BBC Robin Hood TV Series, Season 2 review

I'll never forgive them.  Never.

Yes, I knew it was coming.  Yes, I was prepared.  Yes, I made the choice to watch it even though I knew.  That doesn't excuse them.

Ahaha, so, anywho, I finished the second season last night, and I'm here to discuss my thoughts.  (And I'm really not that angry at the makers.  There are some mysteries that are beyond human comprehension, and the finale is just one of them.  But, like I said, I did know how it ended and I chose to watch it anyway, so it's really not their fault.  So no, I won't rant that much about it.  I guess we'll just see when we get to the last episode discussion.)

For this review, I'm going to go through each of the episodes and just give a little snippet of my thoughts on each of them, as best as I can recall.  Oh, and don't read the snippet for episode 13 if you haven't seen it before, okay?  Unless you want to be prepared, of course, in which case no one can blame you.

Here we go.

Episode #1:  "Sisterhood"  Wait, the Sheriff is a human being who actually cares about someone/something other than power/himself?  What is this thing?!  No, really, it was sweet (but sad) to see his interaction with his sister.  Oh, OH, AND THE CLOTHESLINE SCENE!!!

Episode #2:  "The Booby and the Beast"  Haha, I quite liked the booby.  He was hilarious.

Episode #3:  "Childhood"  Ehh.  Don't really have much to say about this one, other than:  When Guy comes lumbering out of the barn in that ridiculous armor?!  Seriously?!  Bahahahaa!  I mean, it cracked me up, but come on

Episode #4:  "Angel of Death"  It seems to me there was something really important I wanted to say about this episode, but…nothing's coming to mind.

Episode #5:  "Ducking and Diving"  *groan*  And so it begins…guys, HE WAS TORTURED!  And no, I'm not making excuses, but, as Jane Foster would say, "As excuses go, it's not terrible."  And Mr. Collins!  Heehee;)

Episode #6:  "For England…!"  Oh, look:  It's Mr. Jarndyce…

Episode #7:  "Show Me the Money"  Guy, do you know what the word "tact" means?  It means not making a move on Marian as she is running away from her father's corpse.  This was so sad:(

Episode #8:  "Get Carter!"  I feel so bad for Carter.  Which is why I was so happy when that episode ended and he was fine…but then the finale came…sigh.  You can't have everything in this life.  

Episode #9:  "Lardner's Ring"  "We were burying a corpse in the forest." "...Is that a euphemism?"

Episode #10:  "Walkabout"  That was…weird.  But GUY IN THAT EPISODE!

Episode #11:  "Treasure of the Nation"  Okay, can I just say, Marian and Guy and Allan were sooo adorable in that end scene.  How they have the little reunion scene and Allan's just so cute:  "Oh, well, what's being chased by angry soldiers between friends, eh?" :D 

 *fangirling*  And then Guy says this and I was just dying because he really does love her (he DID, okay?!) and it's just so sad later *ahem*:

Episode #12:  "A Good Day to Die"  The Sheriff was, unfortunately, really funny in this episode:  "I've never been, have you?" ~ "Gisborne's been before, haven't you, Gizzy?"  ~ "YE-es!"  And WILL AND DJAQ!  What even was that?!?!  I'm still freaking out over all the feels and the adorbs! ;)

(A few random gifs to muster up the strength to address that monstrosity the final episode.)

Episode #13:  "We Are Robin Hood"  We hide it.  We lock it up; never speak of it again.  Okay, I guess that won't suffice, will it?  *heavy sigh*  Oh, boy, here we go.

