My Mini Dream Cast for {Ivanhoe}

WELL.  Y'all were kind enough to support my idea of creating a dream cast for Ivanhoe, so here I am!  

For those of you who don't know, I recently finished re-reading this book for the first time in a while, and I discovered that I still loved it every bit as much as I hoped I did. IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS. And, as some of you may know, it's been made into more than one movie adaptation already. So the challenge that faces me is that I feel like the adaptations have cast certain parts flawlessly, but either the acting itself didn't quite fill the role, or other things about the movies are off, etc. So who would *I* cast if given the choice? ;)

By the way, the reason the title says "mini" is that I have ideas for the four main characters and the four main characters only.  I'm flexible about the others.  I'd know if I approved a casting choice after I'd seen this hypothetical movie. :-P  The only other character I would be more picky about right off the bat is Wamba, but I think the actor in the 1997 version already ACED it, so how could it be improved upon??  I don't know, I assure you.  Also, I'm not including quotes like I did in my last dream cast post -- sorry!  I guess I'm lazy. :-P

Let's start off with the two characters who come to mind immediately whenever I think about Ivanhoe: Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Rebecca of York.

I think I'd choose Richard Armitage for Bois-Guilbert.

The thing is, I feel very confident that his acting could work for Bois-Guilbert.  I mean, do his roles not scream Tortured, Angsty, Misguided Soul?  (Thornton's middle-distance smolder alone, people.)  

However, I also think Hugh Jackman could pull off a great Bois-Guilbert.

I think both these actors have a knack for portraying a blend of misguided brutishness hiding vulnerability and a longing for acceptance and love.  (I mean, I haven't really seen Hugh Jackman in such a role -- unless I'm forgetting it -- but I just Feel Like He Could Do It?)

So, yes.  Richard Armitage or Hugh Jackman.  I'd be glad with either. :-P

Now, moving on to Rebecca of York.  

Y'all, this girl be one of my favorite literary characters, so who the heck do I cast???  The problem is, I think Olivia Hussey (1982) looked just about exactly like Rebecca, and I think Susan Lynch (1997) acted just about exactly like Rebecca.  So I need someone who unites it. ;)  AND I CAN'T DECIDE.  

First up, we have Astrid Berges-Frisbey.  

I've only seen her in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but I loved her in that, and I feel like she could possibly work for Rebecca.  She's beautiful, and she seems to have the ability to bring out this "retiring," sweet, and strong character.  And I don't know, I just think it'd be really interesting to see her opposite Armitage.

Another possibility is Rachel Hendrix.

I could see it.  But I don't know . . .  Others I thought of were Emmy Rossum and Lucy Griffiths.  I DON'T KNOW ENOUGH BRUNETTE ACTRESSES, GUYS.  

I thiiiiink the one I would lean most toward would be Astrid Berges-Frisbey.  I'd be very interested to see her portrayal.

As for the titular hero himself (who, I realized this last read-through, really is a pretty good guy -- not quite so irritating and superfluous as I have hitherto thought him), the only ideas I have are Armie Hammer . . . 

Or Jason Burkey.

{EDIT 2/25/18}  I thought of three more options: Tom Hiddleston, Ben Alridge, and Joseph Fiennes (all with blond hair, course). 


As for Rowena, I would like to state here and now that Victoria Smurfit owned that role like a #queen.  It was flawless, basically.  But since that couldn't be duplicated for a new movie, I've got quite a few other ideas, actually.  

First, Sarah Gadon.

Having seen her in Belle and watched clips of her in other things, I'd certainly not be disappointed if she were to be cast as Rowena. ;)

However, I'd also be excited to see what Emilie de Ravin might do in the role.

I thought of Charity Wakefield, but I'm pretty sure she's probably getting a bit too old, not to sound like a terrible person or anything. ;-P

Also, "out of a clear blue sky" (as Bertram Wooster would say ;)), Jennifer Lawrence popped into my head, and while she's not at all one of the first people who would come to mind, I can actually see it working?

Well, fam, that's all I've got!
What say you?
Any ideas as to who could play the secondary characters?


