How Robin Hood Should Have Ended...

(If you are currently watching BBC's Robin Hood and don't wish to know how the entire series ends, DO NOT read this post.)

I don't know if any of you, besides DKoren, paid much attention to the comments in this post.  Therein, basically, Natalie and I were freaking out over BBC Robin Hood, as is our wont, and we were talking about how awesome it would have been had the screenwriters included a clip of Guy and Marian reconciling in the final scene of the show.  Basically, what I would have LOVED to have seen was Marian forgiving Guy, and then seeing the two of them, along with Robin and Meg, talking and laughing together in the forest after the rest of the gang went to bury Robin's body.  However, 't'is apparent that the powers that be didn't share our vision *sniff*.  Now, please understand, I'm not complaining about the finale.  It was aching and beautiful and real and gorgeous and pretty much destroyed me.  BUT, I'd still like to have seen this.  So, eventually, I decided to just write up a HISHE for RH for myself.  Here goes (I hope this doesn't get too cheesy…).  And please, keep in mind, this is a very rough approximation of what I'd like to have seen--it's not that amazing of a write-up, but I know that, so bear with me;)

The fragrance of long-lost memories lingered in the fading light of Sherwood as the last of the soft white cherry blossoms fluttered about Robin and Marian's blissful forms.  

Robin gently set down his wife.  For a time, neither spoke; speech was inadequate and almost a desecration of the hallowed reunion.  Eventually, however, they began to talk of many things--of their beloved gang, of joy, of sorrow, of beauty, of devotion.  

"Marian…" Robin began hesitantly.  "Did you--do you--Guy became a part of the gang.  I--I forgave him, in the end."  

Marian smiled.  "I am glad to hear it, my love.  I forgave him, too.  There is nothing but forgiveness now."

They both turned at the sound of footsteps coming toward them.  Out from the thick greenery of the forest stepped a young woman with tousled curls.

Robin started.  "I remember you!  You were the girl Isabella tried to execute, alongside of Guy.  He told me how it all ended.  I believe you redeemed that man's purpose of living, young lady."

The girl smiled.  "Guy always knew he was meant for something more--I think he just needed to be reminded."  She turned back to the glade from whence she'd appeared.

"Guy?" she called softly.  "Why do you not come out?"  Robin and Marian glanced at each other.  Silence.  Then Marian stepped resolutely forward and echoed Meg's invitation.

"Guy--come out."

More silence.  Then--a tear-filled voice responded:  "I can't--I can't face you, Marian."  Sighing, Marian moved toward the sound of Guy's voice, until she came upon him, crouched at the base of a tree, unwilling to look up at her.  

"Guy."  Her voice was firm, but gentle.  "You must face me."  

"Guy," she persisted.  Finally, slowly, the broken man raised his eyes to meet Marian's.  

"Marian…" he managed.  "I destroyed you.  I destroyed myself.  I destroyed Robin.  And I don't ask for your forgiveness--I know there is no possible way you could grant it--but I do want you to know that ever since that day…that…I'm sorry.  More than words will ever be able to express, I am so sorry."

Marian knelt.  "Guy, whether you believe what I am about to tell you or not, it is the truth, and I want you to accept it."  

Guy's eyes shifted, apprehensive of what he thought she would say.  "What is it?  Whatever it is, I know I deserve it."

Softly, Marian took Guy's hand and raised him to his feet.  Gently, she leaned close to his ear and whispered three words.  "I forgive you."

Guy stumbled back, tears streaking his face.  "You can't."

"But I do.  Forgiveness is stronger than everything, Guy--stronger than hate, stronger than revenge, and stronger than regret.  Whether you believe what I say is your choice, but my forgiveness is and will be yours, along with my friendship."

"And mine," Robin agreed.  Guy looked from Marian, to Robin, to Meg, and back to Marian, and hope finally began to spread over his features.  

"I don't--"

"You can."  Marian's voice was calm and sweet as she smiled at him.  

