So.  I'm rather hard up for post inspiration at the moment.  I want to do some kind of LotR/Narnia post soon (because, after all, to thine own self be true), but nothing's coming to mind right now.  To fix this, I've decided to host one of those Ask Me Anything posts.  I've seen quite a few people do this, and I find them fun, so on the off chance that you do, too…ask me anything!:)  Well, almost anything, that is.     You can ask me whatever you like, but depending on the nature of the response required--well, as Lizzie says in the 2005 P&P (bear with me, here), "You may ask a question which I will choose not to answer." ;-P  But do ask!  You never know:)

Anyone up for it?  I await your questions with anticipation!


  1. Ooohh! I like it when people do this, because I'm a nosy sort and I like to ask questions. :-D Haha. YOU QUOTED P&P '05. High-five, girl. We are in the minority. ;-P

    So! Questions. I shall try not to be impertinent, haha.

    - What time do you usually get up in the morning?
    - Are you planning on going to college?
    - If you could choose one man in all of literature, film, anything, to be your husband, who would it be?
    - What's one of the goofiest, dumbest, funniest things you've ever done?
    - Who's your favorite character in Lonesome Dove?

    That's all I got for now-- I might be back with more. :-D


    1. Haha, me too! Yup;) I don't think I prefer one P&P over another, so yeah, I'd say we're in the minority. Strange ones together!

      Ooh, those questions are delightful!

  2. What are your top five passions?
    How would the perfect relationship with s guy play out?
    What boundaries, if any, have you set for yourself?

    1. Thanks for commenting, Lydia! Your questions are great:)

  3. Well, I've been reading (stalking?) your blog for a few months now (and enjoying it!) and it would appear we share some interests (Cinderella, LOTR, Phantom of the Opera, musicals, to name a few). Since I'm one of those curious people I thought up some questions.
    Seeing as you are Arwen, do you like Aragorn over Faramir? (I'm not answering that, hehe.)
    Which do you like better: "May It Be", "Into the West" or "The Last Goodbye"?
    Pippin or Sam?
    Would you show us some of your poetry? (I write it too! :D)
    I doubt you'll reveal this, but how old are you? :P Or perhaps, are you still in school?
    Coffee or tea?
    Favourite musical? (Or top 3.)
    Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?
    Favourite actor/actress?
    Favourite Bible verse?
    I think I'd better stop there - I'm getting carried away, hehe. ;)
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Oh, hi, Miss Meg March!! It totally made my day to hear that you've been enjoying my blog! I LOVE meeting new blogging buddies:)
      Oh, wow, those questions are fantastic! Thank you for all of the LotR ones, I'm going to really enjoy those especially;)

  4. Oh, and I like P&P '05 too! I'll join you in the minority, haha. :-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  5. Oh marvelous! I love asking questions and thus getting to know peeps better. ^_^ I have one: Have you watched/do you watch Doctor Who, and please elaborate. :D

  6. Oh I'm so glad you're doing this. It's the best post for when you're lacking Inspiration. :-)

    I have three:
    ~ What was the very first Period Drama you watched?
    ~ Are you a skirts-only girl, or do you wear pants and skirts?
    ~ Tell us about your family/siblings! (feel free to ignore this one, if you don't want to answer it, of course!)

    Looking forward to the answers,

    1. Isn't it, Naomi? Plus, you get to learn more about people:)
      Thanks for your questions!

  7. Oh, this is so cool! Here are my questions.

    -Do you have any hobbies? (Playing instruments, sports..)
    - How "deep" into the Tolkien Fandom have you gone.. Have you learned any elvish? ;)
    -Favorite author?
    -Have you ever done any cosplay?
    -Do you enjoy skirts and dresses?
    -And sorry to put you on the spot.. But, if it is possible, who is your favorite literary hero, and heroine? (only one hero, and one heroine.)


    1. Thanks for your questions, Abigail! I can't wait to answer them:)

  8. Have you ever stayed up all night long? If yes, why?

    Do you read or write fanfiction?

    Chocolate and peanut butter, or chocolate and mint?

    Looking forward to all your answers :-) I should do one of these some time!

    1. Ooh, good questions, Hamlette! And yes, you totally should! I, for one, would really enjoy it if you did:)

  9. This is so fun!
    All right let me think of some good questions....
    Which BBC RH character would you like to spend the day with?
    What is the lamest movie you've ever seen?
    What would you wear on the red carpet?
    If Much, Allan, Will, Guy, and Robin all proposed to you, which would you accept and which would you feel bad about rejecting? (hahaha)
    What would you rather attend-a grand ball, a garden tea party, or a regency-era dance?
    Which dress of Christine's in the Royal Albert Hall POTO would you like to wear?

    I'll comment again if I think of more!

    1. Oh, guuurrlll, you did NOT just ask me that Much/Allan/Will/Guy/Robin question!!!;) Haha, just kidding, I can't wait to answer your questions! They're deliciously fun:)

    2. (hahahah! the Much/Allan/Will/Guy/Robin question totally cracked me up! Very much looking forward to the answer!)

    3. Haha, yes, well, glad you're enjoying my plight...;)

    4. Heehee, I had no idea my question would be so enjoyable...and stressful..hahaha. ;)

    5. Haha, no, I'm actually really looking forward to answering it:D

  10. How fun! Soooooo, here's my random questions.

    What's your ideal car? Money no object...

    Did you have a favorite tree to climb when you were growing up?

    If you had your own horse, what would you name him?

    Rebecca of York or Maid Marian?

    If there is a marathon of all the Lord of the Rings movies near you, would you go?

    1. Ooh, awesome questions! Can't wait to answer them:)

  11. Inspiration for posts...think about what you do almost daily, or weekly, in your life and turn it into a regular post. For example, if you take a lot of walks in the week you could snap some photos during your walks and then share a weekly post filled with all your photos. You read daily, start writing up a weekly post sharing what books you've been reading that week. Try to look at your life from a different angle and figure out what you could turn into sharing on your blog. One idea also that I've seen floating around on blogs, is writing up a Day in the Life post, sharing everything you do in one day so that your readers can get a feel for what your life is like. Hope I helped!

    1. Thank you, that does help! We'll have to see what I can come up with:)


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