  1. This was super fun to read, Olivia!! I'm horrible at casting people, but I love it when other people do. And judging from the looks of these actors I'd say you're pretty spot on. I especially like your choices for Bois-Guilbert.

    And YES! to what you said about Wamba. He was SO good in the 1997 movie! It would definitely be hard to recast that part. :D

    1. Aww, thanks, Miss March! Glad you liked it. :)

      He was AWESOME! I feel like that was when I really started to grasp what a fantastic character he is in the book.

  2. OH MAN!!!!! Girl I LOVE it when you do these!!

    RICHARD AND HUGH?!?!?!?! Either of them would be amazing, but I think I lean toward Richard.

    Astra Berges-Frisbey DEFINITELY!! Although at first glance I thought she was Liv Tyler. You know, Liv and Orlando would be an amazing Rebecca and Ivanhoe.

    Nope, nope. NOT Armie Hammer!! Sorry! Can't seen him as Ivanhoe, not after seeing him in Mirror, Mirror. Jason Burkey is okay.

    Ooooooo!! Sarah Gadon would be amazing, but then again, so would Emilie. I think Jen has the looks for it, but I'm not sure she has the aura. She's more kickbutt, down-to-earth then I imagine Rowena to be.

    1. DAWW! Thank you so much, Erudessa! That makes me happy. :D

      Right?!?! Yeah, I think I do, too.

      *gasp* Oooh!!! Liv and Orlando!! Dude, they WOULD be good! Probably both too old now, but dang . . .

      Haha! I don't know, I really can?? But that's just me. ;) I thought of three other actors who could possibly work a few days ago, though. :)

      I know! Yes, exactly, that's the thing -- I've never really seen any of Jen's acting, so I'm just assuming that she could do it if they made her up to look like a medieval maiden. ;) But definitely, her aura isn't what I would think of for Rowena. I actually thought of Hailee Steinfeld for Rebecca, but decided against it for the same reason -- she's "fiercer" than I imagine Rebecca. :-P

  3. I have a bit of a thing for Richard Armitage . . . so any book where a MC can be cast as him, definitely has my interest ;-)

    I really am seriously considering reading Ivanhoe. It sounds Deep, dontcha know. And Emotional.

    1. I mean, don't we all (have a thing for Richard Armitage, I mean)? ;D ;D

      EEE I'D BE SO HAPPY. But, y'know, as we've discussed, I don't KNOW if it'd be your thing -- but it's worth a shot, right? I mean, it's a little . . . ahem . . . slow, particularly in the beginning. But then, in my experience at least, it gets you hooked. ;) (YES. It is Deep and Emotional.)

  4. *clapping*
    *tries to start a comment*
    *still just keeps clapping*

    You know, the only flaw with your dream casts is that, they aren't real!!! That's just oh so depressing!! Haha, okay more commenting to do...

    Wamba...that is a key role. (Love that guy!) I'm trying to think right off hand if there's anyone I could think of but...nothing. *sigh*

    Yes to Richard Armitage! I think he'd do amazing things with the role! *whispering* I'm not a Hugh Jackman fan...oops. But hey, just go with Richard for the win!

    And yes again to Astrid Berges-Frisbey. I've never seen Rachel Hendrix in anything. She seems almost too old. (Does that make me a horrible person? ;))

    I wasn't sold on Armie Hammer and then I scrolled a little bit and you'd suggested Tom Hiddleston. Um, YES! Excellent choice!! XD

    As for Rowena, I think Sarah Gadon could do really well...and I'm not opposed to Emilie de Ravin either. But Jennifer Lawrence? Ugh, I can't see it. Hahaha.

    Thanks for putting this together for us. I was incredibly curious!! I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw you'd made this up!!

    Have a great day!!


