We Are Robin Hood (BBC Robin Hood TV Series, Season 3 review)


I honestly don't even know how I'll "do" this review.  My feelings are so conflicted and jumbled and raw and I can't even.  This review will most likely make no sense whatsoever unless you have seen the third season of RH, and even then it might be difficult, haha.

How can I start to blog about this last season?  The first half was…honestly, pretty pathetic, but - but - but the second half!  How am I supposed to articulate what I thought of the ending of a series that totally captivated me and totally devastated me and totally uplifted me?

Very well, I'll try.  (By the way, spoilers out the whazoo.  This is basically a venting review, and herein I will make virtually no attempt at coherence or self-control.  Just so ya know.)

I'll start with my thoughts on characters in this series first, and then move from there (be prepared for INTENSE squealing, ranting, "I was like…", tears, "But seriously…", caps-lock, italics, pictures, and gifs).

Robin  Oh, Robin.  Robin, Robin, Robin.  To be honest, this was basically how I felt about him the entire season until episode 10:

I mean, really?  He was just…so dumb.  And oh, my word, when he started kissing Isabella six episodes into the season, I was like:

WHAT IN HECK.  Marian died literally seven episodes ago.  You can't just "get over" her that quickly.  Especially with Isabella.  Honestly, Robin.  Literally the only reason you liked her was because she was pretty.  Ugh.

...BUT THEN THAT FINALE AND THEN ALL THE LOVE CAME RUSHING BACK.  How am I supposed to cope when THAT FINALE.  Ahem.  More on that later.

Much  I love Much, and I always will, but seriously?!  I guess you have, Much, but I haven't forgotten your promise to Eve back in Season One *glares*.

Little John  I liked him until he started encouraging Robin to pursue Kate.  Then we were done.

Allan  *SOB*  I love Allan.  Always and forever.

Brother Tuck  He was awesome!  Possibly the best addition to the new cast of characters in season three.  He's a bit of an idealist, but that's not a bad thing, as long as he doesn't carry it too far and put  his companions in unnecessary danger.  Ya feel me?

On the Subject of Kate  *sigh*  Okay.  I don't really mind the fact of Kate, per se, because, after all, The Gang Must Have a Girl, but…honestly, she couldn't replace Djaq and she certainly couldn't replace Marian, but I think she was trying to, and that bugged me.  I didn't really like her in the second and third episodes, but then I started warming up to her.  BUT then she started "making eyes" at Robin and I was like:

Plus, I totally ship her and Allan (more on that later), and when he died and she didn't even miss a beat, I was like, "Nope, sorry, hate you."  Okay, maybe "hate" is a strong word, but I pretty much disliked her from that point forward.

Guy  *screams and squeals and shrieks and chokes and feels and love and oh-my-heavens*.  Again, more on that later.  (By the by, I've completely adopted the Sherriff's nickname for Guy.  I now unconsciously call him, "Gizzy."  Yeah, don't ask.)

Isabella  Ugh.  'Nuff said.  …Okay, okay, I did feel a little sorry for her.  Until the finale.  Then, no.  Huh-uh.  But, I mean, let's face facts.  She was sold to an utter monster at the age of thirteen by her own brother.  That'd make me a little bitter too.  Her husband.  *cowers in terror*  I don't know if I would still be sane, let alone kind, if I had been sold to someone like him.  All she wanted, at first, was just to be loved and secure in a normal life, which she'd hitherto been denied.  To be honest, I really kind of liked her when she and Robin were trapped in the water - ahem…not Guy's best moment - and she was telling him about the dream, even though I already knew through various ways that she wasn't to be trusted.  But then Robin told her he couldn't abandon the people of Nottingham, and she just…went berserk *shudder*.  (Her costumes, though.  Her costumes were amazing.)  And she did make a terrific antagonist because she was complicated.  Vaisey we all secretly love because of his humor, but I think we all feel just the teensiest-bit sorry for Isabella because she has been so abused and neglected.  

Archer  Ehhh.  Could've lived without him, let's say.  Don't get me wrong, he was a good character and I did love him at the end, but overall I just didn't get that attached to him.  But, like with Isabella, I did feel a little sorry for him, despite his at-first terrible morals.  And then when Isabella started verbally abusing him like that…it made me angry.  Girl, seriously, it's not his fault!  Plus, I didn't really like your mother anyway.  Well…I guess.  She made a mistake, but she really did love her husband (talking about Guy's and Isabella's mom, here, not Isabella).  And there was a sort of sweet though unintelligent naiveté about her that was somewhat endearing.  So, yeah.  That's basically where I am on Archer.

