Ask Me Anything Answer Videos, Pt 2 || My 5th Blogiversary

Here with the second installment of my AMA answers!  I'm sorry it took me awhile; I ran into some technical surprises (and was also just lazy hehe). ;-P

Anyway, here are the last of them!  Same rules apply as the first part:  most of these (with the exception of the very last video) were filmed quite a while ago and some information may be obsolete or no longer accurate.  Feel free to ask if you have questions. :)

Thank you all so much, again, for your questions!  I had fun answering all of them. :D


~ Answers to Meredith and Tessa ~

~ Answers to Evelyn Louise and Jessica Prescott ~

~ Answers to Natalie ~

 ~ Answers to Faith G. and Vanessa ~

~ Answers to Molly Rebekah ~

~ Answers to Catie ~

"That's all, folks!" ;)  
Thanks again!!!


  1. I enjoyed watching all of these, Olivia! Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions!

    Oh yes, Come What May is SO very beautiful!!!

    And I 100% agree with your favorite Austen couple!!! Persuasion is my favorite fictional book (although it wasn't until my third or fourth time reading it that I decided that!), and Captain Wentworth & Anne Elliot are SO special! They just have the most beautiful story and long-awaited happy ending, don't you think?! <3

    ~ Catie

    1. P.S. Love your choices of favorite period dramas!!! S & S, Little Women '94, W & D, Belle, and Persuasion '95 are delightful! <3

    2. Thank YOU for asking and watching, Catie! :)

      Isn't it?? Ahhhhh. What are some of your favorite musical theatre songs?

      Ahh, that's so cool that it's your favorite book! Wentworth and Anne have always been special to me. <3 They definitely do!

      Eee, thanks! :) <3

  2. I’m currently in bed with some sort of wonderful sickness (might have been flu idk) and though I feel inspired to watch all your answer videos I should get some more sleep. :/ BUT I did watch your answers to MY questions (haha I’m not self centered :P) and can I just said that I love that you started off by laughing without even saying a word yet??
    THAT MADE ME HAPPY. And then your reactions to my awful questions....hahaha SOWWY!!!
    I have to say I was a little surprised by your answer about Johnny and Killian but it made perfect sense when you said why. And girl, saammmmee about the hats!! Like you said I just don’t feel very natural in them—unless it’s a winter cap but even then it can be hard. I feel like my head is a little big/shaped differently than most girls because hays never look/fit quite as I’d like them to. *shrugs*

    “What is her problem?” XD XD XD

    Thanks for the answers. <3 I hope I can catch up on the others soon too!!

    1. Ick, I'm so sorry you were (are?!) sick. :-/ Thanks for taking the time to even watch (let alone comment on) one of them!!

      Heehee, I'm glad you enjoyed that ;D

      Well, IT WAS A HARD QUESTION, AFTER ALL. *Pointed Look* Okay, so it's not just me?! It's just kind of hard for me to feel natural in them. (Except, as you say, for winter caps--and even then, sometimes.)

      Hahahaha. XD

      Thank YOU! :) <3 <3 Feel all better!!

  3. Oh, this was so exciting! Thanks so much for answering our questions. :) Even though I must apologize for my own, because some of those were downright cruel. I realized that after I'd already posted them. Sorry about that - how could one ever choose their favoritest characters? :)

    Anyway, this was so fun, and happy blogiversary! Even though this is super late...


    1. Haha! No, no, thank you for asking them--a little cruelty in these matters is expected, even encouraged. ;D Who are YOUR favorite and least favorite Robin Hood characters, though? I'm curious! :)

      Awwww, thank you! (Well, my reply to your comment on the first part was really late, soooooo . . . )

    2. "a little cruelty in these matters is expected, even encouraged." --hahaha, that there is a good one. :) This one is least favorite would have to be Isabella. Ugh. I just did not like her in the least. I know she had all this tragic backstory and everything...but SHE KILLED ROBIN. AND GUY (sorta). (Ok, Guy deserved it, but ROBIN! THE DUDE SHE "LOVED" AT ONE POINT!) It was also just annoying how so soon after Marian that Robin just started getting romantically involved with her and everything UGH. OK, I shall calm down. Sorry. :)
      My I guess I'd have to say Guy, because he was the reason I learned about RH, and I guess I always just had a soft spot for him. Even though he's terrible and awful, somehow he always manages to make me feel bad for him. Marian's also cool. So's Robin. So...yeah. Indecisive. :)


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