I mean, I really don't know how to talk about it.  After you've seen it, you don't really feel like screaming and raging and sobbing buckets (at least, I didn't), you just feel a sort of hollowness and shock.  Ahem.  Let's just say that the finale will leave you feeling cold and lifeless.  I really don't recommend a second viewing.  I mean, there's really no need, is there?  But I have to tell you all that yes, despite the atrocity he commits, I still feel bad for Guy.  Because, and please, PLEASE, don't misunderstand this, Marian has basically been egging him on, making him think that she cares for him, for the last two seasons.  And so, either she doesn't care about him at all and is only using him (for a good cause, but using him nonetheless), or (which is my theory), she cares about him, but sort of in the way that Christine cares for the Phantom, if you catch my meaning.  Perhaps not even that much, but I do feel that there is something in Marian that cares a little for Guy.  Not in that way, I suppose, but I don't think that, as she put it, she'd "rather die" than marry him.  Or perhaps she would…oh, well.  I try not to think about it, because if we all spent our days trying to unravel the intricacies of Guy's and Marian's relationship, we'd end up doing nothing but weeping and wiping out our families' respective supplies of ice cream and chocolate, no?

I'm definitely going to watch season three.  I refuse to let that finale be my final recollection of Robin Hood.  Just no.  (Plus, Guy gets redeemed, right?  Hurrah!)

(Oh, but can one of you tell me if Djaq and Will ever come back?  They don't?  *sigh*  That's a pity.)

So, here's to bigger and better things in the third season, I guess…

Okay, enough melodrama.  I'm going to leave you all with a happy picture, because I don't want to go out like this, now do I?


  1. "I'll never forgive them. Never."
    uuuuuugggghh... I literally moaned aloud (in sympathy and agony) when I read that sentence.
    I'm here to feel your pain.
    Haha, I started keeping a "journal" where I wrote down snippets on my thoughts of RH because each episode introduced a different set of feels and I needed to keep them straight in my mind. Now I'm happy I did because it will help me when I (eventually hopefully) review RH.
    On to each individual episode...
    Haha, I know?? I actually felt sad for the Sheriff! Why is this happening??
    YES YES-THE CLOTHESLINE SCENE. So much adorableness. Too much. No wait, never too much. ;) I adore Marian's red riding costume. (I know, I know, "red riding...") How about you?
    Something important about the Angel of Death episode? Maybe when Robin helps Marian down from the roof? SO CUTE. I liked that episode overall. It was good. :)
    Ugh.... Allan. How could you???? I just-really-really-REALLY dislike him for most of season 2.
    And yes!! Mr. Collins! So funny. :)
    Haha, Mr. Jarndyce liking a girl much younger than him again... (sorry I couldn't resist)
    I know!! Edward's death was so heartbreaking. Unfortunately the first time I watched it was with a friend and we were -ahem- a bit too busy being silly and making comments to the characters to get too emotionally distressed. When Guy started "comforting" Marian we were crying "noooo.......GO AWAY GUY...." haha. Good times. ;)
    I KNOW. Carter is amazing but then they had to kill him, plus it was right on the heels of another even more emotionally devastating death so we never even had time to mourn him properly because we were so busy crying over the other death.......UGH. Do you know what I mean? Sorry if this is way too incoherent....
    Way too much honey going around here....
    Aaaannnd, she's back at the castle. Great. We finally got her out and then....sigh.
    I KNOW-POOR GUY. Not counting season 3, it's probably one of the ONLY scenes I truly feel bad for/like him.
    Hahaha, I love that scene in #11 too. They're all such close friends in that scene....the castle trio...
    -sigh- Poor poor Guy.
    WILL AND DJAQ AND ALL THEIR "SECRETS" AND THE EMOTIONS AND THE FEELS AND MUCH TRYING TO END THE EMOTIONAL CONFESSIONS. I adore that episode despite how bittersweet it is at times....and then...
    Oh my. You described it so well. Hollowness, shock...yes. After I sobbed (SOBBED) during watching it I was just so....I don't want to say "depressed" because then it sounds a bit more serious then it was was pretty close. The first night after watching that episode I went to bed glad I could forget about it for awhile but every time I woke up it was the FIRST thing I remembered. Talk about annoying. Thankfully I didn't dream about it.
    Yes, I too do still feel slightly bad for Guy. Not very much during the moment, but there are definitely a lot of areas that Marian PROBABLY could have done better in...ahem...not telling Guy about Robin while he had a sword in his hand, perhaps? But in the end it really wouldn't have mattered, because......screenwriters. At least she got a "good" death scene...I mean if she HAD to go I'm glad her death was as heartbreaking as it was...does that make sense?
    Yes, I think Marian cared for Guy. Not like she did for Robin but she saw where Guy COULD be good, and do noble things, where people like Robin saw nothing but evil in him.
    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on season 3!! A few select scenes in particular. :)
    But, I'll end this (outrageously) long comment now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on S2!!!