Vaisey, the Sherriff  As terrible and hilarious as ever.  He provides much-needed comic relief in this show, for which I am grateful, but I openly admit that I was…sort of amused by how he ended.  I mean, HIS FACE.  In his own words, "oh, [it was] TOO good!"  And "there's a sort of irony about it, isn't there?"

Prince John  HA!  HE WAS AMAZING!  A sick and twisted psycho, but so hilarious:  "Oh, you adorable girl!"  "Do you love me?"  Isabella:  "You burned down their church with them in it."  John:  "…So?"  XD

Meg   Speechless.  Totally, totally speechless with awe and delight.  (Actually, I'm not, but yet again, I'm saving it for later.)

Moving on to the couples in season three.  I'm going to use gifs/pictures to sum up how I feel about each of them.  Oh, and I have taken the liberty of creating ship names for them, just for the fun of it, and because I don't know their "proper" ship names.  (If any of you do, can you tell me in the comments?  Thanks!)

Robella (Robin and Isabella)

Yup.  Pretty much.

Kate and Much  (I can't think of a name for them, other than "Mate," and that sounds weird, given the circumstances, if ya know what I mean.)

Kabin (Robin and Kate)

Allan-a-Kate (guess who)

Yes.  These two were ADORABLE in "Sins of the Father," and Kate should have stuck with him, and she's a bit of an idiot.

Mesbourne (Meg and Guy)

Why is it flashing?!  Urgh!!!

I JUST WHAT EVEN HOW IS THIS HAPPENING!!!!  They were so beautiful and adorable and redemptive, and OH MY FLIPPIN'.  New OTP from RH, I think.  Sorry, Rarian (that's what I call Robin and Marian, heehee).  I love you, I really, truly do, but I think you might have been at least momentarily bumped from your place of honor in the #1 spot.  But, then again, we unfortunately didn't get the chance to see as much of Mesbourne as to fully develop their relationship, so…I'm not sure.  Let's just say Rarian has been given a run for its money.   Seriously.  Meg was perfect for Guy.  Their little banter and antagonism at the beginning of the episode, and then how it slowly changed to uncertain friendship, and then Guy trying to persuade Isabella that it wasn't Meg's fault…I was dying.  TOO MUCH WONDERFUL.  The panic in his voice as he's screaming, "She's just an innocent girl!"...  And then Robin saves them both and WHY IS THIS SHOW OUT TO UNSETTLE MY HEART SO OFTEN?!?!?!


Guy became part of the gang and ROBIN CALLED HIM "MY FRIEND."  My life is now complete.  

Seriously, though.  I love when Guy runs over to help Little John, and he says, "You all right?"  and John nods and then that look on his face makes me crack up.  As does the part at the very end when Guy's just standing there awkwardly and asks, "So…where do you want me to sleep, then?" It was quite important seeing Guy's and Robin's relationship as boys, even though their parents.  UCK TO THE EXTREME.  Sorry.  I really disliked their parents.  Except for Guy's father - he was okay.  And Guy's and Isabella's mother…ehh.  See my little spiel on Archer.  Robin shot way up in my estimation around episode 10 when he began to try and forgive Guy.  ("Which, considering the event, shows some greatness of mind, I think."  Got it?! ;D)  And this line:  "Really?  You sure you wanna do this now?"  "Why not?"  "Well, frankly, I don't think you have the energy."  It made me so happy.  Robin was sort of being friendly and comical with Guy, which was a HUGE step in the right direction.  *happy sigh*  

Oh, hahaha, when Vaisey and Guy are trying to kill each other in "Do You Love Me?" at the Lockseley church!  It was so funny (not, of course, that it was funny that Vaisey shot that man by accident, but you know what I mean).  The wave.  


Dah-de-dah…let's see…how about some random pictures that I like to clog your connections even further?;)


Seriously, though.  That grin.  He's just too adorable.


Oooh…cool collages are always nice.

This is, unfortunately, true.

THANK YOU, PERSON.  This is so accurate.  Why did she have to die?!  Oh, the pain!  Oh, the feels!

HAHA - ahem, sorry, I just couldn't resist when I saw it.  I mean, it's kinda true.  And it IS funny, you have to admit...

Okay, THIS PICTURE.  Someone made it and in so doing ruined my emotional stability for life, I'm fairly certain.  I mean, WHAT EVEN.  I'm NOT a Guy/Marian shipper, but…but…just look at the gorgeousness.  And the problem is, I saw this picture before I watched the finale, so I sorta/kinda thought that it was an actual scene *ahem*.  Now I realize that that wouldn't really have worked nearly as well as the actual finale did - SOB - but part of me can't help wishing that we could have seen something like Marian welcoming and forgiving Guy.  Feel my pain?  Or, at least, we could've had some scene at the very end after the gang goes off to bury Robin, where we see Marian and Robin together with Guy and Meg, standing in the forest and talking and smiling and something like that.  Wouldn't that have been nice?  But I'm not really complaining.  The ending was nevertheless beautiful as it was.