Hesitantly, Guy smiled ever so slightly as he began to accept the forgiveness and love offered so freely to him.  He took Marian's proffered hand and allowed her to lead him back to Robin and Meg.  Meg wound her arm around his waist and looked up at him with a beaming face full of trust.  Robin clapped him on the back and winked.  "Looks like you've found a home with us, Guy," he said.  

Marian touched his hand once more and whispered to him, "Be at peace.  You are forgiven."

Sunlight waned from Robin Hood's forest as the laughing voices of four freedom fighters drifted up through the dappled Sherwood leaves.  

I hope you all enjoyed this little attempt at a fanfiction!  Oh, and I just had an idea--would any of you be interested in participating in a Robin Hood Blog Party?  It might be fun to have an RH week dedicated to reviews, character sketches, and picture posts!  And we wouldn't even have to restrict this to BBC's version of Robin Hood.  It could include all versions.  What think you?


  1. Bravo! :) Yes to the Robin Hood blog party, too! :)

    1. Thanks, Kerry! And yay! I think it could be fun; I might initiate it in a couple months:)

  2. Oh, I think I may just have gotten something in my eye. And a sudden case of sniffles. ;-)
    I really do wish the ending was a bit more....happier. Yes, this ending would be splendid. I loved how you added all the pictures into it, also. :-) And I'd definitely enjoy a Robin Hood week. :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

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  4. Whoops, I somehow mirrored my comment. Oh well. I'm so clever I amaze myself. ;-P
    ~Miss Meg March

  5. Aww, I know, right? Sniffles. Thank you! Yeah, I had fun with the pictures:D Yay! An RH blog party definitely seems to be in order!

    Hehe, well, we all do it from time to time;)

  6. Finally, closure. I wholeheartedly agree that it should have ended like this. And don't mind me, I'm not crying, it's just raining...on my face.

    1. Yes! For some reason, writing up my little dream ending has definitely given me a sense of closure. It's like…it's gonna be okay now. No, no, of course you're not crying. You're laughing on the wrong side of your face. (Wow, that didn't help, did it…)

  7. I really want to try this show, but we don't have Netflix, and I can't find it at the library... I LOVE the Robin Hood story by Roger Lancelyn Green, though, have you read it?

    1. Oh, that stinks! I hate it when there's this story I'm aching to watch, but I can't find it ANYWHERE:( I hope you get to watch it eventually! I think YouTube has certain episodes, but I'm not sure… No, I haven't read it (at least, not all of it) yet, but I probably will eventually! I just really like the story of Robin Hood in general:D

  8. I love the pics you chose to illustrate your new ending. Nice! :-D

    I'd love a Robin Hood blog party! Not sure if I can participate, but I sure would enjoy reading everything!

    1. Thanks, DKoren!:)

      Cool! I think we'll have to try it!

  9. OH MY. Olivia!!! This was so beautiful! Thank you so much for writing this! You do a very good job, my dear. I was starting to tear up. :"(
    And yes yes yes, a Robin Hood party!!!! Count me if you didn't already know I'd be totally for it. ;)

    1. Aww! Thank YOU so much! Yeah, I started to tear up a little myself, I think, when I was writing it *sniffles*

      Hee, yeah, I was pretty sure you'd be up for it;D

  10. Very nice! I haven't seen the whole series, but I do know basically how it ends. And thanks for all the eye candy!

    I would VERY much be in for a Robin Hood party!!!

    1. Thanks!:) Yes *sniffles* Haha, you're very welcome, I loved choosing the pictures:D

      Yay! I'm thinking I might do it toward the end of the summer/early fall? Glad you're in!:D

  11. My husband and I were searching for a new show to start on Netflix, and settled on Robin Hood. I think we've watched 5 episodes so far. It is pretty good, but I think the filming is weird and slightly jarring for me with how it cuts to images out of the blue super fast here and there. I don't think it fits the show very well. But so far it is interesting!