    1. Ugggh yes! I'm glad someone else here can empathize...
      Haha, good idea! (I can't wait to read your reviews someday!)
      Yes, her red riding outfit is beautiful! Red is such a good color on her...
      Ohh, yes, I remember being so happy when she slid down the roof into his arms:D
      Yeah. Allan. Complicated man, that he is. Part of me can't help still loving him, just because I think he truly does love the gang, but...then there were times when he was just so infuriating! Grr. These screenwriters. I mean, really.
      Hahaha yes! It makes you wonder about that guy who plays Jarndyce;)
      Yes! I was surprisingly really shaken when Edward died, I think because Marian's emotions were just so raw and well-acted that my heart broke for her:( But yes, Guy! Honestly, man, THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR THIS!
      YES. CARTER! I understand completely what you mean. Urgh...
      Hahaha Much. Gotta love him;)
      Ugh I know right?! I felt bad for both Marian and Guy in that episode...she was so sad to leave Robin, and Guy was so scared that Robin was actually holding her hostage and was going to hurt her.
      Wasn't it so adorable?! They have such a sweet, innocent little comaradarie.....and then #13 ruins it all. But we're free to bask in the moment while it's there:) I just love it to pieces! How she's smiling and happy and hugs all around and grins and feels and oh! And then Guy says that: "Will you do something for me now?" "Name it." "Stay and make this place bearable." Siiighhh FEELS!:D
      WILL AND DJAQ AND WHAT. EVEN. How she starts going off, and Will starts slowly raising his head, and then Much and Little John slooowly turn their heads to see Will, and it's just so SWEET!!!!
      Uuggh yeess! WHY?!?! I didn't feel super depressed, but yeah, just sort of...empty. And yes, when I woke up the next morning, it hit me fully, and that was sort of awful for a while...oh, well. We must talk of happier things or we'll both be sad.
      Yes, I'm quite looking forward to season three!:D
      Thank you soo much for the comment---it's good to be able to vent with other people who've seen the show:)

    2. Haha, I was looking forward to your season 2 review just so we could rant together. :)
      I could watch the clothesline scene and never get tired of it. -happy sigh-
      Yes, I didn't mean that I don't love Allan-I guess it's because I like him so much that makes the betrayal that much more awful. He made HUGE mistakes, but that part where Robin confronts him in the tavern?? I feel SO SO bad for him-"you're always in the sun...and I'm always in the shade..." -sob- Oh, Allan. :(
      YES, I can't believe how much it seems that Lucy Griffiths is actually heartbroken.....she is such a good actress. And her crying...
      I adore Much. I love him dearly. It makes me SO angry when Robin is mean to him.
      Yes. Guy is easiest to like in the last episodes before 13. But. Then...
      Have you heard that Richard Armitage (according to Pinterest) had nightmares before they filmed THAT SCENE because he didn't want to kill Marian? Richard should have written season 2...
      I have to watch the Djaq and Will scene again.....awwww those two....WILL EVEN HAS TEARS IN HIS EYES ITS SO ADORABLE.
      I hope you can tolerate season 3! I did like some episodes very much, some I detested...especially some characters. UGH Don't get me started...
      One thing I love about s3 is whenever they talk about Marian her theme music plays in the background. SO SWEET.

    3. So was I, haha XD
      Oh, yes, I understand:( Allan's just a tragic character, I guess:(
      I KNOW, RIGHT?! I was thinking, "Girl, stop before you make ME cry!" And I'm not even that attached to Edward!
      Much is amazing:) And urgh, yes! Sometimes, I just want to wring Robin's neck for the way he treats his gang. But he always apologizes afterward, to his credit.
      I hadn't heard that before! That's so perfect, in a sad kind of way. Yes. Yes, he should have.
      Will and Djaq are just - I can't - too perfect - YES, HE'S CRYING AND OH THE FEELS, CUZ HE'S KNOWN SINCE SEASON 1 AND HE'S FINALLY REWARDED AND OH!!!
      Haha, so do I. So far…ahem. Yeah. We'll talk in the season 3 review.
      Aww, really? That's so sweet!