Guy's death

OH MY FLIPPIN'.  I didn't cry, surprisingly, but I think I did tear up a little.  When Vaisey AND Isabella BOTH plunged their swords into him from opposite sides…I think I literally winced.  Our poor Guy!

And how Robin and Archer are both supporting him, and he looks up at Archer with that smile and says, "Brother…" and Archer cries and the pain.  But that's when Robin calls him "my friend."  I loved Robin SO MUCH at that part.  Hearts forever.  But seriously, their lines!  "Because of you, I die at peace."  And Robin's respect and grief… 

*solemn voice* Now, I'll address The Episode To (Quite Literally) End All Episodes.

The Finale

Hoooo boy.  How can I even.  


All the pain and death and exhaustion and despair was weighty, of course, but it didn't leave me hopeless.

BUT then Robin is poisoned, and it starts to take effect.  

And then your heart stops beating momentarily, because you're panic-stricken:  Wait - is he actually going to die?  Like the gang, you feel like protesting, "No.  This isn't fair.  We haven't come this far together for him to die."  But you start to make peace with it.

When Robin starts walking toward the forest, trailing his fingertips along the rushes, and there's that faint smile on his face…the heartstrings started to throb.  

And then…and then


The perfection is too total.  I'm seriously having trouble handling it.

Guys, I made this gif, and even though it's not very good, it makes me way too happy.

The finale left me aching with pain and beauty, and to be honest, I did wonder if it was worth that whole show, all 39 episodes, all that pain and feeling and obsession, for that ending.  

But I've concluded that it was.

The ending is beautiful.  That's really the word I keep coming back to, isn't it?  But, I just…wow.  Whew.  I love it.  It breaks my heart, but I love it.

Yes.  It was definitely worth it.


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Long ranty comment coming up.
    YES. OH MY YES. ROBIN. ARGH. I never thought I'd hate Robin but some episodes... I was so angry. And he never got better. So I "got used" to it and whenever he was kissing Isabella or Kate I was sitting there watching him shaking my head. "You are a hopeless lost cause, Robin."
    Seriously. Marian was his only love. The screenwriters were totally WRONG to have him even slightly like someone. I guess the only way I can cope with it is I know Robin's a big flirt sometimes and as he says to Isabella one time "I just want to forget."So he tried falling in love with any woman that looks sideways at him. But it's obvious he still loves Marian as he finally tells Isabella "no" (and did you catch Marian's theme music playing when Isabella was talking about them getting married and he was like "sort of perfect"---he was thinking "it'd be perfect if it was MARIAN." !!!!).
    But. Then there's Kate. A whole other topic....
    UGH! YES! The Finale!!! I can't even put into words....how much I cried....
    Now see here's the thing. After s2 I wasn't sure if I'd watch s3 so I watched the very very end of s3-just the part where Marian returns. And I'm glad I did because if I hadn't known that she returned I don't know how I would have coped with the feels especially after Allan's death, Guy's death, and Robin's imminent death....it would have been bad.
    I KNOW! Much and Eve were adorable. Much and Kate were not. I personally ship Allan with Kate, forever and ever. I really makes me mad they never expanded on their relationship.
    That scene when they were tied up together was SOSOSO cute!!!!!!!!!!
    Yup, Tuck was great! Little John was not as great as he usually was. Allan was better than ever (the scene where they don't trust him at the end even though he's telling the truth and I'm like nnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)
    GUY. Guy, guy, guy guy, guy........sob. sob. sob. I ADORE Guy in S3. His best season ever.
    Yes....poor Isabella. I still hate her, but I do feel sorry for her at times. That husband....ugh. It really was terrible that Guy sold her to him. And I guess I really can't blame Isa for liking Robin (ha), but I CAN blame Robin for liking her...but yes. She's a complicated character and as much as I REALLY dislike her, she did add a lot to the story so....yeah.
    I can't say I was sorry when she died though. :P
    Yeah, Archer wasn't terribly amazing but he wasn't terribly bad either (except at first ha).
    Oh yes. Isabella's mother.....that whole episode where they literally sat around the campfire and told stories. hahaha It was an interesting episode. I found it funny (not so funny?) though that Isabella's mom had went ahead and had an affair with Robin's dad but when it was suggested they get married she was like "oh...but we can't do that. It'd be wrong and against God's law."
    And I was like-??? Girl.
    You already-
    Oh, never mind. :P
    Ohh, the Sheriff. I almost wished he didn't have to die. Almost. ha
    PRINCE JOHN WAS PRICELESS. He was so twisted and evil and yet hilarious and oh my "Do you LOVE me??" I was laughing. So. Hard.
    AHAHAHAHA I LOVE your GIF for Robella. Burn, BURN!!!!!!!!!!
    OH. I realized I skipped over your Kate paragraph. Whoops.
    So yes, agree totally. I liked her at first and felt bad for her (HER BROTHER) but then she got more and more and more annoying and it was like "Really, Kate??!!? Can you ever just calm down and BE NICE to someone??"
    And yes. Robin and Kate. Don't even get me started.

