're all missing, and she's flailing to figure out what as she gets dragged deeper into conspiracies and serial killings and stuff like that.  (The seventh season is a wee bit dark.  Not a fan of all that, heh. :-P)

But she's been conditioned to feel rejected and unwanted and slightly insane, so she's tormented.  It's heartbreaking as she comes to the conclusion that, "Nobody sees me."  She feels so alone and so bewildered.

LOOK AT THAT FACE.  Can you even.

BUT THEN she starts coming out of that.  She starts realizing that some people--some good, loving people--do see her.  She starts realizing that she's "not an orphan; not invisible".  Not insignificant.

And guyyyyssss, it makes me so proud of and happy for her. <3 <3 <3 <3

She just breaks through your defenses and makes you love her, in all her playful and unusual glory.

[Quick disclaimer:  I do disagree with certain aspects of her character (she identifies as lesbian), but I don't think that should change how I feel about her.  If we start loving people less because we disagree with them, I don't believe we're following the example that Christ set for us.]


from The Horse and His Boy

Honestly, if I had to pick one single character who is, to me, the epitome of a cinnamon roll, it'd probably be Shasta.  He's scared and concerned and inexperienced and unfailingly courageous in spite of it all.

He can be all Salty™ and snappy (usually with Aravis lol) but in the end he'll do what needs doing, no matter what.  He's got a strong sense of duty, a fair share of humility hiding beneath the bravado that he sometimes tries to display, and a sweetness and curiosity that make me love him.

He's wonderful, and that is all. <3


And there you have it.  Thoughts?  Comments? ;)


  1. Aww, I love this so much!!! There are so many characters that I feel just this way about! <3

    Also, perhaps I missed this in another post...but are you planning to finish posting your AMA videos?

    Oh, and are you doing NaNoWriMo this month?! I'd love to hear how that is going!!!

    ~ Catie

    1. Just popping back in to say that after a moment of further reflection, I decided that I really do have two of my very own "cinnamon rolls" that are a just SO very dear to my heart that I must mention them! Beth March + Walter Blythe!!! Forever and always. <3 <3 <3

      There are probably a few others that deserve mentioning, but they aren't coming to mind at the moment! :-P

    2. Just posted the rest of the AMA videos! Thank you for reminding me, actually: I've always been planning on it, but I was kind of dragging my feet since I ran into some unexpected technical problems and I was just putting off working through them, but your comment motivated me to finish, and voila! Done and dusted. ;) So, thanks! :D <3

      Ahhh, NaNo . . . you know, I may have to do an update post on that. Short story: No, I'm not still doing NaNo. I stopped. :-P (Though I am planning to keep working on the story!)

      Awwwww, Beth and Walter!! Awesome choices. <3 <3 I considered including Beth. :D

      Haha, right?! That's how I was feeling as I wrote this post.

      Thanks for your comment, Catie, as always! :D <3

  2. YES RICHARD ARMITAGE = my heart, thank you for including a pic of him <3

    Shasta is a such a sweet character, he's definitely a cinnamon-roll in my opinion too. Some of my favorite fictional cinnamon rolls are Rose Red from Tales of Goldstone Wood, Samwise Gamgee, Widge from The Shakespeare Stealer, and Logan Sweet from The Candymakers, just to name a few. :D

    Fun post!!

    1. Heehee, happy to oblige! ;)

      Ooh, Sam! Definitely a cinnamon roll, that one. <3 I haven't "met" the others you mentioned!

      Thanks!! :D

  3. AHHHH! I love Thor and Loki so much. Speaking of superheroes, I just love Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Big Sigh.

    I remember your post on Faramir. I'm currently reading LOTR through for the first time so I'm excited to get to finally meet his character. Hopefully I'll get to read about him soon <3

    I haven't read Narnia yet(it's my goal after LOTR). I wish I knew Shasta!

    1. THEY ARE PRECIOUS DOLL-BABIES AND THAT IS ALL. <3 I didn't watch all of Wonder Woman, but she did seem pretty neat.

      Awwwwww, YES! I believe he makes his entrance in book-Two Towers as well as movie-Two Towers. You're gettin' there! ;)

      I hope you'll love it/him when you do read the Narnia books!

  4. I tend to think along "precious baby" rather than cinnamon roll lines.

    I can't say I'd give precious status to Thor and Loki; rather too manly for that, they are both more crushes for me. I like the Thor movies Loki; I try to delete the Avengers one from my mind (and I don't like those movies much, period). Total psychopath, nope, not likely to change, not very forgivable. But the Thor/Loki dynamic otherwise is AWESOME.

    I respect Faramir in the books (he has to be one of the most well-developed characters too), despise him in the movies.

    Shasta, yes, Shasta is precious. The Horse and His Boy is one of my favorites.

    And Peter Parker in Spider Man Home-coming.

    1. I mean, both work. *nodding*

      Haha, I know, they are a bit manly for precious status, but what can I say. Ahhh, I see we shall have to agree to disagree about Loki and movie-Faramir. ;)

      Isn't he? Same here. <3

      Oh, yes! I haven't seen much of him, but from what little I have, he definitely seems precious/cinnamon-y.

