Quote Game Answers

Thank you, lovelies, for playing last week's game!  Here are the answers:

#1:  "That makes me cry inside, in my special angry place."  Answer:   Leverage

#2:  "Oh, come on, Mister.  Everything has a price."  "Not everything.  Answer:  Broken Trail

#3:  "What is it girls eat?"  "Special girls' food."  Answer:  BBC Robin Hood

#4:  "The only thing worse than a boy you hate is a boy you like, right?"  Answer:  The Book Thief

#5:  "This happens to everybody, don't be embarrassed about it."  Answer:  Facing the Giants

#6:  "Farewell, my fallen idol and false friend!  We had such hopes, and now those hopes are shattered!"  Answer:  The Phantom of the Opera

#7:  "Like me on Facebook!"  "I don't like you in Harlem, why would I like you on Facebook?"  Answer:  Annie (2014)

#8:  "You know what music is?  It's God's little reminder that there's something else besides us in this universe."  Answer:  August Rush

#9:  "Look back…look back at me."  Answer:  North and South (2004)

#10:  "Please tell me you are not going to be playing those violent video games--with our son?!"  "Okay, you're gonna have to define violence, all right?  'Cause that Lego game you got him, those characters shatter into like a million pieces, and that--that is sick!"  Answer:  Moms' Night Out

Players' Scores:
Morg:  3/10
Lois:  2/10
Chloe:  1/10
Naomi:  1/10
Emma:  3/10
Laura:  3/10
JH:  1/10
Bella:  1/10
Miss Meg March:  3/10
Bailey:  1/10

Thanks, everyone!


  1. Yup, it was Broken Trail. You just had to jolt my memory a little. ;-) I LOVE YOU, TOM HARTE.

    This was a fun game!


    1. Haha, yup. I DO TOO. We both love ya, Tom;) Seriously, though. He's one of my favorite fictional heroes, and that's sayin' a lot:D

      Good! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I need to rewatch facing the giants! I've only watched it once but I remember really liking it.

  3. Wow, I didn't get Phantom of the Opera?! *hides in shame* Well, I've only ever seen the 25th anniversary (perhaps around 5 times) and never with subtitles, so I often can't hear all they're saying. Still. :-P
    I have only seen Facing the Giants once, and that was about 2 years ago, but I just remember that line distinctly - don't know why, it just made a big impact, I suppose. ;-)
    And I didn't get North and South either.....*sigh* Well, I've only seen it once. It's good though - I wanna see it again. :-D
    Thanks for the game, I love quotes games. :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Haha, don't feel bad; I doubt I'd gave caught it, either, unless I'd already read the lyrics;)

      I feel ya--Brooke's lines DO make a big impact. I love her accent XD

      Ooh, yes, watch N&S again!!:D

      Aw, you're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


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