    1. After I finished the review, I was thinking, "I can't wait for Natalie to comment so we can wear out our caps-lock keys together." XD
      *settles in with a blanket for a long comment*
      UGH. Just no. Robin, how could you. You're worthless. (ButnotreallybecauseIwillalwaysloveyouforeverandever.) But yes, that helps, to think of how he was probably just doing most of it out of pain. But the thing with Kate is even worse, to me, because…yeah, like you said: we all know that he loves only Marian. I feel like he felt like a big brotherly kind of affection for Kate, NOT A ROMANTIC INTEREST. *glares at the screenwriters*
      For the finale, I literally armed myself with a pillow to smother my pain. Which was greatly needed. I would have been sobbing openly, but my family was around, in the kitchen and stuff, so I was just biting the pillow and crying silently, but SO MANY TEARS. SO. MANY.
      Ohhh, that was a good idea! Yeah, I don't think I could've handled it either. That's what I did with s2 before I ever watched the series. I was like, "I want to see what's going on with this finale that's causing everyone in the blogging world to cry so much," hehe. It was SO HARD to cope with the feels anyway, though, wasn't it?! I sort of felt like all these emotions were fighting in me and I was gonna fly apart at any moment, that night when I first finished it, haha, but now it's been a couple days and I can mourn over it but enjoy it while still being able to "control" my feels. (Ha, what am I talking about? I'll never be able to control my feels about this show.)
      THANK YOU! Much, just…just no. Stop. Wake up.
      Yeah, I was a bit disappointed with Little John…he was just a little aggravating for some reason.
      ALLAN!!! I had that exact same reaction. NOOOOOOOOOO HE'S TELLING THE TRUTH YOU'VE GOTTA TRUST HIM!!!! And then when he's running in slow motion and then the arrows hit him and I DIED.
      Guy in this season. YES. Always.
      Isabella. Whew. Ya feel bad for her, but you've kinda gotta hate her, too. Yeah, after she cuts Guy AND Robin, I was like, "Yeah, you need to die now."
      Archer was okay. Not too good but not too shabby;)
      Hahahaha you described it so well! Like, seriously?! "??? Girl. You already - " YES! So true.
      Heehee, I almost didn't want the Sherriff to die, either;)
      Yeah, Kate and I…don't get along.

      (I'll respond to your other comment as soon as possible!:D)

    2. HAHA, I know, I can't tell you how much I enjoy our ranting on this series.
      Yup. He's worthless but we still love him. Except for the moments when we hate him....all the while loving him still. Ugh, I don't know what to think!!! haha
      YES. Brother and sister would have been SO good. That never really occurred to me, but do you know how ADORABLE that would be???? I so totally distracted by that idea now.....it's so good. Other than Djaq, it seems EVERY girl Robin met is a potential love interest for him. And it's just so wrong. ESPECIALLY after Marian's death.
      Yes, pillows work wonders don't they!?! I was clutching a pillow during the end of S2. It didn't EXACTLY help anything, but at least my family didn't have to hear my wails. haha
      Yes. Sometimes you just have to know in advance. It was sad and heartbreaking enough knowing!!!!!!
      Ha, exactly! You'd think after it being a month or two after finishing the series I'd be calm but I can watch just one scene from it and get all worked up again.
      Life is so unfair. I take that back. TV SHOWS are so unfair.
      Well, I know this is a shorter comment that usual (haha) but I have some things to do before bedtime so I'll sign off for now....sorry it took me so long to respond!

    3. Same here!;)
      Haha, exactly!
      Right?! He just seems to be more like a protective brother to her, and it was almost like he was just kissing her to make her happy or something stupid like that, and I was thinking. "NO. STOP. SERIOUSLY, STOP." Ugh, yes! He has a real problem...
      Yup, that's about all it did for me, to, but it was a bit of a help to have something to cling to as my heart was being ripped to shreds *ahem*
      UGH YES THEY'RE JUST SICK. Just sick people out to destroy innocent fangirls, haha.