    1. AWWWWW! *blushing* That is so kind of you, Cordy! Seriously, that makes me grin so big. :D Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! :D

      Yeah, that's the thing -- he'd have to be PERFECT and I'd probably be really critical about him in this dream production, but I have no idea who could do him. (One really odd idea that just popped into my head, though, is, um, Tom Hiddleston. I'M SO WEIRD. Like I just suggested TH for Ivanhoe. *sigh* But, I mean, it'd just be such a different role for him. xD)

      SAAAAME, GIRL. *gasps* *looks properly shocked* My dear girl! Not a fan of HJ?! How dare you?! Heehee, I've really only seen him in a few things, but I like him. He seems like a really sweet guy. :) But yeah, I think RA would be really, really good in the role!

      Haha, no, I know what you mean. I "rejected" a few actresses because I thought they were too old, so, at least we're horrible people together, if in fact we are. ;-P That picture does make Rachel look a little bit older than she is, I suppose, now that I look at it. I've just seen her in October Baby. :)

      Haha! AH is not proving to be a popular casting choice . . . but yes! I feel like I'd be interested in seeing any of them in the role, honestly.

      Haha, I can see JL in terms of looks -- can't really say anything about her acting, never having actually seen any of her movies. But I think I'd prefer Sarah or Emilie, too. :)

      You're so welcome! Your comment made me determined to do it -- you were so sweet and encouraging about it. :D And this comment was just the same! Thank you!!

      YOU TOO! <3

  5. I still haven't read Ivanhoe... do you think I would like it??

    But needless to say, just seeing you talk about some of the actors/actresses here got me excited! :D I know quite a lot... oh and also, Ben Aldridge looks FREAKISHLY like someone I once met. I can never get that out of my head.

    1. Hmm . . . I don't know, Gabby! I'm not always great at judging whether individuals will like or dislike a particular book/movie. Do you like "olde England" tales? And verbose old-fashioned writing? ;D

      Whoa, really?! That would be freaky. A similar thing happened to me last semester, actually -- one of my classmates reminded me a lot of one of the people in When Calls the Heart, so that was interesting. ;-P


    I could totally see Richard Armitage as Bois-Guilbert. And Hugh Jackman! But I think I too might pick Armitage as my first choice. (What did you think of Captain Wentworth as him in the '97? I liked him well enough....I never had a clear picture of what he looked like when reading the book, so I was okay with him in the role.)

    (Side note--I just looked up Olivia Hussey in the 1982 Ivanhoe to see what she looked like--and ohh! Anthony Andrews plays Ivanhoe in that version! Me wants to see it very much, now. :D He's so great as the Scarlet Pimpernel.)

    Hmmm, your choices for Rebecca are interesting. I'm not quite sure who *I* would personally cast as Rebecca, but I could see either of the ones you listed as possibilities. (I couldn't pick Lucy Griffiths to play opposite Richard Armitage, though. It wouldn't feel like Ivanhoe anymore. ;P)

    I could see Armie Hammer in the role of Ivanhoe. :)

    I loved Victoria Smurfit as Rowena, too!! She was EXACTLY as I saw her in the book. And her acting was great, too.

    The only actress I've seen in Sarah Gadon (in Belle, courtesy of you ;)) but Emilie de Ravin LOOKS a little like Rowena, I think. So I could see it.

    This is a great cast and I enjoyed this post!!! :D (When does pre-production on the movie start??)

    1. Heehee, YAY! :D

      Right?!?! I think Armitage would be my first choice, too. (Oh, I loved Bois-Guilbert in the '97! Honestly, there was a lot I loved about that version. Bois-Guilbert, Rowena, and Wamba were all like freaking perfect. I loved it. :))

      (Yes, I want to see it, too! My library system doesn't have it, I don't think. :-P)

      Same. It's a conundrum, for sure! (Heehee, yeah. That would be confusing, come to think of it. ;D)

      Okay, THANK YOU! I'm so glad I'm not the only one, 'cause honestly, the more people kept remarking how they couldn't see him, the more I really saw it. xD

      She was perfect. The end.

      Haha, aww ;) HAPPY TIMES. <3 Yeah, and I think she could do a good Rowena. :)

      Awww, thank you so much! (Heeehee, you guys. You're too much. ;D ;D <3 <3)


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