    4. Haha, I love our ranty comments. Can't wait for your season 3 post!

    5. Hee, me too:)
      Yes! It'll be coming soon--two more episodes to go *fingers crossed* ! And I'm already bursting at the seams because the last two episodes I watched and MEG AND GUY and what even is this and...I'm gonna stop so I save it for the review;)

    6. Oh wow!! You made it through s3 quickly!
      Oh no??? Two more episodes....ugh the last two are brutal....and and I can't give away spoilers but there's this one part and another part and oh it's so emotional....
      Sorry. It was the only way to express my emotions. haha

    7. Haha, yes: The reason for that is that there's been a bit of a lighter load schoolwork-wise recently, so I've had more time:) a way I'm dreading it but in a way I'm looking forward to getting it over with so I can get on with the rest of my life...well, such as it may be after they brutalize my heart in the finale...does that make any sense? Haha I'm like, "Why, no, I'm not too emotionally attached to this series at all..." *aHERM* ;)
      Aaaaahhh!!! They were just so perfect and redemptive and CURSE YOU, ISABELLA!!!! Ha, no, not really.
      Haha, there will be a LOT of "ashdkfjflslahdbdksil"ing in the season three review;)

    8. Yes, yes, that makes perfect sense. I dragged season 3 out for a looong time. Then I started to get a bit more interested in it (it took me a longer time than Robin to reconcile myself to Marian's death haha) and finished it up pretty quickly.
      HAHA, yes. My parents would say to me "you're too obsessed with that show...we can hear you freaking out over it from downstairs" (I tend to get a little noisy and verbal during tense emotional episodes....) and I was like, "I'm not THAT obsessed....maybe." Ha.
      UGH. Isabella. I really REALLY REALLY don't like her.
      Okay I did feel a TEENSY bit sorry for her at some points, but that never lasted long.....

    9. Oh, good. It's so nice to have someone who understands the pain and the obsession, haha;)
      Yeah, I was sort of trudging through the first half only from a sense of "duty," :D
      Ugh. Robin in the first half. Let's not go there.
      Haha, really?! My parents tease me like that, too! Well, my dad does; my mom is slightly more empathetic;) (I've decided that I'm going to show them the series and indoctrinate them into the RH love, haha!:D)
      Isabella is…overall, no.

    10. YES. That's exactly how to describe watching the first half!!! A sense of duty...although I did like parts of the first episode....Robin "coming for" Guy, Robin making his "speech" from the top of the wall.....the introduction of Tuck...
      Hahahaha, that's so funny!! I know! I showed my family the first dad enjoyed it a little more than my mom, and my brother likes it a lot. But I don't think they even come close to loving it as much as I do hahaha. Sometimes they'll make references to it or quote it and I'm like, "Yes!!! Keep doing that! Good job!" HA.
      I'm going to respond to our S3 comments soon...sorry it's taking me awhile! :/

    11. Haha, yup! I'll admit that during the credits for the first episode, when Richard Armitage's name came up where "Lucy Griffiths" used to be...I got a bit emotional. It was like, "Nooo...she's actually gone...the pain!" Obviously I already knew she was gone, but it just made it more real, I guess.
      Yes! The first episode sort of depressed me with all the Robin/Guy fighting, BUT. Robin's speech from the wall-top was JUST YES.
      Heehee, yes, I'm curious to see their reaction once I show them. I just have to get them past the first few episodes, haha. And, haha, my mother says, "Okay, you can show me, as long as it won't ruin N&S for me; I don't want to hate Richard Armitage." And I'm like,'ll hate him OCCASIONALLY. BUT. If you watch through the end of the third season, you'll be rewarded;)
      Great! I look forward to it;)

    12. Here I am yet again.....:P
      I KNOW. I didn't actually cry or anything but I was like "WHERE'S LUCYYYYY???" (I knew she was gone but it was just that much more of a punch in the stomach to not have her name up there anymore. :( )
      Haha, that was my mom too. I think she had a hard time seeing Mr. Thornton as a bad guy....I did too at I'm not sure WHO I see him as. :)
      He's so perfect in both roles, though. He's just such a talented actor...and his portrayal of Mr. Thornton is just.......sigh.... :)
      Okay, I'm off to the S3 post......