    4. Yes, that's EXACTLY how it seemed. You could tell he was never actually INTERESTED in her that way, just kind of like, oh well, I may as well take advantage of the fact that she likes me....UGH. So many times in S3 I wished Marian would just walk in if only to see the look on Robin's face. He needs some guilt thrown at him. Guy is all guilt-laden and if he could have just shared some of that with Robin...haha
      On a different note, wasn't the scene where Robin was watching the happy couple with the baby SO SWEET and RIGHT IN THE FEELS??? Heartbreak. :(

  2. Part 2
    Okay, back to the ships.
    Yes, yes, yes. !!!!!!! You ship Kate and Allan too!!!!!!!! Squeeee!!!! I know, they were SO CUTE in that episode. I just....how could the writer NOT make then a couple.
    And then he dies and she's like "Whatever" and I'm like "KATE. WHERE IS YOUR HEART!!!" (Elinor, where is your heart? haha...have you seen Sense and Sensibility?)
    I knoooooooooowwwwwww.... Meg and Guy....deep mournful sigh. To tell the truth she annoyed me a bit at first but then she grew on me and then grew more adorable and then-and then-and then.....
    They really deserved more than just one episode. It's SO unfair!!!!!!!!
    Okay quite possibly one of my FAVORITE things about season 3 is Robin and Guy's friendship.
    I adore the part in the tavern where they're trying to decide who gets arrested and...oh, Robin. hahahaha
    Poor Guy. ;)
    YES. YES, the wave!!!!!!!!!! That part made me laugh so hard. They're so hilarious. It's funny when Guy keeps trying to pull out his knife on the Sheriff, haha.
    Oh my. As beautiful as the finale was, they needed what you mentioned. Robin, Marian, Guy, and Meg standing all together...and..and...I'm tearing up as I imagine that.
    Guy. Guy. Guy. Why did he have to die. Oops. I totally didn't mean to rhyme. Ugh. I did it again.
    HELP ME.
    His last words.....and realizing he won't see Marian....and being friends with Robin...and..the forgiveness. It's so beautiful.
    Ugh. The last episode. I think it's even more emotional devastating than the last S2 episode...if that's possible...
    When I first watched Marian's return it damaged me. But yes, in a beautiful way. It's sooooo beautiful. But at the same time it's the most heartbreaking bittersweet thing I've ever seen. I'm beyond happy that they're together and yet.....they died so young. They never got to have a family. They never got to live as "normal" people. They never married and lived together at Locksley and raised a little boy and girl and went on picnics together and............
    I'm sorry. I really shouldn't be saying all this so soon after you watched the finale. :(
    I totally feel you on everything you mentioned in this post. Completely. It was hard, it was devastating, it was painful and beautiful all at the same time, but yes, this story was worth it.
    Thank you for reviewing it!!!!!!!

