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Happy Valentine's Day, m'dears!  May we never forget that God's love is the greatest. 

Today I shall be filling out Cordy's tag for this wonderful blog party of hers.  I decided to pick couples that I haven't used in either of my "Top Ten" posts (watch out for my top ten book couples tomorrow) for my answers. :)  That way, I can include some other favorites who didn't quite make it onto either list.

Ivanhoe and Rebecca: Name a couple that should have been together

[For the record, just so we're clear, I don't necessarily think that Rebecca and Ivanhoe should have ended up together, but I love that one of my very favorite stories is represented in this tag!!!]

Okay, now, about the actual question:  Can I name four?  (I have problems, hehe.)
  • Bella and Vernon from This Beautiful Fantastic
  • Tara and Ronin from Epic {I'M STILL MAD, BLUE SKY PRODUCTIONS}
  • Ruby and Whale from Once Upon a Time
  • Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls

I mean am I right?!

Jo and Laurie: Name a couple that should have stayed friends...or did stay friends...

*ahem*  Well, playing off the first question, Bella and Billy from This Beautiful Fanastic. :-P

Jane and Mr. Rochester: Name a couple that looked like the chances of a happily ever after were next to none!

Things weren't looking so hot for John and Lorna in Lorna Doone, that's for sure.

Jane and Mr. Bingley: Name a couple that is just sooo happy!

Oh, golly . . . um . . . ???  I guess Snow and David from Once Upon a Time are a very lovey-dovey couple, and they would be happy were it not for all the drama of the show, heh.

Kit and Ella: Name your favorite fairytale couple

Probably Kit and Ella, honestly!  Also love Henry and Danielle from Ever After, but . . . I dunno, Kit and Ella are hard to beat. :)

Molly Gibson and Roger Hamley: Name a couple where the woman is basically ignored by the suitor until the end of the story (frustration at it's finest!! :P :P)

Um, every period drama couple ever?  I mean, if you wanted to gender-bend that question, you could say Colonel Brandon and Marianne Dashwood. :-P

Sarah and Jacob Witting: Name a couple that found love later in life

Remember that couple from Rainbow Valley?  The one where the two sisters had promised each other that they'd never get married (that's a really dumb thing to do, btdubs -- don't try it, kids), and then the younger sister fell in love but the older one was like "No," but then the older sister fell in love with her old flame?  Anywho, I know that eventually became two couples, but I'm thinking of the older, cranky sister's one.

(No picture for this one, sorry! :-P)

Don Lockwood and Kathy Seldon: Name a couple from a musical

Just one?!  Hmm . . . oh!  Charity and Phineas from The Greatest Showman!

Anne and Gilbert: Name a couple that didn't start out on the right foot

Parker and Hardison from Leverage had a bit of a rocky start, didn't they?  I mean, the whole team got off on the wrong foot, so . . . it counts, right?

Faramir and Eowyn: Name a couple with the sweetest love story

I think Hassan and Marguerite from The Hundred-Foot Journey are absolutely precious. <3


  1. Ahhhh! I love Hassan and Marguerite and really just the whole Hundred Foot Journey film. Also, totally agree with you about Rory and Jess. I mean it's just so obvious. And I will never forgive Louisa May Alcott for not allowing Jo and Laurie to be together.

    1. SAME, BRITTANEY! It's so stinkin' cute. Like, how??

      OKAY THANK YOU. See, my thing is, I get that they needed to take a break, because Jess had SO much growing up to do. BUT then when Jess was getting more mature, RORY started going off the rails! They totally switched places! And I'm like, ????!!!! *sigh* Anywho.

      Ahh, I see. Alas, we shall have to disagree about that one, but that's okay. :D

  2. I love you found a way to include Parker and Hardison! Love them!!!!!

    1. Thanks! YAAASSSS, same!! As you know. ;) Hope you're doing well, Lois!!

  3. Your answers were perfect! Parker and Hardison <3

    ~ Abby

    1. Thanks, Abby! *gasp* YASS. I always love finding fellow Leverage fans. :)

  4. I love the gender-bend choice of Colonel Brandon and Marianne. <3 I have never seen the story that way but it's so true.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww . . . my Leverage babies. *hugs them*

    Brandon and Marianne. HECK YES. (I actually thought about them a lot, this Valentine's Day. They're most precious to me <3 )

    1. Saaaaaaame. *joins the group hug of the precious peoples*

      D'aww, yes! They're sweethearts. <3

  6. Oh, oh, oh!!! GILMORE GIRLS!!! I've JUUUST finished the TV series I was going through with my elder sisters ("Limitless") and I found out my eldest sister was watching GG on Netflix without me! (She didn't realize I knew of it.) So I convinced her to start it over again so I can watch it too. :P (Hopefully it'll be soon! I'm so excited. :D)

    OHHH LORNA DOONE. <3 <3 (I need to watch that one again!)

    Haha yes, that's a good example - it's a little annoying how much Marianne ignores the Colonel... I feel so sorry for him. Though to be honest, I know why she would, and I'd probably do the same thing. :P


    1. She was watching it without you?! FOR SHAME. Heehee, glad you persuaded her to go back. ;) I hope you like it!!! I think the first through the fourth seasons are the best -- I mean, I haven't seen the other seasons, but I know (ish) what happens. :-P (What did you think of "Limitless," by the way?)

      I need to see LD again, too! It's been a while. <3

      Too true, Gabby, too true. Way to be honest! I guess you're right -- a lot of us probably would. :-/

      AREN'T THEY THOUGH LIKE GAHH. *squeals and huggles them*

  7. Ella and Kit = <3.

    *sigh* I still want to see The Greatest Showman so badly!!!!!

    1. "Just so." <3 :)

      You'll love it! (I think. ;D)

  8. #finallycommentingonthis :P

    I haven't seen Gilmore Girls, but I know enough about it that I think I'd totally be shipping Rory with Jess, too.

    Kit and Ella. Yes. ♥

    I really want to see The Hundred Foot Journey sometime. :D Those two look adorable!

    1. Haha, awww, thanks for doing so! ;D

      YEEESSSSSSS. I mean, it's complicated -- they definitely needed to take a "break" because Jess had a lot of growing up to do, but then . . . agh, I can't explain without spoiling things. ;-P IT'S JUST FRUSTRATING! Ahem. :-P

      Waaawww, yes. <3

      Oh, I think you'd like it! They ARE adorable. Really precious. <3


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