    13. *sob* It was so sad...BUT WHEN SHE STEPPED OUT FROM BEHIND THE TREE!!!!
      I know how you feel...I'm like: "I don't know whether he's Thornton or Guy to me now..." He's just great in both:D

    14. I KNOWWWWW. Everytime I see it I'm like "here it comes here it comes" and then she steps out and it's like.............I can't even describe it.........
      The season 3 ending is happier than the s2 ending and yet I think it's even more emotionally damaging.

  2. Hello Olivia!! :)
    Ok, so I am super-late to this party, sadly. I so wish I could have been involved in theses long rants. :)
    First of all, I suppose I should tell the long, albeit humorous, story of how I found RH. I was drawn to this series mostly because of seeing North and South. I mean, Mr. Thornton in black leather? How much better can that get? :) Little did I know how emotionally devastating and tearful this thing is! And how terrible my dear Mr. Thornton can be! And how bad of hair days he can have! (hahaha.)
    So, my very first exposure was a youtube video entitled "Marian Breaks Guy's Heart." I clicked on it, and I'm thinking something akin to, "Oh, it's Thornton! Yay! He looks so nice and handsome in this outfit! Black suites him so well. This must be sad, this poor Guy character. Who could break Thornton's heart?" Then, really went downhill from there as he proceeds to kill my poor innocent Marian!! (Well, I didn't know much about her, but she will always be my poor innocent Marian.) Yikes! That was terrible.
    But of course, I couldn't stop myself from researching further. I looked up the series, then looked up blogs on RH, and I found this delightful place right here, penned by the sweetest Christian girl! That made me happy; maybe this series was something I could enjoy without being afraid of "scenes" etc.
    Anyhow, after this long, long story...(admitting that I have not watched all of the episodes, mainly a ton of clips and a few episodes, sadly. Someday maybe I will watch them all, I hope, if I can find the mental fortitude and time.:)
    Robin! I love this dude. (I must refrain from saying "guy" in case of confusing the two). :) A lot of people think he's too young or whatever, but he will always be my Robin. Forever! Marian and he are so cute together.
    Then Marian! She's isn't always 100% truthful,if ya know what I mean, but in the end she's always trying to do the right thing. Sorta... She might not always have the best idea (as in trying to kill the sheriff WITH a brass pot or something in front of him. That just doesn't work. It reflects, Marian. Yikes, that was in the 2nd season, right?) Anyway, she is pretty amazing. Her fighting is pretty interesting. :)
    The rest of the gang is ok...except Much. I always get annoyed at him. Maybe I just need to watch him more, but...ugh. He is annoying! Allan is cute, and I love how deadpan he is.
    On to Guy! Ugh, the poor conflicted soul. Is there anything else I need to say about him? Um, he needs to get his priorities right? Stop killing people? That could be a start. But really, I do love Guy. :)
    And the Sheriff, I love him. He's hilarious, and he's such a good villain. He's such a maniac.
    I'm going to have to split this comment up I have so much to say, I guess. :)

    Vanessa :D

    1. Hi, Vanessa! Well, here I was waiting for the start of your RH comments and then when you do it, it takes me a month to reply to! *facepalm* Sorry about that. ;-P

      Anyway, SQUUUUEEEEEE THESE COMMENTS MADE ME HAPPY!!!! Fangirling with fellow RH fans is one of my favorite things. :D And nonsense -- never too late to the party when it comes to RH. ;D

      OH MY WORD, REALLY?!?! Girl. That is just about EXACTLY how my exposure started, too! I mean, I had heard a lot about it from other blogs, first, but they all kept raving about how terrible the finale of the second season was, so I decided that I needed to know what happened before I committed myself emotionally to these people. ;-P So . . . yeah. I watched the same clip that you did (I think), and I WAS SHOOKETH. I mean, I wasn't prepared. At all. (And I was babysitting when I watched it! So I had to hold it together!) Because seriously -- HOW AND WHY AND I JUST CAN'T?!?!?!?!