    1. The fact that you started this comment with "Part 2" totally made my day XD
      YES! Allan and Kate were perfect and adorable and WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE WRITERS. I mean, that scene when they're chained up! It's pure gold! And then at the end when they're teasing each other: "Aw, now you've gone too far; I'm hurt. Truly, Kate, my heart is broken." ALL THE FEELS!:D They should have been more of a thing. The end. And YES, WHEN HE DIED AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN BLINK. I was so furious. Just. NO. Hahaha I love how you used that S&S quote!!! It's so perfect!!!
      Ah, Mesbourne…oh, I get that! She was a little annoying to me, too, at first, BUT THEN. Then she started softening toward Guy and he toward her and WHAT EVEN. That scene by the river…"I always quite liked you, you know." And then he starts crying and buries his face in her shoulder and rocks back and forth with her in his arms and I JUST OH MY HEART!!!!!!!
      Hahahaha, yes, that tavern scene made me sooo happy. And when Guy's thrown into the dungeon and he says, "I'll kill the next one that touches me," and the old man says, "Kill, me, please! End it." And then he's just like: "…No."
      Speaking of the rescue episode, when they're running through the castle and Guy says, "It's this way," and Robin says, "No, it's THIS way," and then Guy says, "Don't argue with me"--I DIED BECAUSE THEY'RE SO SASSY AND BOYISH AND ADORABLE AS FRIENDS:)
      Oh, Guy's and the Sherriff's relationship…the complexity;) HAHA yes, and then he's about to pull it out for like the fifth time, and then Isabella comes out and Guy just looks at her like, "really."XD
      WOULD THAT NOT BE BEAUTIFUL?!?!?! Oh my heavens. Just - just - ohhh. And Marian would smile and forgive Guy, and then he could finally be at peace, and he'd introduce them to Meg and EVERYTHING WOULD BE SO PERFECT AND AAAGGGGHHH!!!
      *moan* YES…..WHY SO MANY FEELS?!?!
      Yeeesss…oh, the pain! Oh, the beauty! Because he apologizes and Robin forgives him wholeheartedly and just…oh, my word. I can't even describe…
      It sort of was, because it was a strange mixture of sadness AND happiness, instead of just hollow sadness.
      OH, YES, SISTA! When I saw her hood peek out from the tree, I paused it and got some napkins because I KNEW I was going to be sobbing. And sob I did. JUST. WHAT. It's so difficult to describe to someone who hasn't experienced it…because it's one of the saddest things you've ever seen, but at the same time it's SO BLASTED BEAUTIFUL. Part of me wanted them to find some miraculous way to save Robin, but part of me hoped they didn't, because I didn't want the show to be that kind that gives a happy ending at all costs. Because if they had, it wouldn't have been nearly as raw and emotional and REAL and BEAUTIFUL. Know what I mean?
      I knooooow…and remembering how Marian was so looking forward to settling down after they saved England…I'm gonna cry…
      Hehe, you probably shouldn't, that's true, but I don't mind;) It's been a couple days so I have a bit more of a grip on my emotions, haha.
      So worth it, despite it all.
      Thank YOU for urging me to give the second and third seasons a try!

  3. Oh and one more thing-the part where Guy "kills" the Sheriff was like "WHAT! No?? Wait-he can't be dead yet!!?" And he was like "you were like my son..."
    I was slightly worried that he actually died and then I saw the finger twitch. ha
    And then he comes back and it's like "what happened to the whole son thing???"
    And he kills him. :"( It's so unfair.

    1. Ugh, YES! It was like, "Wait…is he dead or alive??"
      I know! If the Sheriff would actually care about someone other than himself for longer than half an episode, they'd have been an awesome pair of friends/father-and-son-thing.
      SO UNFAIR.

    2. I don't think that there's really much more we can say about Allan and Kate..
      I know.....I loved when Guy was "looking out" for her when they were in the dungeon and such and telling her to suck on the rock so she wouldn't be so thirsty (survival tip from RH tucked away in my mind now.....hope it works). And when Guy told her about Marian...and when they're about to be killed.....but Robin rescues them....and then.....(Is it just me, or is it kind of ironic how everyone in Robin Hood gets stabbed in the stomach? Marian twice, Meg, the Sheriff, Kate....I could go on...) And Guy carries her off....sob.
      I really think the RH writers WANTED to break our hearts.
      I think my FAVORITE thing about season 3 is that Robin and Guy become friends. It's just..........I just......I can't even.
      I know-every scene with those two together is just pure gold!!!!
      That ending SERIOUSLY should have been the thing. Don't change ANYTHING just add that bit.....-sigh-
      I KNOW. Robin FORGIVES him Robin's CHARACTER GROWTH it's soooooo good!!!
      Yes, sadness and happiness. Such bittersweetness.
      Yes. I totally know what you mean and agree and agree again. As much as I wished Marian hadn't died, we did get some emotional, raw, beautiful, heartrending scenes that we wouldn't have had if not for her death. And isn't it sometimes the "imperfect" stories that stick with us the most? Some of our favorite stories are "if only" stories. If only she hadn't died, if only they got married (COUGH Roman Holiday) if only they had chosen a better path....
      Not that there aren't COMPLETELY amazing stories that have perfectly happy endings but....it's nice to have a mix of both, I suppose. :)
      I'm SO glad you enjoyed the 2nd and 3rd despite it's emotionally devastating parts. But there are good points.... Guy is finally a "good guy", Robin forgives him, Robin and Marian are together....Isabella is gone....
      And hey. Much is still alive! At least he can go find Eve again and have a happily ever after forever and ever. :) Yay, at least one fairytale ending!!!

