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*sheepishly*  Hey, guys, I know, I know, this is the second book tag in a too-recent amount of time, but I can't resist.

So, Paperdollmom over at Haunted Verse created a book tag a couple days ago, and I'm quite excited to fill it out.  (By the way, you should all check out her blog--it's awesome!)

1.  Sand  "Shore sands seem to get everywhere, even in places you wouldn't want, leaving that uncomfortable irritating feeling. What book have you read that has left you uncomfortable, whether you finished the book or not?"  There was this one book I bought on a whim at a thrift store a long while agoI started it, but it was making me feel very uncomfortable, even though I couldn't quite put my finger on why.  So I stopped;)

2.  Sun  "The summer sun always feels so warm and cozy on your skin. What book have you read that made you feel warm and cozy?"  Oohthere are quite a few…maybe Hattie Big Sky (by Kirby Larson).  It has a way of making me feel all snuggly and safe, which is interesting, since the book deals with the topic of home, so it's cool that it makes me feel "at home" in a way.  

I think it's just the way the characters, particularly the Meullers, reach out and engulf Hattie in the midst of her loneliness.  Since she's searching for a home throughout the book, I think it's neat that the author was able to convey that longing and that joy through her writing.

3.  Food  "I'd imagine that it can be tough finding food on a deserted island, making what you do
find to eat all the more appreciated, fulfilling, and life sustaining. What book have you read that you found to be fulfilling or life sustaining?"  Obvious answers are the Bible and certain devotionals, but I'll instead mention how one night I was rather down in the dumps and anxious, and for some odd reason, reading The Princess Bride (by William Goldman) helped to encourage me and calm me.  You wouldn't guess it, but there's a lot of heart in that book.  Even though it's lighthearted and humorous, you can feel a slight undercurrent of real pain that the author must have been going through in some parts.  Reading up on the author's life, I can see where the pain and the very, very subtle hint of good-natured cynicism might have come from, but then, in the end, there's a strong sense of hopethis is probably sounding ridiculous, isn't it?;)

4.  Change  "Obviously, being stranded on a desert island would be life changing. What book have you read that changed your life?"  Okay, I will tell you, but you must try to take me seriously on this, all-righty?  The Lord of the Rings trilogy (by J. R. R. Tolkien).  I know, I know, you're all probably rolling your eyes and smiling, but at certain times when I've been struggling with fear of the future and anxiety over the instability of the world around me, quotes from those books, or even just thinking of the basic storyline, or of certain characters, or of the Shire…I don't know, it's just really held me up and pointed me back to my Savior, Who is my ultimate Rock.  In all seriousness, I'm very grateful to J. R. R. Tolkien and to God for LotR.  

5.  Sea  "If you were stranded on a deserted island, you would literally be surrounded by the waters
of the sea. What book have you read that reminds you of the ocean whenever you read or think about it?"  Silk (by Linda Chaikin).  The main male character is a ship captain, so there are a lot of sea scenes and a sort of swashbuckling feel to it as a whole.  A lot of it also deals with the guilt the said main male character (Jace Buckley) feels because of something that happened at sea, even though it was out of his control.  Redemption is another theme of this book (have you picked up that I really like this book?).  However, I'd have to say that I prefer the second book of the trilogy, Under Eastern Stars.  Silk, though, has more of a nautical feel to it than UES, soyeah, now I'm just rambling.

6.  Magic  "To me, the ocean is filled with magic and wonder. We all know tales of mermaids, pirates, the kraken, selkies, and many more. What book have you read that fills you with the magic of the ocean?"  I'm gonna have to mention Peter Pan (by J. M. Barrie).  You know it;)  I mean, come on, one of the main characters is a pirate!  Plus, it takes place on an island, and there's a lot of mention of the sea, and…sigh.  I love this book:)
You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to using this gif.

7.  "The age old question, if you were deserted on an island, what book would you want to have with
you to provide comfort?"  The Bible.  There are so many books I'd wish to have on a deserted island, but the Bible is the one that'd keep me from freaking out because I didn't have all those books and because I was isolated and possibly going to die a slow and painful death of starvation/heat stroke *ahem.*

Thanks so much, Paperdollmom!  It's an awesome tag:)


  1. Lovely! I have not read all of the books you mentioned, but it does make me want to give The Princess Bride another go. I tried it a while back and it was just not what I was expected and couldn't get into it. Maybe I just need to push past that a bit in the beginning....

    1. Thanks! Yes, I'd recommend trying TPB again. Yes, you have to get past the beginning. And you might not like it, who knows, but I would give it another chance:)

  2. Shout-out for Hattie Big Sky!!!!! :-)

  3. I love Peter Pan too! I used to own a copy but I loaned it to my friend and she lost it. Ahem. I'm not loaning her any more books until she can find it and return it to me. haha :)

    1. It's just an awesome book:D oh no! How unfortunate! Hehe, I probably wouldn't, either...


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