Disney Classics Screencap Game

Hey, dearies;)

So for this week's game, I'm going to try a screencap game.  I'll post pictures from several classic Disney movies, with the tops cut off, so you can try to guess from which movie each comes:D











Have fun!:D


  1. #1 hmmm...?
    #2 Robin Hood
    #3 The Emperor's New Groove
    #4 Oliver and co.
    #5 Hercules
    #6 Tarzan
    #7 Don't know that one
    #8 The Rescuer's down under?
    #9 Pocahontas (or is that Spirit?)
    #10 Sleeping Beauty

  2. My guesses:

    #2 is Robin Hood
    #5 is Hercules
    #10 is Sleeping Beauty

  3. Some of these are pretty difficult!
    #1- Can't place it. :(
    #2- Robin Hood
    #3- Emperor's New Groove?
    #4- Oliver and Company?
    #5- Hercules
    #6- I can't tell! All I can ascertain is that it looks like a boat.
    #7- Hunchback of Notre Dame?
    #8- The Rescuers Down Under?
    #9- Pocahontas
    #10- Sleeping Beauty
    I'll comment back later if I can think of more. :)
    I love these games you do!

  4. 1- The Little Mermaid
    2- Robin Hood
    3- The Emperor's New Groove
    4- Oliver and Company
    5- Hercules
    6- Treasure Planet
    7- The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    8- The Rescuers down Under
    9- Pocahontas
    10- Sleeping Beauty

  5. Oh my goodness, I thought from the title that this would be easy and then I actually looked at it...
    #3: The Emperor's New Groove???
    #10: Sleeping Beauty?
    Wow, I obviously need to educate myself more in classic Disney ;)

  6. Well I haven't watched many Disney classics and #2 is the only one that looks kind of familiar to me. i THINK that it is from Robin Hood.

  7. A Disney game! Yay!!
    1. The Little Mermaid
    2. Robin Hood
    3. The Emperors New Groove
    4. Oliver & Co
    5. Hercules
    6. Treasure Planet
    7. Hunchback of The Notre Dame
    8. The Rescuers Down Under
    9. Pocahontas?
    10. Sleeping Beauty
    This was so much fun!

  8. Oooooh! This is great fun! Except it turns out I'm kind of awful at this what. Oh well :-) Here are my guesses:

    #2 is Robin Hood
    #5 is Hercules
    #9 is Pocahontas
    #10 is Sleeping Beauty


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