    3. Yup, I think you're right. We should have written this season, we really should've. We and Richard, haha;)
      OOHHH THE PAIN! I know. I was freaking out; it was just too much. It sort of reminded me of that part at the very end of A Tale of Two Cities. Cuz he was trying to reassure her that it'd all be over soon, and *moan*
      Haha, yes! I was thinking that at the end of the first season, because I already knew what happened, so I was thinking, "Seriously, Guy?! Why must you stab her so often?!"
      Robin and Guy *blissful smile* I'm SOSOSOSOSO happy they became friends!!!!! Utter perfect.
      Yes, I agree. Sometimes everything DOESN'T end up like a fairy tale, but that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful and hopeful, even in the death of characters we love *sniffle*.
      Haha, yup, I did, other than the first half;) Hee, yes...that is, if he ever wakes up and realizes that KATE IS NOT THE GIRL FOR HIM. *cough* But we'll assume he does;)

    4. Yes, us and Richard!!!! hahaha.
      YES. IT REMINDED ME OF THAT TOTC SCENE TOOOOO!!! I was going to say so but I didn't for some reason... Sydney Carton...Guy of Gisbourne....oooohhhhhhh my heart..... sob..
      Kate and Much did not fit at all. Eve and Much were adorable and perfect for ever and ever end of story. So glad you agree!!!!!!!!!! :D
      Have you come across any of the fan videos of RH on youtube? I've watched a lot and some are VERY good (and heartbreaking). I could give you a few links, if you wish! :)

    5. =D
      Oh my word I JUST CAN'T!!!
      Ugh yep...I mean, I sort of liked the part at the beginning when he's comforting Kate after her brother is killed, but still...and when he is LITERALLY ABOUT TO LEAVE THE GANG because she likes Robin?!?! MUCH! GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!!
      I've just seen snippets of a few Allan and Kate videos, which were cool;) Ooh, yes, please do give me some links!! I'd like that greatly:)

    6. Great! Here are a few links to some of my favorites (I'm not going to be held responsible if some are emotional damaging ;)):




      This last one makes me laugh :)

      If you liked them I could give you more! :)

    7. OH. MY. WORD.

      The one that probably "got me" the most was the "My City (I'll Save You)" one of Marian…FEEEEELLLLS!!

      But I was DYING watching that last funny one. THAT. WAS SO. GOOD. I was cracking up with the perfection and somehow it'll all be okay now;D

      Yes, please do provide more! I see other ones but there are so many that I don't really know where to start:-P

    8. Oops, I just realized that that "My City" one I mentioned is actually one that was on the related list from one of the videos you sent:-P

    9. I KNOWWWWW!!!! I love the My City one too!! Haha, I was confused for a moment. Did I send her the My City video link as well? But I'm glad you found it on your own. :D
      Hahahaha, that last one makes me laugh hysterically too. I love mash ups like that.
      Yes, there are so many videos out there it's truly overwhelming. Some are "better" than others whether their song is nicer or the editing is better so I'll try to pick out more favorites and comment with the links. :)

    10. Haha, yes:D

      I still grin over that video...;)

      Ugh, yes! I'm like..."I don't even know where to start..." I'd appreciate that! Have you seen the "Everybody Loves Me" one someone did for RH himself? It was hilarious;)

      Oh, and I wanted to tell you: I heard Celtic Woman's version of "Amazing Grace," and I kid you not, I nearly broke down weeping in the middle of it, it was just SOOO gorgeous! Wow. How did they even...

    11. Sorry it took me so long to reply back!
      Haha, yes, I have seen that one! I love it too!
      Here's a couple more I like:
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZViaMONCIC0 (this one is about them all-it's soooo good)
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia7jAQhLgtw (another funny one haha)

      I think if you just look at Lisakee's channel (the one who did the second video) she has a lot of good RH videos.

      I knnnoooooowwww......isn't it just goose-bump-ly (I know it's not a word haha) and so beautiful??? It can definitely bring me to tears as well. Celtic Woman is just....wow.

    12. No problem!!:)
      Ohhhh WHY SO MANY FEELS?!?! I'd seen a couple of those, but the Marian's death one! And then the Life is Beautiful one with all of them made me sooooo happy!!!:D
      Haha, the Hercules one XD Have you seen the "We Will Rock You" one Liisakee did for Robin/Guy/Archer or the "Phony King of England" one? They're both funny XD

    13. Squee!!! Yes! Isn't the one of them all so so so wonderful???
      Hahaha, I have seen the We Will Rock You one! And YES-I love the Disney RH and BBC RH mash ups. :)

  4. Hee! This whole post and all the comments are just too much fun. Work sucked today, so this was a delightful pick-me-up. I laughed and grinned all the way through. The pictures you put in to illustrate your points made me laugh out loud so many times. They were hilarious and perfect.

