Blogger Recognition Award

M'dear Reyna has included me in the Blogger Recognition Award.  Thank you so much, 't'is so sweet of you;)

Rules and Regulations:
~ Attach the award.
~ Thank the person who nominated you.  
~ Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Night.
~ Give a brief story of how your blog got started and a piece or two of advice for new bloggers.
~ Select 15 blogs to nominate.
~ Comment on each nominee's blog and let them know that you've nominated them.

Let's get started, shall we?  

So.  How my blog got started.  Basically, it's the result of months of stalking *ahem*.  I'd been reading and enjoying (but not following for security reasons) several blogs for several months, and I kept thinking, I'd really like to have my own blog.  However, I didn't start one for a long time for two reasons:  1)  Security (again)  and 2)  I think that I honestly didn't think I could "do" a blog.  The blogs I read were so put together and overflowing with followers and witty posts that I didn't think I could do it.  Well, I started with writing a few reviews on Microsoft Word (they were reviews of the first two LotR movies…surprised?) and sending them to a few friends, who gave me positive feedback.  So I approached my dad about creating a private blog for only a select few people.  He gave me the go-ahead, and so, up until about the beginning of this month, "Meanwhile, in Rivendell…" was a private blog, in which I rambled happily (while not realizing how much the writing style of other bloggers was influencing me in a good way).  But then I broached the subject to my dad again, and he informed me that he was all for me making my blog public.  Glory!  So I did, and I have greatly enjoyed the benefits thereof;D  

A piece or two of advice for new bloggers?  Well, I still sort of think of myself as a "new blogger" (even though I've been blogging for about two years, I think), but I'll do my best.  

Pearl of wisdom (*snort*) #1:  Be patient.  Your blog might not take off over night.  But over time, you will gain some loyal followers.  Just wait for it.  And as Reyna mentioned in her post, the best way to gain followers is to first be a follower.  Comment on the blogs you enjoy.  And if you don't have much luck with that particular one, try, try again!  ;D  Another good way to approach the whole followers issue is that you probably won't get waves of followers until you resign yourself to the fact that your blog might not be as populous, so to speak, as another.  

Pearl of wisdom #2:  If you don't get a ton of comments on your posts, again, don't get discouraged.  It'll take a while.  Often, people might be reading and loving your posts but just not commenting.  That's okay.

Pearl of wisdom #3:  You can blog.  You have valuable, unique insights to share!  And even if it feels like no one is reading your blog, remember that you are nonetheless honing your writing skills and processing your opinions in a very practical way!  I'd say, think of your blog as your online journal.  Your online journal that you're comfortable sharing with other people, that is.  Ahem.

Now I'm supposed to nominate 15 blogs.  Um.  I doubt I'll be able to come up with that many…but I'll do what I can.  (And if I nominate you when you're already nominated, I do apologize.)

Kiri Liz at Lianne Taimenlore

Aibhilin at Me, Myself and I

Ashley at A to Z

Miss Laurie at Old-Fashioned Charm

Eowyn at Inklings Press

Kate at A Happy Medium

Davene at Spilled

Kate at Kate Conner

Paperdoll Mom at Haunted Verse

Hamlette at Hamlette's Soliloquy

Well, I found thirteen.  

Thanks again, Reyna!


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Your blog might have been the very first I ever read:)

  2. Thanks for the nom! I'll try to post about this in a day or two :-)

    And regarding your pearl of wisdom #2, if you check your page view stats on Blogger, you'll see just how many views you get, and can compare that to comments. I think mine is generally about 8 to 1 (8 views to 1 comment), depending on the post. I know I only comment on about a half to a third of the posts I read, simply because sometimes I have nothing relevant to say :-)

  3. You're welcome! No pressure, though:)

    Haha, yes, I sometimes do that and that's encouraging;) I didn't post on many of the posts I read either!

  4. I finally found this on your site and figure out what you were talking about! I don't think I know that many bloggers to truly participate, but I will at least write up a post answering the questions! Thanks for adding my name!

    1. Sorry this reply is so're so welcome!


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