A Little Bit Of What I'm Loving Right Now

("What I'm loving right now" that I don't often talk of on this blog, that is;D)

~ My bed coverlet

It looks rather pink in this picture, but it's actually a deep purple color, and OH MY GOODNESS.  I wish you guys could reach through the screen and touch this thing.  It. is so. soft.  Pure luxuriance.  (But it was a bargain buy!)  :D

~ Old little chests (why does that sound like an oxymoron?)

Siiigghh…I use these lovely little boxes for rather unromantic purposes, I'm afraid (such as storing hair elastics and bobby pins), but hey, I need to have some excuse for buying them, right?;)

~ The TV show Leverage

 Or, basically, Parker and Hardison, because Pardison!  They are just so adorable.  Seriously, though.  That show is adorbs;)

~ Howard Keel movies

…I just…what...

My mother has accused me of swooning every time Howard Keel opens his mouth, but hey.  Have you heard his voice?!?!  It's a swoon-worthy thing, if ever I've heard or seen one.

~ Gregory Peck movies

Don't you dare judge me, Lizzy.  Don't you dare judge me.

GUYS HE PLAYED ATTICUS FINCH.  And yes, that may or may not have made my life happier;)

Bahahaha…this movie is creepy, but THIS GIF.  IS PERFECT.

Seriously, I love watching Gregory Peck act, because he's just got a very natural, easy-going feel to it.  

(And on the copy of To Kill a Mockingbird that I'm borrowing from a friend, there's this documentary of his life and it has bits of him with his daughter, and he was so adorable as an elderly man.  I just can't.  Too cute.)


There's a little bit of my life for you, right now;)


  1. Who can't love Gregory Peck?!?! He's so great. I just picked up a copy of TKAM at a thrift store today! I can't wait to read it and watch the movie afterwards. What movie was he in with Ingrid?

    1. I know, right?!

      Eeeeep, that's so exciting! You must post about it when you finish both of them! Oh, and the first half of the book isn't as great as the second, so if you're not liking it at first...press on;)

    2. Oh, and he acted with Ingrid in "Spellbound." It's an Alfred Hitchcock, and it's really psychological and freaky. So it wasn't one of my favorites, but he and Ingrid were great together:D

    3. Okay, good to know! :) Haha, I may just have to watch that sometime.....have you seen Ingrid in Gaslight? It's really good, kind of along the same lines of the movie you described.

    4. Yeah! I mean, it's a good story, it just freaked me out a little;) He and Ingrid were ADORABLE, though;)

      No, I haven't seen that yet...maybe I'll look into it! I've seen her as Gladys Alward, though:D

    5. Oh, I've seen that one too! It was really good. Not my favorite, but I did enjoy it. I need to see it again....

    6. Yup, my family used to watch it when I was younger, so my only remembrance of it is that it was depressing (which, when I was younger, meant basically anything except Disney/other comedy). So I'll have to watch it again:D

  2. GAAAAHHHH GREGORY PECK. He's just so....so....beautiful. :-) I'm sure he must have been absolutely adorable as an older man. :-) By the way, I just finished watching a Civil War miniseries called North and South that had Jimmy Stewart in it when he was older, and OH MY GOODNESS. I have never seen anyone so ridiculously adorable in their old age. I almost could't take it.

    I love that scene with the rock in Roman Holiday. :-)

    Is there a problem with swooning every time Howard Keel opens his mouth? If so, I might need to look into therapy...


    1. Haha, he is! I mean, let's all just be honest, girlfriends...he IS rather beautiful, you've gotta admit;)

      Oh, is that the one with Patrick Swayze, and it follows these two guys, one from the North, one from the South? Jimmy Stewart as an elderly man would be beyond adorable, I'm sure!!:D

      Yes, the rock scene! I love how he played that prank on Audrey Hepburn...IT'S JUST SO CUTE!!!

      Thank you! I mean...goodness. HIS VOICE I JUST CAN'T. *melts*

    2. Yes, that's the one! so you've heard of it! We just finished Book 2, and there's one more book. It started out not-so-good, but the second book was AWESOME and completely epic. It's kind of a soap opera, though, and there are a lot of nasty parts {which include people taking their clothes off...ick. It gets really annoying after a while.} But aside from that, it's really good. It passed the Cry Test for me, so... yeah. My sisters and I have been laughing over Patrick Swayze's hair. ;-P

      Haha. :-) Have you heard Harve Presnell's voice? He's in The Unsinkable Molly Brown. The first time he opened his mouth I near about fainted dead away. Like, who are you and where do you come from. Wowzers.


    3. Yup! My family and I started it on a family vacation one year, back when I was just a wee thing, and…my younger brother and I were soon sent out due to the "nasty" parts, ahem, but my parents and older siblings kept watching it, and I think some of them liked it, some of them didn't. I might watch it again one of these days;)

      I just youtubed Harve Presnell and listened to him singing "They Call the Wind Mariah," and…whew! HE HAS GOT A VOICE. I'll have to check out "The Unsinkable Molly Brown"!

  3. I love those little wooden boxes, it is so pretty!

    1. Thanks! So do I - especially the detailing.

  4. Haha, this was very amusing. Ahhhhh.....Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. *cough cough*

    1. Haha, thank you! SBFSB is one of my favorite musicals;)

  5. Ooh..it's a pretty coverlet (though I am more fascinated by the Wizard of Oz poster in the background)

    And why ever would you not swoon every time Howard Keel opens his mouth? I'm pretty sure it's a law of nature. (Speaking of Howard Keel, have you seen the movie Kismet? I saw a bit of it, and they had changed his appearance so much that I wouldn't believe it was him until he started singing)

    1. Thank you! Yes, that's a cardboard Thomas Kinkade post that my teacher gave me, haha;)

      Exactly! I haven't seen Kismet yet, because unfortunately my library doesn't have it, but I'd love to watch it! Haha, I had that same reaction when I saw him in "Calamity Jane," which was my first movie in which I saw him act after SBFSB, and I was like: "It sounds like Howard, but…it doesn't look like Howard." XD


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