    I agree with quite a bit, as well, however, this was the season I actually started liking Robin in, from the first ep of season 3. Now, to be fair, here's how I watched this series. I watched all of season 1, the last ep of season 2, all of season 3, then all of season 2, then all of season 3 again. So, when I say I started liking Robin in season 3, that's a bit unfair, cuz I skipped a whole season. I probably would have started liking him in ANY season beyond season 1. He was just so much cooler in season 3 coming off season 1, that I finally was won over by him. He's angrier and edgier and faster and a bit more vicious in season 3, and I really liked that change in him.

    Kate, however. I. Do. Not. Like. Kate. Period. I don't care who she's with or not with, I simply did not like her character at all. Isabella, at least, is complex and crazy and angry and bitter and sometimes she tries to do the right thing, and so I really loved her. But Kate? No. She must go away. And I ADORE Allan, so NOOOOOO! I don't want to see her with him, EVER! ROFL!

    I think season 2 is the best-written of the seasons -- every ep is well-written -- but season 3 was just so fun to watch (minus Kate, ahem). Gisborne and Robin together is just priceless and wonderful, and I've probably watched the tavern scene and the part where they're lost in the hallways "don't argue with me," and every time they get into a fight a ridiculous quantity of times. Just never gets old. (Okay, there are a LOT of Gisborne scenes I have to repeat-binge-watch in this season, I do admit, in a bunch of eps.) "The Enemy of My Enemy" would be a perfect episode... except there's too much of everyone else and not enough Gisborne/Robin. I want like eight episodes (okay, an entire season) of nothing but the two of them going on adventures, being snarky with each other, getting each other in trouble, rescuing each other, etc.

    And the last two eps... Allan. Oh Allan! His death was the saddest to me. And you'll have to forgive me, I've never been fond of Marian (sorrrrrrrryyyyyyy!!!!!), particularly after how she treated Gisborne in season 2, BUT!!!! That last scene when Robin is dying and she steps out from behind the tree... that was indeed perfection. That got even ME teary!! So yeah, that worked beautifully and was just a weirdly satisfying way to end it all. It's a not-happy-but-happy ending. I finished and wanted to start watching the whole series all over again!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, DKoren!:) Haha, thank you, it was a lot of fun using those pictures/gifs;)

      Well, that's an interesting way to watch it! I think I started liking Robin more in s2 as well. In season one he was nice and all, but he didn't really start to develop until the second season.

      Kate is…I don't know, sometimes something about her gets under my skin. I don't dislike her as much as some, but I sure don't really like her, either. Hahahaha, I love Allan too, but I must maintain that I think they would've been darling as a couple. He could have caused her to CALM THE HECK DOWN, which was greatly needed;)

      I agree. Season 3 I love because, as you say, it's just such fun, but s2 is probably the most well-written and well-developed. Guy and Robin are perfect buddies. The end. OH MY GOODNESS YES. Why is that not a thing?! A whole season of the two of them just fighting would kinda depress me, but a whole series of them adventuring and saving each other while fighting? That, that would be epic;) That line--"don't argue with me"--I was dying. It was too perfect:D

      When Allan's running in slow-motion and the music is swelling and then the arrows hit him, I'm like: "NOOOOOOOO!" (And is it just me, or did that remind anyone else of Boromir?!?!)

      You don't like Marian? Oh, horror!:D Hehe, I understand how she could be annoying. But OH. MY. WORD. I guess it doesn't even matter whether you like Marian or Robin or neither--that scene is just perfect anyway;) Haha, I'm having the exact same reaction! I've decided to introduce the show to my parents, and I'm excited to go back to the beginning and relive it all;)

    2. Sorry to interrupt.

      Yes, Allan's death reminded me exacetly of Boromir. Also Legrand's death.

      Okay, I'll stop now.

  5. *sobs forever*
    Oh my goodness, I agree with everything you said here!!!!
    I began to like Robin better in episode 10, but it will still be my least favorite episode because I really do not like Ghislaine and Malcom.

    I have come up with a new ship *mwahaha* you ready fo it? Karcher. That sounds bad, let's just go with Archer and Kate. As much as I love Allan-a-Kate, the truth is she doesn't deserve him. And in the stories of Robin Hood, Allan-a-Dale's love is Ellen. Is Kate supposed to be his Ellen? Doesn't seem like it. But how in the wide world did I come up with Karcher? Well, I was thinking, Kate hates Guy, Kate loves Robin, what about having the third brother? Then I watched the episodes with Archer and I actually think it could work. He only started helping when Kate stood up to the guards and said, "Go ahead, kill an innoccent girl." The guard was going to, but Archer saved her. Then he took her to the tunnel to free the others. Now, I need you honest opinion, what do you think??

    All the gifs and pictures I was agreeing with.

    I like the ending, but yours would be 5000x better.

    Chat with ya later! Have a good day!


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