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 *blushes, smiles, hugs you* Thank you, friend! :D (Yeah, I get that about not being able to watch all the episodes. 'Tis a struggle. Plus, yeah, there is that one episode that has more "scenes" in the third season.)

      Robin is wonderful! He's never really been like a favorite character of mine, but the more I think about him (and whenever I watch the finale of the third season *sniffles*), the more I realize how awesome he is. <3 (Heehee, yeah, the struggle of being in this fandom . . . can't use the word "guy" so freely. ;D)


      Hehe, yeahhh . . . BUT SHE STILL DOES SO WELL, considering her circumstances, and she's so awesome. I love her so much. <3 (Hahaha, yeah, that whole idea of killing the Sheriff wasn't super well-planned . . . )

      Ack, I love Allan!!! Love him so much. <3 Haha, awwww -- Much CAN be annoying, I'll admit, but he's pretty good overall. Do watch some more of him -- he grows on ya! ;) (Although then I do get really frustrated with him at times, too . . . )

      GUY IS A TRAGIC CHARACTER. *sniffles* But I love him, too. :)

      Hahahaha, yes. Have you seen the episodes in the third season with Prince John? He's even better!!

      Eeeee, yay! :D

    2. Hey, don't worry about it! :) The wait was worth it! I love fangirling too. My sister and I sorta fangirl together, but she hasn't jumped on the bandwagon as much as I have. I'll have to work on it. :)

      Ack! Isn't that terrible? I so COULD NOT have held it together, especially if I had watched it with other people around. And why, oh, why, did BBC put that as a clip on youtube? Isn't that like the most spoiler-y clip ever? Yikes. I know! Right! What happened to my Mr. Thornton!!!!??? Haha, I'm just going to go ahead and get this over with: what are your thoughts on North and South? I'm just hoping I can fangirl over that with you too. :) Haha...never mind, back to RH.

      Oh no...pray tell, what scene is it?? Please tell me it's nothing terribly bad. It BETTER NOT BE!! Or I will forever be angry at the BBC. Never mind, I already am. :) That's easy, right? :) They make it so easy. :)

      Yeah, I agree. I like him a lot, but..I don't know. Sometimes he is a little too arrogant and stuff. His little face is too cute though. The winks...*swoon*. He's my baby. :) Yeah, and Marian is great too. I need to watch more Marian.:) I'm going to have to go watch a lot after this. Oh dear. But I'm super glad most of the episodes are on youtube!:) Or I would be sad...;)

      I'll try to force my Much watching. I guess he just kinda aids the comedy. Sometimes it gets soooo corny, but...ya know. I love it anyway!

      NO WORDS FOR GUY. But really, I guess I do. I hate him so much sometimes, and then he just melts my little heart. Ugh, stop it, Guy!

      Yes, I have seen some of them! He's pretty hilarious. With Isabella. UGH. HER. I DO NOT LIKE HER. I words. How did she do THAT? I know you know what I'm saying. :) Hahaha...
      I love fangirling!!! :)

  3. Pt 2 of rant :)
    Ok, I'm just going to address the terrible end of season 2. WHAT. WERE. THEY. THINKING??? Did the producers think? Like, why? Why did they have to kill off Marian? That was the worst scene ever. Whenever I see a picture on Pinterest or a collage of "that scene" I start screaming, inwardly and outwardly. Why did Marian run out there and then say all that? Really? With Guy, with a sword? Yikes. And GUY! What were you thinking? Really? I thought you just avowed your love to her and everything. (That's another thing: Guy seemed to be on the up-and-up for the last few episodes, then...boom. Really, Guy? Really?) My exasperation knows no ends.
    But my hypothesis is that Guy was overheated and dehydrated. I mean, the black outfit can't be to cool in that blazing Holy Land sun, right? *rolls eyes* Maybe I should take RA's excuse: he meant to hug her. (Not sure where he got that, but...ok.) I don't give that much credence though. But..ugh, Marian! AND THEN...the death scene. And the wedding! Ugh, that was so terrible. My heart. The pain, the tears! Ok. I need to stop spasming on the keyboard. Deep breathing...
    Haha, I'm looking forward to more rants. And I will attempt to be calmer. Probably not!!! ;)
    Vanessa :D