    2. Have you only seen him in Avengers? Homecoming just has so, so much adorableness, him and just the movie (Spider Man is my favorite plot I think, with Thor next maybe, trust me, I LOVED Loki, just don't think the Avenger's portrayal fits with what I love about him)

    3. In Infinity War and then in Civil War, I think? (He was in CW a little bit, wasn't he?) But yes, I want to see Homecoming!!! I've heard he's cuteness personified, so I'm definitely down for that. <3 (Neat! Oh, okay, gotcha. That makes sense. :))

  5. awwww, I always forget how much I loved Leverage. And Parker!!! She's the best.

    1. Did I know that you'd seen Leverage?!?! I probably had, but I'd forgotten, so that's a happy reminder. :D Parker's great!

  6. I love Shasta! and I like that you didn't call him Cor. Because that will always be a terrible name.

    1. OKAY YES CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS THO. I'm glad you noticed; I was thinking about mentioning that in the post. Because Aravis says that Cor is a nicer name, and I've always been all, ?????????!! Like, where does she get that. xD

    2. I almost said something about "Cor" as opposed to Shasta, far less personality. But less a big deal since the Flynn/Eugene thing though.

    3. Haha, funny how many people think that Shasta is a better name! OH MY GOODNESS, yes, though--the exact same thing with Tangled!! Again, I'm looking at these dear girls and thinking, "The heck????!!)

  7. Replies
    1. Ack, it's exciting that you know all of those--they seem somewhat obscure, so it's great to find other people who love them. :D

    2. Parker is the cutest cinnamon roll, I totally agree with this assessment! I may need to do my own version of this post haha

  8. You and I can team up and become Valkyries and spend our lives protecting Thor and Loki, mmkay? Cuz yes, they need some protecting. A LOT OF IT, LATELY. (Ragnarok is my 2nd-fave MCU movie, and it definitely makes me happy. So happy.)(Gleeful, actually.)

    The exchange between Parker and Eliot there? That's from The Future Job, right? I just finished season 2 last month, and I LOVED that ep. (I also loved the season finale and watched it twice just for the part where Eliot goes around taking down bad guys and counting them off. Oh my goodness. Be still my palpitating heart. He was already my hero, but he ratcheted up like 20 notches on the Hero Ladder with that ep.)

    1. *nods enthusiastically* DEAL. They DO, indeed. *glares at MCU filmmakers* (Yesss, solidarity! I knew it was one of your favorites, at least; which one is your first favorite?)

      That sounds right. It's from the one with the con artist psychic, and that's probably called The Future Job. EEEEEEEEE, yay!!! (That season finale was Quite Good, as I recall. That's the one where Nate gets shot/arrested, right? And ooh, I don't quite recollect that specific part with Eliot in that episode, but it sounds very Eliot-y. ;) I love Eliot. I love them ALL!!!)

    2. (The Avengers 2012 is my first favorite still.)

      Yup, it was the psychic con guy. And yup, it ended with Nate shot/arrested. I need to start the next season, but I'm holding off until after Christmas so I can watch all my Christmas movie faves.

    3. (OHHHHH, okay. That's right.)

      Squeep! I remember you mentioned that at A Certain Special Place recently ;), and I wanted to fangirl about it but then I forgot because we were talking about other things. XD The next three seasons are all fun!! The third season in particular has some very Important Dev for Eliot, so I think you'll like it. ;) But a break for Christmas movies seems good! Other than White Christmas, what are your other Christmastime staples? (Is While You Were Sleeping one of them?)

    4. Oooh, ahhhhhh, Important Dev for Eliot? My appetite is whetted.

      I try to always watch White Christmas and some version of A Christmas Carol -- this year, I introduced my kids to the Muppet version, which they liked pretty well. I also love the Patrick Stewart version. Then I kind of cycle through a few other Christmas movies, watching them every year or two, whatever I have time for. Those would be It's a Wonderful Life, We're No Angels, and The Holiday. But I consider While You Were Sleeping an anytime movie and watch it whenever the mood strikes, I don't save it for Christmastime.

    5. I think you'll be very pleased. :-P

      Gotcha. We used to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol a lot! Oh, I hadn't heard of We're No Angels! And I think I might want to watch The Holiday someday.

      Okay, yeah, I figured you probably considered WYWS that way--I do too ;)--but thought I'd check.

    6. YOU MUST SEE WE'RE NO ANGELS. It is Cowboy's favorite Christmas movie. Maybe I shall have to have some sort of Christmastime get-together at my house sometime and make everyone watch it. Because it's wonderful, and improves with a crowd cuz laughing with other people makes comedies even MORE fun, amiright?

      The Holiday has some iffy content, but nothing too horrible. More innuendo than anything, except one scene.

  9. Thor and Loki are amazing, and I like Faramir a good deal. LITERALLY I LOVE KILLIAN AND EMMA SO MUCH. I do like Tilly, although so much of her character is overshadowed with her romance with Robin for half the season. SHASTA IS MY CINNAMON ROLL TOO I LOVE HIM. What a wonderful post.

    1. <3 <3 SAME SAME SAME. They are so awesome. :D *sigh* Yeah, I do wish there had been less of that, but I was kind of able at some points to just watch them as "friends" and pretend they weren't supposed to be a couple. But yeah, either way, Tilly herself is still pretty neat. :) ISN'T HE THE PRECIOUSEST LITTLE PUPPY?! Aww, thank you. :D


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