    1. It does have a sort of music-video film style.

      That little shhhhwwiiiiiffttttttttt-twang! noise they play every time a caption thingy appears always makes me jump and think someone's been shot. I've seen six or seven eps, and I'm still not used to it.

    2. There were a few times I thought someone was shot with an arrow too. I think the style seems like it would fit a high comedy show of some sorts. I wish they didn't do that fast clip thing.. I think it would be a more put together show without that.

    3. I'm glad you started it, paperdollmom! But yes, I know what both of you mean--the filming isn't the best, and I KNOW about that shwift-target thing. Weird.

    4. We've already finished season 1....

    5. Ooh! (I personally love the first season finale.)
      Soooo...what think you so far?

    6. Yay!!!:D But prepare thyself for emotional scarring.

  12. Oh my. I was laughing on the wrong side of my face for this post. It was so beautiful! Oh wow! This was a great ending that you came up with! Oh my! I can't stop saying it! That is so beautiful! Oh, oh, oh!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Thank you for writing this!! I finished the series tonight. Oh my!!!
    I know this post is over a year old, but I would love a Robin Hood week!! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please do a Robin Hood week!!!!!!!!!!!
    Once again thank you for the beautiful post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You just finished the series? *gives you a box of tissues, a teddy-bear, some happy movies, and a hug* I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

      Awwwwwww, THANK YOU!!! Your comment made me so happy; I love getting comments on old posts, and on old posts about RH? Doubly exciting. And *blushes* thanks so much! You're too kind. I'm SO glad you liked the post :)

      Perhaps I will host that week one of these days! I'm glad to know you'd be interested :D

      So...what did you think of the series? (And may I again offer my support--it takes a while to get over that show, as I can attest. Actually, I'm not sure you ever get over it, but it'll get better in time!)

    2. Thank you! *hugs the teddy-bear like I'm never going to let go*

      I clicked your label Robin Hood, so I've just been reading all of your Robin Hood posts. It makes it better.

      What did I think of it? Well, it was awesome! Season 1, YAY!!!!!! Season 2, started out Yay! And then......NO!!!!!!!!!!!! That just broke my little heart up. I've been trying to convince my sisters to watch it but they watch it over my shoulder. (I watched it on the computer, with earbuds.) But I tell them not to because everything will be spoiled! I'm glad that I was the only one here when I watched the last episode, because I lost it.
      Season 3, I started out really gloomy about it. I think the first episode was a must see because, just because. But after that, when Robin kissed Isabella *cries* I stopped. But then I learned which one Meg was in so I just watched that, then I read enough spoilers that I decided to finish it. I watched season 3, 1-6, 9, 7-8, 10-13. Sorry, I know this is way too long and you don't want to hear it, so I'll stop.

    3. Wow, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this! #life

      AAAACK, that makes me so happy! It's good to know that my writing those posts was therapeutic for somebody else as well as me ;)

      Your summary = perfect. (I watched it the same way, only unfortunately other people were here when I watched the last episode. Actually, they were in the room right next to where the computer is, and there's only a half wall dividing those rooms, so I was just sitting by the computer trying to use a couch pillow both as a shield from my family's inquisitive eyes and as a muffler for my sobs. Because THAT EPISODE THOUGH IT'S JUST NOT OKAY BUT AT THE SAME TIME IT'S SO STINKING BEAUTIFUL.) Isn't the season 1 finale adorable, though??? All the happies (for once) :D And S3, ugh, I know. It's like all the characters just somersault downhill (both figuratively and, in that one part with Guy and Robin, literally) for the first half of the season and then the last half is so beautiful and so sad and WHY CRUEL WORLD?!?!?!

      Ahem. This probably isn't helping. I sowwy. As you can see, I'm not quite over this show either :P

      (SERIOUSLY. WHY WITH ROBIN AND ISABELLA. Robin and Kate was almost worse in my opinion, though...which do you think was worse?)

      No, no, I'm loving this conversation, actually!

  13. Now me too! Sorry!

    You have such a great view of it! I'm so glad you have a blog! It's great to read your posts!

