Spring, Spring, Spring (Because I would never pass up the chance to reference Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)

Oh, the barnyard is busy, in a regular tizzy
And the obvious reason is because of the season
Ma Nature's lyrical with her yearly miracle
Spring, spring, spring

All the hen-folk are hatchin'
While their men-folk are scratchin'
To ensure the survival of each brand-new arrival
Each nest is twitterin'
They're all babysitterin'
Spring, spring, spring

It's a beehive of budding son and daughter life
Every family has plans in view
Even down in the brook the underwater life
Is forever blowin' bubbles, too

Every field wears a bonnet
With some spring daisies on it
Even birds of a feather show their clothes off together

Sun's gettin' shinery
To spotlight the finery
Spring, spring, spring

From his eyrie, the eagle with his eagle eye
Gazes down across his eagle beak
And a'fixin' his lady with a legal eye
Screams, "Suppose we set the date this week?"

Yes, siree, spring disposes
That it's all one supposes
It's a real bed of roses
Waggin' tails, rubbin' noses

Each day is Mother's Day
The next is some other day
When all is King


  1. I love this song! Lovely pictures too... Spring is irresistable to capture.

    1. Me too! That scene in the movie always makes me so happy;) Thank you! I had a blast going around outside for about twenty minutes, snapping pictures right and left:D

  2. Oh, how lovely. Your pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the first one of the cherry tree. :-) One of my favorite things in spring is when the wild apple trees down by the creek bloom-- it's the most beautiful thing ever. But that usually comes a little later, so I still have it to look forward to. :-)


    1. Thank you! YES, cherry trees are one of my great loves;) Ooh, apple trees by the creek? That sounds so lovely...

  3. Very lovely...and the pictures are beautiful too!

  4. Ohhh, you have so many lovely flowers!!! I am loving spring. Yesterday we got to drive home from church with the windows down and music playing and it was bliss. And your picture of the cherry tree is so pretty-I love the sunburst. :)

    1. Me too!!! I'm loving just lying on the grass and pondering deep ponderings;) It's all so lovely! Aww, thanks:D

  5. I love the photos! And the song, of course :-)


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