    1. UGH STOP I CAN'T! Seriously, now I just started thinking about that whole scene and POOR GUY, THAT MISGUIDED MAN and just the feelings and Marian's bravery (although, yeah, it wasn't the smartest thing to do, heh ;-P) and just UGH NOOOOOO!!!!!

      Yeah, RA theory . . . I don't know. (I like yours, though! Heehee. ;D) I feel like he just allowed his rage to explode and blind everything else -- I don't think he truly wanted her to be dead. Or maybe, in that moment, he did -- maybe he would prefer her to be dead (especially with how she hurt him) rather than to be with someone else, especially his arch enemy. But regardless, it was WRONG and BAD and SAAAAAADDDD!! Especially because he became so horrified and heartbroken about what he'd done. UGGGGGHHHHHHHHH.

      "Ok. I need to stop spasming on the keyboard. Deep breathing..." << GIRL YES. Me. Often.

      Same here!! Haha, no need to be calmer on my end, I don't think. ;D Thanks so much for these comments, Vanessa! *hugs*

    2. Right! I know. Poor Guy! But poor Marian! Oh my goodness. Guy. WHY? Just why???? And why did she run out there??? Come on, Marian, we all know what's coming except you. I get so nervous when I start watching that scene. I kinda refuse to now. It's just too upsetting. (But not to upsetting to rant about ;)

      Haha, I know, right? That theory is just...not true. I don't know where he came up with that. A hug? Really? No...but yeah, I think the dehydration totally works (hahaha, not really. I wish it did. ;) Yeah, I agree. Guy does have um, a temper problem. Of sorts. :) He is not a very nice person. ;) Right, I think so, it just made him explode. Hearing her say, "I'd rather die than marry you! I'm marrying Robin Hood!" Ugh. And not to bash Marian or anything because I love her, but...her leading him on was not very kind. CERTAINLY NOT WORTHY OF KILLING HER THOUGH, GUY. COME ON, DUDE. COME ON.

      I know right!!!!! So sad, my poor Guy! And he just goes bonkers after that. (Hey, can we have a side note about how weird he looks for most of season 3? What happened? :)) Anyway...after I saw that scene, I just thought there's no redemption for Guy. He can't redeem himself in my eyes. (Well, he really can't without the Lord Jesus. Just think how beautiful it would have been if Guy could have gotten saved! Yikes!!! That would be sooo beautiful. Oh the pain...that would be gorgeous. :) But yes. THE POOR FACE IN THAT SCENE! Ugh. My babies. Why do they do this to me?

      Haha...I think RH brings the worst spasming fits on. Very quickly. ;)

      I am a little bit calmer, I think. Just because I haven't seen any of them today, right? :) I'll have to go watch some.
      Aw, you're so welcome...I love fangirling! Thank you for allowing it!!:) *hugs you back*
      P. S. This is a total change of subject, but I need a little sanity here. :) that Guy stuff got me going. :)
      Anyhow, I've kinda been stalking your old posts, and I just love them. Especially some of the more devontional-ly type. Wow, girl, you have talent. A gift from the Lord!!!! I struggle a lot with fear\anxiety and those posts are just so encouraging. :) Thank you, Olivia! :) You're an amazing sister. :D
      Vanessa :D

    3. Hi, Vanessa! There are several comments on this post that I haven't responded to *facepalm*, but I wanted to pop back in and say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS ABOUT MY OLD POSTS!! I'm so happy if they were encouraging to you at all, and your encouragement means a lot. YOU are an amazing sister, too! *hugs* Hope you're doing well. <3


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