    After that, I just sat crying for awhile then I typed in "Something Happy" because I needed well, something happy. Then my sister came out and asked, "What is 'something happy'?" Even though that was SO BEAUTIFUL! YES!! I now know happy, and beautiful are not the same! Season 1! Oh yes! The ending was great, everybody was still alive and excited for being Robin Hood! Season 3. That is kind of funny, "It's like all the characters just somersault downhill (both figuratively and, in that one part with Guy and Robin, literally)" I had forgotten about that!!!

    No! It is helping! It really is! It's great to find more fans of it!

    The worst thing about Robin and Kate is that John was trying to incourage it, and Robin was thought Much liked her, I mean he did, but what about EVE!! Don't you remember Much!? It was so perfect Allan and Kate!! *sobs* Don't let me get started on Isabella...

    Yay! Me too!!

    1. Oh, you're fine, don't worry about it!

      AWWWWWWW. Thanks, old thing ;) Jolly kind of you to say so!

      Haha! Exactly! "I now know happy and beautiful are not the same..." So true. RH might have been when I first started REALLY realizing that, hehe.

      I knoooooooow -- hahaha, yes. Oh, the relationship between Guy and Robin...

      Good, I'm glad!

      I KNOW. John made me so. mad. when he started encouraging Kate & Robin. And YES!!! I'm glad somebody else remembers Eve and is upset that Much forgets her! WHY.

      Allan-a-Kate FOREVER!!

    2. Yay!

      It's true! You really are a great writer!!

      Oh boy, yes indeed.

      I think archer really tied them together.

      I wonder if Much also forgot "his beloved Bonchurch". I hope that is how you spell it, I'm terrible at spelling.

      I second that!!!!

      Oh, since you are another fan, I tagged you.
      You don't have to do it, I'm not forcing you!

    3. AWWWW! That's so kind of you, thank you!

      He really did…oh, haha, you're fine; I do the same thing sometimes, especially with auto-correct.

      Hehe, I'm assuming that's how you spell it, but I don't know either…SERIOUSLY. WHY DID MUCH FORGET EVERYTHING.

      Eeeekk! Thank you! No, no, I'm hoping to do it; I love a good tag and I haven't done one in a while. And a tag about RH? Doubly awesome ;)

    4. I'm always excited for more of your posts!

      Some times it's good, and sometimes it's just plain annoying! (spellcheck)

      In the other seasons Much was one of my favorite characters, but in season three... YOU'RE LOSING YOUR MEMORY MUCH!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN????

      I'm glad you like it! I thought you would. :D

  14. I know this is an old post, but I myself don't mind at all when someone comments on an old posts, and I hope neither do you.
    Anyway, I loved the little story and all the pictures fitted so perfectly. I would have loved if it ended this way!! So beautiful. And the last sentence.
    ''Sunlight waned from Robin Hood's forest as the laughing voices of four freedom fighters drifted up through the dappled Sherwood leaves'' That is such a good way to end it. I really wish they would have ended it that way. But, actually they were already busy with the fourth season, so it wasn't really possible. The fourth season wasn't published, but even if it would have been published, your end could have been such a good end to season 3. I really just wanted to say that, after MovieCritic pointed your post out.

    1. Ruth, aaaaaghhh, thank you so much! No, I personally LOVE comments on old posts, especially ones about RH. :)

      And awwwww, thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you liked it. :) *gasp* No way! Did they really make a fourth season?!?! That is so strange! AND WHY DIDN'T THEY PUBLISH IT, PRAY? Hm. I saw an interview with Lucy Griffiths where she was asked how she felt about the show being cancelled and she said that she didn't really think of it as being cancelled because "it was supposed to run for three seasons and it ran for three seasons." So now I'm confused?? *sigh* Oh, well. :-P

      Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to say that!! I really, really appreciate it and it means a lot to me! :D

    2. Also, I love your profile picture!!! *sniffles and smiles at the same time*


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